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Jonny Gomes with Salk and Holley: We've got 97 wins, we're ready to play anybody

Oct 1, 2013|

We check in with Mr. Excitement Jonny Gomes of the Red Sox as the Sox prepare to face either Tampa Bay or Cleveland at Fenway this Friday.

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They play 3 o'clock on on a weekday and maybe you're not able to watch the first couple of innings of the first half now fortunately it's a Red Sox game that's what 2 hours until 5 o'clock that's what to winnings. So by the third inning you should be -- to grind it out of bats doing their thing third inning usually look at the game Jonny Gomes joins us right now. And then you know people calling -- and -- just caught our areas Jonny Gomes joining is via the AT&T -- Johnny how -- -- -- you thanks for being with us what are what are these four or or five days like here. For you guys as you sit back watch the watch the play in game last night watch the -- game tomorrow night and get ready for Friday. Mom and open about anxiety you know creatures just because. Mean -- this machine here at least they'll you know I mean -- -- and based junkies. There's you know really not count on -- not just going on that we -- -- you know played baseball you know later cheerleaders on the road and hit it. Pretty -- -- these guys geez you know eventually point eight volatile we enjoyed doing what we want to view. On which have been sick you know it's kind of our opponents to what we got here on. An opportunity to start balloons. I'm gonna get something on the line. And -- or a year annually or not on the road opened up which are allowed to work on also our own beds -- -- to work hard. And if you call yourself a baseball junkie if you're not playing baseball I imagine you're watching it. What did you watch last night and if so what were your thoughts watching the the rays in the Rangers. Yeah I did watch what you know -- probably you know I can watch as much based on McCain in order -- -- -- just. You know it's cool to go to -- not -- -- -- matter win or lose you know armed. But you know I think you should -- the -- corrected you know. He's you know wanted to opt out of pitchers in the game. You know some some fishing or anything and happily get your app on the law and now both teams -- -- back on the law. So -- you know the good baseball game on you know obviously our environment -- And you know -- warned the whichever one all year so you know debate couldn't watch. You said that you watch it without really caring who wins will that be the same thing on Wednesday in the we're going to play whoever wins tomorrow night's game won't want to have a rooting interest that. Hatred not really. I mean we got 97 when a main. We've we -- -- a team in baseball that we played. You know -- -- you know a few times. So long that means that I think this team has built -- note to put anybody can beat anybody. Com I think we're okay with what we built here in -- where you know we play our game I think you know got a pretty good opportunity -- -- I saw a story where you've been to at least eight World Series. At as a fan what was best when you went to. Armed. Market really you know go one -- -- on you know just something that saw on you know I was in northern California and urged quick series. 89 you know that giants in the case and that's santorum's problem. I think that's parliament baseball -- picked off. Tour you know I got a best American League that's actually seeing more mild backyard. On. But you know I saw an apple do that work in 2010. And eleven. And you know in those armored Iraqi you know it would have been in -- World Series MVP. -- catches a ball. On you know got us out of school hit three home runs. On. You know a lot you. I can't join in that game six where -- workers didn't counter you're at that game no -- -- okay. I'm -- the greatest World Series game I've ever seen until I mean that that game as it was unbelievable. You have an I mean -- is an opportunity and rapid you know one strike away not -- anyway not hit a wave -- not a straight one strike. And. I mean you know you can you can put that series you know -- In -- battles. This schematic interactive paper machine late -- there and he. Are those -- -- pretty big three big series. -- I asked you this because there -- a lot of guys in baseball. Who who say I hate pinch hitting. I can't do it and then some guys just really good at it I -- finished one home run shy of the team record. For pension at all Roger had four club record five. What do you what what's your mentality before you go of their. In a pinch hitting situation. Well he got three cracks as soon as our communication -- you know now but. I crank out you know better attic you know throughout my career. -- some success at it you know started last year and again this year. But on you know kind of win you know it figured out that you know you're pinch -- -- start you know when your pain call. You know it's -- in my -- that go into it. Obviously. Who would you possibly pictures or. What picture what he'd bring in from the -- and. Or you get off the bench on what their pictures -- in the past. -- what tendencies their catchers accordingly at that game. And obviously the situation. You know who -- -- behind. You know you might get that change it but not again amount of granite base you know the guy on deck. So what what iconic figure out that what suggests you know a year pinch hit and -- at -- there. On the awards the rose -- get into the the -- workout -- -- preparation of it kind of made things easier. Jonny -- with a siren WEEI you know you talk about his being a team that loves baseball be a bunch of baseball geeks -- plane again that's a great thing. But I think that perception would be able OK don't all baseball players love based on the doesn't everybody love to come out to the park you've played a lot of different teams with a what I would guess to be a lot of different cultures. How how does that culture that how was it different on this team from others. -- -- What is it good soldier in pressure for me the idea that it's not like you know it's not like that at all I mean. There -- some guy that is you know pat back god given ability you know when they were. All stars when they're twelve all stars when they're eighteen and all American at an all American act first rounder all the way up. In the game to compete you know they don't have to pay attention to the game is at the pay attention to themselves. You know they made it to the big leagues by themselves and you know what their own talent so you know they feel they don't have to. You know Spain can appreciate -- feel that paved the road for them and kinda you know just go through the motions. And -- our energy Gretchen their exact opposite you know on the other side. And you know -- platelets and possibly future hall of famers. Played you know so many tees and you you'd you'd never know what they're going to be like I'm pretty sure the car park and the and he -- -- ninth -- -- -- students -- And I mean there's there's not one guy on the sense you know called up pitcher. And and I tell you. -- -- democratic seat in so many different ways to lose the ball and get knocked page you're old and injury -- page turning strikeouts Bible all the plays everything. When you break winning down the army and yet to do away. So. And that comes you know study in the game knowing the game play in the game. And now I mean this is definitely the you know -- baseball I Q jima or. Our John got to tell us about your conversation with Greg and the everybody knows Greg Hamlin as the guys -- -- You are celebrating the championship the of the division championship you putted some Beers into the stands pick Greg -- in the head and now. He's got to become an -- your low of one of your playoff game to at least you guys had a conversation what was that like. -- man you know unfortunately. You know you forget that your duties celebrate with -- I mean it's pretty much had the call and contact you know. You know. Our our -- have a good time to understand. You know celebrating. You know you know -- -- for those couple hours I was not. But you know people don't really see you know behind the scenes and you know what it -- to get there. And down -- yet burst my the ball that my life and work out at -- like -- get to that point. And down you know it's always. You know some I don't take granite. But you know that means that he doesn't -- happy if you guys by any means he brought it up first and foremost. You know he's that you get -- pop up at hand and he -- -- one media you know whatever and no I mean he played third base coming up and high schools. Played behind tag people in front pack as yet Japan's. And there's just a lot of things going on right there and now unfortunately couldn't catch out of my guard. But you know -- -- let me know -- in good hands and he. He's ready for the next celebration to get instant tickets. Yeah yeah yeah we doubt there again. It's not like bribery. Yet a bribery by any means you're on. He he deserved it more will get not a game -- as of right now in order and the in the building so great so hopefully -- market. It will you guys we watched the game together any of you guys tomorrow night they play while -- game -- -- guys get together watch. I'm sure. Couple that might you know get together but -- your home ever actually you know so you know I got my three kids like united returns as much I'm out there and you know little beyond in my house and they -- -- junior Narnia beyond you know on the computer that -- happen. But you know. Yeah I'm sure will be to Indian -- Hey -- we appreciate -- thanks her out thanks to being with us today and good luck on Friday MB -- we appreciate it. Or are or are there you go there's Jonny Gomes who would joins us like -- -- the.

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