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Tom Brady on Rob Gronkowski's return

Oct 1, 2013|

Tom Brady joined Dennis & Callahan for his weekly visit and talked about his teams big win in Atlanta Sunday night. he added that while Gronk has been practicing it is not his job to evaluate when he is ready to get back in game action.

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I don't our innocent Callahan wasn't patriot Monday after I guess this qualifies as a patriot Tuesday conversation with operating is brought to light northeast electrical distributors. The cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and press it. Crescent credit -- -- with -- on the AT&T hotline good. Tom Lauria Garrett Warren I'm -- you get to sleep yesterday morning we did not warrant it. I don't know what out. I would get in the bad about that our new editor didn't. Art yeah. Orbit are there more let's start with the bad news Shelby your head coach said yesterday they're really no way replace Vince Wilfork should like to go on and off the field Tom. Yeah -- director great president. Obviously the locker room as the leader of the veteran players. -- guy who's been on the Beijing -- situation. It's. It's such disappointment salute him he's. -- -- And that's. -- have to find the late. Collectively that it can fill -- -- I you know it's unfortunate injury and injuries are part of the game. Let you know that if he's anymore -- it's tough to. It -- to -- and that is what in your voice I heard it in bills yesterday I guess about -- to talk to somebody like Jerod mail I'd really here's some disappointment he makes his job a lot easier. Playmaker -- -- job beater when you play at that caliber. And that level that he played out for so long he's so dependable consistent. It makes its biggest plays in big moments so. As someone else for gonna have to step and you -- -- we dealt with injuries in the past. The league really doesn't slow down to anybody I've said -- -- -- goes -- -- start for the patriot. We're gonna have to go out and try to win regardless. When you got hurt Tom obviously first game of the year up for the year did you think. It was the end of the world did you think you going to be elect returned to the MVP form -- to return to -- did you have you doubts. -- I definitely felt that it could recover. I think that at at that point -- -- you know. I know I never really delicate injury like. So yeah it's a little bit is just trying to figure out. Now what the next step here in the -- We're really -- -- great players that determination work ethic in helicopters and actually the same thing for your injury to. -- guys they're all pro player on the field they're usually got it at all throw in a recovery as well does that bring really the same type attitude. Know that talent as late as they've done and get the -- How can you put into words what Vince means off the field I think that's the reason Belichick was so. Effusive in revealing yesterday was consistent not just a great player. But a great presence on this thing. I hear your leadership Burger King -- for the defense in general because he's there. Are facing the most player on that each and certainly in the patriots and Coke or he's. You know comfortable in and played with some really great players and it's that -- -- Taken apart by everybody and simple -- -- on the field. -- so popular -- physical and and an outbreak of the other guys hopefully -- -- some of the guys on the -- -- watched him. Learned a little bit about Howell. And for the public is -- and then maybe that aspect of what it is leadership as a Bible Belt. Obviously you watch a ton of film BC's quarterbacks run lead all the time. How good is to -- playing right now panel level as he had. Incorporate -- in fact they have another partner in the park and then he got here. It's been great on the field could not. Opting them. All conquered that participated in one bought an award I think that really shows. You'll -- leadership style all out to an article out I can't. Now one of the best offense in -- league with that caliber receiver but he you know not a diplomat who -- going to -- -- And a player as well it was. Well as early spewed from where and so. But those guys who are. -- -- -- you are human and then the player are low Beverley that's so we're gonna need that we don't have a lot of margin error right now. And I don't know that we will all year we go to wouldn't -- we're gonna have to really get her back. You seem familiar from here the last 789 years is he the best corner on this team since -- his peak. Oh pretty good one. I love -- -- -- -- hard to compare him. Wholly different players all have different skill that a lot of very different than everybody thought it was. A pretty incredible players so. You know I'd I'd love having you on the spot I go get them every day and I know how hard it is you really -- combination of size and he's -- Ability to put the ball near Atlantic series I know a lot on -- total all in practice and I feel like. No carrier at the completion and I got a little problem he'll jump up on all the way. And you know he's got gotten just so hard over the top but because -- is. Is reach agreement and his ability to play the ball I formed and when you make a mistake. And exit pay well there are. That's something that I feel on a daily basis. The last and you pay -- little or no attention to report cards in newspapers -- Belichick is gonna give you one of your own anyway however Ron Borges for the offense anyway. Pretty much straight -- across the board from the Atlantic game eight minus quarterback running backs a minus wide receivers a minus offensive line eight. The last six minutes of that game notwithstanding. Were you happy -- tiger team -- -- and it would we're doing okay. Where we're what you're trying to grind it out yeah. You know play. Hopefully we can we have a little margin of error and hopefully got a -- helping him get healthy guy who -- them more well rounded. And our offense and your little profit in the second. Now that we've got everything figured out quite yet and we've got a long ago. Does that sound like when he report cards from Michigan than a month sent an AAs across the board. There are quite independent studies or maybe once a week. Or -- I got a case. I did that some change for this team in Atlanta you were favoured the first three games we all talked about the schedule. But that's a road game against a playoff team and everybody was -- and that the falcons you win that game what's it like coming home flying home hanging out is an Arab. A certain bonding thing that goes on when you win a big game like that that no one -- could win. I think there I think when we're game in the first half eaten. They pay -- dividends latency. And parents are keeping goes on typically you know -- in the outweighs the true. Over the course of these weeks that you learn more about what you're -- here. You learn more about what other I think that's really the trademark of -- Bill Belichick coached in his. In November December you start really understand played your current. As well as -- coach in that I believe the best coach. We're able to really hone in on what the other as well or what they don't -- well we we try to attract voters in the early part of the either. You know the mental -- The discipline and they'll work ethic Christian really never showed up. Because you know before and then back and start him hard in November and December you know future may have so if you can when he gains. We're consultant -- this -- and I have to believe that throughout. So really be dangerous when it mattered the most. That we -- record -- -- certainly felt great about Britain or we were black and confidence. And we felt we could go on Arab and heroic. Effort home and and we did just you know what and -- -- much much room for error. Or go -- and that's a pretty good -- -- and we all the circumstances. We talk about this all the time when you run ten times in a row when you run as effectively as you did. Is that called in the huddle or is that a reaction to a a a sub package nickel defense you look -- that or smallish defense is that why you're grinding it out on the ground. Well I think -- brought about the content that you have in the people that really on their numbers -- a line of credit so. When their situation that we have or read and the at all it's really just. Here's the fact that they haven't really done anything that could take that away that's -- that dramatically or we feel like you could actually. In the front so. That was pretty impressive debut could do that we've done a few other times and if you ought to try to defend the pass then we're gonna try to limit that -- -- up around them so they're gonna stop a running total right outside. Or you're gonna be try to be flexible with what we knew that they call that are there the more guys -- The more quality consistent dependable players about their offense the better you -- perhaps. So make sure you get this straight the early nine patriot passes in the first half lead it back and double check -- are you suggesting that that. Took place sort of on the fly as opposed to pre planned during the week that you were gonna come out try to run the ball mostly and and and not pass -- it just unfolded as the game unfold it. Yeah pretty -- here that I'm really had pre production per well. -- that technically not a lot of production. So we can. We gonna have a -- Africa. That we courtroom and greet concrete. Squillacote culprit for durable and and I -- another driver we have an opportunity for first down and it will be excused very well also. You know we got it. Try to play in all the things up but we're gonna place. In -- can puncture marks. Well weeks silicon that shall get on every single question that we -- he'd make an improvement that we can count them equally it's. But again going to get bigger from this point and we got to keep them from. There's been reports here atomic there's been some contention between gronkowski. And the patriots as to when he's gonna come back the idea that gronkowski. Doesn't wanna come back into week six the patriots won them back now you've practice mussina. Does he look like he's ready to go right now. Well here there is like every other major player -- come out there and death what ever really that can I ask so it's. You've been able to practice and and now we're just trying to work back in or get where he typically normal mentally prepared or whenever he's ready that's when he's great ago. And you say -- any limitations are any limitations in practice with them. I hear -- I am I don't I'm not really one that doctors evaluate those things I don't. On this front honestly I we've just focus on. What I need to do and then the guys that played played guys that don't -- I don't figure evaluate. All the -- from weaker and weaker but that's our responsibility. IE I assume you've already seen the film Tom and I'm looking at a play from the second quarter the 49 yard completion to pumpkins on that double play fake and you stepped up -- the almost got killed on that play. -- you know we I'd turn that -- revert to the -- and some -- -- MySpace. You know kind of got away from the dynamics -- he had a had a step on the safety side to try to. Flat footed sort out there you're great catcher great play on the ball and that's -- her -- confident and trust there quarterback controversy groom him. Go to your -- make a play like static keys there is a great great player out there. There were backed up there -- likely work permit if I play like that really. First -- back to eat a lot second ought to huge chunk Larry. And they got to respect those political forward so that opened you have more fuel up in the middle there -- go. -- watch and last night and and see in the plays Jimmy grams -- and and then you guys the night before watch and Tony Gonzales and I know he's the best ever. But you got a guy who's. Like that mean you have one of those who's coming back whether it's this week next week the week after. It isn't asking too much to expect gronkowski to hit the ground run and be. That pro bull guys that we've seen in the past to be that weapon that it didn't -- to have an engram in the falcons haven't in Gonzales. Where are you and the guys that -- you know -- offseason workouts and if they told practices and and now they've had a chance to really prepare for -- season alcohol has some pretty out here are angered over the lack -- -- keep -- it. Take care to rehabilitate from so. We're note you know we're at what level he's going to be out but he's been a pretty dynamic player and he's got. For being with -- and hopefully at some point you get back to that at bat. And there are a lot of things I thought of that. -- felt his ability. Don't stay out in the open. Those guys are in dollars and what -- great. I mean to watch him play it's sixteen years in the league. -- -- -- -- -- Chechen -- a lot. A hundred yards and you just you can dominant for a long time. He does such a great job taking care of itself. Are you what you can do in which a monster -- Committed and that's that's something that we all looked up as someone who doesn't. Know right arm off you. Great -- all players. I'm enjoying Mulligan magic -- while it lasts I think we should -- enjoy the Mulligan era. -- at -- -- -- they'll all lack when he came in for those Cuba. It's your game in and year out -- I was just at the pistols see yeah it's -- guys six general Tom I was at that game in the rain has about 121000 people -- him and whose sole black magic there was some believe what happened to them. I don't know -- this disappeared off the face of the earth. -- also have a great time and -- He was a fun backup quarterback given that they talk on the up on the fumble. Columns were suggested that may be when -- trying to get low so quickly changed the angle of the snap you tell what happened on that deal. Are ordered. -- court ordered -- you hear about certain aren't and the quarterback I've heard. You know where. Are kind of what -- so we got to work hard at it this week in. You know we're just about try to get better that is up met. In a camera but I have said that all the way to get -- started bad. Cordoba a responsibility to bark off -- the -- get the ball on the ever bring it. The backdrop fact that the most critical moment. -- final question and it qualifies as minutia I think for the second funeral or at least for the second time in three games you had a long attracted account. And and induced a neutral zone infraction. On purpose. Yeah they're they're they're not written except now that we years old books aren't. That eclipses China or what we're doing offensively with spot -- It was about actually watched the ball and -- on all of -- and they all out that. You know really what we're trying to partner so. There are interpreting the thought that over the year. On the we got to look at that are out there that is at all week. Bit it's going to be a big week so that it's wanna look at that are. Ultimately got. Their count and second is one of the best he also is so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where it was reported equally important. Order then -- you become more court. That Tom Richard Seymour said he is not coming back he doesn't expect to come back the knowing he's busy learning to fly planes. Now you fly a lot and go on private planes we hear. If you stepped out if you stepped on a gulfstream. And looked in the cockpit and there was -- patrols. Would you stay on the plan -- -- ago. Quicker group couldn't record pretty content produced or oh or whatever -- -- I loved that certain. He's a great part of -- -- earth a longer time I really liked -- got much Oakland and and -- I think he's going to -- our. So this year -- highlights of him and I know you Mullen talking about did you see that play with the Oakland. When he just ex radio Pretoria that was a penalty of five F five force it was it was a dirty play. Note I don't think so Kurt caught in bella or. I I -- it really -- the west or accept their comment on that play. He would come out -- trying to get a copy is so. I didn't I disagree with that with that therapy and got. Somatic double -- -- this week. On some Callahan on the AT&T hotline our interview with -- has brought you by northeast electrical distributors. Cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit union. See the play he takes them yet and haven't -- and -- no problem corralled an aegis rag dolls. I'd like on the call that penalty because there's all all you have a chance to stop. And you've taken a quarterback. In and we all on board quarterbacks. And you slam -- them down and -- -- good chance shoulder pops whenever a concussion. I thought it was a dirty play but -- -- minus Jack ever play on waters staffers got slammed -- it hurts someone did that. State. What your back.

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