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Andy Brickley helps Mut and Merloni drop the puck on the 2013-2014 Bruins Season

Oct 3, 2013|

Brickley joins the guys in advance of tonight’s season opener after a shortened offseason. Brick helps Mut and Lou get a better understanding of the Bruins’ offseason additions including Jarome Iginla and Loui Eriksson.

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It's a tale of two teams here. What to talk about the winter teams and one of them is is a favorite to win a championship this winter and it's the Boston Bruins the guy calls the color commentary. All the Bruins are friend Andy Berkeley joins us it will all season long -- but. -- -- -- -- Thirteen -- after. Yeah brick you're after you indicate it's gonna be definitely the floor by now right. I would -- I would make any money at nobody particular order a third. Teen weeks -- -- that that is that is amazing how much time for your body to heal. And then build up again how have they looked like to think they've responded from that shall break. I think it looked good that the Serbs against felons from training camp even though there was you know a number of significant opportunities. As our positions were concerned about that wasn't their they'd be in the past 23 years. But what the turtle that turn over that they did have during those thirteen weeks it was to -- since the competition. But there was also that feeling of unfinished business from a year ago given away the games six and it they hope they feel like -- the playoffs. I think there -- some normalcy. Getting back to an 82 game regular season. And I think that preparation has been where it should be retreat at. Nobody can remember there record even though they -- the table and it pre season that's how they played their and they try to establish. Chemistry. Identity and how they wanna play especially with the new guys in in the three areas that they want it be better at and that its third line. Quicker transition gave the deepest it's especially from the Blue Line. And their output which has -- -- people -- creek areas were really an area of concern. It and focus your -- You know -- just -- back on the the short. Offseason. How much do you think they'll look at the previous couple years when -- you win the Stanley Cup and you come back in the end of that. 2000. 1112 season they just they seem like they were out of gas and -- -- you approach it any -- any differently this year to maybe prevent that. And they did their due diligence after the cup but I -- 2011 you know they they knew that there weren't. A whole lot of success stories across the league after winning a Stanley Cup championship. The matter whether or sit of one of the established teams or or one of the sun belt teams everybody seemed to struggle that all year. Well there was me in the playoffs and going out the first round and a they really addressed this that's because they thought they were prepared for the people back to that regular season 2000 -- You know they were treated people in November December they weren't that good and and -- -- the first round so even though they prepared for a they got educated on the challenges in the obstacles they were faced. It still did not get the job -- the following year and now you take that how old seats from going on the first round into Washington. And you try to you -- for the next season but and you want people locked out so it's really been uncharted waters based on your experience. And what you prepare war and now they illusionist daily cup final in games six. They're gonna try to reaper two. What could be try to words. Goals from people out alone 2012. -- try to be better in the year is that the field. Approval over the long term so you know it's kind of it's not all laid out not only boxer row from experience to try to apply what you work experience prepared this year so some some question marks but. This core group in Europe for awhile now and I think it prepared her for getting -- jobs that are approaching it game by game. On that attitude. Paper we all watched with interest the first behind via the so what they exactly talked about the trading a Tyler -- and with that -- they appreciate this roster it was just. I feel like it did talk about this team it's the most Peters to rally the Peter's really teams because there's not that illegal scorpio castle. Tyler say it but there are guys who could handle their own in either end of the ice do you feel like that was a goal. Of this spot office once they decide to make that Tyler -- entry. Not necessarily. I don't think it's a boat what was happening on the nights when you talk about it deal when he would ideally I like I -- -- there you go back to cancel the you don't -- when when there's so much skill in play here. You can put up with some of their -- on the ice they don't necessarily have to be all the regional player. They have the back checks certainly that's what area that you cannot be ignored just go out here every yarder this experience Austin. But when they have tremendous skill they can be seen changes in difference makers to put up. Over the deficiencies in near game because they are such skill guys spoke what those two plays a particular adding -- And I think they just scratched the surface a little bit in her behind the -- episodes. Woods they were Oprah -- character and if you want to say that that's surely be asking -- he had merely be seen more. -- quote truly be here attitude that they want all their players. Then I think you have common border common thread they didn't think they say it was -- the Eric that that they wanted. Whether that was as a hockey player or as a professional athlete 24 hours today so. I think that's where the commentators and that's what the move swore they'd -- in Kessel it and seen it. Britney has really Husseini departed platoon these three young defenseman based on matchup with -- -- coast Ian Hamilton. I'm wondering if if you're surprised that all three of -- appear mean. As long as stigma keep these guys fresh I guess that's okay but I you should surprise it may be don't send one down to continue to playing continued develop. All stick of those individual players hurts -- I think -- cruel is the leader in the clubhouse because those you know they need for more meaningful I'll Clinton. Under decided to be a quicker team in transition. They're looking for more offense to hockey sense. Hot you opportunity. That it will carry the pocket particularly likes. They -- at the top the list -- -- -- three players are concerned so he's going to be in the top six automatically. Just based on his skill set and what you showed to a -- Secondly are hosting this word yet so little great because you're really good training here. -- look like he should be in the top six you know what he did it -- based on what he -- for the street clash here in the postseason and then you're -- able to. And then this is the war that gray area what kinda hit the table -- You want that you. That students maturation process or is its ability to. Beaten -- player that you want to believe Pete will be negatively effected if you have to Providence. Do you want him to be in the starting lineup be in the top six. If he doesn't play regularly you see improving despite practicing here boxes they have a number of options. That would be of interest being kind to be episode we could see those guys are agent that trying to figure out which players played why they play. There of course you get a deal with waivers and contracts and salary cap it's not that those three players are all the -- or all need waivers but. These all the elements at all apparently you have to consider -- to warrant on merit alone. I would think it would be Kruger -- coach Pete it would be in the chopsticks were able to be in the extra guy to start the season. But all three great approach to looking for for the change what you're trying to get done on the back. Do you think if they find themselves with crew -- husky kind of in the air as -- if Doug isn't playing as much as they would like that they would make that move to give him some more data products. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to load it with you and I think that's the conversations that being and obviously that don't you know that stepped up and it really shows that NHL -- it will it make adjustments in his interview any jokes sound guy first of all his own little. And it got really good luck incidents in Tucson especially the first apple latch here and there's no worry on an -- in the game it's just you know night in night out. Well you became the Bruins want your defense the played a broad global left in the right concept but Charlotte direct shot at the right shot. All right so they think that's more effective -- at a workshop play any outside local elect these are capable of doing it. But they -- it will and I think overall as -- as an investment as a that they they've all -- draft and develop they want -- to -- the player. How best get he requires and turn the products like progress is where it is proximity number one. An opportunity to to play 25 to thirty minutes played every situation. Immediately spent significant time down there once you come back to the national collectively come back to the -- Ninety here for good. Brick -- nationally. The theme has been that this bro ST -- the Stanley Cup and they're actually better team on paper right now they were. A year ago do you believe that -- it's the opener tonight. I think they have the potential to be I certainly would not say that there aren't they want that they are better than a year though I'd like the -- from a year although it didn't light the air. Lower eighties or an error they're they're what we had a chance to win a division and we didn't get it done an attitude. Third towards the final stages of last season as unique as it was for the -- teams compressed by. I like it can go to the post season that's why should it be that -- station they feel they out. -- post season. That I agree with that's why I like the -- to say that they're better than they were a year ago. Quite the stretch right now all the tenants particularly those three areas that we talked about what that's that are the are gonna look like Quebec which a battle of the 34 words of the Boston Bruins were sort of next match. For other teens across the leak that you chopsticks were great players the charger port. But was quote -- too well that -- real difference -- during the regular season and in the postseason without that you don't win the Stanley Cup. And it's like that from the third or this year. I'm already dubbed the better team yet. To what exactly have you seen from these new guys get a deal on that first line is he Erickson at second line and Riley Smith now on their third. Well. The gala. Not as advertised. You know this guy. I think he a lesson first it was like -- -- -- -- -- out of the real concept of what the pro controllable beating out real well here's. He got that the postseason last year played for Pittsburgh. But he's a Bruins prototypical player plays are there everything art -- -- that aren't as it -- it'll for the office of the sort used as advertised. I think maybe it's a certificate issued. He'll slide a sixty mostly on that line it'll take some work -- -- in the -- or to produce -- the chemistry. The great -- but I like that I like that player in that slot. Louis -- haven't seen as much of him certainly won't was not traveling with the Bruins -- the road games. At a rely on conversational coaches ads. It just. And education of what this -- -- -- cricket player. Etiquette that's -- he's -- -- if he'll play with Bergeron Marcia -- needed have a better yet. But I don't worry about him you know -- -- light on an acute cure rate you rate because so I think that while beside. But it's the third -- -- -- -- etiquette you know -- the right to run this is last. Reading in eagle -- are notable quote. What I need to build it -- Quickness to repeat it might work that what it. That -- that -- but he needs quick enough but they have played the NHL level they'll get an opportunity probably and they. What why should be real good but -- split years ago I was in the opportunity first practice beyond that third lie to skilled guy. Easterly is culpable the organization knew she'd get terribly young guy like that 21 years old but it's an NHL experience. And you get moved from one organization to another he takes so little time. It's an -- comfort level that understanding. You don't wanna -- weak point Lou you don't want to get the job done defensively. And that kinda takes away from Europe -- instinctual because treatment defense first and that's what happens when I'm Austin so. Along negatives but I they. So that's cigar and looking at the young -- I'm looking at university was little but -- look at that as well score on gonna take this place and so that's what the focus is right now. And that's why they are not ready to say that there's the that a team that a year ago because there are some some question marks surround misty. Berkeley -- job this Atlantic Division has some new faces including Detroit now at your conference now in division deal like the way. The growth is situated in this new look Atlantic. I -- just competition alone you know I'm excited for the Bruins cease and and any development say they're very even a year ago I can't say that's a really good team built for the policies are expected Bergen Boston. To be at two division winners what else is sit down at the end of the year. But I like this division in this sense of competition. For the original six Detroit get them four times therapy that you played last night but that they can be a real. Puck possession team -- a couple of great players. That really. Pro a lot of people wrong who actually are we building yield on the English and they are still great -- -- -- Chicago without reward in the in the playoffs so. That's a really good team. I like the idea but that you have to win your division you played out I think -- that the issue I love that concept what I don't like is. The fact that you have sixteen teams in the east fourteen analysts I -- like that in balance. Just odd numbers alone it's more difficult to make the postseason accurately he's the 118 divisions so. That I don't like -- in -- would look at it extinct in the year two out again it balanced in what but overall competition should be really excite approach -- It's seems that have improved the communion because -- Bruins are almost really. That benchmark to see how could you are you could be ought to get a chance when it. Brick it's a great way to put it a hockey -- thirteen week break we're back tonight we'll back with you every single Wednesday. During the season brick re preaching at the -- he knew Jack back gut call games tonight. You -- -- prickly one of the best joins us here. On the AT&T -- as we get set for all things. Bruins and Tampa. They will play tonight that first game and clutch you'll it is effect just told. The media their locally David great she will play in this game that -- blue -- sort of questionable what ago when he went -- I'm David great you will put the viper -- up literal 6177797. Not 37 if your phone number the eighteenth -- text on. Is 3793. Separate half hour -- out John Henry. Red Sox principal owner will join us wanna get your thoughts on this Red Sox -- series your fault and we talked about the pitching. Major -- the Red Sox have fear is this is the offensive to what I would consider kind of a mismatch. We talk about offenses but there was they'd -- Tampa made during the year. And boy is it helpful talked in the Bay's offense.

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