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Matt Light: "I didn't really know Aaron Hernandez"

Oct 2, 2013|

Former Patriot left tackle Matt Light joined the show to discuss the Pats great start to the season. He said that he never really knew Aaron Hernandez when they played together.

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However a number of Hillary Dennis and Callahan. On. October -- The ninth annual do you believe ninth annual Matt -- -- shoot out. Takes place at the it will east farm and maple bill Rhode Island is on the AT&T hotline eight fastest and almost liable for GL TE network. To life hell are you. Our great good -- -- I don't miss training camp and I know you don't miss miss your feet on the floor and having everything hurt Monday morning to you -- about the game. Anything. Well -- -- the other Deborah thank merit all closed through your correct I do not meant a lot of the the other thing become what. All that -- and spare room boy rubio winning and being around a great group of guys and drew -- a bit a level that you know really a lot of people quite understand -- Erica. Physical game they understand that. What goes into. What you look like America like -- the year off and then the other but they're not that way I mean it. You know -- those guys right now -- put the guitar work have been put network and a long time it reached. You know certain high you know which is obvious that the Super Bowl and say it was going on and trying to work our way to the top of the -- each and every year -- -- most football players do you know that we like to work not. No problem you take time -- on the it that the whole Lotta commitment. I thought we see X. NFL lineman Congo one of two winners if the -- Damien -- way -- -- -- of the size of you know drug Rhode Island or you go the way of march -- and you know look at like you know the second -- -- Saturday Jeff Saturday who's like which -- is Matt -- going to get bigger or smaller you know says dissenting. They looked about stayed out all right about I've I've I've -- a -- pal go although I will say that the media. Old year and perhaps -- retirement I would down drastically earlier tonight I catapult stop a little bit met him out gotten old -- bomb. Uncommon among even -- They met anybody that makes it to the National Football League has this in common a competitive spirit that that rivals anybody's what is your outlet now for your competitive spirit what do you do to blow up that kind of competitive steam. You know probably put out -- intrigued with what businesses then. You know trying to do it in the quote unquote wonder -- and where. You know you start to -- from scratch you try to pick the next level -- and doing -- you put that same template overeating is okay. -- -- Olympic track and always about -- -- -- and I. Make it better and a commitment business -- -- dropped all right I got a great Obama. You know as a player but now what's it all time and then you know look at orchard been in -- -- -- -- never could never a lack of activity. What do you think this football team so far the quarter pole and how compromised are they going for without big Vince. Well look I mean you meant to the guy that has been. A great leader corporate reorganization. The guy and beat the line and he brings a dimension. You know got very few guys can only go so long he's been. One of the most dependable player under. They did you think -- in the last decade so. You know hit -- loss will be well I think that you know what you do analysis. You know one of them focused on different -- back on the -- him and that's about it but I know I mean he's got to do everything you can. Through our you don't -- surgery the rehab and a man and a lot with Arab improve you know particular result upon. Arrigo is no longer -- that one that we can do because. If you -- those determined you know very competitive guys and adding that the team. The pupil that he won't be here and now I mean who wouldn't wanna be. You know or no -- or recruit speed them see a lot of growth but some young players and -- whole -- young players in the National Football League so. You know I think the league. You know it's it's very different than years past the younger league -- and that a stretch where you're in New England. These guys -- to soak it everything here and you see that progression and that always going to be interpret them -- to go go make mistakes but I imagine. You know what my -- was my rookie year I promise you what good. But a year at least to -- all the way and it has been on the water. You know my you're quoted about Hernandez there and that the daily big daily news then you said you didn't say it and the reporter said you did say it I guess my question -- if you didn't say which was that you never believe they think. Our -- is still forward your thoughts on Hernandez. I really didn't know -- got to be out with a metal -- in a couple people look at me what about all ought. And you know I didn't look you focus on. The guy where I mean there were times I hate to admit it but I didn't know some of the guys are. Secondary work now and I never on -- -- you'd call it that got to credit bank debit the other important -- on the -- Number active and and you don't know some of those guys and other that you don't because you're so locked in the what do -- -- Obviously every payment -- -- line room pretty much everything that have ordered them off at a lot of guys. Don't -- and every other thing it is sort of the -- talk about it we -- looming debt ceiling to worry about -- people. And shut down. We used to -- did you quit when the and end this thing happened did you think it was going to be a problem going forward I mean. Did you think it was gonna derail. Anything that this team was trying to do. Saw that you know absolutely not now I think. And if you look at that strip going on what. What we've added -- whether you know look at me -- I go back even. You know my rookie year or -- -- Amanda and bureau which -- per year and couldn't come up and yet -- -- -- me. Bill must have been considered great job of of just being buried basic about what. You know the duties in the -- responsibilities our beach guys and and in reacting to -- although you know. -- in any situation nobody you have to address some degree. The organization to your players. It struck me dwell on -- cards pretty simple goal is gonna do whatever he can forget his guys ready and that -- gonna spend a hundred sort of a part. And Matt how active role as bill and his staff play in making sure everybody in that room knows what not to say and it's pretty much don't say anything I mean is it is it's spelled out clearly the day you walk into that facility as a rookie that. This is what's expected of you keep your mouth shut don't give away any state secrets to brown brought the -- played never said a word. Now these retired and in on on television you catch up now Rodney Harrison and a -- in the cigarette. Well I mean look there's. Here's the problem right -- you were kind of regrets that there are. So very different personality and a pro locker room and a summer summer phenomenal you know and some are not so much -- When you have this wide range of people on back -- -- and you know it. Game yet some guys that understand how help bring more liberal world sub adult. We eat you're you're not that they regard look at a guy that they can do that amount just give me going there and want them -- -- you know they're -- One player but it don't understand what a whole lot more though. What do you basically political common denominator Berry is there anything we -- game. From addressing any of the sighting or we just talk about what we'd do right and that is. You know working hard you know -- the team all those kind of bank and by the way. If if you look -- an organ based in. You you probably think about doing away and a -- player like that. -- because there's no stress put on -- not one of the guys I wanted people -- about a woman at the field. Those kind of course so I appreciate the fact. That we had a system like that. Although that time they can -- a little experience but overall I've done pretty well. You know -- nobody knew what parent in this was capable of no one -- wicket is killing people but do you think you have to have bad guys. Crazy guys just guys who live on the edge. To succeed in the NFL doesn't every team have. Guys like that. You know a -- -- that target -- you know who moved to give you you don't know we don't have a crew aboard -- -- -- -- -- -- but I would -- It. When you look at. You do what you what you need to have -- more errors because. There are a lot of people don't stay out crazy amount among migrate. And those closest to a space you know big bumbling idiot but. You need to have Smart people Smart people are -- your fingers I'm real -- But -- people that are stupid. -- It was an example. Of anybody come to mind Matt. Not a moment. Amid no luck man what we're -- a -- I would say that's a good description occurs when I mean that -- Aaron and his crazy and -- and because of the dumbest criminal history. There but every team has these guys who didn't like Aqib Talib a total of some right now Matt. He's invaluable to the -- everyone wants asylum. He's got some crazy stuff -- He beat up a cab driver while the guy would drive in the cab. Commander. -- -- -- -- extremely bright variable out so well everybody but -- you today com. -- Libraries eroding. How can -- the media aside that rule aside the on the one under. Break bull bull in bill -- -- bill Belichick's world match. While I'm -- -- -- time to speak on behalf of someone now. You know. -- that's another good ruled that the American public. Could could you know learn a little something from it speak for yourself you know we're gonna go along would be your job right. It beyond that com you when we speak someone out and say oh well I think what coach daughter. You know really you know this to -- this player was doing -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In any way surprised about this national outrage really for a week that Tom Brady sometimes yells at his teammates that this. This the shock you -- stun you after the jets game. There are brought back nightmares around there couldn't sleep -- -- Devastating out here I'll look at me and yeah -- -- you -- get frustrated like America on its. That there should be no surprise that a typical over the recruit although I would say after we want him to there are many people. Talking about -- Crazy you know want to bring in these young receiver and you know I think from the beginning. In a lot of people open you're gonna go to Tibet or competent and well. Bump but notable that they're going to be. -- -- You know uncle or even that you wouldn't you know -- I'm not so honest. Speaking of nightmares met -- you happy to see Nate sold her dominate. Your old -- Osi Umenyiora on Sunday. Are you -- -- work -- more enjoyable. According to him -- At -- -- battle that man but I'm wondering how well they that. Not a -- putting your luck there before -- after earning per unit. If you watch that game -- years ago. What what will recruit them and me and I'll get them. Well that the whole ball on line -- if you -- you watch a football game and how spoke recorded on the road. Just check that second period. Currency when your when -- run ball and -- I'm sort of groups in control you know the tempo on the clock and everything else it is -- armour broke that 31 on the road. Final football question before we get to the shoot out -- we've heard up mixed reviews about how difficult or how complex this offense is or is not. You mentioned he needs Smart players to be out on the field. How how complex is this offense compared to the other 31 in the National Football League not that you know what the other third of all. Not an adult and -- but you know will say that it. It -- change in there you know it's not like you toward him and nobody goes but what you're saying it week week in and what they've put him. And a package goes and how they make those adjustments and how they make them in real time even during games. Other -- that's not an easy situation I mean especially for young got a comment but what they've always done well. It is you know would -- coach speaker accomplished or their bigger in the league sent. Are you German. I don't know where early 19100 but you've been around forever and and -- -- -- a great job of preparing a guy is critical here is it difficult system -- a lot of a lot of that removing -- a lot of things change what instrument they don't just get up there and you know one of those bureau regarding congress what the -- and all you know -- number and then you don't know adjustments made so. Two very cerebral payment of Barry. You know. Movie. Imports are things happened the last. Ninth annual shootout coming up October rate doubles about it -- Well you know it's it's a dorm -- that you're open to the light of the reason we com or go to camp out players want and I'm extremely proud of the people -- You know but it works or on behalf of foundation to -- look we do it at all support by this event you know and it's gulping what a saga we go around you know incredible course. And there's eighteen different state -- that all the different courses and and different target presentation during. Angela Glover great throughout the day but we've got. Recordable. Event coming up at number what -- would do it started -- -- and we got a lot of support we've got Reinhard a garden Paco and Putnam Investments and six -- -- the web and dug in order to meet these are adult sponsors and and I and I meant that not just -- no -- the many real quick mention because. You know these the kind of people. That make things happen in that country -- government stepped down and you look at people that meet. Deadline may have been a you know make sure that they're doing business right away or they actually go home and don't create a man. -- I doubt -- an amendment that I -- if we -- wake up and start. You know respecting those kind of companies and those people want not gonna -- better at a concert I. Right. Goal -- I don't think about who -- what else we'll keep going like this is a good -- This hotel where he's spending his time and energies not on brick in the on the offensive line it's on the bigger problems in the society -- -- of people get involved at that support the event. You know what they can go to -- foundation dot org and we've got a lot of information about the you don't have a lot of great information about what we do our numbers are. Breach at the time -- run for office sounds like you might have political aspirations. You know let them and the real work gets -- -- -- -- that are on the ground every single bit about the guy that's right Washington and government and. That's with me like that that -- It doesn't Callahan AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable. Orgy LTC's this sounds a little more elusive than burning -- It took a lot of -- -- you know what he is Smart he's right with the most Smart players. He got -- In before it -- you know before all is it while again when he was 33 in his last season he's younger than Tom Brady's deal now. And he got out Neitzel there apparently. Passed the torch and he's fine -- good at left tackle. Adults older. Gets the game ball here from been able insults older dominated Osi Umenyiora and made that profits of -- go but. I mean I know like -- office Aaron and his comments on what do you think. -- -- -- -- -- He's a tight -- right yeah. It's items lineup next to them yeah I think I think I don't I don't feel we knew we once. Of course he knew he was -- he said there -- initial comment yes agents and I that he was talking about you know the way. And and has lived with you know. All -- -- the game and I don't know if you -- that -- -- guys but with a questionable characters I think we got to talking to win the -- that that he lived his life professionally in the -- kind of separate from everybody -- he was a loner -- -- yes -- and if he -- with other guys who probably bad guys you got -- and we hear about these guys to leave the -- -- those guys. Held that the cohorts. They're gang affiliated. I think that was my initial reaction to those comments that he doesn't believe naming. Sharon -- -- stands for things like gang thing asked to write -- gay guy drug guy gun guy. And guns are okay but -- going to be shotguns -- -- -- truck and guns with and and I believe that he doesn't I don't want had to back off. -- and Roy has his back -- say never so that's different now he didn't say never -- -- he. When he said it didn't know the guy comes from the reporter initially. He didn't really impressed that he just say he never said. Notably he said but he said in different interviews he never said that today said he didn't -- -- -- not the report written about your nose is reporter yes -- is rock solid I knew knew the guy you -- Olivia would -- all day while my back off the comments what was wrong I don't think the patriot DNA thing kicked it. Why don't all the treaties and avoiding the noise and don't make any noise don't make up the demotion but what would the problem but he just follow up I suspect Matt -- probably thought news wrong news telling this guy this thing in the car owner driver wasn't gonna blow up when he said it. We did publish kinda below long. Oh international that -- funnel them to keep those in these big -- seems like restriction -- guy it seemed unnatural to meet them back off is it beyond the realm of possibility that it unquote was made and it was published published published. That he heard from somebody of course I think that it happened right but he seems a lot closer to you know beat his own man than most guys -- I think he still figuring they'll actually -- we don't mean -- is also you -- wanna be bothered -- -- he wants to be bothered. With nine million no questions and any views about Aaron Hernandez or -- -- yet called to testify in the civil suit. If fans are you ready for the postseason tonight joint TC for -- in sports today Red Sox postings and special TC will be checking in from Fenway on the team preparation for the playoffs but. The policies and special begins tonight at 530 only on -- Now it's Wednesday right if you're out of work government worker. And for something to do this afternoon that we got an idea for -- for you what's gonna cost you not that publicly because you buy the beer money put your money. That's him that's it.

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