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Previewing the 2013-2014 Bruins: NESN's Jack Edwards with Salk and Holley

Oct 2, 2013|

We breakdown all aspects of the Bruins and their upcoming season with the premiere voice in hockey, NESN's Jack Edwards. Plus Jack dips his toe into the baseball waters as well.

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-- -- -- we continue on from Fenway Park the broadcast Booth today. After one the score is. Red Sox. -- team one that read the -- Red Sox blue team one Red Sox -- team nothing Clay Buchholz gave up a run. Jake Peavy. Perfect. In his first inning. Got David Ortiz Jack Edwards joins us hijack. What a beautiful vantage point this -- it's a little high but. Even so you know it's nice you can give us a little play by play before we talk some roots here. Well you know the sun is -- that special ankle. That only comes. In the beginning of October. In the shadows are so sharp. Because Summers humidity is gone. David Ross digs in. Standing on the back line of the right handed batter's box. Buchholz. Fires a strike on the inside corner. The shadow where it's just past the pitchers Robert now. So the pitchers upper bodies in the bright sun and now the ball flashes. Into the shade. Called strike to. Perfect day for baseball. Play the -- brick. Really are a lot of movement on the board here. Jack that's exactly what we talked about three our pregame meeting. I got good stuff with -- good sliders really weren't that good fastball that. I know you have lunch with Bud Selig yesterday. You have quality of inside information about what's going on in the 2013. Post season. The paint still fresh behind the home plate circle buckled his pitch is up high and it's -- into. What an awesome afternoon for -- all the back day. -- -- -- -- -- In life unfortunately all good things come to a man. We got to play chatters about still left side routine. 53. Now happily making the stretch at first -- that. Brings to an end my career. As a baseball player by much slower mediums there's I think it's just as well as to -- right that you don't Charley Steiner. Is perfectly located now in LA has you know even -- always. Like I think he's from Brooklyn. Now -- -- he's the kind of guided it. Needs to sort of bask in the sun and dad and just be there and used all the voice. Love Dave O'Brien do you know that that night's ovals than to worry in. -- have a style dedicate Eric -- is that they packed so much information to them. That little pause yet that what -- what would be positive for the rest of this big fan of Joseph Angel fueled -- -- Orioles. Tell you about the what uniforms they have bonded the numbers and uniforms united. It wears white and blue shirt that read the red numbers of the -- trip. -- at that prompted you allies are done if you're owed to baseball in your -- to to -- what. To all things great about Americana but knew we could talk some hot and you know Medicare -- is at least -- direct hit the play by. I was impressed -- to play by play guy tomorrow night. Actual play by play for the Boston Bruins they get under way. Season begins tomorrow it has been a short off season so it doesn't feel. Like it has been forever one of the stories today and is coupled to dig into quickly is the second day going to David -- -- yeah what do you make of the fact that he's the guy chosen along with the captain obviously Chara. Bergeron aware permanently and then the second you will be split between Chris Kelly and now it turns out David -- -- you know we have this back in black and gold tour around New England with brick in Jamie your goal and in the end. A couple of other people who were really great in support drive and it's all over the place and one of the questions. That we feel that was. You know what who who was the most underrated player on the Bruins in terms of toughness. And the answer was David -- because. -- she is tough in ways that. Aren't normally describe with hockey player's toughness that you think Camilo would teach you think issue on board. You think it Gregory Campbell you know rating it through the broken like that kind of thing but crate she. He's tough in a way that he's handling the -- he's taking a lot of hits in order to move the clock. And he -- deadly serious when it is most important the guy is such an incredible money player. He's led the playoffs in scoring. In two of the last three years and they're really marked whom many guys who have done that ever -- in the and in the NHL. Read anything into the fact that it was not -- again was there anything to take out of that mean he's been a captain for a long time that he's going to be a big -- Michael thinks is one of the top fifteen players in the game -- top five maybe top five you read anything into the fact that again what was it does not get that -- It's just time. You know it that's that's an important factor you don't just belts into the -- no matter who you are in and automatically I get that and as Gretzky moved along later in his career. -- kind of automatically. You know named a captain or assistant captain right away just on resonate. And leadership takes an awful lot of roles especially in hockey it's a shared leadership especially in in the weight. Hockey is played in the way a hockey season goes and you have to have a guy who's completely tuned into the culture it's not to say that -- look is. Is the associated with that culture but perhaps he doesn't have. The full appreciation of it and maybe give the players in the room. Our war are waiting. Just to see exactly how he does fit in although you know he's been welcomed with open arms is not to cast any negative aspersions on him it's just the city -- -- -- she's totally organic to this situation to just to keep you updated clay buckled so 123 in his second inning as his team still trails one. Stop it. I'm just -- -- it -- it it got -- updated game does that I didn't doubt they got to be up you don't have to be. Update people awesome no on it gave up -- scrimmage what are -- Red Sox order if there was a Las Vegas -- -- like god -- money in that club without the this game and at present at all that -- anyway back to our discussion yet. You know I was watching last night. But what if anything that was behind the beat him. What do you think the what is the motivation was for the Bruins -- to do stuff like that some franchises are. All about it hey great it's as very accessible it did you start to think about our our personalities about our organization. It's that organization that no way in hell we're not doing what he's been through what motivation. Their motivation obviously is to connect more readily with the rabbit audience and to have the kind of programming that. He's -- usual. That is. The ultimate form of access to the players which fans absolutely adore. And to provide them with the level of trust. From the franchise. That people can handle what they say behind the scenes that. They're pretty heated up and and I got to say that that really from the top on down from. -- club president Cam Neely street -- rally. Jim -- Don Sweeney. You know all these guys had to sign off on it and they had editorial control they let some spicy stuff live and and match from Laura who's. The PR guru over it says the Berlin says has been extremely progressive. And and has brainstorm on and is -- really transform. I think the internal view of how the pros can use the media. Not to be totally self serving the wave we have seen some franchises Stewart but really to. To let the fans connect better with the team and with the the personalities on the team that this team is different from a year ago. Well you know if you were called back in March in and night you know and that -- Get Susan pat says that. You know they had to decide if they're gonna have a bridge year. And I I thought the team looked old I thought the team looks -- I thought the team looked. Not complacent but just unable to get the job done in the ever faster. Game that is the National Hockey League in 2013. And then because of happenstance because that string of injuries realize what an incredible job assistant coach Kevin -- it done. With Matt park counts in Providence with -- crew in Providence. And -- Hamilton ends up being the guy who sits during the playoffs. And and all the sudden the team that looked old and slow looked -- in reinvigorated. And I absolutely Erickson who people don't want as soon as they see this guy play every day and and Jarome Iginla who wore. Guys who were incredibly Hungary. To play. On this team and thwart this team and for their teammates. And it's it's really not hard to argue that this team might be more dynamic. Now. And and actually cheaper it's significantly deeper now there's no question about that but -- more dynamic and deeper now that it was last right. It is it is it fair to say that if you just ratchet up. These two guys vs these two guys so if you look at Eriksson and look at it get they -- -- important that the state. Would you take Erickson -- -- over those two players or is it. A little deeper than that where these guys are better for the team right now but not necessarily. Better individual players that you guys who. What's also throw in it's -- who went with say. Smith yeah comes back yup exactly. I I would take I would take you get -- report. In a heartbeat -- and and would have at any point. Yes and Horton was a great or else that's Lance -- awful like Nathan Horton a clutch -- score he he has scored huge goals but. To meet give -- was my favorite non ruling in the National Hockey League I could even get mad at him for choosing Pittsburgh. I mean I I respect the guy. For the way he plays the game in the way he treats -- -- -- I'm so -- I am -- I understand but I mean given the same I don't get it -- eventually but I'm still little map and -- let's not forget that you're after all the -- spent his entire career in the Western Conference and and here's what he -- you know. He he he what he knew was what he experienced firsthand. And during the regular season which is the only time Calgary ever -- either Pittsburgh or the Bruins. Pittsburgh was a lot more impressive plus Pittsburgh just won fifteen games that role. And -- Crosby and Balkan healthy for the playoffs Girardi wanted to win a Stanley Cup short -- well yeah at that point but at this point in his career -- signing one year contract he hopes to win a two year contract next you're. But but I would take. I would take you -- will report and in would have at any point and feel -- argue. And and Ericsson and -- different. Types of players you'll notice works in a lot more in the back two thirds of the ice that you did with Sega Sega and it was almost like. While he's actually make that play eriksson's team starts there you know we had a discussion with them a few days ago in the -- -- general. And here we hit it could not settle close Julian principle that almost all office begins with defense almost you happen to win the face off -- if you don't win the faceoff you -- to when the puck back and Ericsson totally buys into that. And one of the -- wonderful links about his game is that what it's not going well forum. When he hasn't scored five or six games he starts taking it out on guys in the defense of salt and that's what you want you want a guy who plays a little plastic when I like it. There is an offensive game their two -- that goal I scored in over in overtime couple nights ago with the last week in the feet from Spooner. I don't know if I don't know if they can make that play to be perfectly honest with -- so you're likely to get there if you view. If you take what you've seen so far and the -- in the system I'll agree there a 100% on the upgrade talk about the defenseman. And I've been received much grief for money up for my man crush on tore recruit I just enjoy watching play. Take the man crush out of the -- exaggeration. For a moment away and the fact and I think he's when they can be better or for whatever. Just kidding that's totally get it again what's a realistic expectation for him this year. -- -- is going to be an important part of the Bruins power play he has that gift for understanding how to create lanes and how to use them and get the puck to the goal. Which is an incredibly difficult thing in the modern NHL. Where totally killers come out and face the guy at the Blue Line. He is much tougher in the defense who's on the people think people look at. The at the roster and they say you know what is this guy five senators -- listed at 59 but he's not. And and he understands leverage he knows how to get underneath the player. He knows how to get position on the boards -- win the pocket and it it has a lot less to do with the man's size as it has to do with the size of a man's heart. And that's. What he's got and and his heart also what enabled him to. Go to Tom and asked this when he was playing at Michigan state university and say look I want to get better every single day and -- bring that kind of attitude of you know he could say hey look. I'm I'm gonna play pro hockey you know this college stuff which is sort of plan out the strength he came to the rink every single day and and want to get better and asked the said that if I had a team -- -- might win -- national championship every year. Paraphrasing the prequel that quickly who starts game one will be -- cast your him. To me it looks as if Hamilton is gonna get the chance to play his way out of the job. At this stage in his career -- sixty games in Providence beat the best thing for him if you're playing 48 to thirty minutes a game playing first power play playing. Top penalty kill and being in all situations. Probably so. You know that's that's my -- and health and get a get the -- at first but if he doesn't play really well there's going to be pressure on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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