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When will Gronk and Amendola return? What can we expect from the Patriots when they do return?

Oct 3, 2013|

We discuss the on-going saga of the injuries to Gronk and Amendola, how their healing paths are different, and what the Patriots can expect to get out of them when they return.

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On Sports Radio. WE. We'll give the NFL -- go in this hour with the Mike to Rico ESPN he will join us at 430. Roundtable baseball roundtable here. From Jerry Remy cross that -- market go to 5 o'clock. Operated Denver. I'm not buying into that whole thing and they only talked as a player that you hear some of these of these text messages on the -- Tex lines say -- is march later. He's just a bronco what he said that. He's at -- basic he's open about that look it's hard for me to give the patriots credit instead -- I was there you go like field dirt you have the Debra got her vote dirty but I have a lot of respect for that organization of what they do see here -- there for each layer that you wanna complain about them. Fine go ahead but I think he's pretty honest about who he is not I -- -- some -- -- behind -- -- -- earlier this -- get there will be how many times. Do we need to see this movie before we don't but before we don't forget how it ends we know how this will be as we've seen it. We think that this movie we paid the money we sat in the seat -- -- the popcorn -- we've gotten out -- favorite candy. But we've we've seen this we know how it goes. Why are we so why -- we get suckered in -- Because they are all time. -- entertain me that's fine I had let it -- because maybe there's a bit and there. That's that's Blair says that that stands out to you may be. There'll a lot more balance that we give them credit for -- they are even it would seem that you know high scoring teams don't win. It's not because. They're high scoring teams in -- -- and be sure yes. Yeah I don't know that that's entirely after. I don't I don't know that I entirely believe that in this is always been you what I disagree on this we've talked about it before. I don't know that I don't think that there is that those two things are related I think when you start throwing the ball that often and scoring that quickly and leaving your defense out on the field that it doesn't create an elevated and Europe and oh yeah. Georgia let's give us address the elephant in the room. Let's try to do it as quickly as possible so we won't have to do you keep going to. You know not to spend five minutes but about 2007 -- I was on a person. Got a budget doubled over there with the roundtable as a sort of talking about America -- -- -- already -- early but what are you don't know until seven patriotism to create -- just you know I don't just totally dark about the popular I -- -- separate major -- but those of -- felt better example of all of the Broncos teams and it we've seen this but -- -- is -- of all that stupid -- -- -- the horse teams -- confusing -- -- -- champ Peyton -- on the you don't. The colts teams that didn't net much of the same and we've seen this before the rams team that the patriots were able to beat the Super Bowl but we've seen me let me push you on -- your favorite team your name on the -- But you named two games. As an example. That actually -- way. So the rams yeah high flying team they want one they lost one. You're talking about the and they won one. In a low scoring game -- what they want -- they won one before they really had developed into being that crazy -- their defense was much better. When they wanna they won it with Dick from meal. Not -- Mike Martz took over that thing I know he was the I had an -- if they put up decent numbers but it wasn't the greatest show it to her what I became a couple years doing what is it 100 with not to ask. Absolutely yeah very good. Want anybody about it then they started to slow it down they they remember the Bert Emanuel game they look they want that game. Against Tampa I think they scored fourteen points in the NFC championship game whatever was let. Those teams high flying teams -- -- we don't like them. But the high flying rams won a Super Bowl the high flying colts won a Super Bowl and they were able to witness or by beating the patriots. Hold on that high flying colts team won that Super Bowl because of defense the one year that whole team actually won a was the year that the defense actually stepped up the one year that Sanders was actually healthy and they headed defense that didn't -- it was the one year that the offense didn't lead the way to such an extent. And the defense actually stepped up around the -- the other -- only -- the playoffs didn't we only at a post season that the defense step up there were a bad defense direct received is that they -- up when he got out there and -- -- -- -- I don't know. Well I haven't actually see you know I won't be enough time I I don't I don't get scared of those teams I. They renovate it yet would would the patriots. It's I think a legitimate argument is. Around here we look at the 2007 patriots in week and we make fun a little bit. I. In the picture but he. Pretty impressive -- go execute in order it was season that's oppressive and it's never been done before. -- to the patriots but. We look at it -- championship which whatever. They know what -- corner scored all those points got up on the field does that really matter. And we turn around and look at somebody else doing it we kind of forget how we feel about the team that we saw up close. I I don't feel that good about teams that do this -- especially. When I think to have some holes on the defensive side and I think they those holes. Are in some ways created by the fact that the offense leaves them so exposed. Leave them out on the field as often as they do that when those offenses find themselves some late game situations I mean. If you go back to those teams that did win -- they were able to stay in doors in that dole in the entire year right the St. Louis Rams home field advantage stated that -- all the way statement the -- with Peyton Manning and and the colts were able to stay in it dole don't have to worry about weather conditions and won those games that way. This Broncos -- not going to be able to do that. And even if they stay at home and have home field advantage all the way through. That -- the dome and the weather does change in Denver later in the year and maybe they're not equipped to have the kind of ball control. Street fight grudge match that we've been talking about the patriots finally start to win 6177797937. It's why I'd like so much for the patriots of doing this year and I'm just not gonna buy into the hype. On the Denver Broncos we'll start with Steve his -- -- -- actually. -- I got bullies are are absolutely right -- sorry -- libretto at. What what I love it here end up a last year without it and it. It is the -- Manning purple curtain where everybody gets beat by a growing -- the puck down the block the yard. But everybody forget the -- -- Joseph beat. What it's free it's held up well what you hear what eight. About what happened here. Yeah it is interesting to go back right and and short of the season where the patriots sort of joked in the post season against the -- you go back to all of the Peyton Manning -- -- was last year the -- -- -- against the saints in the Super Bowl the pick -- -- depicts a yeah I mean that the three picks that he threw in this in the cold game in the wings went. And they just so many of these games where you thought they were in storage and we've had the same as always it's our rant against that offence -- -- -- rant against -- ballot bowl let me that well for me it's both. It's a little bit about the offense and it's definitely about Peyton Manning as well. I don't know that that's a tiger the changes it stripes yes there was the one break through -- and he gets credit for that there's no doubt. The Peyton Manning that we've watched Oprah's career we've heard these things about his offense. How many times and he's got one Super Bowl ring that he won against -- bad bad Chicago. I'll just say don't you know house say in all fairness he's never had an offense like this before. -- better -- -- that is put up numbers but he's ever had profits where's constructive like this we have to. Not just -- running back but she got three running backs that you god. You've got a tight end it is giving -- 33 good running backs are -- No one I don't care how you feel about Brandon Stokley. He's never had one as good as Wes Welker in the slot never missed a whispered to him yet but that's gonna broker. Now Welker. I don't know I don't know I believe now I believe that both guys all have dated have dated during a blow no -- Pretty damn good man thorough and he had writing and the two guys he had on the outside -- Harrison don't think those two guys there are every bit what he's -- now of course they are. But Dallas Clark is as tight at parliament but -- All these weapons before there are quite seen this money like I've seen this movie and he had a better running back there it Joseph Addai and before that -- -- you know I've seen this movie before man got I got hit and there's no reason for me to buy at this time. 6177797937. Paul is it let mr. at all. -- doing our lives you know -- -- on the practice the Broncos. I mean that'll -- opposite premiere thing I'd barrel everybody back and beat them I think -- -- straight through it. -- -- -- a -- competent all the big teams in the NF it is here. Yeah -- you know you look at it -- would say that now after four games they've looked great I'll give it to them and they. And I really -- they don't remind me of those colts teams for some reason -- -- brings a good point they have. Wayne and Harrison and Dallas Clark that's pretty impressive for a while hydrogen there. But it just seems to be. They seem to be a little tougher. There -- those teams they seem to be the biggest justice I think but it -- Thomas is a big fast strong guy. -- Dallas Clark. Was -- fast -- and there's almost like like a bigger receiver. This promise that they haven't had an analyst on the home they have. -- -- -- -- a terrific guy who's who showing it now for the first time in his manner I -- already crowning. And they -- I don't know I mean I don't -- they're different every different at all at any differently and maybe California January -- out there are guys I -- wait for that help but it may be at January. Will say oh yeah. Stable Broncos but the other thing is that Coulter I don't want to rolled up into a big old stop -- at the full of because there's just not without a doubt -- -- But. Just feel a little bit of the comic I don't think it's because I don't I don't wanna give it a point where I say there is no competition in the AFC. -- really feel that now I mean I have competition in their own division right now I don't know get the city is twelve or thirteen win for real. The Kansas City can give you what they have that that type of team that can make things interesting for number 617. The 7979 victory seven increases in Chicopee hackers. I don't I Chris. -- underground and -- current conversation. I think to read you know the only other Broncos is really because we're all scared role here again if you couldn't you get sick I -- up -- break all our records. -- sixty -- when it's cool. Only speak for yourself man Chris I'm not scared of that to be perfectly honest with you I'm not -- could happen and if it doesn't it it's going to be a lot of embarrassed bases around lately your right. But I'm not that's scared of it would just I I feel like I've watched this movie and I don't go anywhere here's a here's a funny thinkers. Mike -- is not afraid of effort that averaged about sixty points a game seems like -- is afraid of camp. You're afraid to Tampa now. I am afraid it Tampa Bay -- absolutely that is your operation that you're afraid of Tampa playing is better team a team that has. That is dealt with the that a regular season and then just at that that is better constructed an end. And oh by the way that depicts a little bit too. Just like -- again I think -- not a afraid of that Deborah broccoli and your first of all your put some different words in my mouth because part of it is you should be you should have some healthy year respect for Tampa I respect I don't think they're going to win this series I think the Red Sox are better team camp is which is why I think they're going to win so to compare that it was not. I have respect for obvious starting here at camp store as an -- You know another story earlier Tom Perdue -- it's about why -- -- the playoffs because of the system and that nobody nurtures great pitching. Great defense like Tampa so wait your tired hearing that story but they're not tired of the year after year. Peyton Manning is doing the record breaking or like that yeah definitely get a win the Super Bowl this year he's learned from his past mistakes he knows not to throw to wide open the fenders every single time clutch moments in the in the playoffs he's over whatever Rodney Harrison and Iowa are bring you up saying Wilson and the saints and and -- -- -- good morning everybody else. Shape crap are you Eric did you about. You are bringing up a great point what does that except what I do wrong one thing you left out with that. Peyton -- Has better commercials and typically it's good -- -- -- -- he's entertaining achingly so early look he's looking believers who have entered a Miami and commercials you know I entered and I see your doctor. Not an -- Tampa Bay -- Ericsson -- And higher energy made -- -- Are mirrored your. Let's try. Jolie -- Nigel. -- guys you know I just -- my way home today and I -- that fact about the Broncos and make. Mention Mexico's -- you know. I actually interviewed this morning -- but -- -- hope they -- Miami Dolphins spots and patriots and -- them that question. Directly and he said he thinks. That the Broncos are very good game they're capable of doing it but he says he's worried about whether they could go through knowing -- And whether that's six you know see what goes through New England. Well well of Applera. That plant and there it will come down that they can go succeed and other patriots go sixteen though the chiefs could -- sixty you know saints again another -- -- -- right. They haven't lost the game yet I. Even if the Broncos to those sixty you know I still think Peyton Manning does something stupid in a playoff game and ends up losing -- -- -- -- always always be in it is never changed in his entire career short of what. 2000. Six the one year the one to the one game. Where they they say they just let terrible thing get a loan star Peyton Manning chokes most of the time. But what he doesn't joke if somebody else joke it was a one time men who -- game -- he does have a unbelievable second half he had a good second half that are -- I give credit gets credit for that -- -- -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't what don't know I have that I have exactly what I said it was earlier today -- -- comfortable with both for the -- I'm tired -- hear about Tampa until about here what a powerhouse they are when they have. No banners hanging from their gem is still -- -- -- -- -- from back in the day. Kicker it's not what they've done a wonderful job -- that a nice job. With their farm system and they don't have a lot of money is. Had a play at a bad ballpark again. They got to deal with the Yankees the Red Sox everybody else could spend more money than they do and woe is camp. -- -- let's -- sorry for the. Operate while you wanna go see the Tampa Bay Rays they take on the Red Sox tomorrow at the -- seven we got a pair ticket giveaway. At 530. So just over an hour from now 530 this afternoon during a Red -- road to redemption roundtable which gets going at 5 o'clock in the Maloney and John Dennis will both be here first pitch tomorrow 307 right -- Sports -- 937 WEEI. -- it's a courtesy of Budweiser and also have a pair of tickets tomorrow. Tomorrow morning 830 on the Dennis and Callahan -- tickets to a game to. To giveaway tomorrow morning so lots of tickets to giveaway want to baseball talk along the way off or football talked as well I don't sounds stupid or maybe even sounds ridiculous but. While I don't have a lot of the year about the Broncos over the course of the whole season. I don't some legit concern about the patriots this weekend not long term but this weekend against Cincinnati tell you -- -- rockaholic WB.

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