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Terrell Suggs: "I don't like" Tom Brady's hair

Oct 2, 2013|

Mut and Merloni listen to comments made by Terrell Suggs about Tom Brady and the Patriots.

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Red Sox -- work out today opened the public. The doors -- open at 2 o'clock at Fenway Park there's no charge enter right there third gate. From Fenway today you're the sights and sounds of that you don't wanna miss that John Ferrell schedule to -- the boys as well. Right here on 93 point seven WEEI they'll not be joined by Terrell Suggs. Terrell Suggs sat -- Lisa salters last night on. The investigative sort of documentary ESPN one hour. And -- every Tuesday but different segments pretty good. Suggs sat down with salters and does what he always does he goes nuts he talks it's in the -- Give him honest opinion even -- -- us opinion sounds like a lunatic. Couple things wanna play for you here first of -- He's got this hate love hate -- -- he respects him but he doesn't seem -- really like him at all. And Lisa salters got into its -- -- last night ravens defense events slash linebacker his thoughts on the patriots quarterback. This is too often most union now. -- This is his seemingly in doing -- yet it just seemed like a lot. -- lot of suspicious stuff Molineaux. With the spears is now okay wrong. -- -- -- Give five. Now another team. Is accused of bounties. -- do you do you do it's -- old team. That by one -- record and put a Super Bowl and Clinton bound illegal hits it both kind of found a problem which ones works. Let's just assume -- always dogma there. What do you think it's something. I don't think that's appropriate for him. You know like stimulate me I don't like is there. I don't know I don't like I don't like -- smog yeah it's too but then again I don't like -- -- -- invited deceiving them. So -- the settlements and that means it found a new England and on since the early. If -- been no big I hate us base and I -- Phil yeah. Did they always thought you know remember an old nine. I like fail buys delay. He points his lake at the wrath. We in the living game like who -- so it was news -- have been noticed that. Look at -- and probably was media. There was no rules applicable to quarterbacks that -- in the in -- -- The and one guy got it. And a whole rule change. So I guess below -- he's going to have. What are you saying about the way the elite treats -- number one -- -- I mean I must say McCain. Are giving effects of things that happen. Could -- be paranoid. -- About. Like ice sums it up there at the end if a guy the first just be paranoid he did forget the first round pick things. The other was also don't know and in -- by -- -- You know this press all -- not Tom Brady you know they've they've -- rules left to right to protect players in this week. Blues is knee out. Carson -- is no Tom Tom Brady's well yeah one of the team Peyton Manning at that timers are facing the NFL for God's sakes. The change -- protect players the tech quarterback. Is the only quarterback tickets touch and -- flag is -- I don't think so now my guess is his own quarterback Joseph Flacco has benefited from these rules to protect the quarterbacks keep them healthy you know by the way. Give the offense to free fifteen yard every now I love Derosa -- It. I like him because you need to -- Suggs. You need those guys. Right you need you need to hate you need the rivalry. Pickett talked trash about your team he brings up a motion. You don't cholesterol sucks I hate that guy but deep comedy to really joy of maybe just really enjoy the trashed talked you want more that the guy hates -- Brady's hair. He hates his hair. Are all bad -- People I hate this guy this guy I like on you need patents boys fund hate is -- runs on eight at exactly it can enjoy it but say. I still hate the guys a patriots and because he's a little ticket not just this patriot. -- thing he gets into right he's always had this hatred toward -- rate. Yeah he admits he's a bit of an a hole in his own words -- he's also hat he has some ridiculous. Conspiracy theories about the National Football League -- and his thoughts on Roger dale. Take it back just marvelous thing. Headed into the game how we feel insists it was. As it -- -- -- -- you know we made citizens will go to war was about this. It's at the -- lights go off. Plus Badgley realized that do we'd play in the city. -- do we. We have so many seasons -- -- may in the combat autism and and it ends up being one of those syllables of all time. So the lights going out really did have an impact. It is in vehicle weeks. All the sidelines acting and placements only 86 minutes in ninety minutes so it did so ridiculous you know balls or. -- -- really -- you know I mean the way it is played at that added that he was the in house like top. Nobody is poetry you know me -- this. Over. You know it gets them up his sleeve yeah this convertible logic you know it's. Roger Goodell materializes -- definitely at the obvious and and because your. You know we walk out into -- but -- different game and you know when I'm back the woman up when they're silent. We see talking with John Elway. -- -- You know ability you know -- pharmaceuticals to be neutral people -- on one side or another it will be in a box. You know but -- only -- -- -- Knows he's going for. I think if you deny it was different like it's there when I run out the tunnel. And first thing this -- John Elway -- and it. I'm definitely builds on. -- commission is Lee. Peoples and make sure everything plan even playing. Definitely don't think he's doing it's and it definitely you know. Z. He should be making him. In his personal. We don't know a bit beat up to this horrible mine but it got back the lead up to the Super Bowl okay. Was NFL promoting. -- -- -- -- Always get a -- promoting Ray Lewis. Moore. -- do you think you already feel like the league was trying to promote did you feel like the league want it to go off. You know and retire. The greatest linebackers of all time with the ring. You don't think they wanted that shot of him on one need prayed to god -- they they watered him light up the entirety. I have this visual Roger Goodell. What does he think that he got -- Randy in it to sit at the lights which kind of looked around real quietly who makes it double its footprint and also was like don't just pull the trigger. The lights went out and I don't know I don't want Ray Lewis to win a super ball we've been promoting him enough that the awful. -- odd man. Really -- the idea he takes the commissioner talking to John Elway who is one of the great quarterbacks of all time in this league represented a for the NFL. Who yes is present the Broncos and takes. That conversation -- all. The commissions got -- in -- today the commissioners got us into forest today he hated that -- those ones who bully actually hated that. Absolutely hated debt if anything Roger Goodell try to find -- go to the lights -- as he -- -- ravens have -- And it's up and Edie Henry Louis it's great for the NFL Brandon Michael mop. You wait for the speech afterwards the guy you love to hate not love drill sites -- gets so fired up and a policy of things in his -- and whose alleged to do with as he waits to operate air. Is this child. He says they'll play date you know laugh Lobo and gave back torn Achilles and three month go to -- it's your game on bro. The grant of 61777979837. Texas -- right now is the eight TT tech -- 37937. John Chandler. Measure update your top -- and on -- at the latest news of the day we'll talk to. In this last hour Tommy current leaders often we're gonna find out is this the week -- Is this the week for Rob Gronkowski we see them out there catching passes in not got to practice. At a game a game Allan what are grow its third cousins gonna let him play this week we'll talk Khatami current next -- -- Game.

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