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Red Sox starter Jake Peavy on keeping composure in the playoffs

Oct 3, 2013|

Peavy joins Mut and Merloni after the team’s workout before tomorrow’s Game 1 against the Rays. He explains his expectations for the playoffs and what it takes to stay composed under the pressure of the postseason.

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Back here fed -- Butler got -- 37 WEEI the batting practice. Work out his wrapped up here for the Red Sox rays will be here this afternoon let's go to the clubhouse talk to a guys. Spears is burst up playoff run with these Red Sox he's pitcher Jake Peavy Jake Butler area of the global as well. Through much -- must be exciting to come from team in Chicago native playoff run as San Diego but to be here now those different atmosphere. Absolutely dallas' what what it's all about us what you have to do -- injury about a little kid to be about such a big markets as the town was so passionate. About sports and have a chance to win the ultimate you know starts tomorrow try to win eleven games we lose eleven -- What is John Ferrell was coaching staff done Jacque during this time off it's 45 days teams in the past. At some time off that it ends up affecting them what is the team done to try to keep you guys from I get any rust in the cart before game one. What you mean you do all you can do to to simulate some games as we did yesterday you get out there and you play against one -- but it's still -- anywhere close to two what tomorrow will be like. It's unfortunate that. You have to sit. For playing well I think he might tell you. Certainly you played the game tell you like to keep playing its camp bus that I certainly think that it's to their advantage as they played the last few days and they often played. Especially on hitting the baseball with. -- we just filed with the as sharp as we could possibly be in the McDonnell we can do these workouts to stay that way. Even if you start to go he -- went back to look three quarters we were early in your career. The first couple outings maybe to control wasn't -- -- that their third game here fiddling your lights out with your location how is that adjustment been and why exactly did you do it. Well you know I just. They've been talking about it and in have enough PD around. Pedro had been around in working with some guys and we started talking about it. And I had had to go to that. Higher arm slot just health wise trying to come back off that injury and not be so stressful that. Another -- most useful. Fully recovered and in -- I told the doctor about going back in and try to get some of that stuff that I used to have back in I think -- did you guys saw that have a little bit more swing and -- stuff. As a result of that the biggest thing is just like you said it doesn't feel like I did Obama -- -- alive it feels new to me and you know and and that start I was really good out of though one of your speaking of the when you go to stretch things are still working their kids out there says this time off. We've been good for me. And nuggets of good work yesterday -- announcer -- what about that time -- -- view of the city get some time here. That means you know this inner squad game images of the intensity is not there at times but distill things -- work on of course you got it yesterday after a couple of things in and go through it are you are not so it's still you know for me it's still had some big league hitters and then they're trying to hit the ball. At any -- you're standing sixty feet six inches away from somebody trying to hit a ball hard back -- you gonna take this seriously you can take it. Considering the circumstances and throughout all of the stretch trying to to perfect and middle argued that this I'm excited about you get the ball here -- for. I had a chance to Tampa Bay there at the beginning September. Went six innings gave up three runs talk us through this lineup Jake if you get prepared. What stands out about this office for the rates you know I think they just do all the little things that they play the game. They're very well prepared to -- A game playing going usage you're gonna see that. And -- and executed -- they do. Have an aggressive approach really does -- is really the only guy that's I would consider patient type season such -- got even he can be aggressive at times. You can't let you know the third baseman beaches relief from lassie got -- guys James loans outstanding news -- of that. Still rather rate that I've -- the guys behind. Like Gloria you can't let even he has had his typical laundry here you see these past few playoff games -- some big games down the stretch as well. -- stay away from from him you know with them to. Delivered game winning book. Mean you know when you start against these guys you would be two weeks ago a month ago now it's a playoff game you're always prepared give a lot of information -- lot of scout report how much more you have right now. Is how much detail do you get into now's there more information. You know what they're. There's more available. I just don't see how you can process much more than we do want every fifth day you know when you have four days in to prepare for a team. I just can't see you ever going out there without knowing every last thing you could possibly ever known by the -- I was some guys don't like that much information but. A play -- -- rockets or maybe the best ever. It's a total purse -- are washed away he prepared. And I didn't see why in the world that I should prepare and and have the knowledge went to the store that he had. So I love it and and I had a lot of information going the start I have a reason. For every place we throw in the location while we threw it. Some guys don't like that but obviously from the playoffs you have so many scouts here so many people pulled the same side of the -- that whirlpool and and you have been a bit of information. That you could possibly and he will play in the with the guys eat for breakfast tomorrow definitely and come and. You have seven different motion the regular season game in a playoff game in almost tricking your mind trying to tell yourself it's just another game and and try to book there were relaxed and you're got it always keeps his emotions in check of course not screaming you know swear on my own doing that stuff. Photo -- what have you learned maybe from your experience even those years ago well that part of the game get. Ready for a playoff game or yes what that this is a great question I've talked to something. -- work aside and in in Britain in the the one thing I'm really took away from -- ball game last night as watching Cobb. And certainly have an emotional guy and you'll see me be an emotional at times but once that emotions out screenings done there's that fifteen seconds or so the chip together yourself and and read what just happened what kind of swing the guy just took the situation in the game what -- anywhere in what's the school work where's the base -- how many house. All the -- processed and the most the next pitch from him throw an MR we're throwing it. Yeah so it a lot happens in that that 1520 seconds pitch to pitch and I thought luster away from the game last -- very very impressed. In this big situations Cleveland was -- last night the stadium looked amazing in a fun atmosphere to watch the the president presents. That's the cop kept on amount. I try to point that out of the boys and and I thought that was a difference in the game and keeping his composure making the big pitches when he had to. I've no doubt you're prepared to explain how you prepare for catwalk at camp today. That's fall -- ballpark is a joke Jake you've got to be what that game. Yeah that is you know what that the same time there you know you can talk all we want to -- ballparks that -- -- -- capital alone he's gonna pitch in the same ball border on the -- -- and our hitters can hit the same ball or the it and Sola. We're going to be better on Tuesday from if you'll in this place to be rock -- should be fun -- can't -- -- Thanks -- appreciate it Jake Peavy joining itself from the clubhouse we are alive here Fenway Park that's. We'll get that next week in that ballpark. It's went away struck an -- Britain. To talk and work in Britain remote control emotions in the post season. Suggesting the which we announced that roster seems to bring her so well he -- work in Britain. Wonder if mr. Britain finds and his way on this roster some off their entry into third and September now last week I'm not managed to come rescission teaching young kid who someday when he gets into the post season you read into too much with. I think it's a good point as far as evident guy there. You learn so much remembered CC sabathia is first for years -- a post season. All being over ramp on the mound and not being controlled and controls emotions and and not Evan the success GOP -- that a while ago with with Cindy a couple of some really good years. In you learn from it's part of playing in the skin that's what experience is all about. So it's nice to see and talk with some new younger guys about that part of it. So we have Brady break the news that Matt Cassel was gonna start right joked about Mac cast will be starting and haven't and they BJP because -- -- -- -- -- either.

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