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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 10/02/13

Oct 2, 2013|

Live from Fenway... ask and it shall be done... and by done we mean answered.

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It's time for answer the question jerk -- answer the question which -- -- Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question -- Court -- in my back in the studio might. -- there. Well you know well. But I'm excited for. It carries. -- -- we had such a great night. -- think it's easy hotel -- there tonight. The president. In his honor one thing on the field. Talk about Drew Carey -- this. -- that the president -- yes it is a mystery as freaks commodity and he goes. You know. Remember he -- Ohio. -- I don't think it's. Don't tell agreement yet. There is organized and try to get the whole world by the ball they were -- they were last in the league in percentage of their building being -- this year. In word percentages and worse and elbow last journal did a good -- and it should be the gold standard fans were you do it because they were fooled like everybody else was all along indicated it was a bad team to the very end and I don't think I don't fifteen against hot dog -- -- -- -- the gold standard yet again and I think -- nice -- last night they -- They were fired up. Good for them into the question brought you by heiress restoration specialists if -- property or facilities manager or an insurance broke all heiress to ensure the you have a disaster restoration game plan in -- 877461. 1111 or go to AAR and asks her you know when pirates pirates calling terrorists -- Terrorists. Yeah Ali I saw an heiress before and didn't really did -- who era -- with a logo and some. Was it Rick built driving and I didn't know about it. Guys can unit and other city speaking at Pittsburgh all the pro sports teams where the same colors. There isn't one it's just Pittsburgh five. Can we readable story of how Harrison didn't like was so upset about about the -- those colors. That he tried to change that he's gonna Wear all red just like a -- -- as a -- anyway. Well -- and he's choked the penguins over the -- query of the Mariners and Seahawks -- it's imposed similar. -- to really where the -- and -- are similar but at this but they have the sonic a sonic is not close or they don't happen. Next question. What is your favorite hangover cure or food. Always. -- -- -- The food comes right after. It will follow while. Before bed works that's the thing you get hungry. Like over -- that -- -- opera. It worked with him not to -- make enough for you get the harder than in the first part of a -- it is just -- -- It's an easy bake oven for your car for that reason. Easy as Saturday where you guys watching the game on Friday that we have a show where. We go home we eagle will you come here we will bar week. And -- all right. Somalis have to work through them. -- We're gonna. End -- next question. Drew Rosenhaus that you all. What's the worst like yeah -- For Bennett was Wear condoms at. And it's -- -- The worst ever so many. Ports was weren't executed well OK I promise. Banks. I'll pass on the line way too -- entity would have accurate. It's going to be something where you -- to moms feel like nothing serious -- -- -- -- model would you like your mom and here's something here's she's from Thursday. Use your judgment the LG is that your line. You know if she was less judgment he wouldn't have the one your -- -- every -- Sure that is -- -- Next question how drunk is too drunk for the -- away. More than two Beers group early on department yes. -- -- -- My brother. And his bride is. Looking at a body goes directly to keep them away from one's from his new white -- -- -- -- -- -- Next question that. Lost my computer. A couple of and the question arm like yes W I think it would have to borrow. That's ahead at the table. That that program director Jerry Kelly of course. It is going to be. Now tell. -- there now is searchers -- you know. -- he's sued for him. A lot of other next question next question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Police Pittsburgh. You live to -- a lot of I. Pittsburgh. Tonight tomorrow weekly. Do you -- in the shower yes you do. It's how -- Then the correct answer yours I try not to you but sometimes it happens. You know I don't really care about our view imagery and would like what you do that when you have an hour that it hasn't been dreaming as well as -- -- And all the -- that the water starts coming up you know even Dixie union you -- to -- shot and that's impossible. Difficult plumber I don't know if he's got -- these guys multiple tools for the bill. Snakes and a snake when you get a pipes and how would you even noble fining them like that -- I -- pipes makes us. The Alley oop from my. -- pipe snake in the making them you know. -- and one of those things all the cameras are allowed to plumber and even our next question. According. -- if you had a race horse. What would you David that they -- plumber. Paul Revere I would name my hours. Why. I got Hossa right here his name is Paul -- -- our guys and -- it is wanted to do you think. Unexploded girlfriend who does not want you watch a playoff baseball game claims that a man should pick just one sport. Because they're too many and there are two time -- finally we are implemented well -- -- -- reality TV shows that she -- series and he got the wrong girl. That's worked that's worked well you showcase William particular sport popular Bologna has that was -- -- restaurant like. Next question. What is the right time for knowledgeable Boston fans to do the way I've never. Ever would've worked but you know it works here a little bit I think the about it office. Not the way -- now especially not me the way it. Like blocking the way I Qaeda and the way of action figure from Edmonton planners and account and it's so dated that is kind of cool it was like retro clothing. You know craft community well thank you Winston -- Cleveland and Cleveland. -- both Cleveland tonight I get I got to deuce on both of both of -- browns. All right all right tomorrow to the hospital tomorrow I am okay. In the garment but either way tonight at the Mayo Clinic Cleveland both games cool sounds good I got. Mikey Adams is coming up next we will be back tomorrow get a big game of baseball all over the station as you heard John Henry will be element Lou at noon and then our big Red Sox roundtable and Jerry grammys gets going at 5 o'clock we will talk to tomorrow. -- to succeed so.

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