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John Farrell with Salk and Holley: Practice is over, rotation is set, we're ready to go

Oct 2, 2013|

We check in with John Farrell while we're over at Fenway and get his starting rotation for round 1, his thoughts on the intersquad scrimmage, the fans role in the game this Friday and more.

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And continuing on from Fenway Park today Red Sox intra squad scrimmage is in the books. And now sitting back waiting to see who. Wins tonight who will be at Fenway Park on Friday John -- joining us. From just outside the clubhouse -- downstairs hi John how are doing well Mike and Mike are things up there are pretty good. Pretty good we got our introduction the play by play today we were. Not joking thickly ought to be able Bryant we were terrible. All right so while I can say that although we got -- we we gotta work him on the field it was a chance for. You know the number of pitches they came to the mound today to get some line of action our our hitters to see some -- pitching. And given the four day layoff this is the best we can come up with in terms of try to get something to gain speed and I think we're able to accomplish what we set out to do and you have your rotation now set up. For the plan -- we do Jon Lester -- the soft on Friday to unlikable it's Saturday. Then depending on where we go on the road for games three and four people colts followed by PV. And they will be a role John back around Jon Lester in the event it goes -- game five but you know John has had a very solid year force and and I think when you when you look beyond just that six start stretch there and in late may and early June. He's been very strong. He's had a very consistent second half and we're looking forward to him lead the way force but. I think we've we were sort of under the impression that this was the way you were going to go in some of our conversations with -- But how difficult was that decision to go with John Lester how did you how did you handle talking to the to the three or four guys there about it. You know the one thing that's I think unique and very special about this team is that they understand what unfolding in front of them and then. That's not to say if things are communicating them to communicate it to acknowledge that that the entire team but our our starting rotation specifically. They they see how things are played out and and I think everyone recognizes that jones' lead Norway but we're fortunate we've got four starters currently in this rotation at all -- postseason experience. And I'm sure each will draw upon that and we feel good about every got a organist and the amount of starting role. -- now we're trying to coax that information out of you a few weeks ago almost attitude you almost got you I don't think so -- Instead you have to think to think about over the next ten days is that just that would that particular to shut up. -- about what what were you thinking about. No I think you know we we were working through a number of things and all -- I felt like John was going to be the guy that would -- soft but the following him you know we took -- it took a look at the number of things and certainly the home road split some way John Lackey just felt so comfortable in and -- so confidently here. In Boston at Fenway Park that's what led into him being -- in that tool. We needed to get Clay Buchholz stretch out a couple more -- you know when I think back to the conversations that -- alluding to here. We needed to get him. North of 100 pitches a couple of terms were able to do that. And he goes in that three spot for us. Was there any scenario where Clay Buchholz could predict it will start let's say you know -- he throws a couple of two hitters out there. Which he accused the yourself changed your by -- consider putting him there. You know that that was always a possibility but the one thing that we didn't wanna do is you know. Just hinged this decision on the last two starts of that the regular season for clay. We felt like the body of work have a lot to do with this as much as how guys -- pitching in the second half and and fortunately we've had four guys that are controllable I think fairly consistently and you don't eat each guy can probably you could make a claim for each guy Davidson you know he can make a case for each but given where we are. John -- that tool I think becomes a little more clear because of the home -- splits that we talked about. But. But -- I think we're overconfident. The way things like -- right now have you decided on the rest of your 25 man roster you know I think the final touches of that will be depend on what takes place tonight we've got their a couple of different scenarios. Based on on who we go up against but. To me you know I think that having that eleventh pitcher is important to me and and and we've had a the opportunity to discuss those internally. -- myself my case and you know our staff one of -- obviously. Soul as we looked at. You know. What the final makeup would be would we felt like eleven pitchers was it was going to be the way we we go. And then depending upon what that -- position player what with you know going from twelve to eleven pitchers would look like. We're we're starting get a little more -- you get to watch the game last night in Pittsburgh yeah I did I don't know that I saw every single pitch but to I've followed it pretty much in -- any of those beautiful but pronounced by the saints and you know when they've led into that broadcast with the with the atmosphere and a ballpark and and even after -- throws the first pitch of the game -- a strike and and the response by crowd. Then what an electric environment that was there and and much to the kudos of every one. In the parts organization in the way that it is. Turned out to support them pretty awesome deceit. Is it fair to say that the crowd had some impact the game after what we saw with -- quite -- Well you know as she's you don't get nearly 40000 or forty plus thousand people serenading his last name whether or not that caused the -- of baseball. Prior to one pitch you know only he can answer that -- You know home field advantage means a lot and you saw the way that -- Final series against Cincinnati worked out where they were heavily at home field advantage for that one game. We look at the importance of that. Home to the -- struck the playoffs is being important to us and you know not to say that you know. What's gonna go on here Friday night at -- will be the same as what was in Pittsburgh but. Our players thrive on what our fans do for us and could be more proud to be able to play the majority of our games however -- go here at Fenway. Well what's gonna happen to -- is another playoff game in Cleveland Cleveland and Tampa what your best friends of baseball. Hedo is an idiot you guys what's that like you guys talk. Spoke before games like this or do you just give up it's basically what happens if they want no quitting in that you'll see a week. -- -- while he's one of my good friend of life is outs even outside the game and knowing how. Entrenched he is and what they've got going you you certainly didn't space that we were were respectful of that. We're we're hoping that we're going to be competing against one another across the field but they've done a great job my gosh they've answered the challenge in September here to win ten straight. And I'm sure it'll be an electric environment in there tonight Cleveland as well but. You know after they clinched. You know the wild card spot. Sent a congratulatory text today and we've got back and forth a few times but. Like you said knowing how deep into what he's going to be. He'll -- this time would you wanna play him and would you like to see your team -- his for five games in a playoff series if that's the way it turns out tonight though we'll certainly embrace that oh we know it could be obviously between them in Tampa and so whoever it is we're looking forward to that challenge that we feel good about. Where we are today and the health that would and the and the freshness that we've been able to gain over the use. Three and four days of down time -- I think had a productive time in between set Sunday the final game of the regular season that Friday. But regardless of who it is will be trying to -- ago they just. To come back to the to the atmosphere last night in Pittsburgh -- described his jubilant that's what it seem like -- twenty years and and to finally. Have a playoff game and to then even when that plant it just felt like jubilation. How do you define the atmosphere here at Fenway Park when it's at its best what what is it about Fenway Park that is that is so meaningful. Well the one thing is that our our fans are so knowledgeable the game and they can anticipate certain situations in the can feel that building whether it's. As an add on -- and that that is unfolding that could potentially lead to a strike out which were on the field you can feel it build. And an end in sight of that there are so quick and so responsive to things that we do offensively. It just builds it -- and keeps that it's almost like you feel a wave. And that'll mean to be you know using that is upon where the -- goes goes through our stance but. You can feel that wave building and it really it it has an impact of an effect on our guys. Particularly when you get those later innings where you need that extra push in the energy that we're drawing from that is tangible. I've ever want to go theory used to say yeah and it's a little differently in the post season I wonder if if you agree that that is necessary sometimes to. Managed differently in the post season and if that's the tough balance to strike with the players and they've gotten used to a certain consistency in the regular season. And in the post season comes the managers do a couple of little different. Well I I think legacy -- organizer our students of the game and they recognize that the time of the year and we're in the importance and and maybe the sense of urgency little takeover. In these games where you don't have the luxury of letting something play out as a might be in June July or August. So our guys are in tune with the whether that means a pinch hit certain situations where we might may look to get a more advantageous. Match up. Or we have to go to the bullpen maybe a little earlier things aren't going there as as planned with a starting pitcher on the -- so. Our guys are well aware that and you know everyone and it's all hands on that sort of speak even in game one of five game series what do you make of Ryan Dempster reliever. Well we know that he's gonna keep his emotions in check he's got the ability to throw secondary -- and fastball counts. He he's a seasoned veteran. And what that and with that allows him to do is to be able to make that it's let's say it's at 21 count where he can go to pitch of them fastball and in use and possibly that hitters aggressiveness to his advantage. We've seen in the short -- already he's not gonna give in to a certain hitter. And we feel like got to experience in this role will serve he had us going forward. How would you describe your team right now health wise that is there. And me -- like he had a two week break but you. You've had some time -- to sit back are you are you the same way you word -- at the end of the regular season or he healed up and some -- all I think. I think we've been able to take advantage of like you said the downtime here and two guys particularly the combine obviously would Jacoby. He didn't some had addressed even coming off with a three games played from comeback from a broken foot. He seems to be up and running at full speed. This is -- chance for Shane Victorino to get a little bit -- rest on that right thumb that's been kind of nagging him of late so. Come Friday who will will be forgo. In 2007 you win the World Series coming off a long series in the ALCS and go play. Colorado team that had forever to sit around and wait for you guys. It seemed to affect them now I don't know I don't know whether there's any way to quantify that but you were around -- closely what did you think was the effect of the -- Well. You know that that's probably a question better directed at them at the time and I know that you know. At you thinking back in comparing those seventh and now this is one that's scheduled everyone knew it. As opposed to Colorado waiting and waiting and waiting and seeing how each game would play out and it and it prolong that. -- or or down time that they had this is something that we can plan for which -- gear up our players been able to anticipate these days off. And in conjunction with that I mean we've been able to outline these three workdays. So I don't think it has the same effective there's much more anticipation. In that 07 setting that there is right now. It always we had a opportunity to talk with Johnny don't yesterday he said this is the highest I Q baseball IQ team he's been on described the atmosphere of a bunch of baseball junkies. Oh win what did you. Noticed that that was the case and is that something that. You have been carried that talked about it is that it accidental. Think at this club outsource that something's intentionally used that we need this guy this guy that's got to stick with all the there was talk about baseball I don't. By the guys in the offseason and in -- after the great job of anomalies. Pressing out that list of who want to approach and target but we we're able to to bring it together by signing guys say in. I I would agree totally with what Germany said. The -- a conversation that goes on not just in our clubhouse but in the dugout or not hotel suite or or or a restaurant on the road these guys live it they -- it. And you know the priority for each guy is that how they go out and put everything they have on on the line each night to win a game and and I think that might be one of the things we can point to as a reason why we haven't had a more than a three game downturn at any point this season. Our guys love. They'll find ways to it to get the competitive edge. On on a certain opponent and see how plays out and try to game and their spot on with their responsiveness and I think you can point to -- Our efficiency and in terms of stolen bases as one of the reasons or one of the tangible results of that overall approach so. That this is a team that. Keeps the game that night as a priority and that's one of the main goals we set out for entering the ever debate with you on on baseball strategy. Well I tell you what you know what's really refreshing is that guys like Jonny Gomes and and David Ross and Mike Carp guys that are role. That have a specific role they think the game along and they start. You know -- their conversation in the dugout is not. Subdued it's not this suppressed so whatever thoughts come to their mind you know you hear them talking in. Not to say that it. Affect your decision or influence your decision but the fact that the thinking the game that's why they've been productive in the oval because they anticipate certain situations that come along. And mentally they've prepared for so they execute at the moment. You know one of the things we've talked about with your team all year has just in the multi facet that approach that you guys -- you can you can attack -- team -- a lot of different ways right. One day it's starting pitching one day at its Koji coming up in a big spot when they its speed when they its defense when they its power hitting it. What was it like to manage a team that has the gives you a lot of options. Well you know what -- it goes right into what we just talked about it is the the baseball conversation in the in the IQ as others have you know referred to is that. We can exploit a team's deficiencies if they're parent. In in a number different ways and I think one of the things that we set -- putting a roster together was to be the first as possible so one team. So in other words we weren't just the station to station type of team that we. Relied solely on the home run or we weren't just the pitching and defense of type of team we we've we want to put together a roster that. Was competent. That was as complete as possible the style of game that we play. And to constantly 11 overarching theme is that the continually put pressure on the defense with our base running in the aggressiveness and which we play. And we've been able to do that pretty efficiently. Now now officially this is going to be your first post season game as a manager and that's what this yet today but. It seems strange thing knowing that you did the post season before you with the Red Sox won the World Series with the Red Sox. Is that any different -- of -- feel like. This is a first time operation for him. Well for sure because I mean I'd be crazy to say that wouldn't be because it's the first -- in this role and we are in this position. As a team. I've been fortunate. To be in this organization previous with Tito stand alongside him in and experiencing. Those three years of of deep in October place. But still -- the first time you're in that front seat in the decisions that. I will in the making with input from staff. This with the system were all looking forward to a particular myself included -- a Jarrod Saltalamacchia look at third base -- that. Well. The if -- -- -- behind the plate and I sit there with all sincerity because here's the thing you know in some of our. Conversations as a -- on the roster what the makeup will be if we get into a sudden death type of situation and we. We were worried in that do or die situation and we have to and the pinch hitting for someone. Does it end up putting salt if they're great -- balls are pretty routinely throughout the course of the year. You know what there there might be you know all hands on deck as we said in it in -- hopefully we'll get in that situation but. If we've got to if were -- twelfth inning and me we need to pitch it to to push across a go ahead run. We might find yourself with the kind of it's arrangement or or lineup. But. We wanna try to prepare for everything that we can't. Pretty cool all right Joseph we talked to you next week by the annual had a couple of a couple of playoff games on your belt. Hopefully at that point -- will one if you look forward to talking about that we could talk to some guys that I drive is John Ferrell joins us as he does every single Wednesday as we finish up our are. Broadcast today from Fenway Park.

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