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Red Sox Road to Redemption Round Table Discussion - Hour One

Oct 3, 2013|

Michael Holley, Mike Salk, Lou Merloni and John Dennis preview the Rays at Red Sox AL Divisional Series live from Remy's by Fenway.

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What you like baseball was gonna be the place to be for the next two hours three hours excuse me here at -- roundtable. Here on WEEI bikes all Michael Holland -- Maloney John Dennis. Altogether -- just our gentlemen and how are you. I'll tell you not to be honest -- I am I am I've never been this nervous in forty years abroad and how nervous yeah I am I am humbled. I am honored I am proud to be in the presence of Paul the insult at all -- and I'm still just trying to hold up my end here. Also pull all of that all you were a lot I can you saw and heard -- I think that you didn't. There's when they introduce yourselves yeah you might get -- -- -- I kind of I know holly but you guys kind of my head there's still recover. Ring from the firm pitching like that is equally skilled albeit through this with your former Red Sox player breaks your hand every time you shake it. -- -- -- Dwight Evans well that you know snapped them whatever those problems are and you're in order to get where they're like come from managed my hand is injured. -- -- handshake at it that he does does better than just that this guy squared are you I don't. Working out a lot of is that -- yeah I guess a lot away. While John -- is -- a little Maloney is with us a little I want to start with you and your got. Your guy the guy that you glom on to from the very beginning. Of this base policies yeah he's -- -- -- gonna see two of the best lefties in the game in this series who starts against the Stephen Drew. -- -- -- -- -- Drew starts against Matt Moore Donald exit question I think it's opening -- gonna start these numbers actually Eagles like two for five small sample David Price will be interest at all for ten. What 67 straight 'cause I know what it is it's a battle for tan that's it is and so you wanna have that discussion. What do you think I think it could probably -- it started to -- you would do though don't kid. Game TOP against a lefty what do you think he's gonna do there's not a chance that the manager is gonna start both of of -- trust that went behind your kids do they. Nobody is you don't miss a thing if Eagles -- -- offense because they reprise what they know is. They gonna -- defense they get a get a guy that's been there before that the moments not too big. Maybe as a profit that maybe gets a walk maybe his -- he moves it in there may be after seven innings is less that that is no longer against. You know David Price and I think they value defense -- -- -- that would be the position we're not gonna get the office from today but really get the. All along or they value deepens I think we've been over -- in this Stephen Drew or -- programs maybe it's either at least your boy. John McDonough not you know I know I'm done roster. He's okay well you look -- amateur but but but if if you look at if you don't play defense at -- jocular anyway John Ferrell looks that it. He doesn't go through Zander Bogut to pinch hit for David drew maybe looks at Vanderbilt Arkansas as well. I don't Stephen Drew is not gonna guess that and it's no like Q what am -- different -- Bogart's. And a and a pressure situation. They got people guards at all we keep looking at a that's true vs Bogart it maybe is another guy or -- they can. Seattle I don't know I think studied Mack is there for injury one injury away some good happen he's a great defensive play there's no question about it but -- I just that he did it. You -- -- little -- the other clinic yesterday. -- describing -- always does defensive. Let me ask you this does eleven pitchers indicate a sort of lack of confidence in one of your starters at this point. Mean is on the eleventh -- they -- the temperature there. Because the smartest guy in the whole Major League Baseball bat only at night all -- I'm not only is it a ball get to that give audit that they -- but this is the tenth but the eleventh pitcher an indication that they think maybe one of these guys might get rocked early on. I think isn't occasionally there's been using the eighth. Both seven that you don't hear it because if you look at the team right they got a closer they got in the eighth inning guy so when I went and I don't want about losing I don't want that you want. Rights of you -- six guys that got four guys that throw a case where little -- them. We get burned up that got to protect these guys yet he might have four guys he wants to protect you might look at exactly -- who we are -- now Breslow. Maybe even war and he really likes written -- So -- down 41 in the fifth inning. I need three guys to get to do the rest of the game. Do it calm down you got ahead -- him well -- Dempster to keep you updated 70 want it and I had a goal if it's Orton if it's Britain if it's whoever it is Morales I get a use of guys were down. Some of it has to do with their offense just aren't that many guys in this offense that you're gonna pinch hit for right and how many guys would you really seriously think about you got a righty lefty guys that you have all year with carping Gomes and and Nava who can switch -- I mean you've got that group through and drove it really just drew and I got -- specifically to commit to play shortstop after that whether you pinch hit him. Or PJ Gomes the right hander and then bring in -- -- to play short. You just don't need that many position players you got a quick Barry for that one won't. It wouldn't look -- it's like you are lethal right because what happens you start an achievement for center where he horse didn't pinch hit left field. Right you appreciate for. Out -- you -- you from maybe Cochran he's up there late which different not a maybe to if a lefty comes in -- a -- -- right side. Who goes plays lefty that completely and that the media project don't disagree that that's out of our early and our guys -- look. -- don't -- -- -- -- I don't know the scouting report says but if you could comparing like with probably the last guy on the roster Quintin Berry verses Jackie Bradley junior -- who might not make it. Who has the advantage obviously base running biggest Barry does by a lot that's it by a lot and -- while lot well defensively no. He's a base runner yeah base -- yeah he's not that fast. He's got good speed Iguodala stinks but he's not only -- the very fact is he brings a little meals brief fast. It brings you the question who's the better player did you if you talk about that last -- doubt that last roster spot would you rather have. Quintin Berry or -- Jackie -- quit quit really. I'm a little island you don't like well I didn't roll wow this is going to be a reference to bill Belichick's situation I'll put -- right situation of baseball you can for an overall player because he's not gonna see that much time either one. Steve that -- -- -- seen this from the Red Sox in championship seasons before too having situational players. Pokey -- committed in the late innings Doug Mientkiewicz coming in -- any of the better player than Kevin Millar but he was a guy you needed to play Barcelona based singularly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- couldn't let -- roll analogy doesn't work because of alarm was on the team's roster to its not like -- whether either guy I'm not choosing one of -- they make you need somebody specifically for. But job for a situation won -- of the deal drag relate. Dave are you ever play at Dave Roberts installed base rallied just use a base stealer and nobody gets that final spot. Look at Matt authority is -- -- -- why the hell is meant doing his habit that you were that you would like to say why the hell is Michael here's an that you -- look -- into horror look at Beth Orton who. He might be awful for two guys you might be on this roster for you guys. David DeJesus three for 23 off his career. Luke Scott is all for six out of his career. You might be on for you guys this situation never comes up if if they don't have any installed base from quit very -- -- -- might get this game you know so it. Is this what you get to those when he fought the what if it meant I need something specific way you can help -- situation and I just gonna carry me are so. Let's back it up and go back is this relates back to the drew Bogart's thinking Michael you brought up in terms of OK we'll have we seen Bogart's in those situations why didn't we see more of that and we talked to Ferrell about it we asked him about it okay that the game against Baltimore where he made a couple of curious decisions and didn't pinch hit for drew didn't steal Barry when he brought him in the I just kept thinking OK I understand why you might do the same this is the last shot but don't you wanna see. It a big situation I was because it's gonna be in the playoffs what -- looks like -- -- -- -- gonna use that we do I'm not sure they do I guess -- got the DNA of the Red Sox organization don't they always err on the side of waiting longer as opposed to going earlier these guys -- -- you've waited until the fact that you're now in the playoffs and we may see -- pinch hit for drew for the first time. In the playoffs you wonder about his defense. What can I get more but I don't NATO led improve your play defense a deep -- Cubs. -- do you know you -- pitches for him in the seventh inning already situational lefty right it at all by the way you you tie the game when you get the lead okay now go play shortstop for the last couple wins rook yeah in playoff right you know that's tough that's a tough gig he's got to go to. Guys get this that celebrate at that game last night I I predicted 63 Indians should work out that way -- The game last night I thought it is we're gonna win almost worked but do you feel like -- the the Red Sox. Plan for the race the entire time that they just had a sense that that's -- they -- -- match up with. Well there there are two ways to look at this -- told us this morning they had to plans to. Right assessments to you know metrics to analytics both teams but I think what you said is exactly right they they knew it was going to be. You know Asia that I will say this it seems to me that the only way the best chance Cleveland had a getting here. Was a one game -- were some the plucky happened they won one game if that were five game series against the rays or seven game series against the rays. 85% of the time the rays win that game. So you're looking at this and saying well maybe you want to give up ball bounces the wrong way -- -- pitch -- as a bad -- it would -- the case maybe they could win one game but I think they were they are. Yeah and I also think it. You looked at one of those two teams it's not like the Patriots. If the Jets are playing San Diego who you prepare more for they know an awful lot of over the stats they are -- is exempt status and I needed more information on Cleveland -- I don't know what Salazar has I don't know what Shaw and Craig in those guys Joseph Smith giving out of the bullpen. What has what has -- it looked like. Lately what is the difference in -- also lately you know I mean they needed more information -- Cleveland that it Gary have it on. On him might not have to worry about that stuff now because those guys are going home and you do have to worry about Tampa let's remind you guys 53015. Minutes from towel giveaway a pair of tickets. Right here on sports radio and I threw seven WEEI courtesy of Budweiser for tomorrow's. Game 11 -- to be at 307 and it tomorrow morning John on your show us another pair of tickets to give away at 8:30 tomorrow morning at a four game two as we get game one tickets are fifteen minutes we'll tell you how to win the men and thinking 2 tickets tomorrow morning. At 830 are now that's over forget about Cleveland Terry Francona that drama what could've been it. He goes home to try to think about next year and it's the Tampa. And he's got depressed last night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't obliterate I didn't think I was sprayed the rays are really mind if I thought I was afraid to test as a -- of and then I watched the rays play the last few days again and realize as I was watching it. Though this is actually the team. Want to play in a live play and play Texas gonna watch the Blakely a couple of wild card a couple of walker he's one of which you predicted would be campus has just come out there to applaud let Israel because two games all of our all its all. All eight teams left in baseball are -- are not not there. To the degree that Texas was that Cleveland was that Tampa is how concerned you about taxes -- about that Tampa. I think you -- mean I think David Price is the guy Matt Moore speaks at a high level up rice and corn -- has been pitching great to -- more -- -- guy. That he was outstanding early years that he's come back if you look at him he's been pitching good. But it's five in the third it's five innings six innings since he's been back here in September the carry is low but he's not giving any life. In much like the Red Sox if I'm Tampa Bay I'm trying to figure out how to get the ball Rodney. And they got some problems so the Red Sox got to get him a little bit and he's doing with a 107 pitches five innings saw each piece of work it is not the same guy doesn't play well. I said result earlier this is it John you are going down my path here. What I hate about -- that I hate. The way people talk about -- by hate the way talk about Joseph Maddon I hate a little bit little engine that as good as well I don't enough I hit all. Ask and talk about Tampa as if they invented pitcher yes you look at there ERA. There ERA for the seeded team ERA was 374 the Red Sox -- 379. -- put the Red Sox five time at five times a one run games the Red Sox for Ford one against Tampa in one run games. There is. They outscored Tampa by 888 models so what are we talking about here they gave it little. But we beat them head to head they're better team yeah 71 runs and nineteen games against the -- say hello how. They went well -- say well just of those twelve in the ninth getting a beyond bright -- fight let dead dogs like to think where the dog fight vs Tampa. It's not talking about Tampa and how great they are -- -- nice little story and all that garbage yeah. Tired I'll still like -- but you have to understand. Joseph Maddon drinks the finest broadcaster -- You watch a sport -- but all the subtitles. And he goes of the guard him museum every time he's in Boston is a Renaissance man it should what I think -- match -- would you go check Mark Ferrell purses -- Call called push really collar hook up. I mean he has this reputation of being the Einstein of Major League Baseball where do you really are. Well here's the difference the difference is he gives you stuff. He says interesting stuff he's not a baseball god talks about the resin bag and which side of the rubber you're standing on -- you -- this kind of. -- -- Yeah I got my house so far and honestly I don't think the advantage that Joseph Maddon gives the rays is what shows up. On the field hit dead in in a strategies element to Justine I think it's affected the and it's the ray's story of the fact that they play in this dome people parked in a city that has. Zero interest in baseball whatsoever because they had no money to spend it whether it's -- it's not their fault said that all those things -- there and he's found a way to take his team beyond that to change the culture to remember how bad at the culture was there remembers seeing out and out of their race -- right when they were right after right after Lou Piniella had been there. I remember going into that locker our clubhouse and -- and -- -- a game on TV and there were guys on the team screaming. Don't let me hear that the league complete complete player looped it well again the other throw Sutton -- and they were miserable. Place was the worst. The worst environment you could ever BN in the second worst but. And over again any time that somebody is he is always -- thousand -- -- -- and all of that analysis I've got to turn around and hand and is kept it don't for a long time this thing. With Joseph where I think that he is the best. I think more than anyone else I think he gets the most out of his players and I think it's the way communicates. After the -- -- got the -- -- shifts this of things I don't I don't I don't like that he doesn't seem to do that about everybody. But -- whether it's Casey Kotchman whether it's Jeff Keppinger whether it's James Loney. Whether it's whoever we all these guys that you sort of show up in Tampa -- c'mon have these great years Casey got. Has been heard of Carlos Pena 300 for Tampa your good players who comply won't have before they don't. Prosperity and wanted it isn't -- it was a ball up because I don't that's only about your ability not that's why he's going to forget laughter I'm good. Because you talk about David -- And Matt Moore park -- how. I'll close they have about forty home runs and I had hit 45 years previous girls do those pitching and let's talk about how worldly and how great the guy is. You want -- talking about when listened to him we would listen don't talk about Barnhart and also the second part of it which I. I feel I'm -- -- -- -- you volley I feeling yeah. I'd fist bump you -- reach you for your partner there you go all right I was not think that I expected -- in this -- -- think I expected this past and I know that it is so -- think about this in the big picture and I know this is the end of ball on this is primitive this is metrics that in this is analytical. I think we can all agree that bit. If you're comparing elements of a team starting pitching gets the advantage protect right correct. I think a lot I've got my I got the best club more and price -- what you don't have to stop it stop. Barred from God's sake start for the Red Sox give me pretty solid guys and I think what I saw -- does better the offense the defense the -- running the closer. Those are all significant think maybe not as -- a starting pitching. But I'm I'm gonna on this side of the side of like five things in my column verses one thing and -- -- I don't know probably simplistic but I'm not that Smart. Our Red Sox are better do you guys are going to be so irritated by this I'm gonna read you something you guys are going to be so especially Michael. And John both quality and love it isn't pleased gotta love -- this latest news Michael and John I gotta I feel -- -- -- know -- -- -- -- fan -- I should be. I thought well I read this you guys and as I feel sorry sprint center who you can go Tracy back at that we have. We've got Red Sox tickets to give away and I will read you this and I swear -- drive you both the football under your car and not know its readers sort of rate from the -- board. Until Matt -- little -- whether it's Lewis whether it's salt and all the Red Sox the road to redemption roundtable here W media. But the success -- basis is going to always. When -- -- we would Boston -- or whatever so I mean I just think for the most part 2008. Really established this. And a pencil him. As being the road you go through this particular area to get to the we wanna be. The pomposity -- Joseph Maddon. This is the Red Sox road to redemption roundtable here in WEEI Mike thought Michael Holland agree Loney John Dennis yeah. Actually I'm not Q I got -- -- every talks about his wine cellar where local I'm not that his foreign film the subtitles he's also went to -- -- all the classic -- on -- it's a title to show -- -- -- all the blood drives -- rarely does -- especially you -- the classics but he recently either flat percentage and I certainly for him I think you read them back like the original -- men probably -- three minutes away we're -- Red Sox tickets for for tomorrow night's game also wanna let you know quickly Dennis Seidenberg signs a four year sixteen million dollar extension with a no trade clause to stay in Boston's Dennis Seidenberg will be here for awhile. I told you that this would irritate you Michael and you do you know Joseph Maddon at -- Joseph Maddon just eight minutes ago to -- This. Isn't the best. I have a five game series all the while but I'd love for us to play it like each as they won games Syrian like we just came through. Our our and then he added it's not the name of the back of the Jersey it's an -- on a frail. The front out. And do the best you have to beat the best -- all -- Eric Mangini brilliant stuff. -- I'm just you know I just these jobs that these guys go on and -- I'm not Joseph man come tomorrow -- -- -- right at despite spandex yellow spandex helmet everything else -- the glass so -- in his camp and a backpack while riding the bike and he's gonna go out there is gonna manage the guys that classic is. Is it is related to double days now that you know he could be a -- -- -- -- is like a bench coach in Anaheim and I love the gals are where I also love the Q what do you love someone -- is the same it was just that was so unique I wasn't used to this. Nice to -- even manager walked it like that baseball guys he'll throw like that Joey and them up beer after the game. He doesn't. He is a glass of red wine are so many baskets just so -- -- what is a glass of red wine riding a bike backpack -- yellow spandex how many games is that worth. Oh god that's -- so many on. 650. And then I will do that I think -- largely minutes here at 6 o'clock will be getting into the chemistry are down there Democrat threat right now the let's give away tickets be the ninth caller at 617931. That. 09372. Win two tickets to game one of the AL DS at Fenway Park tomorrow afternoon it's courtesy of Budweiser be the ninth caller right now at 617. 9310937. Not a chance to win 2 tickets tomorrow morning at 830 on the Dennis and Callahan a minute and although that will be for game 2 that's tomorrow morning another chance to. When asked -- this and we we have we have accepted this that Boston. It has gotten to know like second guessing whatsoever. John broke a double this post season rotation he says Jon Lester as a starter no problem there. Echo what John Lackey game to go play game three -- game four. Now. Shipley is a little controversial that he went with John Lackey in game two you're saying get a -- that game -- because of the split but you have. At least one pitcher who was much better. That John Lackey available for games. Overall quite all right well what you're you're got everything you you've got to -- a situation -- and go to we're gonna go with clay in game three -- one person you're into your recognition of what is valuable what does invaluable based on whether they win game one is -- not right right it all changes -- win game one that's like -- that's a genius move. Well if they lose they -- all right how about this. What about if they and let's assume this probably out of all 60% chance they lose one of the first two games they go to Tampa split. -- -- -- Is that -- -- buckles golden gate three to stem the momentum it is yes it's also good to have Clay Buchholz. I want -- going to -- yeah assuming Jon Lester -- game yeah control -- -- -- -- -- you've played in in five game series but I always think the most important games of series or game seven or deciding game like that or the even numbered games game to game four games that give somebody an opportunity to get and keep getting to get a really big -- -- -- always says game for our it will most of the time it it's game four. Is is or game three rather is a chance for somebody just go to -- -- or game five if somebody gets a chance to go three to two where is game for you got your chance to go three to one and a seven game series really seize control of it how big is game two and a series like missed. Well I think mutual against -- price. They have a clear cut -- pitching game four in my book the Red Sox the Red Sox is archer is this it don't like garbage in militants venomous. You obviously look at the first three starters all got a pitch your game right they all do less imaginable Lloyd's goal won it five so I gotta have a game from lack and it got navigate from buck. Who is lights out. Buckle -- put away prozac you're saying it's game three is -- big I'm just a little clubs pretty good -- that the point is that if if -- lights out no matter where he is how to like make all three of these daughter's the best I can make them. John Lackey is an above average very good pitcher of the two foyer area well above average at all average on the road. So -- -- maximized -- go with my number one. And a guy that just a great pitcher. In general I thought average -- that's the case -- beating game three -- was that incidentally because Lackey on the road it's just not the same guy does his effectiveness against lefties. Is great for this ballpark. While -- his daughter's always let's dig into that why is John Lackey who irreparable when he was -- and a he would say I hate Fenway part -- sums on camera on me that I hate hate us they played a bar right. And then when he signed here it was a question -- is gonna be able to survive it that -- how did that guy. Becomes so good at Fenway and not so good on the road because it was the opposite before. -- just -- -- there's a walk if you look at some of the numbers like it to six the other everywhere except lefties at all due to. All he'll -- -- like 760 unless unless your left the -- -- 560. -- that lefties at Fenway huge difference everywhere else -- -- lefties. Busy he doesn't have that great changeup against lefties he's a cutter guy you know he wants to -- yet you -- away but he cuts in a little bit too. So -- the easier Fenway Park good luck go get them that's why I got -- victory to my second center fielder here it's a big ballpark Tampa Bay not so big. He shut Colorado -- not so big so. Did you hit the three best pitchers have put him in position to succeed. Lackey is it a great pitcher in this ballpark is not a road so I'll try to maximize it the most -- three best position to succeed. I would say this I think it's very ill conceived. To -- to concede. Jon Lester struggling in game number one when you look at his second half of the season. Yeah I was up and -- I was uneven but in the second half the out of the season since the all star break this guy has been. Great everything -- and -- -- especially I got -- to the last start against the yes he's gonna price yes I served more than he pitched against price right I believe what -- just went up against me the two starts in the row the first against -- here at Fenway Park I was here for that game I thought it was the best Lester pitched after the first inning when he just completely. Re gathered himself and each scherzer kept them in the game got Miguel Cabrera with the bases loaded in a big spot and I think it was his next start he goes down at Tampa and pitch against David Price and how pitch that and that was when the the division was still at stake here there was still something to play for for the race term. It's been a long time he was better since you since he's an okay. It's now turned out -- another race yes it has been a long time well we Ashley was -- separate you to -- right right rests right on it after the all alien entity and an -- did and he has yes -- -- -- start tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised honestly. Mayor Jon Lester Ross a little things don't look at the -- look like they're just got better numbers against against price -- -- for five on the telecast sample size got -- twice this year is caught Lester eleven. In general the Airese grade what does -- -- also caught that struggled period out of a lot recently you need him to catch it all a lot. Recent need him to catch any of those games that mean that -- from watching David -- that he's come back the bat speed looks atrocious I mean I didn't always have a decency -- -- -- -- -- watch him against some good pitchers in the day here get -- couple the only associates that he just -- he just looked behind against good pitchers especially guys who can throw good fastball. Do you even do you even want him out there that you want him yeah you're OK with sacrificing that back absolutely because of what he brings out just what he wants right everything I think that's that's why it's going to be our -- -- level with Lester and as we know you're Joseph Maddon told us. I'm not a veteran didn't score many runs. Supposed to be then it is -- reruns. About by the way can be shelved the idea that -- was off the charts great last night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was not I don't know I don't know Cleveland -- -- -- -- -- well I don't know that are on -- three horse that he made good -- right -- makes -- pretty good solid knowledge that he didn't -- people way he wasn't -- -- -- -- dominant -- was not what you think he was everything he needed to anybody out he was pretty damn good and and it is ironic Cleveland brings into free agent big names in the offseason swisher and born is old -- guys came up with huge -- about -- we certainly had -- -- -- and asked -- -- Swisher the seventh -- Those three swings moved. And all of brand that I -- exploded there's little lock -- -- -- strike two people literally just regular. I don't know. If I thought let's let's get to getting jealous ways you a lot better no question that that was the only way I'd go into the right. I have no idea I have no idea poverty -- -- sort it I got a group that has jokes it -- -- -- thing I aren't there weren't worried about his broke PS he was broke for four last night he hurt -- proved we can be just anything to -- situation here I mean for the final. Last night it was exactly what you should probably expected they didn't say they've done it they've done a great job of beaten teams that they should beat all year and -- a great job or lose against better teams. The Carlo against that's OK -- Her -- right beat up the -- up right and so you know what you're saying is that Tampa's one of the better to know what I'm saying hey you don't know until I know it's true I thought I was gonna say I was gonna say that would look at Jerry Manuel made that point 0:8 PM to -- -- a -- -- Cleveland. Cleveland has done a good job of beating up on those things they should and struggling especially teams. Which is to -- their manager. Tito gets the most out of players how how Joseph Maddon get more out of his players that say -- -- Or Jim Leland or anybody and I think it's gonna -- but it wasn't like -- -- or Johnson. The fact that this gives it really managers who get the most out of their players he goes one album. Jim Leyland has another winter so bad I guess. Is that that is what really thorough and I what I guess what what. John Ferrell gone out of this group gotten out of the screw pretty much every -- that everything has done a great up. But that's sort. Who disagree with and I won 97 games the question is what is he now do with them in a five game series and hopefully a couple of seven game series all I'm not going to melt in the presence of Feinstein mad -- you don't have any idea what to do I. I don't know it's funny we have with Ferrell I like John -- lot I think he's done a great job with that if a manager has a few different jobs in in in what his job description is right he's got. He's got to be able to handle the press and big stories the Farrell has been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get eight plus ten out of ten does everything you want this group loves each other they have beards and it's perfect. In terms of in game managing now which is now the thing that is going to be up to him because all the other stuff is in the past there is no more scandal there is nothing -- to blow off the team already lost each other and having a good time. How do you rate him in terms of in game managing -- Such a matter because we have heard this number -- -- yet Grady Little in a 162. Game well he obviously -- watch -- -- -- -- -- second professional but in a 162. Games -- would you not agree that the number of a manager winning vs losing a game is like 234 maybe. How many times that present itself and a five game series. Probably not at all brought a lot of different like debatable things that John let let's say well I would never done that but. -- John Farrell did really good to me that it stands out even though I. -- always -- -- I've always felt if you wanna criticized move you need to criticize before the results. You need to look at that say this is the wrong move right because. Anytime a manager pulls the manager is is is a great manager bad management based on how was bullpen does usually brings a performance -- -- you you pulled Jon Lester and you bring in this out because of all run. Why did you pull of so so as long as your consistent as long as you if for golf to -- midget -- four -- late. Right that you have been all year all whatever you've been doing all year Breslow at this -- if Warrick made it gives the eighth all by herself and gives it up you might shake yet that's not consistent. But if you're consistent then it's on the players to will perform. I do think that the manager is just at the bullpen does the job. It was a great both does -- get out of that anyone a great -- because of all but what an idiot I already do it. It's like it you got to decide before you see the result would you. -- and are -- similar thing and you're right about that especially with pitching -- duly mentioned you take him -- all that but in terms of some of the decision making -- pinch hitting -- bringing -- -- -- -- thing I think is driven me crazy recently he says now -- -- that he's done without that -- may not getting -- get that opportunity to hit in in a big spot against the -- late in the game by. I wanted to see earlier there's a good reason why wanna play you clip coming up here from Jonny Gomes who joined us now what earlier in the week. Yeah golf is that he had one point on Tuesday at that I think relates perfectly to this into Bogart's Stephen -- thing play for -- next the roundtable continues here at Jerry Remy beat us here Lewis here salt holing the Red Sox rolled road to redemption roundtable here W media. Are you right now this is this is the biggest series as far as rivalries go. You know that this is a great place for us -- on the road I haven't felt. You know this could -- on the field celebrating you know I know our record against -- issues. Not too shiny but it's it's definitely a very good feeling so rating -- just. Shaking hands. You know in the middle of the field hitters it's nice. That's rays pitcher Matt. Moore who you'll see tomorrow to Rios evident here right here at WEEI. Go to get Jon Lester in game one Red Sox road to redemption roundtable. Continues from Jerry Remy is Mike salt Michael -- -- -- John Dennis always view for about 1015 more minutes and then we will swamp out Lew John this time has gone how fast that. -- so fast for the last time you get a one hour show where you didn't have to lead this is it. This time. This -- the artists are you still nervous you are accurate that's what I'm gonna I'm nervous I'm honored and humbled and intimidated to be in the presence of salt and -- Well I'm not trying to hang in our heart we're gonna Ariza hit a few minutes -- to hand and mud and I don't. We should join -- Like they have made it up yet you're probably pretty stellar on the final Michael would I don't know you you're not -- throwing up until. -- yeah. We'd like to join the last hour period yeah necessarily the first -- we could make it in at 9 o'clock all right out. Tough guys absolutely I think we have that and is that -- don't worry both of young kids did their -- back that you started. About the role. 157. You -- they get there are serious -- I wouldn't wanna spend much time on this what time does your armory. What time you set your alarm or my kid is my alarm -- 615 single -- -- -- time you set your -- dogs and kids all three okay I'll get out here it's like yeah it's there and it's a par three -- is there now that you get -- I do not set the alarm my daughter wakes me up about eight. Okay 0:8 o'clock -- I don't know she sleeps from 738 and I'm I'm. Salami sandwich netted Laviolette. Time isn't right I need like eleven hours of sleep represent senator Barbara good with daughters who are surprised this is why yeah. Yeah this is why people that I what I have as the guilt after my wife -- out here the other you know top line there with the dog by myself a lot of -- you really should get up I feel bad about this aren't -- We -- talking about -- hitting and whether or not Bogart should've had more of that experience throughout the year if you're going to use and not spot we talked to Johnny Gomes on Tuesday. He's learned he said to be very good pinch hitter this is what he's learned along the way. Some homework that's going to. Obviously who would you possibly -- it or what picture what you bring in. From the bullpen for you to get off the bench. What -- pitchers -- -- in the past what can -- that catchers going with that game obviously the situation. You know who -- -- behind you know you might get that -- -- -- -- -- the -- rather base you know the guy on deck. So what what I kind of figured out that what gears you know that you're pinch hit and -- starts there you know -- the road start to get into the the homework got it. Not preparation of it kind of made things easier. That's why I want to see some Zander -- expansion because it sure doesn't sound like it's easy to just walk up there until you learn how to do it. It's complicated and if that doesn't go well on the big stage in Fenway Park on the big moment -- you really immediately slow to -- Tampa that's a ball. Do you wanna look at him wanting to see more of that I think it also look at this bowl than you could say that. Nobody took like that role you know nobody stepped up -- -- and work and basically was the guy that we up. Pushed into seeing if he can do it enough. Nobody else was straight -- get three and two thirds innings in September. It was terrible why is -- on this roster -- Britain we haven't seen Drake Britton you know but Farrell was like this urgency to win every game which you appreciate but at the same point. Yeah I don't see Webster I don't think what's his -- you know fastball command to be reliever. I don't draw -- TV can do it I hate to tell our gross or eight years but are we not talk about like eighth inning by committee here with eleven pitchers. Basically yeah. I think they can you can't I can't if he can put it. Don't you know until I welcome I'm glad he had that urges you to win every game because the -- -- what they've finished two games in front of Oakland -- for the top spot until he had done that. Maybe we're not talking about home field advantage throughout the playoffs actually it turns out. -- they needed to do it. And it was a story of that you're looking at about a week and a half before the season was over is about whenever that the Red Sox clinched but. This thing is not over yet it was kind of like an under reported things until late in the season but he had his island at. Tired guy and I tells you -- decent. I still use this guy. We -- a six yards six release that a lot he felt like when he had to win the only put the guys and he trusted about a post 456. Of the story we knew right safe. 4567 innings of Dutch pro league rather Hewitt. Go with the guys and there was no confidence innings you know there -- also was a different cup of coffee you know Webster he never saw which again. Penalty fastball command victory -- way to go yet but total ball -- -- Matt Bourne he can be on this roster. Probably probably go over towards career vs Camp David hastily -- Florida but I just the David DeJesus -- there's a -- -- -- -- -- a pitcher vs -- -- -- threat but -- Britain was the guy who was helped them get had a really big jams in July before the trade deadline here and it felt like he just lost confidence in him and he'd ever gonna get much of a chance to get it back -- For me that the one name is -- and that's when I keep coming back to where the opportunities. For a kid did you keep saying it or -- we keep hearing -- he's specifically that it's the defense that everybody's worried about salty has not having it be reason assaulted not result in defense talk let me explain this to you like your five Euro area we're not gonna see what Jackie Bradley junior he's off the roster -- T Alexander -- generally lose this -- for this -- Did not confident in -- and I'm not talking about Jackie Bradley junior I know I don't dump the roster Bogart's artist it's not going to be what Jolene -- -- one reason the guy who he's whose position he plays. Hit left is -- and you cannot unless you already know what they're gonna do I think they should. Bench urgency at this morning he is a rock he is our rock at shortstop David -- Yes and John Wright John Farrell has told us he would not necessarily do -- the same way he did a couple weeks ago in a big spot he's not necessarily let the kid if he's gonna be crazier in the loss mean in the opposing spot as a regular season. You know what if you really registered well I don't really not I don't know listen blue blue numbers up earlier we go -- I'd like. Yeah fifty barely three minutes does that and how does -- -- -- -- -- -- that we haven't we haven't alcohol did not allow our. There's days giving affect our two hour two hours yards usually aren't. It's not for everybody -- out here let out. What we talked earlier about him managing to be consistent. John Ferrell brought up the point that maybe do some things differently -- the post season but how you balance that certain guys say you didn't like this in a regular season. Now it's the post season. And what I was pinch hitting before and I -- a bit different now do they do think he will -- think he'll do something different no seems. Now they're gonna do the same thing that got I hate that because we're doing the same thing that got your celebration but he's -- -- I help but they're not gonna do that little side morning we will do what they're from what we did. Well and what got us to this number of wins into the car white red and the best record baseball we will continue its we'll continue to be aggressive on the base -- was exempt. I'll put job to a friendly bet artist or maybe it was -- up the that is. You'll see more you'll see more out of the bullpen. That you did before I think it's you or article fine now I think you want -- coach -- agree -- how he'll definitely pick one up for a four say yes I'm gonna save -- -- you know great pair and needed a jewel -- last you know we. That's why the seventh eighth ninth is three guys and get all his right dissolve breslaw mess up and -- ready to go to start the eighth maybe you give somebody hitter atop the eighth. But the guy gets on its gonna be Koji time. And if you can -- -- -- out of that mix that sounds good to me to with a much -- -- -- the board is Breslow and especially you -- I agree you 56 out saves if you have to do it and we'll see what it does withdrew in the late innings if he comes up and some of those big spots John. -- thank you very much your Cowboys very well -- As you actually -- your Saturday yes yes and so on Saturday NFC you are I'll see you Monday at that it. OK with that didn't immediately got money and obviously I enjoy Celeste it's called across you don't that is. You know we did -- -- totally fake. Yeah last -- I. Don't motel. No I don't know I had -- moment you know who. No. Funeral gentlemen thank you very much other guys -- with -- charge in Florida and -- over high heat team that is coming up so freely -- the Red Sox road to redemption roundtable continues from Jerry Remy here WV.

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