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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 10/01/13

Oct 1, 2013|

Ask and you shall.... be enlightened!

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It's all good prominently on Sports Radio 93 point seven WTI. At that night. It's. Time for answers the question generic answer the question which sought an Alley is the big question. So put -- -- years on entering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question that. Are some good questions coming in here today for into the questions sultan Ali and WEEI and Mike Adams applause to join us how you didn't have my view so -- -- good questions Tuesday saw that from quickly perusing -- situation yes as vetoes it. Our Reynolds dating this situation which was. EC east mercy now where's The Beatles and Austin where authorities -- -- almost one people were -- off the year on the year -- -- man don't answer the question brought you by air as a restoration specialists of your property your facilities manager or an insurance throw call heiress to -- yeah disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. Or go to a RS her. Dot com next question. Guy anyway for the guy to avoid being completely robbed. In a divorce. The catch -- cheating. Chaos that doesn't always work. -- economic and in terms of their toys okay I mean I'm human divorce just ones aren't so what do you think about that question. Guys as far as you don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's easy to say what what what are the stats right now 50% I get it right the first time -- -- half the people don't. In a perfect world stuff you know. Guys I have this exam on Friday should I watch the Bruins Thursday nights or buckle down and study. Well it depends what two and a half hour -- wedeman if you watch the Bruins got to the second help you relax you went over study for example going to be tightly orderly time. You don't -- and you know or you're a good test taker I mean there's. The questions I have here I don't like I need more information it's not along hockey games don't that was -- are reluctant to take that -- watch the Bruins. Studied DVR and then you know go back later on -- days mr. you know the result but just take to a just watch more hours for the big deals -- -- -- -- -- the matter. Next question. How many times and years it okay to call in sick from work when you're not. Never that's pretty tough a welcome. A lot of it depends on the kind of obvious and they're simple view of kids that are sticky keys when you want I think that's our he had doubles and let's let's be realistic. Is it how many times I would say you. Most people do what's right once or twice a year. Where they're -- -- opening day everybody in Boston. But people social for the home opener Arnault is if you get sick here you get the third degree by everybody -- talent judge can go back to say my daughter said. Only she was -- right -- doesn't usually you don't usually able to show for work 99% of the time that you're not feeling well when your kids equity gonna say tough it out. He's got to stay home to give Andy -- that he does he have a dog. So we should spur larger arms over -- equipment the wheelchair you guys notice that guys -- and never lie hit me with the next question anymore -- -- -- question thank you very much. Our guys wire hot -- crazy. And me. -- -- -- -- You're so right that is the breeze and that is because because they can't I -- particularly -- oils like -- -- well as soon as well -- You're so right might -- it was -- bit but it's true. OK if you say they're crazy if you say welcome back -- you anymore -- yeah I think if somebody else the second in a deal -- it. -- Guys and probably Indy specifically you know he's been working answer for this girl time what does the better your hip hop. One in the early rappers delight here to the late nineties gangster to poppy seeds are three. Shiny pretty voice who he is the best year ego and the it's -- late eighties to meet the late nineties. Before you. -- -- -- -- They date they were there -- end of -- -- -- -- the defining people of that -- was. It was the best route accommodating as the most defining. -- It's hard it's like it's your listening to beat her most of -- answers it's like asking who's the greatest. The it was it was the greatest jazz. It was more in his opinion like who who changed the game animals. Like this album did you get -- almost one. Nothing is ever going to be the same effort is different. Musically or do you mean punches because there was a lot of countries that. Which -- when you want next question. Mike you know. Album did you get your lifetime. That you decent man nothing's ever the same now for the two papers. Now I mean certainly one did but he believes that position it was sergeant. It just transcend. It and analyzed music it transcendental and it sure somebody that you work with somebody tell me that let it be with the -- of -- -- field. -- now that ridiculous it's just it was nice to learn whether he -- -- now all of them let's 35 minute sort of started seven minutes of rubber soul and Edward Abbey Road. The golden period of The Beatles -- next question. How far below the speed limit to somebody have to be driving for them. That was at the speed and Israelis are looking for help and 45 you're driving 45 let's go -- -- start. Now we are at the speed limit and one Milo and you get bigger thing. Don't don't -- -- days finally started putting signs of them I say. Use of Cliff -- is prohibited except the past right people still don't do it good with the help they are 65 minute left you. Art art how far above the speed limit would you go. When you when you know -- around me like what are you elect a reasonable nine miles an. -- over -- -- or not. Iowa City threesome -- to go by immature people they also hit the brakes a little bit -- saint Michael's ex MI don't forget. We will get pulled over for GWB. Right I -- it would have Fortis your day like high. Way you're skittish Connecticut and a little more -- -- -- -- -- over for anything about the morons that there's a cup gets pulled over so they slowed. Please stop it stop at -- senior class and all you now that that happen to me. On -- and if that means yeah answer these questions is why crowned. Mean you never get pulled over or Dodge Charger. Next question what is the best guy to drop fifteen to twenty pounds of the driving yourself completely crazy manifest worked so well for me that question. So man about -- Campbell's chunky so far I know it's not fun but it's not terrible cocaine and it's a man of experience as it does work next question. Guys running for local office of my wife at my opponent's sign in the front lawn for everyone to the -- that it was a joke that the commission I'd be hit some of directors through a divorce -- -- -- Let's circle back your network in the -- that's why did that she's just got a terribly means that if you aren't my questions she left him. It your lover she actually voting for you or for the other issue libertarian. Next question. How baseball parks. All at least 1214. 900. Current ones or just about. But it's no longer exist like municipal stadium like that have been opinions it was Three Rivers. And that's the great American but I was at her front. In part is the question coming deceased -- hours tell -- -- -- you've been through. What was that which results while they still use for involvement in this Diego echo -- -- Qualcomm whatever. Next question. From. Strip club do you sit on the corporate row or -- sit at a table on the elliptical -- zero. Today really you don't -- you pervert. So now. Which in the what is the rose. Yeah I'm -- like to -- glass screen separating you with the activity you're dangerous. And it -- easterners. Yes I work thought the idea that the -- that with. Death question how should you react when you -- stereotypes racial. Like his services earlier -- -- but I might he have stereotypes mile away half hour is happening I should urea. I smile like a great. The federal what they did it for them started to light if somebody says like all -- all black people can't -- and I betcha can't -- -- -- it. We haven't been curator white men can't jump -- -- -- than we did did pissed me off when -- don't have an immediate and durable reflector against wounded. They didn't know somebody's not glimmers of fairness and Napster's going about very -- invest. Next question guys and you run into someone you knew from but it really associate with when you're in high school -- you. Get excited for like a couple minutes and they -- this is why are we clear the electorate. -- Back like this how you -- or are you really. -- and work today I don't care -- and remember. Boring take your number and now. The FaceBook and -- their own rules -- the next question. What. About the only guy in my class here -- block this by the last class need from a your class. Sometimes people interrupt -- deal. -- your -- first and -- the opportunity that everybody hates me argument to be more important. Next question have you ever gotten out of a ticket. Why. Do you go to. Mike you know but it had -- -- because they did know really really. Yep ask -- -- and -- that's your job and prestook 6048%. Couple Leo. And he said. You know through Q -- After gamut with -- We just need to look you. Away could go to get the -- -- to knew who you are joking. That that guy was you have. Or -- -- it you'll be okay. -- -- -- Gail. If you fight ticket you get out of it can still see that they put you over. That you'll never did happen I mean it's an officer of clean driving cars that note -- you're not. Responsible. Engines in my eyes at my record it was around. Responsible what are you talking about your -- while ago that it got really get that to them fight it was expunged. Due to -- or is it better was found not responsible paid nothing. And search wasn't that. -- was -- better to be used to be found not responsible but its record order have a record of a lot of -- -- it also better to be I've got a guy with a lot of -- Six and one year. Used to -- lost really what to do it again. Producer picked via the Connecticut border Mr. T V neck -- -- -- aboard drive new -- actors. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot going on over the next couple days including the big round table. Thursday night Thursday afternoon starting at 5 o'clock John Dennis. -- and hand -- Maloney Mike and -- you know into a card -- 191 tomorrow and lead comfortable it's excellent for the last night was real I really enjoyed watching the game last -- excited for the next few games and -- -- Red Sox in the playoffs 3 o'clock. On Friday after will be back tomorrow to.

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