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Around the NFL with ESPN's Mike Tirico

Oct 3, 2013|

We talk Patriots and the rest of the NFL with ESPN's voice of Monday Night Football, the great Mike Tirico.

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-- -- -- -- Jeremy it's right across from Fenway Park get ready for any Red Sox road to redemption roundtable. Gets going and a half hour John Dennis we'll Maloney -- -- this then and then at 6 o'clock. He continues with -- -- hand Dave O'Brien a lot of Red Sox talk as we get ready for the playoffs tomorrow night also talking on a football today. And Mike to Rico joins us right now we have the AT&T -- Mike I was just. Getting into how as much as I'm excited about this major season where they've been in an even more so what they accomplished Sunday night in Atlanta. I got some trepidation about Cincinnati and you've seen them a little bit this year how good is that Bengals team. My jury to -- Hello again I'd I'd dearly -- the back -- the question about Cincinnati was very. Got it runs the -- The word about Cincinnati. And -- -- not to do so -- to request that the that the that the good afternoon guys because today -- to Cleveland to be it was one of the most disappointing losses of the year so far. Giving you what the Bengals have accomplished early on people the teams they've played. You know you I want early on AB Dalton in these big games speaker opponents although Pittsburgh is -- Pittsburgh is always significant. Measuring stick in the division but we have the Bengals are -- to -- Dalton got off to a unsteady. Shaky start. And if you do that and your defense has given up but that's generally the patriots. They're digging out of a hole that the problems and people need to get off to a good start for them. I like -- their talent around him an epic as much as any team's collective. If you will fantasy football palace. I like the Cincinnati. In EG green at one receivers -- tight and accommodation Jermaine Gresham and Tyler -- for the rookie ever heard it was an outstanding -- think they've -- up early on. And BenJarvus Rios -- although it's your body Bernard is the running back -- to be as to a good team. The first running back in the first I didn't take it out of the draft. I like their pieces are up it's like it's great that don't get off to get off to a good start this team that. I think can play with anyone in the AFC -- at this point -- last week I think -- be razor sharp and focused get ready for the year which starts up. All right before I ask you about the game he had last week that game that I was looking forward to and was disappointed by for a get into all that right I gotta go. So where did you wind -- going. For debtor in the world that. You don't really really voice Saturday night the the saints headed black tie did our fundraisers do they invited us to sort that have given the superdome and which is just typical rubber chicken circuit meal was -- -- that I'd I'd -- it's -- to air rules Sunday and watched a little bit of the patriots -- from several some -- Are so that's not bad out of it then that's okay except for that dinner at the superdome -- -- -- that far. -- -- greater stress probably not a rubber chicken circuit all the platoon is what you -- you -- at that that black tie affair that over dinner afterwards. Let us give us about the -- as I've watched that game. And it just stands out to me it's not just. Shocked -- hate returning for a shot patent returning having a feel for the game and they seemed to insert. It's always a different guy every year what what year was David Thomas a former patriots tight and they -- a four year. And it -- and I others Ben Watson. Score the touchdown of the game if this amazing how they're able to it just -- that -- that operation going. Well it's because guys you're right it's because guys get one on one matchups. Given the other -- they have about corporate it was a great quote. Five years ago we had good games that it throughout history of the game was as we're in a meeting with brief talk. Part of this guy -- this guy you hear you know you have the -- seed varieties that I think that I don't discriminate against open receivers. You're open identity you if you run your routes against you and their design. In concepts are so good they have a great ability to spread throughout Europe. So you pay all the attention this rolls. Albeit -- program. Marcus Colston has -- 59 touchdowns in his career -- seventh on the all time list to quarterback to receivers for such differences. Hard to believe freezing cold -- -- up there with united in Raymond Berry. So when you pick at all these guys really get too tied into him eventually want to do let's we know. He doesn't do anything at all pro level but he does everything at a really good look -- -- -- good -- Smart dependable. Great to have on your team. He really and they have a role where he catches the report also in the game that he can get wide open as the other guy. If -- New Orleans and Atlanta have some crossover in the they both far. You know good wide receivers tight -- high flying offense -- passing offense etc. how much better is New Orleans and Atlanta. I think I think they're better I mean they're better right now the verve every Siler we have Stephen Jackson. And the desire and Roddy White is not right so you you thought you were gonna have a team that you couldn't double anybody white. We -- Jones both have. The pedigree and the ability could be over water one a type receivers. Gonzales finds ways you know what but I always what bill -- Matt Patricia did -- end of the game Gonzales is brilliant. They treated him like I've seen teams treat Calvin Johnson because culprit that is exactly the broadcast. They treated like a Pulitzer and they took him out of the -- and I thought that was great because it took away at number one option that would Roddy White hurt. It became the -- with a chance to keep the gravity and they did enough to win that game. So I would say that right now because the injuries saints are better than the falcons offensively. The falcons the saints -- it would be good down the line. He'd get a run game going you decide that -- -- right. Summit which is -- the dolphins. That game. This is really stupid statement may -- Davis they lost 38 to seventeen. I feel more obvious that they are going to be a good -- was good good night and haven't made. I think the -- good team this year after seeing them even though it lost by 21. Here's the number one and -- -- they have to do -- this is such simple football what. Guys if you go to the league right now this is the difference. The quarterbacks if in fact we too much they've got to protect better word job -- a lot of keeping people in foreign capital getting the ball out of his hands quicker. And secondly would panic -- is out in the popular out of the pocket. It got to protect the -- they gave it -- in the those those two things sacs and turnovers when you add -- -- columns sacs and turnovers. Usually get the bad teams the good teams. Screaming -- that's the case this Miami team today. Play more disciplined football this season goes on. They can hang with will certainly play this. -- -- price shouldn't be too surprised at left tackle leaves in free agency this year all the sudden the -- go up the turn -- -- the result of that makes sense Mike -- Rico with us. Here on WEEI Mike. We talk a lot of thought identity. But a football team in the importance of building that identity and having everything -- Relate back to whatever kind of identity it is you want as a football team it's been my. Believe that for the last few years the patriots have been a -- football team. Whether they wanna admit that to themselves or not and that finally this year we're seeing the beginnings of an awakening the day of a of an actual physically minded football team. Do you see any of that. The ability a lot of the run the ball in close games out quite yet because radius that -- We all right with a little bit the passing game giving erode -- becomes extraordinary. Yes I do yeah you know it just watch in the second or third quarter. On Sunday night spectacle itself I just felt like you're watching. The bullies grow with the young receivers in new work group. With and I thought by the Brady's reaction to some of the touchdowns and being hurt that he's giving the players shall shall that'll. And the ability -- couple week -- there especially the one touchdown run. Go -- the things to you that it's coming together and if it's going to get better at mental health at some point. -- coming in today goes what you'll be insurance or impact and obviously at some point we think. Mr. dated date -- comes back when all this happened they're building on. A good -- for a lot of people guys in this league who can't from the ball all -- The fact he's seen some of that from doing it that really really really good side. And I agree yeah I think you need people that you're gonna get a big lead on people where you wanna play keep away from taking better keep waiting for equities are these other -- are offenses. It's an important part of the game all leaders we -- we. You -- -- terms that. Developing in the first quarter of -- Are you got jets at Atlanta. On Monday night and I -- shortly after they were in Atlanta you've been there before he got lots of lots of options yes but I want to know you know look at the jets they're better that I thought they would be in Atlanta. What for whatever reason. Their worst that I thought I would -- they would be. What are what are real are aren't they aren't -- falcons really a good team are the jets -- what do you think. But yet it's due to an epic you know you are we record as -- but they gave it takes Haiti's wealthy. On the -- -- the -- -- -- private a lot in the game against the Buccaneers in the win. That they're their first game and there are other victories over buffalo. -- what was our wins who instantly gets committed to what else people of football. Which is which is about I don't think they're very good team mavericks that is about there at left guard is war. They're receiving -- is injured and not good to begin with. The quarterback. When he inside -- when he right. That's some good decisions he's made it. It's early in the pre season people what we like to refer Louis or -- that would give her lot. With the lives of these rolling outages -- associate felony. At thirteen yards -- does decide to roll out. White the implement well he does that is that the -- in the pre season. -- -- we will lose more games if the patriots with the possible game in Tennessee is terrible mistake. So I don't have much like with a good defensively they're deep sense of for a -- I like that but I'll feel good about -- Atlanta -- an easy part of their schedule. They can go real water forego this quarter. Get themselves near 500 or other I think I was second half of the season and look. As we don't get the terrorists about the equivalent -- a couple of times and not done anything in the playoffs. Think -- -- -- wrote in the year goes on so I'm not. Very high on the jets and I think Atlanta will earnestly Iran -- Well Mike we love talking to you every week love talking about the NFL with -- UN within the next few weeks try to expand that at some other sports as well as I know you've got your. Basketball season get underway and everything else oh thanks so much of low level talk to next week. That will be great and if the red -- take care of their business and the team divers with its partners he cared little this movie he had that conversation as well. I could see I could I could see those things happening except I think you should be very very careful well. But I I I think over I would favour local in this series Oakland of these tigers a three game series and it's -- are up all the the last game with tiger at a ridiculous come back at the end and they tiger -- a couple of times the playoffs the -- -- about you would. And awake -- folks as they're watching baseball -- the united it was. A crowd -- -- rate during the playoffs and that's a tough place to go out and -- so I wouldn't be surprised if they want but. If they do we'll have a little bit on the. -- you -- a lot about on sports things to like it feels like you know. Pretty much everything about every sport do you did you stay up on news current events history like you know all that stuff also. I mean I am current events both political sides made double current event that's -- I don't wanna get started here on the government shutdown that we definitely don't like promised you're absolutely. Think people would go to Washington represented -- by shutting down. The government that elected them to go and you'd figure that. Mike thanks so much to talk to evacuate. Or we aren't aren't others Mike to Rico who joins us every Thursday here on WB. You know little bit about everything about surprise you sort of throw a baseball is like -- let me tell you what happened at three game series in Detroit September at what how do you know that when the -- possibly have time. To watch those things. -- -- -- -- -- for -- to study they got in for his appeal the play by play guy while we're on the phone so I got no other news to come out. We do the patriots had signed Austin Collie as of this morning Vince Wilfork officially goes -- IR. Box another move made as well Michael. Bye bye to -- solid failed released from the patriots today he does still have practice squad eligibility -- how he could come back. On the practice squad but apparently having a ball bounce off your chest in for an interception that and it completely amid handling the ball on and steam on sidekick is not what Bill Belichick did. Give one of our callers credit on Monday we can find the tape I'm sure somewhere but -- That's -- here or there caller called and said hey. How would not -- though. And I said so it may be right it's that whole Parcells. Jimmie Johnson thing I'll let him make an example of that guy I can't make an example look if. If that mistake had been made by Julian settlement that mistakes have been made by a higher profile player. I'm not gonna -- -- -- -- -- does that you didn't get to make a statement that they we don't stand for that that's not good enough stimulate look at. What a quick rise and even quicker fall for sacks -- -- came out of nowhere all the sudden he's starting he's the gonna be the replacement for Aaron Hernandez it's the great story and I am -- Over just that fast -- a loss of two turnovers for him to be gone. I suck at math we know this I am terrible at math but. I think I can put two and two together. -- I've felt what has gone. Rob Gronkowski rumors that he may be back soon we put two and two together is it safe to now say that rock will be back here on Sunday -- figured out ex alcoholic W via.

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