WEEI>On Demand>>Pirates fans have a good night and help out their team, can we expect the same passion out of the Fenway crowd this Friday?

Pirates fans have a good night and help out their team, can we expect the same passion out of the Fenway crowd this Friday?

Oct 2, 2013|

So Pirates fans bang out their ballpark and are loud as heck for the team, if only for one night. We discuss it and wonder if the Red Sox can expect the same reception from their fans on Friday night.

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Kind of a different special edition today of sultan Ali is we're in the -- At Fenway Park. Taking over. For David GO. And looking down at the simulated game Michael that will start an hour from now here at Fenway Park Red Sox gave vs Red Sox beat. Are are are you excited about playoff baseball now. Are are you psyched about it yeah I -- Fenway Park I'm excited lots of plotting a playoff team but you watch the you watch the Rangers. I -- it down. Now. -- kind -- about the -- it is you almost blow my eardrums of about the takeover RU. Our that would be if you hit it through the Red Sox playoff game 305. Here on Friday. Across the deputy Sports Radio network of one dollar and I'll -- if you don't you expect your -- Joseph. You hurt me. Doing the play by play would have no idea you have no idea what was happening again I keep reading this scoreboard a there's no way Jackie totals for this I had so -- -- I have so much respect for those guys. Who can -- at -- well we'll try to do some play by play after 3 o'clock. I would like your dad I have never done a second to play by play him you want it sure that -- covered -- broadcasting. High school I'd like to -- me literally. Nothing you know Michael I don't need you run away one day because all of the sudden there's some great opportunity for you. To go beat anybody right. Aren't always what we're capable sport every couple Little League World Series don't be worried that the knicks knew he felt LS game there are above the field. And drilled -- deep right center that there has that is the it is. God for the women -- overall one -- hit and hit the ground I'm sorry I'm sorry I got them all wrong on them. I don't know I can do that. You are back and look at I think is jobs that are thinking of a home run calls the that you're ready to go when we do this sometime maybe in 3 o'clock hour after they get going to give a home run -- case Napoli has. Has a long fly ball get ready are know what you're gonna do one as big strikeout call I gotta I gotta have like catch -- how I have a little they have an homage -- to Joseph -- -- favor to somebody that you like a lot of you gotta be ready for this we are at Fenway Park man you -- do it a big. Gerry Callahan sent us down here and now we're here we gotta make -- gonna make it makes a big gap. That got picked up that room sterling where -- -- a Google -- sterling fell six. Some of the advertising. That here at -- into I have somebody hit the home run by. All over the bills -- -- admiral out there are brought. But I. Those in -- and others. So what. They're all. That -- anyway it's quiet here I just to set the scene Red Sox taking BP right now get ready for 305 start -- believe that taking the -- simulation -- very seriously trying to start at the same time that the game will start on Friday used to playing at that time a -- body clock wise shadows wise what Fenway Park will look like just trying to make themselves feel comfortable. So that went 305 comes and the taking on either Cleveland or Tampa Bay there a 100% ready to -- prepared. They're not -- people on the stand there are some people on -- much or how people were able to get in here that towards or whether people were able I don't know people got in here. Well I'll tell -- outside seriously yeah they'll line. The lives going out mystery is a basic. About -- way. It was 88 lines that wrapped almost up to. Replied happen if you if you think about -- you banned us from yawkey it -- -- practically. Nearly -- Brookline avenue. Just lives of people could have been it to work could have been no it's free and if you -- I just told it's free to head to -- if you want -- navigate. You want some people understand don't you. While yes I don't know they're -- -- create the environment that we all saw last night in Pittsburgh PNC was. That was cool man and I know their people that are gonna knock it and say that they were Johnny come -- you know in our -- I promise well there will be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- who do you think I don't know the guy I don't let the entire morning no jokes screaming at me about this screaming at me -- -- once you raise your -- to -- and the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- talking -- -- -- -- I'm not the New York version either. Actual producer Andy -- be what you he was in my grill don't you hate the atmosphere at the game last night -- all. No way I hate the announcers in the people saying. It is difficult standard for principles and everybody's got to Newark to Pittsburgh and -- -- the ball more to the rest. Year I didn't aged well. It got to thank. They may have been the gold standard last -- you don't match I do you you can take it for what it's worth it -- insert your old thing. But. Imagine going without something that you love. Fertility years and whatever that answer you think about how much you enjoy it that is taking away -- you. We're twenty years that you get it back and that's what happened to the Pittsburgh pirate point three years for about eight. Like the Red Sox what elevenths where you thought you want to play out September. Net -- what September collapse this team not having when he needs it in snippet -- An instant and now -- playoffs so I think that was reflected last night which are hot you think. Do you think you don't consider that a band -- no -- to do why I'm -- I've always viewed I've always viewed any any. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I expect you to be upset when we screw up and I expect you to care more than anything else that was as the team. All seem like fairly realistic. Explanations for fan base and as a fan base. -- hold you responsible but I'll support you when you're down a little bit but you got to show that you care. You're US ownership have to spend enough money to compete do you need to be number one or two or three in the league. In payroll now but you have to show that you absolutely want to win while I support you when you're down for year to. Absolutely everybody deserves that kind of -- that -- you stay away from being a band wagon pink hat tight. But if you're down for twenty years warriors if you draft poorly trade -- spend poorly steal the money that is given to you from the rest of baseball and revenue sharing I don't black market I -- -- -- -- I don't blame that those prayers daily as well show me that you -- taking it seriously before I commit to coming back -- I don't play host. I don't quite a -- market. -- We've got to be -- It's. So that's going to do it drops that they're gonna -- there were -- Johnny quite -- -- It got to a got to the point where before you threw the ball instead they are about to drop the ball kind but I I don't let those fans because I think anybody. Paying attention. Knows that the Pittsburgh Pirates that only the date they make portrayed. It -- draft poorly as you point out. The other thing is terrible management. It GM they brought it there. The managers that they hired. I mean the whole operation it was the -- operation were a couple of decades. It fortunately. He -- -- hold it there for awhile -- try to hit it there he moved on. -- Gene Lamont come. Who was his right hand man during the glory years people Don and what the Clinton it -- man who played for a during the glory years. People dot autonomy manager after manager geometric GM owner after all her and finally the got to -- so involved no -- a lot of good luck it was picked up. Restaurant as you watch it as a as a Red Sox fan and given so many of the conversations that we've had this year about. Where you're at with the team what your relationship is like right now with the Red Sox baseball as a fan. You can't couple watch that and say -- I know Fenway Park is not going to be like that on Friday. It's not. It -- not and and that doesn't mean it's going to be bad atmosphere and this is not a critique of Red Sox fans are saying that your weaker than pirates fans. But I've wondered for awhile now Red Sox fans or just sort of awesome sports fans almost in general. Have hit something near saturation point where it's like okay. I just can't add anymore water -- pirates fans used to were just starving they were they hate rallies and I got thirsty for that they needed it. Fenway Park wolf -- like that he can't expect. He can't expect it to Saint Louis won't be like that -- great baseball fans it's like we are Tampa. Ample but what they've had 25000 people if they went. If they would if they win this game. Tonight vs Cleveland. An -- experience for the division series. What they felt a place out of Canada -- Tampa but. I think if the Red Sox had been in the playoffs for twenty years short like that night. Do you. It's spoiled about the rightward but. You don't start to take it for granted that you're going to be in the playoffs part of it is you've had that success apart but frankly if the payroll. I saw a story with the pirates. -- 26. Highest payroll in baseball. So they're winning team. But they're not spending a lot of money that you're Red Sox fan of -- yankees. The angels and the doctors because -- -- -- look -- -- baseball. You're expected in the playoffs because you're spending all that money. So. I don't I don't think it's even possible. For the Red Sox right now right to be like because -- and expect you know the level because it because this is what you're supposed to do well here in boss I was -- -- work but I imagine. This is how was 67. -- they -- been X the last the year before they're gonna be active for about fifteen years and finally they would have had it. If baseball was back in Boston -- a after a long drought it's Oakland got a. Why just curious to make you guys can jump in on this 61777979837. As you watch that atmosphere as you watch that party scene last night both at the beginning of the game and really almost all the way through and and rockets at the end they showed just people don't go crazy in that thing huge this palms -- the whole thing. The. Yeah I mean they do it they got on -- -- if he he gives up the two home runs there in the second inning. How how what does that make you think about being a Red Sox fan and showing up here on Friday or Saturday night. Then when you talk about when you talk to people around the league -- talk to baseball players -- baseball fans. Fenway is always held up. As the shining example of baseball fans that care more than anywhere else where the atmosphere is different where they get on the other team more so when they. At the game. More than any other city with the exception of maybe Yankee Stadium but more so before they built the new one right I mean this idea. That fans are right on top of view it's close -- it's built up -- obstructed view so that so that the stands to come out as close to the field as possible and you can usually feel the way it affects the picture the way it affects guys who -- out there and they get tight. Number watching guys like Chone Figgins coming here every year be freezing cold in October and he just looked like he wanted no part of playing here at all. I -- any part of it I think that's part of -- you know you talk about the the construction of that way it. How it's right on -- -- I think I think that is say it -- -- that -- will not be true which it. What what will that be doing here you'll be gentle teacher wanted to I think Saturday night perhaps -- Friday afternoon because there's another layer to it. It Johnny don't provided via that we talked with him yesterday on the show. Jonny -- talking about his old team his teammates thing is the highest -- Q team he's been on. It's a bunch of baseball junkies he has personally been to about eight World Series. Not affiliated with the team and all I just wanted to go to the World Series the fans. So they went to baseball. That's the other part of three point. They you have loud people have a stadium that ball so that you feel like they're adopting the but they're also hole. A bunch of baseball junkies in the stands. So they're loud they're allowed the right time is not like you're just hey Greta playoff game we're supposed to be loud or wanna be on camera about the people like that. And they are going itself but for the most part. They're people here they're cheering they understand the situation in the game and they're responding to it here and they're locked in I I guess what I'm. Think -- I agree with everything you said I guess I'm asking is do you want from way to be the way it was last night. Or something close to us what you want an approximation of of that kind of a party atmosphere is there any way to get -- I mean this is the story of redemption which is a great one and I love it and it's fascinating and its its almost literary the way the Red Sox turn this around this year. But it's not going to end at least that for this week. With that kind of a jubilation now maybe it shouldn't. Well I Pittsburg. Well what people I think -- just do what you do. What what what what happened here is good enough and I don't know. If if you can say across the board did not this thing. You know you know 60407. The cup back here against Tampa in 2008. Right where they were pretty much. It was it was written Ernie or radio -- it would -- -- -- Craig -- Sager Craig -- was doing interviews. And he was talking about the next series OK so. Tampa you're going to be going to replay of Philadelphia in the World Series -- Came back of one game crowd whipped -- you know I was there was right so even at 2009 when they got swept by the angels I gained three. Where you know buckle started that game and apple bond melted down. To the point a game where -- reference to -- to I think what it's the playoffs maybe the criticism. Red Sox and now it used to be that. Gained 75. We would analyzed and dissected and Parse everything. On the radio but next day. Every note tablet -- -- -- got -- -- it that -- it was like that and now -- at the point. Where -- thing. -- for the playoffs starting wake us now we're ready to participate gained seventeen games 75 out of me while I I. I understand what you're saying I'm curious I'm I'm not saying that I don't think that's gonna happen that I think the fans here -- weaker in England now that I don't think that. But I am curious I'm curious to see what the atmosphere will be like here on Friday and Saturday whether it will feel old. Whether you'll feel that sense of urgency whether you'll feel that desperation with the you'll feel the ability to affect the game. From the stands here on Friday and Saturday afternoon 61777979837. Start here from -- you guys start with David in western mass -- game. You guys want. To Greg. Yeah I'm so far so I'm glad this either -- side and one well I predicted they'd be. Little while 500. Doesn't surprise you and all the Yankees and a public. Pirates. You know on and the way it is there's a lot of these -- small market and I hate that word that's what we used to describe not big mark. Like reading -- or whatever. So. They see it as him being as they have then. A minor leak tight -- franchise says the owners have to -- bigger teams. Just supplement. -- Are you say they weren't you know I think they work they were utterly corrupt rich guys were -- years and -- have a great tradition. -- cannot tell you about some of the hall of fame great hall of fame players and pirates yesterday about there. World Series titles but how they had. Three consecutive NL east titles in the old NL east with Shipley was there Barry Bonds Bobby -- anything like all great players. But I think. You know bad management bad ownership -- treat them like a minor league franchise and fortunately for them for the people of Pittsburgh turned it around. I -- did you find them to be bandwagon jumpers and -- did not indeed did I didn't think that at all and there is something to the fact that they sure as hell looked like. It's irritating because they're Pittsburgh facts right I mean you're watching it last night and it's hard to separate out the fact that those are the same fans that think Sidney Crosby's the greatest thing in the world those of the same fans that think spy gate is the only reason the patriots won anything because their also steeler fans they love big day and the other -- it's terribly you have -- -- what -- there -- bad group of people when it comes to be in sports fans and yet. Here you are watching them last night in Pittsburgh PNC insane yeah I feel pretty good for them and look at what they're doing -- this park in the got a -- doubt they're going crazy and they're affecting the game in the bothering Johnny Quaid though there. I get out that. I couldn't help but think of that maybe it helped me get over the fact that I in general cannot stand Pittsburgh -- Vertex is -- that that we think the patriots for two years where the Pittsburgh France votes gold standard of victory. Before football fans were cute ones where they were where the Pittsburgh where the patriots did that. Well -- I tell you this. Mike you know what it sounds like your stance context sounds like yours and you want it pirates. Red Sox two World Series to Mike about just for the obvious reason that I hope we travel to Pittsburgh like it used to be -- what I wanna go to Los Angeles when there's an opportunity to go to Brett are you may be go to Pitt Eric and I think he'll fitting that. Pittsburgh is a great -- Rust Belt it's a great job especially remove all the people. Yeah great -- I take great city lot that is. All right -- -- calls on this coming up here in a minute 61777979837. Your reaction to seeing the atmosphere in Pittsburgh and what do you think it's gonna be here Fenway Park on Friday night we are at Fenway get ready for the intra squad game which gets going in at just over half hour Michael will will lay down some play by play where. Yeah. You will enjoy and it's all in all in W -- up above home plate watching the Red Sox take BP right now to get under way at their intra squad game. Just after 3 o'clock. I'm being told. Michael. Then at 330 we will have Jack Edwards talks -- Bruins now obviously that's a real play by play guy but since we're here and since I'm now being told Jack is on his way here. To join us in person. Do you think we can force him to do some play by play or does that run against some sort of contract or have endorsement -- I think Jack Edwards shows up Jack Edwards does play by play as part its call. I don't think you have to talk of it is doing anything good I'm -- -- Lockett here program already in progress and talkative -- -- -- animals on this and owns the Bruins and the patriots right -- Red -- right so he's not -- -- Kennedy endorsements I guess that's sure it will good that you -- at any point in your life that you everything. -- -- -- We play by play you know every now over what ever talked about you know do -- no I've never I never thought I would like to try just a little bit but I don't know again thanks -- -- I've never done that at all may be -- gives a pointer to and here's how bad we are he can maybe help -- a little bit that we don't sound like -- foods like this to -- is that accurate I think I think. You know guys report it do it if he's coming up right now that he's working on -- a couple of lines. I don't have people that change careers. That those guys reported -- Mike Mike to Rico we'll talk with like the ball right. Mike to Rico. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I stayed at work out. I'm saying I -- committee just a naturally -- -- -- -- all know I don't believe that for anybody I don't we have worked great athlete anybody but. I think they're -- you're put under certain certain things like -- that was put it in play by play thing with Al Michaels. -- -- Finally Joe Buck that dialogue -- whatever -- is that. Interesting last night a fun experience watching the the Pittsburgh Pirates and the atmosphere in Pittsburgh and it leads you can't help but think back to Fenway Park. As you watch that many conversations we've had this year about what. It has not being here. Atmosphere wise -- I was here we had some of those conversations. Throughout the course of the season. What do you expect when you show up here on Friday 6177797937. Teaches in his car -- teacher. And I got to take issue would you repeat that ignorant ignorant uninformed comment to make it about Pittsburgh in there and now what does that. So you -- paying down -- that they needed everything great about the city except for the people. About Michael but whatever outfits that quote that ability -- -- -- are you friends if they don't don't don't be so sensitive side. I am I am from Pittsburgh or honestly doubt there is I worked I worked for companies they bought. One thing I tell people all the time is that it's art and it's Pittsburgh people aren't all that much different that people ought to get a good collar people. Them considered pretty different things keep going back to spy gate that's kind of different we don't do that let's not quite compact despite a the only -- -- -- that they -- all time. Don't -- like that about I -- that you guys have an unfair advantage in one game -- but it one game. We don't know -- my -- my only other name you one. Figured. We don't care. Well I don't really do that to be obsolete in that it would be completely W everybody Pittsburgh when Roethlisberger. Situation happened. Everybody came out of the woodwork and in that how bad a guy. Now they all love -- again they ought to come back with open arms -- -- -- -- -- -- on topic can get enough of them -- not -- I love them. Up Roethlisberger teaching level you can get it TJ has been Roethlisberger coming to your house later. And it lets you -- want Aaron Hernandez. And wow I got you I think I dropped the -- god there go there you -- tell -- that runs our guys are bad Roland is in his car Tyrone. Why are two point want the pirates let him have it clear that don't play up that it is correct that and that -- that old saying. -- act like you've been there you know to me we had a reputation of being great fans. Reason we have such a big heroes that we supported our team for so long. When we -- we have a reputation rock and suddenly you better do what we always. Always been allowed its exit date all right for the player. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What Whitney because I haven't seen any evidence that it'll be the way it was I mean if if Pittsburgh is gonna take that mantle even if it's perceived poor official reason that. Even if -- for some artificial reason like there haven't been there for twenty years and and there are just so unbelievably over the moon excited. For whatever the reason they're gonna take that mental than that take that mantle and we can't get -- -- than they've taken the man's dog out out -- -- -- -- -- You know I hit it this this is what I saw last night Pittsburgh. If you bet that you -- of that now before right Pittsburgh yes and actually enjoy myself Pittsburgh and at an attitude. Pittsburgh is. Number 18 football now. Number I don't hockey. And number three baseball that's just waited it would character and it's a hockey or football now so it's always it's always -- what you see. Hockey and football fans. It up baseball context because they it it's like a big baseball crowd like a football crowd or hockey crowd at a baseball game. That's what that is that's not it it's nothing comparable to what you -- see it that way. It seems people are are part that way. Tori read it's not an accidental. Baseball crowd their baseball crowd there knowledgeable about the game and are fired up about -- culture here but others don't period though. They can't get on this tax over the last few years or has now maybe even dissipated with the Red Sox and that's not a baseball crowd that's a -- like the atmosphere crowd that's that we wanna go where the hot ticket he has crowd right and that's sort of -- and that's part of the objection that so many Red Sox fans have brought up over the course the last few years is wait a minute. That great baseball crowd was replaced by a pink hat crowd of the pressure and now that they've gone away what's left the river there I'm right I mean. I've ever taken over and over core. A rat race. To go out there here. That would ever -- -- If that be OK apart here. Here who was here he'll -- -- -- our work of art. The girl power in. The shower now. Shower and -- really but if you go. That. Though. I know what you are talking about market where it hurts or you know whatever you're drinking them forgot the -- marched to. Mark. You know red and white make together you know a color that forms -- -- that thing. -- Well what is your I am I brought the matter is that not written white structure. And things like that Mattson it's. Mark it. How far ahead on your right though an awesome I don't -- -- it will amount -- about the -- -- -- the patriots and and I I speak with a little bit of you know I've been met before I went to fox spoke with seventeen is. The stadium on the east side and BM and most games you can play a football game -- -- the 300 sectioned off. Are you are crazy crazy about that bridge you know what you're projected acquired US turnaround. You have preached to that intersection. Of quiet I'll I am with you how quickly. That would definitely got him. I remember -- -- -- game -- Mark Anderson and I expect it they'll look and all the people in the span that was a lot and I tell you really want -- people were there. I did I -- we would have there was you know what he. Well it's it's always what makes these these wins so sweet and I think it's one of the things that this town is is still trying to. Figure out. How do you wanna handle being team in a city that weasel. Because the patriots lovable losers for the entirety of their history are now not all that problem right and then all of a sudden just blessed with is unbelievable run their -- where after on the beginning it was novel was incredible he'd never seen anything like it it carries for the first few years. And then there's a grappling of trying to figure how do you handle being the favorite every year being just like. If I -- -- that aren't true that hard is that hard to reconcile. It for me and if not for you have always been hard for me out of it thank you people -- day. -- support for a long time. And then immediately became rich it acted did not do well call made it. Call me get some money if you don't know how to handle accuracy that -- accept what you what you your years. Nordic sport that's what you want you wanna be what it. You know what better at winning three championships for your four championships -- years six championships -- six years it's it never gets old. It's like the whole Tom Brady and ask them. It you remember that special operating your own words. What's your favorite -- is Equus but next one. And all. Hard to have six out. It is for me why I don't know I don't. Because effort from the entirety in my childhood it. Being a fan there. Was not about winning it never happened being a fan was hoping that one day a team that I cheer for every single year and supported would actually crossed that threshold and win a game. And it never happened right the Red Sox to come close in the they'd let you -- -- for the most part. Other than the patriots they weren't bad teams every year so wasn't like in Pittsburgh Regis tune them out and ignored them -- forget about it and even care what's going on -- so bad the Red Sox all every year -- sit down my body -- and my best friends we -- -- -- -- Let's look at let's look at this one of the going to be unbeatable. Right you got Jose Canseco and Mo Vaughn and Kevin Mitchell they're gonna hit a million -- they're gonna win the championship. We would do this every single year and then by you know August UV -- though students won't happen to -- it'll get there. An end the entirety of being a fan for somebody out think my agent mid thirties. Was was caught up in disaster was caught up and disappointment have -- -- -- -- rebel I think he'd wanted to end with this idea wasn't exactly -- I'm still not entirely shore. How to define myself as of and what that means to watch your team win every single year. It's different. It is different maybe maybe people think I'm crazy and that's fine yeah maybe you've adapted to it better than I have I get comfortable with it. I don't think to -- being the black half around the country is supposed to -- -- the team that everybody was like desperate for -- different. Being in the -- of -- the electorate the people around the country -- for the Boston Red Sox is unbelievable. Even shocked. Particular -- like the lack of it I would like I said I'll. -- -- -- Can tell you about what you think part of that -- where the ball. I have the same product at last night I was telling -- the talent then I had the same -- last night listening to the beginning of the TBS game and Ernie Johnson used in the game and he -- -- welcome to a sea of black and gold. And it really sounded like he said welcome to a sea of black people I have to tell you about how there's no way he started off with. I didn't and he did not I just completely as though it's on 7779793. Outrage -- through your -- apparently yes. If you think I'm crazy if you are similar and you've had any difficulty. Trying to come to terms trying to change your York and come over the last one that decade or so is Boston teams went from being beloved losers who you're hoping to get over the top. To being a dominant force in virtually every single sport -- despised around the country. Just be curious your thoughts on at 6177797937. Salt and -- W media are. Our fans are so knowledgeable the game and they can anticipate certain situations in the can feel that building whether it's. As an add on as and that that is unfolding that could potentially lead to a strike out which were on the field you can feel it build. And I -- an inside of that there are so quick and so responsive to things that we do offensively. It just builds it in and keeps that it's almost like you feel a wave. And I don't mean to be you know using that as upon where the wave goes goes through our -- but. You can feel that wave building and it really it it has an impact of an effect on our guys. Particularly when you get those later innings where you need that extra push in the energy that we're drawing from that. Is tangible. John -- joining us moments ago here at Fenway. Parks welcome all get ready for Friday game one of the AL DS which of course will be 305. Pregame certain amount to twenty. Here in 937 WEEI so we will not be here out on the air on Friday instead it. He'll have Red Sox playoff baseball -- roundtable. Is tomorrow night starting at 5 o'clock and Jerry Remy is another 5 o'clock hour. -- -- and John Dennis will be with us and then in -- 6 o'clock -- Dave O'Brien my -- and the -- and handle all be there and John Henry. On the on the on the -- -- show earlier in the day noon tomorrow John Henry -- Like it or ignore what you just played out like all what -- what -- -- don't -- -- roundtable tomorrow yes. -- that is that we're going to be hearing a -- Well we hearings that are breaking bread over here at dinner with John Dennis and lower Loney. -- -- that everybody everybody -- to him. Thursday after this Mikey -- and rob and Alex you know what it's our first. -- -- A point thirteen and probably effort that would -- your years here. So who's Judith I feel they know what and how much you. Get that went thirty pieces of silver or somewhere somewhere. You know the last time I thought that the last time -- said. That it is -- I think -- would -- and that really -- that roll it up full at all but. I think the last time we get it. Was and then. Indianapolis. For the Super Bowl. We had a family dinner at an Italian boat they replaced -- diet restaurant. But to get -- who could to get -- to -- up -- Look at that that's that's being kind. Well if it is that this guy that's being kind of wow. But -- -- have been a couple of years that we were all able to sit down. Here microphone in syrup a little bit at a bar start five. O'clock over Jerry Remy is -- much in the Pittsburgh game last night thinking about that. I'll keep colony that jubilant atmosphere image just kind of crazy there how excited they were for the first time in forever dislike it seemed like it just sort of happened for them. All of a sudden it gets you to think about what then we will be like here on Friday it won't be that. It will not because you know how of the twenty years of desperation you don't -- all that it is better well it'll be different and it -- be better I mean no matter how would be better how can you be better than -- can't beat that first moment where your team is back. The F praising them but now -- they give me the people experts have to -- -- They cheered. Everything which is cool if you have been in the playoffs that's what a year right. But if you follow baseball it's -- It hit when you have people who were cheering and a routine fly ball that has no chance it's like it was like world desperately that is -- That is up -- well ahead with a fly ball and it went about a 195. Feet it's not close to going out any ballpark anywhere stop it 61777979837. Steve is in New Hampshire state. -- -- Hey I want to like tell a story about the 2007. World Series game and I've got a -- this was pitching and he was stuck waiting for the rockies' Jeff Francis. And the order this thing out -- -- Start to cry. Grand. -- it's in the entire stadium. At the top of their lungs and how appropriate that it was electric. And the Rockies manager came into the ground game it was time for a -- even though that it's a great time. Probably I mean. Anytime that happens Steven -- that that's part of the fun the question is. Will Fenway how that would they would still have the same effect above the way -- explain the wave of energy that seems to come from the stands head into their clubhouse but he also -- You notice he also talked about the intelligence. Yes the knowledge of the -- other equivalent to date certain situations they know. Just from being this being a baseball loving -- -- providing many years. There's there's an advantage over some talent and all it sounds a little. Felt like at knocking -- I guess I am occupants but I think it if you're away from a reporting years. Yeah as you forget you forget a lot of things that was. Was it love. Just being relevant again it had nothing to do -- Anticipating baseball situation or -- hearing what was actually happening specifics it was just we're so happy to be here we're still happening. Thank you for when it happened witness gave now it it. Connors in Maine -- -- what's going on. Hello Connor Connor without. Don't want to take -- -- I don't also. I think this big you know to. It goes round and eleven years old. Watching the Yankees and Red Sox let them way and just did elders here. All the screens of Roger. Roger Roger. And just. You know being in that moment. Hearing all the parents this is nothing that I'd ever seen reports where before. All the playoffs the playoff game providing -- -- the winner is Roger Wright was whereas Roger after he got -- out -- this is part of my point is that so many of the stories of Fenway Park are from 20072003. For 99. I'm curing what exactly -- we open the playoffs I'm not saying that that they not going to be there this year I'm curious because this year has been different. For Red Sox fans the atmosphere in the energy at Fenway Park not that it's been bad but it's been different there's been this level of the hesitancy to buy back in after what's happened a year and a half leading up to -- -- -- is we're going to be out there in this I think that's true that was true ready now I know you felt you were disappointed by day you went to game of the year sales are OK guys veterans scherzer -- But it's gotten better in the ballpark this year. Until like the fans have been -- the they have but not the same energy that that it was in some of those other seasons. I don't think so look you don't let other people today that was good. -- indeed they seem intra squad game happened in some of those other playoff World Series seasons I wonder if there would have been more people here. -- also I think it could be it could be this that. Maybe you're at a different place that you were. In 20032004. You know who watch the games I got it off the bubble for people watch the game at a press box times. You know it's like being but I -- I think I have a -- -- I think it's like being an amusing you know I don't know I haven't the last occasion is we can't hear it it can't have a beer well in -- that everybody who. Everybody doesn't follow that you know seven I was in the press box in Italy it is well here. A -- -- -- -- -- watch games from up here have been in the stands for more games than I -- I think they're -- -- are -- I think they'll -- into it just as they were in in other. Play L 2008 -- the year but. After two -- is right 2000 play up -- championship at the same list as 2003. At its best backup back. That's different level of desperation. It was based on the knowledge of the baseball fans it was based on also. Not waiting for what years like eight Joseph is in Quincy IG. They are you -- this -- for our holy. All that order also mentioned the 1999 ALC a scheme to adopt Peter Robert Altman's. And they they -- -- -- -- Roger brought I was yeah that it's now one of the highlights of my career as a sports fan. And -- you're saying I think that's encouraging to the yacht to the pitcher for. But I think. Clemens that day you can make to the third inning you end up you let up five -- that the. Stay there writer -- -- -- it rattled out absolutely you're you're out there today. The current game I think day. They -- about what they're like 1213 wants to let their do you have -- really he was out of the game early today it's well was the only game they won in the series are out today we were talking earlier about you. You're right it was only one particular talking earlier about memorable broadcasters. How about memorable. Newspaper headlines in newspaper back pages I still remember The Herald had it. They're back page -- they've they've boxing match so it was a tale of the tape it it was Roger vs Pedro and it was great it billed it as this big fight it. Got at this point. I was living in LA at the time I was in college and the night before and I was really wrapped up and parents need they'd just beaten Cleveland right -- exciting come from behind at the -- -- -- Grand Slam that we just played earlier in the show -- -- be honest politics where is my favorite play by play -- all time and then I was late at night and now on the night before that game I was -- to a third game two or three whichever was of that it was -- victory yes. And -- I was asleep. And they -- the only earthquake ever experienced in nine years in -- like legit earthquake shook the entire -- and in my dorm shook the -- back and forth woke me up in the middle of the night scared the litany -- academy. And no inch hole the only thing I first thought is that it had something to do with what was going to happen the next day. But the epic battle of good vs evil Roger vs Pedro that was going to be -- the next and virtual -- some there was another Red Sox always something I have to give Pedro against Roger in the playoffs good vs evil something was gonna have to guess I'll tell people that's of people thought -- -- -- All the stuff about like 20 hey oh my god this has got I think don't want. My computer died in Y two K -- that tragic episode -- we won't know what to do Dennis is on the case by Dennis. Hey guys got a good and I was that there might might of Michael's sake I don't I don't normally agree -- -- human animal drove the world. Well and when you mentioned. The Pittsburgh under. -- -- Which we could actually do that I I think the only reason -- -- -- in Pittsburgh tonight from united 93 when -- put -- in the -- but they didn't build -- stadium. I bet that but that wasn't true yesterday. And -- -- -- this. Attack at a maybe true but it was still pretty damn good environment and it broke. They thought -- it here I thought it was forty years you're right -- -- years plus what is what is the eight team win. They all went for Steelers. -- rewrite their parents who. They were just able to latch onto anything that is half was successful now with the -- -- -- -- and it's in the car I'm Brian. They don't guys that at long time span bridge it. Just want to you know. I heard -- when you know. Don't know what sort of best game since or art or on the very best ground -- -- not not all start in right after the match went -- Yes. That's -- stayed -- Ted Williams that Williams on the field surrounded by. Some of the best players of the game. That Pedro liar if Pedro striking out the the BP's with was lost. Yes it's one app brought an old you know trying to figure out how am so proud to be personally I I think. You know to me. 2011. The collapse that's not so obvious in my at all -- Given that that it was at 3 o'clock start and Pittsburgh last that does it -- it all day. Do you think it's going to be different -- -- in the -- -- -- -- family it's maybe not as rocket. Us good question I I think. I would guess we're at 3 o'clock playoff game. You you you may have some people who are. Taken the day off work war. Some will people who were high enough puppet or company that they're able to take the horror of that import question but I but I think if you're here if you're here at 3 o'clock Friday. You're here because you want to be here this is not the 3:3 o'clock on a Friday is not necessarily the prime time. Got to get the pit. 8 o'clock Friday night. Think the people worry we're here are gonna be really into it in the baseball -- to not cure. Your so called the -- was good to let him in and attacked him. It's. I saw it you know the SpinRite and who -- we do it but when the moment right. We don't just do -- to do you know exactly. Right. You know I mean the end of Tibet after a -- U2 and chuck they know. I mean you know it's. As we need not sure we were there that you look at Maybin that and the championship game. It has to be right it can't be you know I think it it -- -- or. Why agree that a 100% enemy EU Europe to sell me on that I agree with everything you're just saying it shouldn't be contrive that it should be real it should be at the right moments. I. I MI port it was only if it's not that I don't think it'll be great here on Friday I think it will be it would be shocking at Fenway Park wasn't a great environment. But it was hard to watch that last night and not steal the level of excitement coming through the television. Right but you know at the same time we'll beat it to you now it's you know it's likely which I hope we do. Well I can't let you know August 2 date they bought a double play at nick and Aaron don't ever going to be on the the deal that whoever acquired the next I'm. It's that you -- audio -- We know in a moment right. All right here's here's here's here so. Now we've held that what do most popular Red Sox manager ever it's Kia. So what they play Cleveland on Friday. Victory. Over Tampa. When they play Cleveland Friday -- And we know -- collective writ of Red Sox fans. -- the popular ex manager of the Red Sox. Will he get the job equate to a treatment at some point or Quito change what they get it had a veto it we'll take you will they cheer for you to when he announced. Yes several what is now -- well yes. But then at any point your game or would you rather go after Giambi. Or swisher. Or -- or obvious. Target. It was pretty obvious that picture for. People bring out the like nasty Tito well I don't. Now people go after things they came out in the Bob whole article and like you see those kind of things happening at I don't think so not I don't think the Fenway crowd -- in them and probably shouldn't. To have it in them to go after Tito for the things that were blown out like that that I don't see another -- another that does not exist let it come out about coach is not TO. I could see it happening but there's no way. I could see the Fenway crowd getting after him like that just means too much it -- student section 860 -- like you and -- -- -- Pittsburgh info on which one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- six doubles utes and when you -- 4050 that's why you never root for Pittsburgh. Worst fans. Root for the cardinals this series against the it will pirate of course Leo it's great stories that people are sent there was people Saint Louis were great to 2004 when he's jerks and -- Our program one more call in into the question coming up and buried in -- Hey guys -- and what's that very. Good interview is Ferrell but I was waiting for the follow up question when he said that. Carpet -- in the dugout and they're talking about the game loud enough for him here I was open one he would say is what are they saying and residents went. Well he should let me answer that he said that when you hear from back there. It does it does affect some of the things you you manage in the way you know what the way they're thinking about the game like the actions that he did it say it affects the way it was -- that got that it doesn't quite funny said he does not that it all of them understood but he -- He is impressed he was impressed that they were thinking through the game they're they are. Didn't say what are they saying I was hoping you're gonna find out whether they're gone. 88 -- -- and Adam I think on the bat warrior you know just. Now I -- academy when you talk to -- -- -- Blackberry picking through the game Perry or an accurate. That's Rick well. We will ask that follow -- question it's more about situations and what would you do if you were the manager here would you shift would you move this guy over would you pinch hit would you -- would you hit and run I mean -- baseball players are talking in the in the -- in the dugout about the things he just running through situations and what would you do. See with these guys doing here notice what is the motive of the way standing by the ways. Gripping the ball -- government that they see the game differently than we do -- the added in such fine detail the -- a chance to watching game with a current or former big league players at it it's a completely different experience but. I don't think they're just -- -- jokes a minute I think it's legit it what would you do you were managing this team right now. It's always said. Like you can't afford you as a manager can't sit there in that how. Johnny don't just told -- cart did so. Well let let me let me change but I was gonna do here. I think his hope pointless I hear them talking about the game at a -- even though. Is not necessarily what the do like the way that they are trying to -- the game with re -- to the question coming up in a -- -- your questions however whatever you got 37937. Any question any subject -- Adams will be with us -- or whatever you got here -- W --

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