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WrestleCast with Scott Sudikoff and Ben Kichen - Episode 4

Oct 2, 2013|

On this edition of the Wrestlecast Scott and Ben break down the last Raw before Battleground PPV. We've got predictions for the PPV and storylines leading up to WrestleMania.

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Hello welcome everybody to another edition of the WV. EI a -- -- tiger hosts concerts on hello my cohost tag team partner -- kitchen. And we and offer a little bit here in -- lot to cover we have. A -- go over the most recent -- coming up is another WWE paper view the battleground paper view so. Let's jump right into it then. Monday night raw although the go home we'll call it for the -- brown paper view yesterday. In it ended it with Daniel Bryan getting absolutely destroyed by Randy Orton. Which I told you that would be a surprise al-Qaeda makes sense to -- beating up the baby's face the week before. The paper view match they're gonna happen the vacant WW each championship. Are you might not known about or been happy about her mixed surprised about is the involvement of Brian Daniels -- real life. Fiance. -- bella -- forgot her real name. It's Rihanna but not not -- her involvement in this story allow all the -- the last two weeks Randy Orton has made comments to work. And out tonight in our last night she was. Involved in the story -- watching Daniel -- get beaten down. Yea or nay to this do you like it this is bringing in the total divas to a degree here. OK so. I I'd be hypocritical on explain why later I'd have recruit Google hypocritical for us and I didn't like it worked thanks even like it's the first time. I'd be hypocritical puts -- elected because there's other things that they brought in that were real world things but I did really. So again like it's going to be hypocrite if I dislike -- I had no problem with it. -- attitude the drama of the situation. They had a vignette earlier in the night with Perino talking about oh. He's the -- I hated that it was just an ad for divas right won't totals shows commercials just about totally -- And for that so I didn't like that but they set it up well I had no real issue with it a news. When I watch it I was a little confused on how does she said they've been together for over two years. When was the AJ. Lead. Less and less into it -- the wedding. That was supposed to happened was July of 2012. It was the 1000 raw. The big the first three our yeah that was last summer so that timeline does not. Were there. That's what annoys me about it is because if you're gonna bring. You can't just completely ignore our story lines that happened. For the -- of new storyline right. So is really annoyed with that because so. Why is sufficient time I wasn't positive but now that you've. Reaffirmed -- forming. I don't like mentioned that why what's the point to say -- video for a year who -- little. Say what is just and simple they said hey all right very. -- we know you've actually been together for over two years. Did you just say oh it's been about a year and a half just you know make it seem like they'll -- HA elect Daniel at the altar by now. Guys would have -- yet nothing. But in in terms of the involvement at the end of the night I had no problem with it it definitely it's evidence of the drama that -- you know through the announcement was. Yeah and committed DT off the apron was even more that was more devastating -- breeze reactions were good image wasn't over the top she wasn't. No selling it she just looked concerned but scared it wasn't like -- his dad who's standing right still think -- react what's your reaction sort of like -- mother -- and the and the right away was. Which -- it no problem. Does the Celtics got attention though what don't what vote Nicky in the back. She upset also now Brees getting all this time she's got the bigger boobs -- -- and -- on Sina. -- -- I had this crazy idea last night thinking about it what does this turns into. Nicky is now border because Jon not around and she sides with Randy Orton are -- here Orton vs provision credit. -- one -- I -- like during that and had nothing to do with the performers involved it was all about the crowd. That the women in the crowd were so loud so pro Randy Orton now that it took away from it and now I think the crowd is. As important as wrestlers are because. You know their -- Democrats -- show you real selling it for -- and they're not buying it. Homer and buy it and -- almost picture him. It took away a lot from home because especially when they were -- close ups at the end. You could really hear the crowd into it was a -- it was and -- is golden and all of us feel that moment. Yet they needed you needed the the strong clue as to sell the end of that. The and that's what they've done before cut the feed to the audience want pump and some -- and I will say last night's show I believe was in Biloxi. Mississippi. And I've ever reading in the past there are certain places where Leo for -- or for smackdown that Vince does not consider. You know marquis cities and that's -- and he tells them never to mention where they are. So they came back from commercial ones and -- like welcome back to Monday night -- along its rating episodic TV show in history we're live tonight. Usually it's we're live in Boston were -- at Chicago's -- tonight I never heard that anywhere we are. I'd never heard that before that did they tell them not to mention but it makes complete sense. Yes and so you could argue at a crowd to be not the prototypical crowd that they would want. What could -- York and do though to make women stop screaming for him. Other than gain. A 150 pounds and slap to the space is slapped up the states I don't know I mean he's he's he's good looking guy he attacks brought bell and does something on TV is that. Any girlfriend of mine who made sit down watch -- me in the past and all says to and that's what else -- -- restorative. Yes so are -- different story the world that don't require much brought -- easy ends like food and like that's how much and brought. So it is notes so that was accusers has. A wicket stand up. Four for the paper view -- into the match W championship match it's been held in abeyance. Which means vacant. I think keeps saying or I don't know if that's the current miss that he has -- written language that mean -- this last night they used the word barrel. As in virility. Twice two different people I think it was. All payments that it wants and and Randy Orton says it once and I'm like that pops -- and about right that's probably the first time that the word girl has been used twice that's wrestling show. Maybe -- a bi sexual. Maybe is or no work was talking to rebel. Girl. Champion. So here's this awkward about it I don't wanna hear and you are talking about -- it's better you listening yet on you believe it is you know it's just. So. I definitely agree with that let's bounce around them money and Iran the obviously you was he was taught about the one -- story line is CM punk and Paul -- in a candy continued. The previous brawl last -- after the talk about this was in Chicago. And do you at all payment on the stage -- motorized scooter. Great and tried selling it injuries from the week before in the paper view. It stalls punk goes after -- net eventually -- attacked bikers axle. I am right back in and you eventually see that call and it was faking it gets up jumps around. And ride back puts -- threw a table. So fast forward to the most recent rock. You have Paul -- cutting know very. Awesome awkward. This proposal proposal promo with ride back gets on his knee takes his hand says all the things he would say -- -- -- -- to marry them. To someone to make you an honest decent man he's itself on making an honest woman and they said that teachers sounds. And it was fantastic. Because I mean you knew it was gonna say well you marry me is. When I asked my last -- to marry me I asked her if she want to be -- him and guy and she's an oval and isn't it up again we could do a whole podcast on this I think we here. I really needs and so -- thirty -- right back once upon payment guy. And obviously this sets up. Looks like a long term. Relationship between right back and -- and it which is I think great great -- and CM punk music hits you don't know where he is looking around the idea how to finally comes from. The corner of the crowd near the the Belleville area. Jumps over the barrier. And it collapses and he'd obviously. And I'm telling you for a very for a few moments I've bought it did -- I bought it because when I -- -- -- they had it was. Behind him he caught his I thought he cut a minority maybe done it by -- that site caught his foot. The fellas need yes and I was like -- I hope that's. Not real happy I was slot that's buried possibly running in the trip it's as it happens and I'm -- yeah and you are as well. Any ads and now as the -- he was selling the right so normally in wrestling you worked the left side you sell. The last neat but he's actually selling the need a -- legitimately had heard had surgery on and has been selling so we continue in that so is well done. -- both -- -- rather cynical wrestling fans. But I was spot you know because he -- because I saw his foot get caught on the barricade as he went over. For a minute there I was totally -- and then as he's getting up and trying to put weight on it. That's when I realize okay -- there's something. There's an angle going on. I mean it back in my NYNEX figured there was name Lucas finally popped back in my head oh yeah last week payment -- -- yeah I think I'm still economic. Gap and I hope. Mean I know I'm just hoping that it you know it's he is it. Solidified it for me when no one game now what when you didn't see any. Officials tomorrow or medical staff calm now. Let you know when there's a legit injury they are out there always there pretty quickly. I almost think it's punk was really hurt there he would have gotten up immediately and found no way to do something yet I -- relative few but it just gotten up and just like I can't on TV accidents it was clear -- good acting on his part. It did and shots. Curtis -- is continues to be the bitch he probably is and you know what. Insurgency last night and this concerns New Yorkers success like its characters characters pretty good yet to rebut mr. perfect but whatever I was like the mr. perfect. Character. But he loses to Kofi Kingston because is. -- music place. And that is that happens all the time -- -- excuse me. Yes -- archer archer. Who -- stark truth which I -- character to me it is close. -- amazing thing -- he gets more reaction them. You know some other guys that you'd expect to get a better exists and -- he gets yes your lot which financed it's not for me I I don't like the characters doesn't make any sense -- -- world. But. Curtis -- loses his bitching about it all right back and I'm thinking oh great so eventually. Soon sooner rather than later -- axles can turn on pol trying to go face. I just don't see -- working because there's no real her sex is not getting a reaction right whether it's pro or con. And you can't do that -- if you're gonna turn face you can still gonna get no reaction you gonna get of the one minor pop when you first do it. But them where do you go from. He's gonna need someone to help him. Do that with that BCM punk could CM punk and all of a sudden they say you know I respect you and your family and put him over in that sense and -- got a ton of talent. You know he's just get away from -- payment and happy go out work. But where does that leave him eventually I just don't see him I see him. Kind of going away like it to be oxygenated. That's too bad I mean they both very talented guys who could have a program with each other. The fighting for of the family's -- while -- in the browser. Doubtful that that are perfect segue there at least decision to vote once it's a perfect -- Below is usually ruined the segment I don't know -- I -- -- pointed out. Show that you are radio act. And -- and -- I am so the -- family saga continues. Now on raw that booked for the battleground paper view to be Cody and Dustin. -- Against the tag team champions of Rollins it rains. Dusty will be in the corner. Of Cody and gold does stand stipulations are. Yes the road Stanley wins. Everybody keeps their job or gets the job back so -- gets his job back gold also get a job and dusty keeps his job with developmental. -- they alluded to NXD. If they lose. Everybody's got you like this angle. I do like it because I think it's ultimately building Cody Rhodes to a bigger star and I ultimately at this point it's not ultimately -- the next step. Is that I don't think they wind on Sunday. It's too soon I think they're gonna lose they're gonna be gone they're gonna think that and still down the road -- will come back and some former faction. And NATO it's been thrown Iraqi might come back as a triple -- guy you never know he might does that just as big show is. Who knows in the end might just be like you know what I'm gonna go with the guys have -- Prediction for how prediction governor too hot take our. I I didn't think they're gonna lose it you just said it right now. And now I completely agree with you but here's how and why pick -- Old thus turns on Cody. And goes against dusty obviously. Please late in the black gold dust type of character where he's. The black sheep of the family which has been witches insurgents storyline over in -- -- -- -- save tons on Cody. Gets that job is -- To eventually feud with Cody going directly. And his instinct. What they'll say it was keeping track of what's the answer is that all we do record these -- But I will say it that. I just don't I just don't see gold dust coming back in -- Close to a full time roll out the only thing yeah I mean I guess it wouldn't be full time needed Peter appear once a week and not to talk shows and things of that nature. That is an interesting concept and -- I think he's just around just to be involved in the family just to give it you know three members of the family. And then focus on Cody when it's time for Cody to -- here obviously you know he legitimately did get married recently so it does make sense that he's getting some time off. No honeymoon period. Appears once in awhile it's paycheck was full paycheck anyways to employed technically by the company. Some. I really can't think too far ahead at how it's gonna come back. I just. That is no my had to decide to be too early in the waiting getting guys back and it just over the date that. That's the point I'm more today or did they win and triple -- goes I lied. Like is this on a contract -- that they signed a contract that says if they win they get their job back not that they showed us so. Would actually and so when that without him Reuters staying -- the match well in the matches that it does so it's. -- at but it it if you wanna go. Deep into it. That was a verbal contract. So I mean in real world situation you use it ad on TV that's a verbal contract. That that that should hold up. So the battleground -- reviews coming up this Sunday. We're gonna quickly. -- through the card. And -- They're thoughtful starts from. Wells in the best the last associated editor of each -- -- last so -- -- -- divas championship match even mentioned this before -- bella. Has divas championship match against -- -- this Sunday. And the thought in my head now that pops up is are they gonna make pre and Daniel champions together. Or is this just a match that she's did just don't they just giving her more focus spot on TV and judicial and it was in this match but maybe and it turns on the -- -- -- Nikki could turn honor. Although is -- still actually hurt I don't know and go to the total Davis thinks she actually hurt her leg. Several months ago she was on crutches for a lot of us we have cedar do nothing that's why don't agree. I posted this on -- do come out of that entrance -- sex dance. I think both of them. We are looking women that are attractive but -- really square jaws that kind of freaked out. It nick you're nitpicking I am totally ignored it it -- Aside from digit lead in the best looking deep zones that are so. -- -- -- Mean that's 5050 a tossup Imus AJ ends up with a title those still may be maybe you're right maybe -- messes up something. Or this to mean as now AJ is corners she helps how to swim because I don't. I can't see them doing them both get both champions Brian champion -- aprilia champion Brian won't. -- But then you're kind of -- in the old store realignment and Brian and stuff. I I don't know I don't care too much about the deepest division but. I don't think -- Smart moves taken off immediately yet she's really over. She does -- album my -- and good character. I kind of confused better 'cause she doesn't have a guy with her anymore out what's going on so just -- -- -- she used to mean a letter which. Lecture imaginations run wild people but. She's not the focus of the show at all unless the -- divas are involved so it's a little weird but I'm fine with the I kind of hope she remains too she's good on the money she's pretty good -- Consider just Somalis the Kamal. So I hope she retains. Very talked about the roads and the shield match and I'm saying that the shield the tag team champions from the rains will. To -- Cody and gold dust and you'll still see this saga continues they'll lose their jobs but come on to a whole big. You guys are tired and -- your fires whole big thing you -- walk up all sad and able eventually continue and aisle seat so hopefully see Cody come back as a bigger star in the future -- It's it's a good setup to make -- topics are. Now punk is taking on right back on Sunday at the paper view obviously the -- came and involvement. Not sure exactly. Where this one would go in the sense that. It probably would have another match held a cell that makes sense right back on another level that would be numbered last genetic -- cell match that was. Start -- and it's a full year's make all seems to make sense that. From what it was champions write about missed counting because seen was hurt right is right back spot right. You know I went from literally couple weeks ago ridiculous in the first podcasts this -- is about a month ago. I was really annoyed with the right back character -- thought it was completely scales boring. He's gotten like yours better on the Mike. I'm still I mean physically he's still huge bright and looks good but. This pop him in matchup has made him. An interest in character again -- -- -- -- terrorists go. I'm gonna say arrive back gonna win the match somehow it's gonna -- the -- gonna continue they've probably will have a homeless cell match or maybe a two on one held a cell match three on -- something involvement in. Palace sell the next paper wins tell myself three weeks after the -- of that artist's home boom boom. So what is. Hypothetically speaking of courts. Right back wins from interference from -- -- occurs Axl takes another down in the process. Curtis axles turns on payment but it's still not -- It turns on him -- right back so much guys will be IC champ. -- -- Dance for the inner cut out -- And now you're -- problem -- but the problem with the an Intercontinental title -- it doesn't make sense I'm still confused IOS -- losing it Jesus. That you subscribers can't write that winning by. GQ an appearance on. Gas only and it. I would say something like that. There's little a little you know little mix up a little interference that allows right back to win because I mean if right -- be -- straight up -- go well I mean that makes sense. But the -- won't just not punk blues thought something came nimble triple mop and a popular rideau and reach over. The ropes and radical grab and shell shocked and here's a boom boom over yes and quick like that a quick sequence. Yes -- you know -- I I see your point and I agree with about that. Rob van dam number Del Rio partner hardcore match for the world heavyweight championship I guess sort fact is it's hardcore match making interstate. Because -- sand now is on the pre show against all -- money in the bank winners to set up Davies standout cashing in on one of them at the end tonight at the end of. Match which I would love to see because they're really liked it -- and now he wants you to see sand -- RP IDs army. Doesn't make sense to me it means our CDU. He doesn't need it now he's so over. He doesn't needle is that he wins the -- for. A minute and it just tracked her set up in Minnesota feud but I'd like constantly doing next adjusted that aren't just two months ago. She -- -- -- and who is that beautiful girl that's for -- -- can't but -- collar and a young -- young she's worked out. And -- Robin -- come for his stand up and you and -- and there's always the funniest was there just weird sent hawk Nazis. Do you -- stone -- success and they do. You know I can talk about our corporate -- -- I kind of liked that they showed little quick I would relate to who long ago. And complain that they -- showed its YouTube but not Disco full screen. I go that's the point though they want to go to YouTube yet watch it again which I have and I've seen those things that I've seen them up on YouTube so I know what they're doing. But when they cut back from it. And he starts going to -- is rock band damn -- When he finishes van dam and he's just standing there with his arms terrorists had just -- this weird. -- ingredients and onward awkwardly -- smiling and nodding at -- and they didn't cut soon enough of sitting there for like thirty seconds of my god and -- look at that tells -- that's that's classic beauties think -- -- posing -- Rates only needed a signal to -- it robs always exciting in the ring Albert Del Rio is. I think under rated in the -- times in the past I've found him to be very boring but the man. Kind of thought about mortars like that's his style is the lack of interest his fault it was just that there's nothing surrounding. Ice. Think that that though is completely useless and I think people finally caught on don't care about the belt and I don't think people care about Alberto Del -- anymore. I mean rob van -- in this in in WW will always it pops. Always always always nosy can never be healed and -- his ultimate -- fears that the point. Over this is boring in the when you put -- with people he -- -- last night. The gun and no. Router tech -- that's right I completely missed the match on it's like. There is when your partner. Our opponent -- management. Literally nothing just to keep them in your mind against. Him. It may not care. -- as it's known as the smackdown title but not anymore in -- as a main event -- the may have and it's not that has always been it's been Orton Bryant related. Ask the really is did definitely is no brand sports unless they're world title is still is what the in the world title is sort of like Intercontinental title used to be but still not even. Yes it yes exactly you know I know you watch smackdown and I don't. You -- to more than ninety excited watching all may -- don't catch it on like this late Saturday night home drunk and on UH do you whatever outlet channel yes -- tells us -- comes on it's I don't sometimes come -- science and academic back to back from drunken did you like that of the current news -- smackdown on this one's. Hammered the next best thing. Yeah well no not at all. I don't care. Sure -- -- great virgins are real wins. Is what's his name so involved on this I don't think -- our -- last night yeah it's not a lot of Mississippi days then Medea. Britain won't go to salaries. Plastic Morlon lakers drug potential problems but city's not a country is that where he got up to know when it's not different country or slacker guy popped. I eighty days. -- Another match on its not about before we get -- the battleground. Card. Is the -- number -- and what was his name size and Tony as is our catch your match. Richard ash that had a they have on smackdown with the the us -- -- a salute and a charming and -- up and -- have mentioned that we -- just the -- -- as he has done Brian. Actually that was at least someone entertaining but it also that the couple is now has been to comedy acts going got a little too much and they've they've replaced the focus source I guess and. I was kind of intrigue kind of didn't care about Los meritorious and then they brought out the weird midget in the -- costs and -- garrido. Oak -- and it just an old person -- percent to means. Now -- that LT it's -- -- Opel trust it'll make sense now it's a little Percy decent midget now I don't speaks Spanish. Comedy act. Correctly. Towards kids other -- around the ring -- be entertained game -- -- -- you make sure you do that co -- to go like I can march that. The match between them and -- Would be really interest it. And then that leads us to what is the main event the final match at about brown paper you'll resume it'll be Daniel Bryan. And Randy Orton for the -- WE championship and in my eyes. I think the chase the last continues I think Randy or neither -- it is about a title still stays bacon double something happens or is Randy -- -- -- -- title. -- don't want to get it right at the title is how to get the title is tackle back and forth back and forth so I think it's a B Orton or nothing. At a paper view of that now lead -- -- itself. And it's. I don't know what to do I don't I don't know what my prediction for -- matches I don't know what the hell's gonna happen which makes me really it's a good thing that's of completely good thing. I don't know but I like the fact that I don't know and normally I have really good idea of what's gonna happen and I'm glad I don't know in this instance exit entry. Our other wraps up this edition of the WEEI -- gaseous thank you for tuning in. A partner bank kitchen I'm Scott -- cost symbol talk to you again are real soon.

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