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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Baseball Announcing Edition - 10/02/13

Oct 2, 2013|

We tackle four topics revolving around the MLB playoffs and the fact that we're perched high above Fenway for the Red Sox inter-squad scrimmage.

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-- -- -- -- -- Now our silicon -- swollen already. -- or four. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it finally got on Sports Radio WDE. I don't agree about. Michael microphone that's right. -- mark my ego is fragile our microphone to spread to. Hurt feelings right now maybe your picture. It's -- But with the red White House. Written lavender. Outfit your mind. -- -- -- -- anyway. Lavender and in some spots deep Deep Purple under the arm -- it went like a pretty good it. While it. It's like agrees on October quest global warming up next answer whatever question number one as you may have heard earlier in the show some of these guys are terrible play by play. But the best in the -- is. I've had some everlasting calls. What is your most memorable play by Politico -- I mean he pulled my two favorites I couldn't decide. I think I noted is this is my second pick my second favorite is general -- In the 04 ALCS game four against the. -- -- -- -- -- All. And how -- you I didn't put them there but I'm excited did you find the whole call of my favorite of all time where you -- fine. Army digital audiotape I founded a format that is no longer used in -- -- -- from Austin's -- part of there it's not the short version which you've heard a lot but in 1999. Jared -- -- -- giving the full wave back to true leaders Grand Slam by -- number one -- from the stretch. This. Hitters and big right sitter and -- It's -- to try reiterated. His balls wearing it. That's not Grand Slam cup what the Red Sox. Seven. Come on matters a great girl -- the -- and got the wave back at their that he deserved -- back and draconian embarrassing story about myself. Another or content not on -- good couple year unknown not a couple years ago may -- Along time ago 03 or so it misinterpret I don't doubt that I have your autograph living out in LA. And every day I would listen to the Red Sox games on the Internet through like MLB. Internet thing yeah because I don't know like it was and everything. And and they took that out whoever that was then the producer of the Red Sox radio network took that call. Out of the open to the game and I sent an email to him and Jason -- and whoever else -- could find -- demanding that they put that called back into the open. What they -- have beaten up. Let me back I was like thank you were changing up the sound keeping friends for so -- that I was so I was irate over the fact that they -- -- -- dollar. Senator. Where to go the other way that you pictured. At I think this is that the top five or cockpit. It's got to be true talk about. Powers -- or a video that a better marital went right here. But that the most memorable memorable what would be is the master. Jack -- Talking about 1988. World Series Kirk Gibson. -- act and I'm sorry but still it was a great -- I can't believe what I just saw so it. It's the it's the height of everything because it's a great call. If you went to watch it. It's like we could have done both I don't know if you both I think I watched the game. We didn't hear the call -- the call later. But I think about the call first you know everything that the call of the good -- you're. Running around the bases. Toward the hole the fist -- But he like rap guys travelling and yeah I think his -- somewhere I have an MLB bloopers tape of Dennis lamp doing an impersonation of that. If -- Jokester you know some of them went. Buy -- -- a lot -- -- tickets the classic -- you believe of course. And -- your guys. How did you don't want my next check of the clock and got -- Not a diet -- -- I do I didn't indicate the schools right. It's okay. But it did it's I don't know but it didn't go yeah it would depend on. You block good stuff let's move on. Are we talked about some of your favorite calls of all time but who are your favorite and least favorite play by play announcers. Our favorite stones thrown -- -- stone Justin Dart out favorites. Dave O'Brien serves. Not at the home town called -- Brad. -- -- Jack blocked two of our lives one of refugees. But the greats please favorite. Jack and -- recipes but there's just there's that is killing me. You hate Joe -- that mark Pakistan that just can not use the heat in the kind of grew on me in the field and Apple's final four and I can't I would I would make a deal. With box that would say that. Part if you take a -- of football. -- -- block away from the sport well. So arguments generally forward Joe -- don't remember everything else he said during their studios is a horrible just those two calls were good I just think we hate Joseph bought because. Tim McCarver rubbed off on. Like my car -- so bad that when you think of -- just think of -- harbor. And McCarver is so untenable -- or I wouldn't wrapper off I would rather drive cross country with the car. -- -- Joe Buck for you reality -- drive your car would tell them I would describe it probably country no way off today so when Deion Sanders or the champagne mobile MacArthur don't water water a little water. If you love that. -- to answer your question I think number one my favor politically guys. I love listen break used to call games. Just as good as it got the be my number one. In terms of a play by play guy that I really for them and play my -- guys that drive me crazy it's usually the color guys that -- crazy that's got to be even worse than McCarver even worse than Joseph Morgan by far the worst of all time. I've said before home. -- football really Paul -- should never be allowed to speak again to a microphone I cannot bear the fact that he was ever allowed to be the color announcer for. Like major NFL games shocking -- acquire. I'm surprised -- wind wasn't brought up by Pat Summerall. How great it was fantastic it was amazing link to -- less said a minimalist instability and oh -- -- -- great law. Nobody on him -- you know that was great look bad and was hammered every game. Cut her some love or some heat out for a ten cal for the Detroit Red -- some -- Jon squeezed with chemicals go with the question. -- And that's not exaggerate. A. Number when players have said that they watched the first few minutes of -- and again. It again and get a real cold and -- here from you don't forget about premier quality of that from you again you should. -- I heard it. I'll start over -- and some Bruins players have come out and stated that they either didn't watch the Blackhawks batteries are there what's a few minutes and then had to turn it off. Should the Bruins players have watched the entire band and reasoning. -- Oh -- don't get it the out of it now I can they Agassi have the Blackhawks replace the Bruins dateline. If you're Chicago. You're out there at the -- respectively at you guys beat us that the beginning of a -- -- -- what is your props. -- But to watch on TV get the Blackhawks. Celebrate themselves. Federation productivity what that motivation you lost to. No they should go out and it's the new film and. The AT&T question of the day. M and goes day to day -- is questionable who plays first which owns front. I just don't know which ones for either restart that there are other guys graduate -- clippers. Really. Because -- closed. That's why guys. You know it's -- Graf plays first you know our. Effort Dolan little threat. -- -- I don't have any -- your argument is boy and the little if he's -- day. He does I feel good and dated -- -- -- last weekend. I think in my book when this week and to be honest I think is the week and you see them both play and I feel very confident that by the time you see them play in New Orleans. Both guys will definitely be on the field -- Mercury that -- -- -- today I didn't read that anywhere I guess they did I don't know where I read the middle thing but. He it says he's doing good.

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