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It Is What It Is Cast: Preview of the Patriots and Bengals

Oct 3, 2013|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price preview the week 5 matchup between the New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals. The guys discuss recent team news and keys to the game.

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Welcome to Gillette Stadium everybody out Mike to try had joined as always by patriots expert columnist Christopher price of WEEI dot com. -- the patriots are still undefeated for no again another tough road test as they go to two into Cincinnati Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday afternoon. To take on a Cincinnati Bengals team in the quite frankly is really hard to figure out. If they really are I think that they have a lot of great skill position to stop its -- but it -- -- tell them both sides of the ball you with the Geno Atkins -- elected you know. AEG green in a lot of those names jump off the Pete Jackson a lot of those numbers jump off but he gadgets debatable as to. How much they've been a bullet. Bring all of that together when it comes to actually executing on the field but I think it's gonna be real test for the Richards and it's going to be an interesting game. And obviously the patriots are coming off what have to be an emotional high beating. Tough Atlanta Falcons team on national TV thirty to 23. Making don't keep to -- saving the game on the last play of -- regulation and and really showing what he is made up some news this week here to let stadium. In May be Danny Amendola comes back this week for the patriots but a new wide receiver in camp. And that would be Austin -- a patriot fans know him of course from his days with the -- but what can you tell us some what do you sense about his role I think it's going to be interest in the way. He tries to get assimilated to this offense I I don't know. I don't know if it makes much sense at least on the surface because you have some other guys area at least you have some depth that deposition would repeat the Amendola insurance that would -- long term insurance for. And it Julian out of it because adamant journal when your contract and maybe you wanna build -- a guy like Colleen kind of get -- used to the system kind of get him up to speed so it's going to be interesting to see. What they have in store form. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This week especially but you know down the road you talked about a guy had some injury issues. You know concussions knee problem. You know try out with I think that was -- -- -- the niners this summary and he just he wasn't able to -- so. I'm I'd be intrigued don't say that and but I don't give him all the you know I don't know how long he's going to be. All right Chris obviously let's stick with the patriots offensive side of the ball. And you have a column this week in WEEI dot com about how interesting it is for the patriots. To change their gears or not changing gears does -- work this year this year the patriots are doing some different things on offense. What did you write about I think it's. You you have to remember that a lot of this type of personal turn over in -- so we -- face that tight end and wide receiver but. I've never seen a team have the same court practicing coach the team offensive coordinator. But change offenses so radically over the course of new one year to the next there's so little -- huddle. Compared to the last couple years. There's more there's there's more about our running back by committee it's -- opposed the last couple years so they're really changing a lot of things although history tells us the you know they needed -- thinking between 2006 and 2007. He did some of it on the flying in 2010 so we really shouldn't be surprised but it's a really dramatic change from some of the stuff they go to the last couple years we've really. Had a lively debate in the media work room a little while ago about how should the patriots attacked. The Cincinnati Bengals this weekend. And really what it comes down to Chris is who wants to set the tone do you want. The Bengals to set the tone or do you wanna do what you feel comfortable that is with the patriots so far this year. Definitely running the ball more than passing even though -- Tom Brady at quarterback. I think you're doing the angles a huge paper if you run at their defense of line even though they have pass rushers galore. I think you're taking a lot of heat off their secondary that you don't have to if you run -- run the ball what do you think. I think typically that in context I think when you've seen the patriots run the ball successfully over the course of the year it's -- It in under the guise of complementary football and you have to be able to -- run and pass well. You have to be able to offer something got to play action and I think something. That's really something that they've done very well over the course of years so. If you mix it up you you can't be a Cingular team you have to be a multiple Kenya -- the present multiple -- In -- in the -- -- -- -- going into this game against the Bengals -- not just going to be able to run run run run run. You're gonna have to be able to mix there were able to mix it up a little bit the falcons and know that first touchdown drive they had I think with ten runs into passes. The -- community bulletin board mix it up when it comes to this week in the bank Bryan or air former page recorded. -- had two touchdown passes against -- Bengals team. Drove the banged drove the length of the field 91 yards for the game clinching touchdown. In Cleveland last week and so I think the offense certainly have the opportunity there to make some big plays through the air to be fascinating to see. How it unfolds now let's turn to the defense this side of the ball Aqib -- we mentioned it earlier. About the -- game he had last weekend I think and I wrote on on Sunday evening after the game he's playing the best corner any. Defensive back in football right now your thoughts. I think he is in that group I think he's in that conversation with guys like Richard Sherman when it comes to the best defensive back in the game at this point out. I will say that he was thrown at seven times on Sunday no completed passes he did take the one penalty defense the defense -- after corporate penalty. I think he is the most impact of defense -- back that they have had some facilities in go back in 2007 and gets a little bit unfair. To judge a cornerback buying interceptions -- look at the totality of his work. But you can put -- in the same conversation now after four games the -- authority in back in 2007 he had tied lauded. Back in 2003. I I think it's gonna be really interesting to see where they go from here with him about it talking about down the road but I think right now. -- at the kind of guy who could change again who really has the ability to change enabling -- to deepen the backs who has ability change in the thing to see if not for me the most I don't think we talked about that's enough. His wingspan it. It is his right he you can play with a -- yes but he also has a physical ability he brings that wingspan into the field it just it's an absolute. Bear to get past with your wide receiver and we saw that with a that that the pass -- -- -- -- in the game where you reached around Roddy White knocked the ball away so that's one thing that I think a lot of people forget about him but he it's -- music being treated for at least for the Patriots defense. Well I think he you know certainly he's going to be tested again this week in AJ green -- ballot check was raving this week. Here to -- stadium about AJ green. Not that he can just run great routes and he does every great a leap -- wide receiver does run great routes. He can separate so quickly off the line of scrimmage and that to me. Is a little bit of the difference between somebody like Julio Jones of Vincent Jackson. Great receivers and their own rights own right don't get me wrong but the fact that AJ green can separate and he's six foot four athletic downfield receiver. That's a different ball -- I wonder for good seats believe in we sought a little bit on senator where they kind of mixed up coverages a little bit and we spent some time on Roddy White I wonder F. We're gonna see situation were to leave ends up spending some of the game at least in -- of -- -- aggression because Gresham. Projects he's a tight end in name only but he's the habit or a physical wide receiver type so wonderful gonna. It's a little bit of a change of their from toll but I think again like we said before to leave with no food defensive game changer in any Q1 of the most important that the most important data between -- this week of the defense that. And I am really interested to see how the Cincinnati vandals run they are too tight end sets. Obviously they stole it from none other than the patriots with Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski success over the last three years they have the rookie out of Notre Dame Tyler -- and they have -- Gresham as you mentioned and be really interesting to watch that. Another player I think and should really keep -- very close eye on for the angles. Number 25. And that would be certainly the rookie. That everybody is talking about out of North Carolina Geovany Bernard I think he has a lot of James Brooks and I'm. Same type of dynamic backed Bill Belichick mentioned that this week. Your thoughts on Geovany -- and what kind of challenges he presents the patriots haven't seen so far. This year it's a difficult matchup it is -- those -- have always traditionally given the patriots -- the problems and I think when you get him working together. In net profits when you look not just Bernard but but you look at having to pay attention to him and having to pay attention to the two tied -- -- haven't beaten to BJ. There are some similarities here to what they have last week with the with the falcons with so many talented skill position players. Kind of spread out a little bit and I think the patriots we saw last week he did a good job. Defending. All of those options note that the falcons were would have been banged up -- where it was -- separate between two very good job defending all of those options across the board with the exception of Tony Gonzales. They might take this -- kind of tact this week. It in focus on one thing and say all right look like the patriots last week that appointment are going to be that Tony Gonzales going to be just maybe that's one of the situations where they look at everyone else. Did in in you know they look at green -- they look at Bernard VO history tells us that Belichick -- one thing away. I wonder if what's it they're going to elect -- get some yards but maybe they're gonna focus on some others in and -- and -- I don't know it's it could be a priority to -- when it comes to explode like that -- she would agree he's certainly -- the guy capable of explosive play yes he's -- -- -- in this is that this is the Bengals offense that is. Incredibly capable of explosive plays from being played the point what's the supported policies. Those of those -- yards to really eat you up if not mindful -- -- in -- -- But everybody in Cincinnati who follows the -- knows. That they're gonna go with far especially offensively is number fourteen Andy Dalton takes -- he's in his third year out of TCU. Marcus cannon. The patriots offensive -- used to be his left tackle in college so there's act tie and that's storyline to this game but -- Voices while just -- -- -- TCU was well you know for -- for years so it did that there are some crossovers here real start of a bedroom which Vardalos who had great success here. So there's a ton a crossover for -- talk about the patriots singles match. And I got to tell you Chris Andy Dalton. I think there's a lot of pressure on him he usually doesn't have two very bad games in a row he had a bad game in Cleveland. By his own admission by the offensive coaches own admission last week in Cleveland. You got to expect he's gonna bounce back. I wonder how they're going to go about defending and we talked about defending all of those other skill position players. I wonder if we're gonna see usage which will be treated as a pocket passer maybe guys it's it's gonna be fasting -- -- -- thinking in this week. When you're talking but the -- going up against the Bengals because Paul does offer some. Some some quality on that side of the ball he's he's one of the better quarterbacks they face to this point this season but. How big goal but defending improbable but yet now after a weakness he trailer -- kicked back inside of that that tackles but especially with no Vince Wilfork. The -- for gonna see that more often this week so. I think the beat -- wanna present that often the one with a pewter look at that pass for a talk briefly about Vince Wilfork how the patriots short term. Go about replacing. The all pro at a -- surgery on Tuesday you don't you don't replace him with a one -- pleased with multiple guys I think the -- to offer multiple defensive front that would be surprised at the three in front. I think one of the attractions simply good complementary football is that. You forced the other team to keep up with you offensively unit in one of the things that the -- what they want the single to throw the ball. It would have been a -- to throw the ball to get back in the game. If the bagels are throwing the ball that means you're gonna see more to -- -- -- in -- of fronts for the patriots and -- I think that's what New England wants ultimately. Because you don't want to get the situation we're gonna have to load up upfront. To try to stop those running backs if you fall behind the Bengals -- going to be able to run the ball they're going to be able to control the clock I think it's absolutely key for the patriots to play good complementary football. Beat the -- throw the ball to give back the team for several reasons not police the which. Want to minimize the impact of losing Republicans wolf. Patriots are used to other teams having measuring stick games against them. What do you think happens I think the patriots win this thing but just barely I -- I was very impressed that beat the falcons last week but it was very impressed by the -- Their ability to play well in a difficult environment the mental toughness showed on both sides of the ball especially on defense after losing civilly Wilfork. In their ability to get public good -- -- football and run the ball. Lakewood tough physical football that's absolute key this week when going up against Cincinnati it's not going to be easy but I think going to win this thing amnesty 27 when he won. Will the patriots beat five and know when they come back home in a week to prepare for the New Orleans Saints Drew Brees and company who going into week five. Undefeated as well. He's Christopher price -- Mike which rally at at Gillette Stadium WEEI dot com.

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