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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, explains what the Austin Collie signing means

Oct 3, 2013|

Reiss joins Mut and Lou for his weekly visit to break down the upcoming game against the Bengals. The Patriots will head to Cincinnati and they will have a new wide receiver with them, former Colt Austin Collie.

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Final hour Butler got a three point seven W week -- will take your phone calls up until 2 o'clock here live from Fenway park at 617. 77979378. TT -- slide is 37937. Will be back here tomorrow. At Fenway tonight. Old Red Sox road to redemption roundtable at Jerry Remy I've gotten confirmation going to be on the roof deck it sounds like we'll area -- because it's on -- are yours and it'll. You'll be there I'll be there assault in holly bid to hand the you know. Bradford appeared stable Bryant like yeah Adams -- gap for 5 to 7 o'clock tonight be listening at 530. During a Red Sox road to redemption roundtable the wit socks game one playoff tickets first pitch at 307 right here to -- 93 point seven. WEG -- FM courtesy of Budweiser. And it's you like your game -- tickets tomorrow. At 830 so stay tuned. We'll talk to Mike recently -- -- -- here. Just a minute we get set for patriots. And -- moves things a row what do you want to -- like users Friday you'll join us Thursday here this week and there's news as the patriots have signed. A wide receiver Austin Collie. As an inside according to league sources colleague or portly Wear number and a the patriots spot at Thursday's practice during media availability the team has not yet announced the move with a veteran has spent. Training camp but the 49ers. Before being released during that he or before the team's. During the team's final cut downs worked out for other teams since then. It was that our fourth round pick back in 2009. 27 the limited to one game at 2012 do rate ruptured patella tendon is also dealt with several concussions. They've brought up in Italy last year. But I'm in the camp. Patriots didn't work out today's been a couple plays out we talked before one adding some depth and you don't have names on the have been here before and I agree they did it probably if that somebody. Grammy reports apparently Dobson OK -- -- neck. There's some nagging injuries that we all know the big ones she got the game in doling -- the questions of whether they player not. It's just death I mean you need some guys out there Slater who was probably a last resort right as a wide receiver he's out. You know whatever is none of the five weeks still so. We need to bring in somebody. That into smother the field but -- -- years. But slot receivers to get hurt whatever dole going down Dobson the neck. -- the shoulder both limited yesterday. In practice this beacon of by the patriots joining us on the eighteenth the outline. Our buddy Mike -- from ESPN boston.com. Mike gets Butler today our U. -- we -- I get it day early with the Red Sox playing game one tomorrow like let's start with the news today there was this odd numbered and out there on the field a practice that what sort of wondering who was it appears to be Austin Collie. Are you surprised the patriots have reportedly have -- and officially but has side Austin -- here today. And they mean maybe a little bit I mean just didn't necessarily see it coming but I will tell you this you know when something like this happened in Florida. Fun because you get a lot of text messages from people around the league people and let's say other personnel departments and one of my god was it was pretty complimentary since. You know really -- signing up by the patriots yet. He can stay healthy and that's obviously been the key for probably because of the Russian history. And other injuries and here's the thing. This guy has played in some big game. I think when you look at where this is headed this year. Maybe it's the short term things and they need to try to get him through for a week or two but I wouldn't be surprised. This more with the big picture in mind the idea that got a lot of young guys we're gonna keep riding with him but it never hurts. Attic guided has played in some big gains in a similar this the patriots that they have the -- -- -- and value and that it. Well my it was a tell us about this wide receiving depth wise where I was on the injuries -- Dobson at the expect to see him out there. I think -- that the key injuries to meet Lou would be that you ripped. And -- -- and Aaron Dobson I really think any Amendola as well I don't think. That this is any connections and until I would not be surprised. If we see him and go on the field Sunday in Cincinnati so to me it's really related to the two rookies -- showed up an injury report with a shoulder. I don't know what the status so that it can turn the severity and option we also -- -- yet but we've been out on the practice field we don't know if that's gonna keep -- the you'll still going to be that much but I'm from an injury. Well I'll I'll stay with wide receivers Mike and go back to Sunday night in Atlanta because to me. What I soft Cabral Hopkins I wasn't ready for that explosiveness. That -- the ability not just make those possession type catches but. That that the -- the catch he made for much gallery got his elbow down took a lot of skill a lot of -- in his mortgages. A possession guy is that what you saw in training camp is that what led people to the -- Ohio on Hopkins plays like that what you saw Sunday at the falcons. Yes I mean that this -- part of it I think his ability to get off the line of scrimmage remember from the Detroit pre season game with sort of evidence. I think the main thing with hand and really a lot of these -- It's one thing to do it in one game or one practice but can you bring them together and I think that's the challenge. For him and I remember. -- -- when he Pittsburgh it was a Monday night it was the this season ticket holder practice in the stadium in any of the listeners that might have been there that night I mean it probably played a guy shouldn't be on the team yet Tibet activists. That he bounced back the next -- I think. For him it's just more consistency we saw the look guilty note flashes from him it's a matter of that you put it together day after day after day. Mike you look at it Samir defensive snaps a guy like Brandon Spikes. Maybe the numbers aren't there is there a thought that maybe those snaps increase with -- -- Vince Wilfork out his team maybe tries and tries to run against his defense. Think the Hulu and that's the point that Teddy Bruschi made you know if Odyssey may -- the coaching staff -- to get created. And you Brandon Spikes and almost like good defensive lineman type role. Panama and middle wants them run blitzes -- the count her. -- -- a player like and will work I think specific despite its insisting to me is I mean it's almost like. Like Ted Johnson you know all over again where. He's really a first and second down type player and we remember. When he didn't show up in the the voluntary offseason program one of the things that was mentioned at the time was that he wanted to work to become more about three down linebacker guided Steve on the field. In those sub packages than as an actor -- the coverage linebacker. I I think it's probably fair to say that. The coaching staff doesn't view him like that mean they're playing Donta hightower in that role when you have just -- against the Atlanta Falcons. I would appropriate -- light headed -- -- -- based sort of view him and that niche role if that person. Second down run stuffing linebacker now maybe that changes a little bit -- -- -- maybe a little more creative going forward and decent you know watch. Like Greece ESPN boston.com is joining us spikes is on the roster. Armond Armstead is on this. Not injury list like he was the guy that was canceled an early in that training camp as the number three. Defensive tackle where we stand with him does he make any impact. On this team and we all but it's help this point. Yeah it it's a question about. They were really high on him in the off season and they -- he was gonna help on this sort of their third defensive tackle behind Vince Wilfork and -- -- -- And then you know shortly before training camp yeah undergoes surgery for an inspection and you nodded you know -- -- -- the -- the -- -- on the -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- reserve list. And not come back. -- practice. Until after this thing. On October -- At that point we should have a little bit of a better idea as to where he is in terms of being able to help it. But I'm -- -- and it's an eating. As you know they have a plan in place to determine if he can help that he and and we should get some more information -- out by October and basic. After that the game in the -- did that you'll be that that person and he could be eligible. Aqib Talib is badly outstanding this year everything you you wanted him to be. They know they extend to Gallic Rob Ninkovich during the season it. What are your thoughts we know they're sold much surrounding this situation -- what's episode as nation and his his past the Aqib Talib. How did they approach it and has their chance they could extend know that this thing play out. I think there's -- chance they could then I'm Lou and it's the people. And you we could spend a lot of time because of all the layers to -- in this. No ties into what happened with Aaron Hernandez you know they went in early on him and they got burned in Hernandez had a past and we know about that we passed. Both say this for the time that he's been here I haven't heard anyone say a bad word about him back. It's gone in the total other direction people players coaches talking about what a leader he's been -- -- how he's sort of change. -- outlook of that defensive backfield both on the field. In the meeting room he's brought confidence. Leadership element to it so that means that the. The element simply here are the patriots comfortable had they seen enough and that they've been around him enough. Lay out the big money and on the flip side is believed willing to make conception of -- because. There -- issues with NFL suspension as a you know. He's been suspended before so if he ever got suspended again. Go back could be eight games to a year I have to go back and look at the details about any team I would think it's gonna sign him it's gonna want some protection. For the potential. Suspension if it ever had in that direction so that they can meet on a compromise to me I think -- get it done and and he and he would. Argue believe that they don't get it done during the year like that he's gone or -- and I debate this I feel. I guess I feel like they have to recognize now the way the league is going for a passing standpoint the quarterback is your valuable. Is now that it was he -- Asante Samuels contract came up and I feel like if they let it out -- to the end. There's still a chance they get re sign him is that a possibility if he gets there it's gone. I guess I would I would leave and I don't feel strongly about I would lead -- they're still being a chance only because of what just happened this past off season when he was floated out on the market and as I understand that it was between the patriots -- the -- and the patriots and about. With the right offer for the -- so. I wouldn't say a 100%. If he hits the market is gone but if you're the patriots. I'm not sure you're -- wanna take that -- if you feel comfortable with the player if you have enough information and even in light of the Hernandez but -- you know what. And we bought 90 let's say you know that cornerback had a great 2009 they re -- them and it's sort of looked in their face. There's always going to be an element of risk so I would think you know the patriots are -- gonna be aware that may -- that it doesn't get to that point. -- a lot of people with that game last week at the patriotism measuring stick here moving forward now you get the Bengals. Bush to sort of searching I thought that last week with their game against leaving you wondering what they all what are they to you. Knew it was ugly I watched it in and the -- its verdict comes back to the quarterback it's like you know. -- in the second round Andy Dalton you know they wanted to be their franchise guy. And you get AJ green out there and I kept thinking that this reminds you of the Arizona Cardinals with Larry FitzGerald but no wonder really get on the ball. Like a wasted asset. But to me that's really the big question -- then if you ask what are the Cincinnati Bengals I think it's. Quickly Andy Dalton is he really franchise quarterback they played good defense. They're gonna keep in the game. I think it'll be tough -- the Patriots offense against their defense but I think in the end I would question if Andy -- is going to be able to play at a high enough level. Score enough points up with the patriots. As we always do our circle back injured with him like I don't -- -- -- -- -- they -- -- feel like there's a chance he plays this weekend. The other guy we've talked about all week is Rob Gronkowski who came out said really I have no issue with the team he said the right things about the craft. Said the right things over the weekend I can help -- believe with a different back and forth thinking about that that there's something going on here. What do you believe the situation is and do you think he has a chance to play this weekend against the Bengals. I do think he has a chance to play at my as good as there's been this year in and I had this sort of piece it all together this is my view of the circulation. I think we. Medically. It -- checked out I think the back is I think the forearm -- I think it comes back it's something. He's president John crafted in the pregame radio interview this past week and you needed a point that he wasn't the specifically talking a broker and as I'm gonna read between airlines and say that I think you might have been and it does not psychologically. Ready. Get on the field in the -- we shouldn't be on the field because. But there are car crashes that are taking place on every play out there if you ever watch the game from the -- it's it's unbelievable just the physical sport. That these players play with and I think that in the end is what it is right now Rob Gronkowski might -- 99.9. Percent saying. You know what I think I'm ready to come back if it's not a hundred. Why Russia they have a long term interest in the player he's signed through 2019. And to meet that it -- his call and I think. Well the player gronkowski might think he's ready to go he might have some people. Whispering in his -- whether it's his agent whether it's his dad whether it is Brothers we know. Play a huge role in his life he just wrote a book with his Brothers and is -- Remember when he was asked did -- become a stage jumping around with his Brothers is static agent so. This player it's a little bit different in terms of the people around him any influence they have. You know on -- stated gay. Life career if you will I think it was the dynamics in play and it's more or less from the medical. And moron not is that if you're ready to go out and. -- the report through that followed was on the -- on the players think that he's ready to play. You buy any that'd be earning those whispers. I Lou I think -- that he is in the context that hey he looks great. I -- -- -- but I would be surprised if these -- what every player but would go on a weekly basis. To get ready to play this game which is. Physically violent -- that anyone would -- Like he is hoping it or he doesn't want to do this. I think they're all empathetic. To a player and underwent eye surgery. Are you or since last November and came back you know and that if -- divisional round game when. You know you might think we -- to come back but I think. Yeah technology didn't look comfortable there and the dolphins in -- and that means they'll. I don't think anyone's question is I think they're all at least from my -- pretty empathetic if this situation. Michael keep -- -- boston.com I know well at some point today or tomorrow you're pickle the up there caddies -- air but he else. On the staff there -- patriots Bengals this weekend enjoy it will pocket next week. Thanks a lot have agreed it like recently as PM boston.com our conversation with like Greece. Of course brought -- buyer for -- Norfolk power equipment and by town fair tire the Austin College signing. The biggest question of Saudi believe it's more body Amendola. Or haven't -- excuse immediately it's more about the young guys maybe not being ready this week it might with seem to believe. That it's about the young guys they're not ready getting a little depth the skeptic would say it's made me. They're concerned about -- -- ever be in the guise of exciting slot receiver who played that position -- ace. Haven't dole is never coming back to that point again they've got Austin Collie was eager for work out and play the slot. And replicate what he does vs what Hopkins and -- do on the. It's probably usually never it never just one thing combination of village if there was really Amendola concerns while they do that two weeks ago. You know so I do think -- and to do with the young kids showed up and are full we also apple -- apparently having strict I was neck and as Mikey mentioned -- talk and showing up when -- so shoulder injury on the on the other reports so. They haven't had game until last few weeks never brought in Austin Collie is you concern about you know you're wide receiver positions there and games turned weeks -- Now you do bring imminent so what's changed well young kids got banged up a little bit so I think that's probably has more to do with that as far as timing. -- colleague -- -- the same sort of you know injury history that. -- -- dole does not a goals at the freaky injuries for colleague it was a torn patella tendon. A year ago before that quick cautions. This -- suffered at one point there was a question posed nationally as is Austin Collie. Yeah got to end his career. Because all these concussion he suffered so you break -- for depth than you see how out figures their terms of the Bengals this weekend. It is still -- we talked about -- -- yesterday. I don't know what Andy Dalton is I don't know what this -- Eagles team isn't complete wildcard it -- played like it against Cincinnati and today the Green Bay Packers two weeks ago. Get a chance to win that game at home. Plays like he played against the browns were Mike talked about how bad it once they have no shot -- -- a lot of the league right now up by the teams tonight. EJ Manuel and Brian Hoyer quarterback in the -- -- the game on Thursday football. Those teams -- our quarterback plays well we probably win if they played poorly lawyer Manuel would probably lose the angles that that same category well. I look defensively. But a pretty good idea I think what you're getting get from them I think a lot of highs will be in -- mill that defensive line would know Vince Wilfork and well the Bengals. Try to run the ball BenJarvus Giorgio -- Bernard maybe -- -- ball out of backfield holiday -- that it. Defense -- pretty good -- because they have a Julio Jones AJ green is. Tell the players they approach you made the same way I think offensively. It would be interesting right because it's a defense. Everybody's talking and by no Green Bay put a bunch of points on but they will keep minicamp -- very good defense. And I think that Atlanta Falcons defense was that would speed up you know especially that linebacker position maybe some youth at the corners and in the patriots looked better. Than they have so far this year. Will they look like by no means to a -- get cocky about how this patriot offense looks some now think they're well oiled machine they've looked better. You know week to week three we three week four but now the -- against a pretty stiff defense so I think that's something to keep in Iowa they take a step back on the continue to progress. I think I'm -- guys in their defense this for the Cincinnati Bengals beat writer today defenseman Michael Johnson out of practice again. With thinking about should really help yeah I I saw Mike Girardi was tweeting about how much -- go back watching these these. The all twenty two's one of those guys who watched the -- what excuse every week and he says. I just sit out more than even Geno Atkins has stood out Belichick loves -- lack of the angles Michael Johnson not at practice today dealing. Out with a concussion 617779. Seven -- 837 -- phone number eight TT tech slide is 37937. Hope to connect it was a Red Sox players their work out. -- it's wrapping up but -- winding down here. And then we hope to do that in the clubhouse and if you're looking for Red Sox tickets. Where -- I can get those later on today yesterday for game one will say about that next.

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