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Daniel Paille on the start of the Bruins season

Oct 2, 2013|

Bruins winger Danny Paille joined the show to discuss the start of the hockey season. Danny said that he likes the new additions on this years club.

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It is. A hockey season here in Boston I will say this we talked next guest one of the easiest ways. The gain the respect and the admiration from this program and this radio station. Would be great local athlete. Get involved that Dana barber and the Jimmy Fund and that's exactly what Boston Bruins and -- I am just trying to get into -- try to get it without nobody joins us on the AT&T hotline to get -- how are -- -- Air carrier we're doing very well we'll get your -- just -- second assaulting an exciting of that Monday night will get to that the second but don't. You just finished playing and playoff hockey the short offseason has to make a difference to your legs your body and in your mindset does not. -- -- desolate. You know I think. Oh what's the there's the shortened season last year. And and obviously with the Olympics this year and certainly here I mean -- just feel -- -- We just played yesterday and that's certainly a big. Different from the last few years but you don't think anybody could play the other little clip -- -- what security. How long did you stare at the ceiling at night after getting eliminated and after losing the Stanley Cup was a day a week still thinking about it. Our New Orleans that you -- for a little bit actually a couple weeks wearers it's you know the support illegal. Laughter Richard -- -- appreciate. We know what we did throughout the season with everything that happened this city and I'm an electrical pole. You know everyone was before. Are even and we we we played -- all play out. Watching the NASA program behind the of the B I saw the speech that your coach -- gave you guys went it was all said and done and everybody had their heads down and everybody was slumped over the road with just exhausted and and Preston and instead -- it. Keep our heads up you have a lot to be product at that moment it didn't seem like anybody in that room was by that. There at that moment. Especially when. When you lose that final here and then you realize it's I -- -- over. You know -- -- actually have a lot of frustration at pebble and religious. You know kind of at that moment your -- to the coach is -- so an inordinate it looked to us. After the current situation so. -- -- -- -- -- It is important -- you know we had to obviously that are there at -- so we're not a lot of reports we were -- I know you you won and won them all a couple of years ago but did did you get the do you get the sense that. We all we often -- the young players who go get close to winning a title and they think they're gonna go back every year they think this is just the way it's gonna work we're gonna play in the finals. The Super Bowl the World Series every year we of that kind of team. Does it feel that way with this team like I know it's a long way off but does -- feel like your -- in the playoffs and you could be back in the Stanley Cup finals. As you just have that kind of team. Good or immunity that's where -- you know we're concert so what you that we she'll like we have that. Capability to go to the finals every year you know and another for years going to happen. -- what what -- this. They'll contend mostly every years or the last few years anyways this we have the Q that's the reward play. And that can compete for a southern accent that. Goes a long way to making championship team and we wanna continue lecture and hopefully we can not. We keep what. Not played eight years now and in the NHL and created this puppy yet they're so. Arctic. To your. We've been there. You know October so fortunate for that. I -- gone again was here -- -- it feel like a better team than the one that lost in the finals last year. In order. What were prepared that we lost in the air that we brought in there or actually. I think it's more than that for the purpose -- -- North they -- management was looking forward into Roman. And Louie Anderson especially happy. -- -- -- But at this inside -- they bring that up until our capabilities. You know particularly guys brought sort that you will be huge. Keep thrusts. You know I think golden into the season especially. With two of them being released her excellent cup. Spent four months that Daniel you can finally tells the truth Campbell was faking it right that that was that was the that was a deep bruise right at the. I was on the exit I know I could not believe that -- -- wherever he blocked and blocked -- on the very secure really help. You know you think it's a blocked shot -- Turkey follows Q and then. But in north UP ER the X slot for him. And let's state council for him. That is what probably -- -- been very -- is this has a lot of -- his character in the way he he plays for -- separate it. Again Augusta might qualify as -- inside hockey talk but you know you're known you're great defense your offensive game is rounding into shape certainly a top nine forward. Great penalty kill and you don't speak and I'm wondering does -- -- to help you more. Offensively or defense where does it give you a better advantage. I think. Overall acutely -- offensively. Weren't able to. Common -- Come out the way not -- and computers -- sure that. Now when I get that at two over Gordon to the minute I kind of have that over -- the defender social. But obviously whether whether you there are got a report that is. -- it football players always know who's fastest wide receivers know who can out run home. Is everyone on the hockey team -- who's the fastest -- who as the -- pure speed. Are absolutely everywhere -- -- gonna replace certain when their team we we know exactly who. We -- -- -- which speeders. You know if you look at. -- violate Jeff Carter is a tremendous speed especially street where we play the -- the Michael grammar that you you can Carol what -- -- -- -- I'm talking about your team you know holds fast -- fast that you asked the new and and -- Yeah I mean we have definitely got us here we are but others were -- -- -- we actually have -- here. There's a couple guys with with the budget he even on the it's you know Kruger Brcko -- or exceed he sensitive. You ever challenge somebody to elect a race say you know one into the S the other for for lunch. I don't look like that you know hurt. You know throughout its focus more on on the drill practice and are not not much -- -- side. -- racing each other. A Monday night at fresco reports restaurant in the north and 8 o'clock you have the a nice event. To benefit the Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund doubles about that and. Or -- what you're sit on Monday night. You know policy. Back to hockey with their part actually meet. That is going to be on Monday October 7. A trip there in the north. From 68 o'clock senator. You know it's very easy to -- To donate you just have to go to the -- different. Web site. And you can purchase a ticket -- -- fifty dollars includes. Appear at least in our church donated by is here in Nevada brewing company and gospel. Food from a restaurant. And then there will be some guys you know be there were actual via our future. Her religion reform that -- In many other popular overnight throughout the great. And -- soul or include slow donations. From Bruins patriots. You're -- have a future use their team on their way around that she's sort of stick injures -- so. You know. I guess I should say that tickets all peaceful that the door. You know everyone is welcome to. Make a donation online and up purchases tickets there. It is Monday night October 7 6 -- 8 o'clock trust restaurant north and meet and agree with and apply other Bruins silent auction. Autographs beer tasting. Great food a nice night and the best part of that for the Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund and by the time this morning to your bet on Monday night. Torture her -- -- Or GL TE network. Now when we come back. We are going to unveil. What Alex Rodriguez has decided his defense is going to be. In -- arbitration hearing. As he tries to overturn his 211. Game suspension. This is unbelievable and we. Are you able to you with -- visual evidence that Alex Rodriguez is a fraud and -- your defense and crops they put my dog ate my. -- why you'd coma brought up I mean I think peace I give him credit for ingenuity. An attempt engine I commit credit for trying a for effort. Paper effort I'd give him a better grade than. John Thomas seagate will middle Brooks and it democracy's tough or Jackie Bradley you expected or Alfredo say -- famous honestly. Got -- given credit for effort to what you get that's true he's a mastermind how players who would go as far as he did he east he's got the ball museum in -- way. He and he's not just taken his punishment pagan and hang on the -- who I -- ST I just words your work man after your own -- wait till you hear his defense and wait to we showed you visual evidence on -- then we'll talk about it if you're listening on the radio that he is absolutely a fraud and trying to skirt around.

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