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More heartbreak in Cleveland

Oct 3, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Rays win over Cleveland last night. Everyone was down that Tito was not making his return to Boston.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. Theory comes. -- are gonna be struck out an advantage they re I want the American League wild card and it got to -- with a vodka and Red Sox for the American League division series. Which I'm Dennis I'd like to see a top seed. It against the Red Sox is no tougher team in the gritty study -- would you agree these two teams. Know each other inside now this should be a fabulous series I expected to go savage Jerry -- Better we -- stronger and we can. -- amount of day by day. Think about that and it's going to. And -- What do you think the -- Because the -- Don't like do you like me. Like his hair on Sports Radio WEE. Walk that's OK we've looked like it's a sort of the plate without a batted in your hand. Toxic it's like going -- -- in the hands on -- you do on occasion that and it's. That's a no big deal were not -- called thankful. We have this. -- -- -- come and have fixed the text machine -- I was in the air masses don't know if someone comes in here and totally re register our studio. You know I wish to blame Salk. Yeah you can't put a -- because I sent to defend at the ballpark you know and who would that be who came in here Mikey Mikey Mikey and Ryder doesn't do it looked like he did -- did Mike he sits there -- so is also the -- here I don't know who knows how to. It would have been someone that night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those aren't sorry Tito not even you can change the culture can change the destiny nobody can change destiny. Of the Cleveland as a sports city AK a loser bill now the bad news is. There'll be no Francona. Rematch or match with the Red Sox in the postseason the other bad news is we now have to stare at the man who considers him to be. Himself to be the smartest man in baseball we have to watch that -- sideways cap with. Ronnie. Arrow arrow thing going on he only does -- think if he wins the yes yes you don't wanna see the arrow thing got some advice and beat them now don't let him close out a victory for the -- -- how the -- -- this quote. That that noted philosopher Eric Mangini if you wanna beat the best you have to beat the best right clearly happened is the better team over the Cleveland Indians. Now I still think based on what -- watched last night the Red Sox were going to win this series three games to one. However are over my guy JT the brick thinks it's going to be a little bit more difficult than that. I'd like to see a tough team compete against the red shots is no tougher team in the gritty study raise would you agree these two teams know each other inside and out -- should be a fabulous. Series I expected to go side. Great series -- expects that the best evidence that would be historic we'd like it was four -- five -- in -- -- right yet happened it happened that illustrates it's a strange season you know. I thought that he didn't say you know -- a strange. About last night. -- the fact that doubles sound when the ball hit yeah I was -- out of the ball at the catchers over the fact it was dreadfully dull three hours forty minutes 3040 minutes of boring baseball game with the single most boring announcing team by -- company here. Who. Point out these people that -- playoff game was that a playoff game and it was a one and done game. And it was in Cleveland and yes I don't want us and get a day after that incredible atmosphere of Pittsburgh they tried to do the same thing from there. At their neighboring city of Cleveland. And the intensity was there on the field and the announces act like it's frigates from Kenya. This -- you -- Delmon Young long club ball that's. Where and it's a one and done. And the -- -- 03% gets to them asking for Gus Johnson. Seven. I'm basket for them to just match the intensity. As is GA TT bring the integrity the match and I didn't get out Matt but. Is that the my initial reaction it's. Just a visceral. As the first time in a long time. Things didn't go Red Sox way in my opinion I think -- a better matchup for Boston but clearly no question and not just for arts selfish reasons of him Francona here and seeing some -- faces. But that's not a great team coming god I like Francona might be manager of the year he might win and I will have no complaints I'd vote for frail but I have no complaints because. How we get that team in the playoffs how we 19 the what was it 232 or -- to -- to 92 and how we won ten in a row. Is beyond me. I guess the obvious answer is they don't then play them any good team can -- didn't play they can beat that many good teams. They lost to a good team last night they would have lost to a good team had they come here. This did not work out the best for the Boston. Works out pretty good for Tampa two because all three of these guys lined up perfectly and it was full rest start yes -- more well on Friday right price will on Saturday in Kabul after the dale she gained at those three guys -- three guys. Who won incredibly tough spot must win spots this week. Three different cities you get those three guys games 12 victory. As much as you can admire -- for his comeback. And hate him it's too late kick. The fact of the matter is that he was not dominant even though -- I'll I was -- It was not a dominant because Cleveland Indians is good we talked about this Utley those eyes used to politics all right. -- you're do you regret this morning an Austrian -- no it was in again. And he said Alex -- was dominant on. I don't know what no sir what game where you watch he was not dominant that he was beatable the Indians all the chances are also we often talk we talked about it yesterday. About Apple's up -- jokes and gags to. Low is themselves to be all right I get -- persons who were ready rises themselves are going to be re export to you know who as -- themselves yes yes under pressure who asked rubles. And I would say. Cabrera -- crumbled the top of the order -- -- that's bottom of -- order did not check this out the eight and nine hitters nine meters. That's. Oh just at all. Five for eight there 12 and three hitters. Born swisher and fitness all for guys -- right apps ever got as. -- -- -- -- did you hear crux taker yeah killing and crock and what's locked. And market now agree Carlin TU. Why what happened that is a choke when they tried to do too much if you wanna be gentle you tell me how relaxed next crucial ones. Now jokes and act that I couldn't tell you did you give cities would be doctor Robin get this guy -- really cares what that we see things. Those wings chronicled -- seat as I said okay choked would would Gypsy I think you guys -- bad games in the playoffs. Do you think so you don't think Schilling and equipment with a talk and I -- extra -- -- asked -- -- tried to do too much -- that it's under your dad's -- definitely but you're saying every guy's -- undergraduate -- I did not say that and I can explain to used -- knows he's wrong here. Examples -- guys joked and as -- bull with the guys when he -- 363 break. I mean the -- 63363. Double play. Under in big spot that you feel like that was the game yes I was older. And just in the air ball park Indians used -- and Cleveland is -- will not advance that they're not winning they don't belong in the in the field the serve -- so the World Series. It was a mirage that was a great managerial -- by by Francona great Ron and very dramatic finish the Indians. But as you watching that game. He sent -- playoff no no that's and if you're Boston you're saying. Go to tribe let's have one more break one more lucky bounce beacons. That team would you. Say they. Red Sox against the Indians it's in the rents were taken them to music. Sent -- -- 666. At at a the most telling stat was in in hindsight now looking back at that game that we talked about on we heard the pregame show we discussed that we read about it. Cleveland indians' record against teams over 500. Wolf it was fourteen and 32 against playoff team yes fourteen and 32 that's a trend it's not just some may have the best record against sub 500 teams since the -- yankees so it's like to bully the beads of little -- -- GAAP net returned to a little silly stands up -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. And think you know you think about it he when you get the playoffs the you know nine times out of ten when you're in the playoffs you play in a playoff team I'd looked it up. More often than not more often more often than not like that it's like 84 point 7% of the time when you play such a plan a playoff and to play and better pitches better hitters better line of the more clutch teams. It would -- about this a bad day. The Red -- nineteen pan -- seven and twelve we know that. Nelson played the Yankees Orioles that the the -- eighteen or nineteen times. The unions didn't have to do that they played the bully and White Sox and White Sox. White Sox had a worse. Offense looked the simplest these both these teams Cleveland and a the tip of middle of the pack offense you know you think they're bad I was trying to figure how bad the middle of the pack. You you know the Houston Astros in the American League they are. Their best -- does not they had a better offense. This the this -- and it van Chicago. Chicago was well -- the Astros which I did -- was possible. And they got that and they and the Indians get the plane as the government twins. They get the twins sixties -- drugs and what what was the White Sox -- 6366. And 63 wins. And the White Sox almost -- fourth your season against a portrait BC's against these -- bombs and the White Sox gave I mean. And as bad as the race I mean the jays were the -- Lot of talent that the Orioles fight to the finish just yankees were in till the final week. It was a much much more difficult road for the rays and Indians. Which is not good for the Red Sox and and and we can play and battle hardened battle tested axle and and Madden. And get sick here and -- man -- -- you know he likes red wine you bring -- the likes red -- Yes and he. He he also likes and taking and and popcorn in the dugout and Tom Robbins novels and what was the Clancy. Always in the -- Clancy you're kidding me that's coach that's -- she's much deeper than that and a he's could -- when did you hear when they asked the announces those buttons drones were asking him. About why he puts Longoria. -- Longoria at third early in the count -- -- the shift on that moves them in the right field when that went late in the count. And -- I -- but the explanation was just just brilliant I mean it was beyond brilliant I think you would if you -- -- he was said. I just due to make you -- as the comparison. I could just the way it is to make you guys in the media that I'm smarter than the other guy. And he's a good -- great manager and is Smart. But get ready for the jets -- Farming on the media worship -- triple over the -- -- back and forth between these scare first question what's what's it kind of read what did you -- what did you have to celebrate what it would vintage -- did you have a it was in the cab all he had and you know in the. Long how long did it take you -- the New York Times prospered and until that he doesn't bore rifle yeah it does and in prey on. Up -- you know the season's over in Cleveland seem like general manager mark should pirates gonna drop a dime on Bob Poehler. Terry Francona is staring off into the distance and has a very depressed sound in his voice. We knew we -- -- and Tuesday. And they outplayed us. And they you know congratulate Joseph and the rays they outplay us. We were excited about coming out of the game. And we lost no -- at all. -- -- Know which race team is going to show up here at the one that absolutely threw up all over the -- spikes. In the last couple weeks of the season while the one that has won the team has won three elimination games in a row in four nights in three different cities. Which one takes precedent here because based bank. Mid to end of September. They should they should have there should have been no. Early I think if you -- -- rays fan that there are any of those out there but if you wore a rays fan they would say. We got a good shot because we're going to be 2221 we're going to be choose an appropriate to -- -- school or then knocked it up. 67. Runs and bad group great. Starting pitching and their only chances to win 21 when I integrate amendment to the wedded to last night yeah I hope they get the breaks. The -- that do not get timely hitting its attendant does some double plays -- are not in routers is what I what I had to put away the price beat Texas -- -- -- get a win games like that in the you know I think -- -- and I believed on the take. More and pricing -- of the Red Sox pitchers that's why I think -- is going to win this series. Didn't impress me. Did not impress me now I was OK and let's circle back to the choking thing here here's the definition of win win the pressure is on the greatest. -- something that generally. Is not part of your routine. -- -- -- talked about was a good point. He says swisher in that game in Nam when he left the two runners were position. Could not have swung the bat any harder -- of the all trying to be the Euro all trying to win the game with one swing. And essentially what happened was they got themselves out and you know -- that's -- can we do something different -- Ray is the rays. Come and and Madden and wax figurines for pitching coach Dicky Jim Hickey. They played right -- they know what that would do that -- tried to do too much that's called. If you want another word for Kirk would that make you feel but I don't care area -- penalty but I just pushers swisher has the worst post season batting ever for somebody with more than hundred -- in history. 165. Pressure gets to make -- doesn't get -- got -- -- the roster. Doesn't make them you know whip themselves but it makes and tried to do too much that's what happens. They tried to do things they get out of their comfort zone. And they say -- got two guys on asked -- taken. A manager went into the seats this place is gonna go while I'm going to be like -- down Rick Vaughn I'm going to be the hero in Cleveland and we're gonna advance the -- We get this magic. Ticket caught in the magic and they tried to do too much as you know like joke that's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll say. Caught it's -- recent I had you know so slightly hideously boring I -- gave up no runs but he was good NC was great -- -- he was -- and -- over nation market. He was good he's their third best starting pitcher in a lot of teams you're third best starting pitcher in the -- rate two point seven this year -- -- -- -- -- It was a two point seven was it was 3.4. That that's a pretty good ERA yeah that's different number than 2% for best would you rather have -- elect. I'd rather have Lackey with the rents are excellent which -- I would rather have left pitcher the Red Sox. Obviously. What was the question again would rather have just depicting that got your franchise tomorrow called a lack Arctic -- okay. We'd rather have I would rather more or or Lester I think we should go through the two -- unless that's too boring for you -- that you don't. See what happens now suggesting to us that's to board it happens are we should go to church Callahan gets the -- we should be the first to matchup these two teams and Google check marks I like to check mark -- -- the -- project marks depends whoever -- -- -- was drifting for the shall resign on breaking ball he told you why they would advance and why they would not advance -- -- both sides of that coin this is the week and vital way. I told you this you can't get the beginning of the show I told you. That he convinced me of a couple of things that Cleveland is a paper tiger at Cleveland doesn't beat good teams right. Cleveland waited to get to fourteen and 32 against playoff teams get that will be front on Purdue t.'s column and -- that you don't you know go read the whole thing. To you. I read it to you I appreciate that you learn some at the Cleveland socks when they play good team but certainly you and they played a good team last good pitcher not a great pitcher. A good pitcher. And we saw what they do what they do they thankful they they they that that -- those numbers. You move parties that the record against the twins and -- talks -- equipment that's to -- not only why Cleveland. Is out its why Farrell's manager of the year Francona beat up on that little sisters of the -- now. Is 92 -- was -- number again at -- to is that you know. -- that's impressive -- sure price such that but get the record against bad teams and really bad team might have in their division a quick aside here will we take a break. Shot -- hesitant to article least talking about the details the minutia that this Red Sox coaching staff. Is implementing in this four or five -- down period to get there -- guys as as Smart -- as possible. And it's it's little things like the the shift. Its base running it's it's all these really high the metrics and and and analytics and I'm wondering if -- a sixty. Million dollar payroll team like Cleveland Indians the Frankel to have that information available to him to share with his guys he does yes are you sure yes you think Terry Francona made it clear to his pitcher last -- cells are the Delmon Young has the highest. Career first pitch swing percentage in all Major League Baseball back to people keep up that Delmon Young has hit nine post season home runs. Warmer ALCS. MVP. -- fight like fifty grand if you first pitch strike to Delmon Young this meatball down highway. But Salazar thinks it's 98 so I'm gonna get past them. This mobilize everyone's take on power pitching in the post season that he went pitching. And I think which sells they say just -- -- him and that's cells -- much -- by him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He doesn't talk he doesn't brutal I contacted us blinking is the wet dream and the guys run guess at what you're thinking makes a lot of money. I'm I'm I'm getting -- he had -- I don't think guys like that there are in every Major League organization dozens off dozens. There's one whose whole job is it to find out and Delmon young's. Averages against first. With first pitch strikes and yet. So it's not like Cleveland can afford to have a whole army as like every other team. They have those cells are adjusted let's have those walks level likes it UMass that was sports management school. And that's all of these kind of people that wannabe. Uh oh what was Jonah hill's name in the in the movie called Anderson and Peter Bergen Peter -- -- wanna -- They wanna be Peter brand they fantasize about Billy -- Fighting them in their cubicle and saying you are my guys and I James books and -- -- -- Cuba Red Sox have those guys the Indians have looked at Red Sox have other things that the unions don't have. The in his sort of asleep I don't play no known then obviously -- room. They may be they're playing the rays are the ones who need the sleep great literature at -- since September 3 the exact. Go to bat. Good or bad I could see them smelly laundry list but don't you think that -- bonding all mad about -- -- legacies of these guys -- bullet hole behind me the whole -- wacky side by my bones leave the Russians aren't a team of destiny here they believed to have magic dust. Sprinkled on them by -- you know that's silly string right. Somebody saw -- bring in the silly string did you read this -- -- the game in the silly string into the clubhouse. Like twenty Kansas silly string. And they -- while they get ready for the celebration and that someone else said. It's just the kind of thing -- would do to have a silly string fight before a playoff game -- some Grumman -- locker room like this again. This wacky discriminate -- my shoes on I think they saved it for after the game you out physically strong Shia -- Indians finished 22 games over 500. Up. They were 22 games over 500 combined against those two teams against two division -- -- -- you -- rest of Israel that rest of the 500 and an author of Houston and their two there were 36 and nine against the three teams. -- -- games -- five -- that's twenty says seven games of 500 against three stumble bombs. The Cleveland Indians were just an illusion sadly it is too bad I feel bad for Cleveland. It's loser -- it's always going to be lows of -- and you get the sense after arrest Ruble. In the double play he just said that's what Cleveland -- Cleveland doesn't apple up they don't win the and advance other DNA what they do 617779793. Several top -- the mayor of loser burial Scott rabble join us in the 9 o'clock hour venture into an 805 or horizontally. Jeanne. Keys today John Henry's gonna be that's vertical let's vertical horizontal to the new us. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm hoping that you know he didn't wanna -- to -- Colo Colorado -- like I say do you realize what kind of -- and fraud you have writing you at high at your newspaper. And I do think that's it I mean maybe much lies about not part of that I have. A mole who says John Henry is going to make major changes at the Boston Globe which I've found was a prize -- It was and it was in the brief message that and that's columns that means to engrossed felt so I'm going killed -- on plagiarism. -- -- No longer can column Borges will man on the street and -- will no longer. Be just in -- -- stricken by a man on the street and actually have to -- I'm not writing a book. Yeah. Well -- -- want it to about that to exit I talked of Michael but the process of getting on page one yes that the Boston Globe it's changed on Kate in the column Borges your its chart get to that -- all. Let me finish on the John Henry thing. I found that's starting to me that you guns African roots is -- currency whatever he due with the website yeah you do with developing in the property may -- He's gonna be hands on on the newspapers. As what do -- he's a double wall that be hands on report John. -- short he's going to be involved in -- Which I didn't stop watch I think even -- news Red Sox beat writer in the presumed victory for a much production at a. -- we come back we will talk with the smartest man here for the smartest man in all of baseball and believe it or not this is the maker blood boil. -- Spain czar an idea. Is not happy in federal prison and he wants a judge to do something about your.

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