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Finesse or Physical? How would you classify the 2013 Patriots?

Oct 1, 2013|

We discuss the differences between the 'finesse' and 'physical' labels that are often applied to NFL teams, whether or not those labels are accurate or fair, and what category the 2013 Patriots fall under (if any).

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Jonny Gomes will join us later this hour the belief is 345. Just don't hold me to a 'cause I don't know. Jonny Gomes is erratic is nothing if not Iraq to the belief is 345 -- Jonny Gomes. The key -- for anybody tomorrow if he is not gonna tell us. What does that play for a rare for a Cleveland they -- sticks in Augusta and I simply used to play for Tampa yet. Joseph Maddon -- -- -- a playoff roster. In 2008 so maybe. Maybe he's -- for Cleveland. I mean some people call white sheet debt you'd call our. -- -- to love ambiguity over that mental outlook that. He'll join us it appears -- 345 but at some point during this hour stick around for Jonny Gomes to meet someone talks and pats and you know kind of flip back and forth last night I told yet. A -- watching more baseball than football last managed promise overly invested in the game what's a -- going. But. Doesn't mean that what happened in the football game is an incredibly important and revealing about two teams that the patriots are gonna play a total of three times at least for the rest of the Seattle watched more football and baseball last night as I told -- really looking forward. To that to the dolphins. And saints. Undefeated. In the dome Monday Night Football all the hype and pretty quickly he -- the air. -- went out of that game because. The saints were -- for it. There in a dome it is really tough to beat them there and I got it all -- an adult was loud and you're doing it being really tough to match up with. So the saints were hyped and they were ready for the moment in the gulf war. I mean I just. It would it was a blow up very quickly was at 2110 game and halftime. Then the -- just took over. I'm the third quarter Darren Sproles is all over the place and the -- are good at this do you have the stars so Sproles is one of their big stars obviously Jimmy Graham is a big star. And they always come up with a player. Usually a patriot but you've forgotten about. And and he makes the player to form a few years ago was David Thomas and a Super Bowl run. Four former third round pick for the patriots made some plays form last night big touchdown from Ben Watson that's right Ben Watson. Is another tight -- Who's playing for the saints and he got a touchdown form what do you around little overweight perfectly and brother both those guys so you look at the states. They know they present the same challenges that Atlanta does just better. It's better army is starting with a quarterback like Matt Ryan a lot of apologies on the doorstep to me he's on the doorstep being one of those elite. That the board that the quartet the special quartet I think he's five or six or a really have a lot of respect for Matt Ryan but -- Drew Brees -- their club. So Drew Brees is better than Matt Ryan Jimmy Graham at this stage of his career is better than Tony Gonzales. They've got a fleet of running backs would -- a different challenges Atlanta has no one like Darren Sproles. If I've -- that's really what you can do our job is it like -- no -- he don't know where where's brawls in no way so. I've had a stake. When you're dealing -- the conception through. Of of their up at the plate that the design of their plays. -- -- -- you know maybe an upgrade over my Malarkey as as the falcons offensive coordinator birdies on the level which Sean -- shot a heat it that was a clinic he was given the dolphins -- clinic last night so. You look at the patriots facing the saints in a couple of weeks and facing the dangles this week. Two different teams -- very physical tough defensive line wouldn't possibly the best defensive lineman in the game. Outside of Ndamukong Suh got Geno -- for the Bengals. Did you buy those two games then. Yeah I mean it. -- it very different look at the patriots if they are wrong just six and no but six and -- having gone to Atlanta at one and one. Gone to Cincinnati and one and then had New Orleans at home and seeing dorms at home is the one saving grace. Is I agree you watch them play last night and it's like oh that's a critical look like if they were good. Arriving because. Pace topic matter there's three most important people in the organization ago. The owner the the head coach and quarterback and we actually in the middle of playing a game the owner isn't all that important but you know who is the head coach really freaking important go to court to tighten our. I was telling you wanted to -- last night from the stands well as a picture of John Payton. And that underneath the -- with. Daddy's -- yeah I mean there's different man America are completely different team and if you didn't think that it last year not having them around mattered by now you realize that it does you see them get off to the foreign I'll start looked excellent in doing so that offense looks otherworldly again. And and you say OK but. Take them out of that take them out of the dome take them away from their home crowd which helps their defense which is not necessarily agree unit to begin with make them travel get them out of their comfort zone. And they are not the same team that they are homes sell. I think they're beatable in some ways I think there even an easier match up for this patriots team. Then -- then Cincinnati may be this week's Cincinnati on the road I think is a harder game but I agree -- what you just said in terms of the difference between these two teams Cincinnati in new Orleans back to back talk about running the dot. Right I mean if you can get through a process -- -- first you battle -- Is typical yeah nasty defensive line that once the mall -- offense that wants to run the ball quarterback who's really more about good game manager and I say that with respect and but derisively and -- Iraq as one of the great receivers in the game and yeah I agree AJ green get through that and then go face you know the Denver Broncos style offense -- Drew Brees -- -- in the ball all over the field and just playing basketball on -- runner up and down. You when those two games and completely different ways. You tell me that we're gonna still sit here today on gulf they're that good still guys you know I don't love with a wide receivers are doing with Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork not a -- You win those two -- Well it's -- especially land and now I want to tight end especially if you win those games without events. I'm at a loss of France's huge -- know. I don't humbled before are under selling and understating or not I'm not tickets. I mean you lose the the quarterback of your defense it's a big deal it's a huge deal so if you could without Vince Wilfork. Find a way to get by Cincinnati. In Cincinnati and and that he can disagree with you on. On Cincinnati being a tougher matchup in New Orleans even though knew what was would be here and on the dome. -- got too much that has got too much to account for and I don't. I I have respect for Andy Dalton but he's one of those guys and at the special those elite quarterbacks. It just otherworldly to me only for those guys in the league you're playing one of those guys even know what's your Gillette Stadium. At the tougher matchup in my opinion but if you can win those games without Vince Wilfork. It essentially won the Atlanta game development was there for he was he went -- the first quarter -- three quarters without since then you have another eight quarters without him. I don't care what -- doing right I don't care I'm gonna be like challenges out there earlier points you score is if you win those games that you you you were in the conversation. As as the best -- of football. -- text message here you guys seriously think this pats team matches up with the saints yeah I kind of do because I just watched the match up with the Atlanta on the road. It's not exactly the same or not the same team at the saints in the falcons. Have a lot of similarities now clearly the dolphins were able to beat the falcons where is it just got beat badly last night by the saints I know the saints are better. But now I've seen what the patriots are capable of doing against the pass happy offense without a great defense. Run the ball. Find a way to keep Drew Brees off the field ditch the no huddle run a lot of short routes that you stay on the field for a long time screen game. And then allow your great secondary right now they are great secondary their -- and he. The bar set so high for what people think of is a great secondary. But tell you -- watching Aqib Talib who right now is playing like one of if not the best quarterback in the league and then watch in the other two guys with Dan Burton and and Arrington. If anyone is going to find a way to slow down that saints offense this team is is pretty well equipped to deal. And I say NA match up well -- -- is now I don't know if they I don't know they do. If they match up well -- the -- -- not and then it's another it's another in and a series of tests so this is the -- -- completed part one of the blue book. What -- -- there went over the falcons it was a three part test. You have Cincinnati oh we can can we talked about the beginning of the season the first three games of the season. Don't carry all that much they didn't scare you -- when you look at the schedule in July. And they did and they didn't scare you at any point in September maybe you were scared -- during the games could you look at this jets games at -- closer and I thought. Well as buffalo game closer and I thought but just off the buffalo the jets and Tampa. Not much of a test. Connects three Atlanta Cincinnati New Orleans. Very strong test. If they can get by that three game portion of take an -- it absolutely I'll give -- credit for being one of the best games of football six point 777979837. I get you guys involved in this NC some of the text messages saying oh my god what Cincinnati's a world beater now. Their world beater but -- quality team with a very good defense team on the -- pretty good defense in general offense that if you don't handle it correctly -- absolutely -- you if you're going to Cincinnati to play them. A good team owner of the they're great team but they're good team I have and I don't I'm curious to see how that matches up with the -- or -- Cincinnati a playoff team the last couple years. They have won a playoff game they've made the playoffs last couple years losses to the Texas both times. They're playing a division with Cleveland Austin by -- -- had a two game win streak don't -- up certainly don't buy Pittsburgh their own four. And then you have Baltimore which I wanna get behind but often they lose any glass and ready -- editing their loss last week. The buffalo so yeah I think they they might be a playoff game for the third of the playoff team for the third year in a row that's -- quality -- it and I think -- probably win that division this -- 61777979837. Johnston Rhode Island hi John. These guys are going on -- Bulky just said that we think patriots matchup well the seat because it's the lead to some -- against the -- right. I think that's part of -- -- like I like what they were able to do in terms of slowing down a great offense by using a ball control offense himself. And allowing their secondary to do -- -- get. OK good point but you do realize that it cannot. What you think it was a great time the patriots split out. It was with -- Rob Gronkowski without Danny Amendola with -- Vince Wilfork getting hurt the first quarter with young receivers who haven't figured out it was a great time. Already -- know that there are always gonna have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Well that's -- DP Atlanta okay and why was it -- good. -- is hobbling around out there who don't don't just questionable. And act is -- it was agree and don't get Iran Contra and recruit and to put it. It was maybe the falcons weren't at a 100% jump but the patriots weren't either I mean in theory the pitchers and I can get Vince Wilfork back and appreciate the call the rocket -- Wilfork back fine. But they aren't gonna get Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski back we think in two weeks by then chairman crane onto -- plus they may Shane -- by then. So that by there is that the week after gonna have to say he's talking about Atlanta being hobbled OK maybe they were hobbled but they had their guys out there with the exception of Steve and Jack right. For the for the patriots Vince Wilfork loses it and leaves the game in the first quarter don't have Danny Amendola at all. You don't have -- -- get all Hampshire Avery -- right. That's audit and an and the falcons and have a Sante -- -- he can't play that game I you know you gotta have attrition. And the NFL in just deal with -- and beyond that don't you think the pitcher to -- I mean the assumption is and I buy into it that that Brady's chemistry with these receivers will continue to grow throughout the -- supposed to get worse the Dobson will get better that your boy Josh -- and continue you know on the field more -- pumpkins will continue to get it may be dropped fewer balls that he has so far. I guess some I guess I'm pretty optimistic about that they're going forward supposed to backwards right now 6177797937. Still. Is in Maynard what's -- A man -- so I'm I'm born and raised in New Orleans and it's bleed black and gold. But -- and so like in addition to having a better quarterback in Atlanta. And and I and I have to I have to overcome might prejudice against Atlanta -- no matter how good this morning and never think they're for real. And none but. -- district do have a much better quarterback in Atlanta they greet the better tight end in Atlanta right. Just -- -- -- -- -- no nobody thinks Atlanta we don't think Atlanta is better than New Orleans this year which is saying that there's some similarity in terms of the construction. But the other thing that I have to the other the other thing that I how I did makes me antsy is that the saints can puke on themselves on the road they've really can't. So if they bring their -- game. I and and and the patriots start slow so there always -- but Tom Brady's always stop talking about starting fast -- not start fast against Atlanta. If they don't start yet pressed against the war ones. Yeah how how is that New Orleans has -- New Orleans defense look when you're trying to grind and on -- when you're just trying to run the ball that's -- they struggle right earlier in the game. Like that they have on their. It is not in a couple of things pared their their top five and number number two defense in some respects and that was before last night's game started. And better this. They're playing better and you see you there you know as do security. That New Orleans and you know their defensive coordinator is now. Is that guy who said when he was fired by Dallas had no big deal on average another job in like five minutes is Rob Ryan. So to does look -- -- an apartment and is perfect. He is perfect for for that team in that city in that yeah I mean everything. And -- they get up on you and rob -- able to use some of his creative blitz schemes rhetoric come after you he's right is a good fit. But if you can do what you did to Atlanta run the ball early forced them into a dog -- take them out of their game and don't allow Drew Brees just play with a huge lead and let that defense come after you. I think that's that's how you beat a good offense but. No it lessened in these are these are two great games and look forward to Cincinnati and New Orleans. And and what makes it even more intriguing me that's it that's enough in itself just look at those headlines are patriots vs Bengals in Cincinnati patriots vs saints at Foxboro. What makes it even more intriguing is how the patriots evolved now out of a deal with -- the loss of a Vince Wilfork. Now who who steps and into the gap to the brink of somebody from the practice squad is there -- street free agent they're looking at or the enemy -- trade -- Do you feel like that is a more of a question against the team like Cincinnati than it would be against a spread you out team like New Orleans and not to say that Vince isn't helpful on those games he has I don't -- and minimize his impact. But my impression would be a team like Cincinnati that wants to continue to run up the gut is getting used. You know -- two running backs and keep attacking you up the middle. That's seems like a game where you're gonna miss it's much more. I guess as one of the reasons I have some of that fear about a Cincinnati game as a doubles I won't be surprised the patriots lose this we -- and then win the week. Except he's become he had become a three down player. So and I think he's not tell you if you rightly regularity that he's better if you if you're talking about stop and Iran are at a big guy in the middle of your defense who commands double teams. And in the in you've got a running team. So that you know use your line back linebackers to make a place -- got Vince Wilfork in -- mr. running team. They moved them around. And vent line -- -- defensive end and let's just noted there's a lot to replace. With events and I'm I'm curious as the how -- got to attack it how to do let's go to Jeff and hope Jeff. -- our Josh Josh what's going. It is I would say is like god donating it we -- -- try to -- -- -- right now we have at a guy like this since we've had a scientist Samuel. And like he's really changing defense around so I understand like block -- now I know he says some issues in the past but I mean and the defense around. Well yes he felt and I guess the only question is Josh is how much did you how much is he worth. And how much is -- or how much is -- asking for now. I heard this -- the conversation today among looting a lot of traction out of that and it's a good conversation. I'm not really sure I know what the argument would be against it right I mean if you don't wanna side to sign -- It would be what do you think he's playing right now for contracts are you giving him and his best now. Now I'm not -- -- that we. -- said it was a decent it was a PR guy for anybody as quarterback just PR agent for the patriots these guys the official spokesman for them replaced Stacey James. With a key to leave on in -- they didn't -- and we -- is important man. Am I would've made -- thanks to -- appreciate that six or seven -- 797. And that there -- seven Aaron Harris in New Bedford man. He nodded wanted to -- until I actually -- Leo how the other man I think we're related anybody's. A lot throughout from New -- and I believe black people like the other due to an hour I would want to call I disagree with. The statement that Atlanta is kinda like tool and currently do a lot longer currently analytical like our. Because we're really not -- well. You'll it is not soft Elaine is very soft and and I and -- -- -- battle of attrition and the guy got these guys got banged up we got tied up being up on the world. Kind of -- there there -- We will we will -- to pass off -- -- five years ago I watched them the next year commend Seattle and get run over. I was game -- to the greatest driver ever seen the pretty soft there the kind of stuff. Yeah but -- -- you -- a global well neither is this. Yeah. -- -- there was last year neither was the year before and that's the one suitable 2009 you know and there just isn't even the same decade. I ignored the deep into -- on the election -- Rob Ryan brings a little bit of a different dimension to it. Find out about it quietly you can Google it and Cameron Jordan I don't not household names but I'm telling you -- I'm a saint in an article that this. -- has been different type of a team and a quiet I don't I'm not really I don't wanna talk grapple going to be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like -- -- -- what I'm -- -- What it could get to them this is gonna come hockey match operate there and and I and I and I disagree. Aerial view like two weeks at a time and we're talking about the saints because it's part of the conversation in terms of where the patriots are right now where they be going. But your little -- come back next week how some of that but there'll. Also offered Arafat -- I don't know I don't know -- I don't think there are soft -- soft. -- -- I -- and finally let's giants got out of Giuliani's judgment we have one of my favorite players game there'll soft ground by. Off. They're throwing the ball Drew Brees throw for 450 yards a game it's all aerial attack and he occasionally run on the ball but it's gonna pay it down -- -- -- golf and like -- the last few years yes no they -- yes they. Our awareness and -- Are now made it worse you know he didn't like their puppet abroad so you think a team that -- just over and get on the same page with our glossary here to -- team. That scores a lot of points this off usually yes now I hear -- -- ability to score a lot of points when you don't. Usually ending their team's soft it's not a 100% and you should at an if you're able to combine an offense that can score like that with with the defense and an -- with some tough as those of the teams that and I think -- exhibit -- where it's usually they are clearly discriminate the patriots were -- Their differences with this gives -- office. The last couple years they're -- Kennedy was soft the identity was soft and your passing team. And you rely so exclusively on the past and move the ball up and down and you're not and you don't have a defense that rough and tumble like yeah. I -- I think you're kind of socket and cover people not to drop -- on secure Europe -- -- people or that you were. Your smallish defense they are big guys on defense always always the way big. A physical guys on defense who couldn't cover. Especially in the corner and in the -- can cover so if -- Potomac yards. I think that there's a difference between. Okay being physical. And as being not that good they were physical defense that was. Negative yeah I don't think that and I think if you worry physical defense you're usually pretty good. And so you're not a good defense usually one of the reasons is that your profit -- it you know it except -- dropped pass off trousers are about to kick over I don't. I didn't think they were physical enough I I've I've felt that they were soft looking from afar but last few years and watching the my perception on the patriots went. From being a team that was rough and tumble. To being a team that was soft and now I am I feel and I and it seems as if they're trying to get back to a style where their offer where they are more physical and I liked that about 61777979837. Keeping involve them that's alcoholic W -- Six or 777979837. The definition of soft verses. Not a good defense vs a passing team in the world that feel it's right what exactly does that mean. In my opinion. -- -- T I'm talking about an identity okay what is your identity as a football team right. And if you choose to make your football team a physical nasty mean spirited hard hitting it. Defense of football team who can run it on the ground and knocked you off your blocked. And movie down the field three or four yards at a time is always going to be able to push for a couple of extra yards at the end of every play as a big time physical running back run in the ball. -- -- physical football team that's a hard at what. Album that's one of on the thing but what it would if you can do this what if you have the ability. Because you have one of these great quarterback like Drew Brees and Payton Manning and Tom Brady you have the ability. To take away a team's confidence in the first half. Like the Denver Broncos. Are they a soft team right now know what they're doing is they're destroying teams and a half. Recording Peyton Manning up but you got the fourth quarter off sit down son -- games over. Tell me that's not destroy you what you try to do is take away teams will take away the team's confidence you're trying to bust their morale. And in those teams that can score like this -- make some lumber soft but some numbers so good that they intimidate you with their ability to in the game early what. -- use the word finessed is that a soft does that does that make it easier -- -- for say they've been up and esteem for the last few years and now they seem to be getting away from that I'm and I guess I kind of associate the two. You're either -- team or your physical team in the last few years it might categorize who the patriots were they much more so would have been in the and that's category that in the. Physical and I would also say oh and another thing you're leaving out this range. Would have had to do both. What I can run the ball on in if if I need to do that or I'm gonna go to on the field and -- a half. Well I think you're starting to see that with that with this team this year is that they're trying to draw from both parts of that spectrum but I think for the most part of you're a team that's trying to throw the ball 4050 times a game. You're -- team and then by definition it. You're usually with them rare exceptions you're usually not all that half the team at that point 61777979837. -- Providence what's up Joseph. -- -- -- Maybe they'll do now like well. -- the driver of that -- maybe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean it now means -- always Terrell Davis -- We'll have a cup seemed they were on the run ball back to Rhode Island NIC people like you what those broccoli very. Much a tough team they were run first team -- I mean that was the team that that. Relied on structural Davis met. You and you're buried. There aren't they were they were built primarily see behind what the running game did and then play action off of that and the types of receivers they had mean you're talking about specific -- guys know -- would tell you and all that that wasn't a tough team. Now that that was a physical team often -- team. You know -- -- the dog fighting goes somebody might say. All if you if you had to pick up awfully any quarterback in NFL some people might say treatment some might say rock there -- -- That's a move onto that football game going to be men. That guy -- the press conduct it'll take a look tough mental toughness count so. Yeah Gaza figure out -- -- -- appoint a superb that the porn here is that is about the patriots for the last years not this year's team -- unless -- what does the I'm crazy or is the biggest argument about the papers -- last -- been picky when a dog fight. They can't win a dogfight they can't win the game when it's 120 points. Why do you think that is -- that's an accident because you're not like a tough team and when you think maybe your defense as an -- Michael part of it. If your defense is that good that your kind of soft even if even if you go out hit the. The ball some -- our girls are there there there are lots of reasons for a defense that when -- dog Fata belt I don't. You know if if you can't if you can't stop somebody on defense than yourself Seattle the Jacksonville Jaguars are soft and the Pentagon and -- just know they're not very good. So. I wouldn't -- you know you got to be tougher on defense that can be tougher on defense it's going to be very good. So who knows who knows why did you think about this public that this -- didn't -- dizzy. Here that is pretty soft man I mean that that just sort of the way he means I guess that's the way I would use the term it's about your identity. It's about every individual player and whether or not their strong physically or not. What it's about it and identity that you carved out as a football team the patriots for the last two years have not having an identity as a half football team. They just haven't. They've been good -- they've been financed they've been able to throw the ball all over the place have been able to rack up yards and they've won a lot of games that way but in terms of of what they are again -- realize that. I'd I don't see it. Lawless out of his I don't buy that at all I mean did you talk about a team it's the last couple years for the team that. Lost to the giants in the Super Bowl that lost a -- -- 12117. And then a team that lost last year you know blown out if -- championship game but -- you get to the Super Bowl one year UFC championship game. On the next you do lose both of them and you and your your soft team. Into my and there are still a talented team it's not like I -- -- a very very weren't talented and an unbelievable offense they were able to throw the ball on anybody and the defense made enough plays to get him to that point clearly there were a bad team they're very good team. They're talented team but in terms of a team built on his -- I don't see that 61777979837. A Steve's in Worcester state. Hey guys still great what's up. Right I think Robert Kelly is going to be a big secret that ship our industrial about that. Well I don't know either secretly Asia he's a good player. For the patriots I think elect out of as a complementary player now oh now whats -- role going to be what -- Vince Wilfork being out that's the question but. Well also happened to be ops which -- is a great game on Sunday it will go but -- we coughed up a couple of points. But I also offered. He's going to be a doctor the next how many weeks six weeks four weeks -- -- not widely what do you guys think about. Why -- those I don't know to me why just for the next four to six weeks. Well trust you know when I can't got cracked optic that two guys jumped on the leg and this is done for the year. -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- -- I would very much her friend Tommy Kelly because I think it just a great fantastic job throwing program. And I thought everybody else was spot on in my Mayo had a great game I thought -- spikes out -- a great game two was well. On Sunday -- implant. I -- I had -- -- -- like five snaps at. I mean is it wasn't a game that he was -- it was it was on all all three wide receiver game sees you didn't really see him in the game has credibility of that for -- -- Call it that. Bill is going on man. I don't know too much thought here I don't think the trick historically. -- defense. We say historically -- what do you mean like the last couple years Jermaine. -- -- And and you you and you. -- your examples what did you give up a lot of points. I'm not so much to look at will be displayed what it -- well look obviously and so this week. It'll take two guys on the line and linebackers tackle or right. That's not to believe that there are able plays at the -- the bank it's because orchestrated. -- the taxes. You don't think well I understand not come -- -- assertion on computers you're you're used to tell Maine. That it would be better if Vince Wilfork didn't take on two guys. That's. -- validity -- that. But it can't be that it's the and I thought she did it to -- -- look like. Guy I going to be -- I know you're talking about I appreciate that you agree my point but I don't know what you mean. Talked to me is a defense -- -- when he gets all over you Vince Wilfork is his toughness I don't see how it's determined by where he he what he's whether he's taking on blockers are doing the hitting. Of of of an actual running back and either way it's a pretty tough dude I mean it -- that is not an individual player comment. This is about the team's identity. And I didn't see the identity is being a team that is that is that is built along toughness about it. And I think what with the with the defense in -- we talk about not very good they weren't very good that gave up a hundred yards. But they weren't very good in important category the last few years that they've -- They've they've led the NFL. And turning people over in terms of they've they've -- more people over the and they have -- given up turnovers. Show. That's a pretty important category actually the last again I don't want this to be confused that -- haven't been bad I mean I know they've been a good team into one of the best in the league. About an identity but the -- but that's what a difference if the defense will -- and you'll pursue what went -- what I wanna look for obviously don't give up. Not that's number 100 the number two is. Be very competitive on third down. Get off the field on third down and the other thing is people over. -- -- a possession to a lot. And if I look at it if I look at the defense. The last couple years give up a lot of yards. But didn't necessarily give up a lot of points. We're not good on third down I'll give -- that not good on third down and were able to turn people. Recommends text message here I think this is much more so what I'm trying to say eighteen -- like talk a soft team. Passes the ball when it's -- a tough team lines up and tries to run it down your throat or do we stand when they lined up on 33 Yasser Sunday night -- and actually converted on the first on the on the third down with -- whoa. That's a tough team that's a team with softness in its mentality and it's make up in its identity I think that's what I'm trying to say here. No -- at an opposite I gotta say surprised to hear this from view because nobody is going toward this is going toward a lot of the the demand card. Not all that does not hurt your time in history and a way -- victory yeah. Don't know if you know hey you're talking to run a ball on third -- well sometimes. You should run a ball on third to Alter course -- -- -- -- it probably stopped -- -- -- was probably majors in the first time in forever would you lined up in shotgun five wide every time I'm 32. That's making this statement about your identity and by the way Michael you can witness the soft ball team in the NFL he can -- is an esteem. You can do it -- dated a few years ago the patriots but you're very getting -- that bill would interstates and governor I agree with that caller from before. When -- -- that we would work on this yesterday company dome teams had to have been -- And that was one album. The 2000 -- and they were so that -- -- -- they were criminal as we found out later -- -- what about the scandal would Gregg Williams. Outings and everybody Hayward nasty defense. A little too much -- is in -- again. I do it. I could be an industry got out of -- in being -- it until it. Indeed and as popular as you pay and I'd be. I remember academic issues and especially I mean that the I here's where. You know you got it figured out -- -- -- ballot but didn't. Write. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is that yet and yet Dennis look at look at the teams that are succeeding him in the -- in the playoffs last year Baltimore's been a tough team for as long as you can remember San Francisco's really tough team built on a running game and defense best teams in the league right now I -- Denver right now is has been doing it when more than finesse style Seattle has been the exact opposite. Running the ball down your throat -- physical defense. To me there's a difference there and it's not to say that -- you can only win that when your identity is as a tough team was supposed to have an esteem but. I like the direction the patriots seem to be going and its ports toughness and and that physical game as opposed to more of the finance I liked it. Spending a lot of his perception to you know use you look at a team you perceive that there there are one thing in. Even if stats of Purdue knew we had stats to put to -- prove the point. Would just go buy a lot of this just anecdotal evidence of of what we think of a certain team. And sometimes the stats don't backup our our -- -- -- to come out of the point to start a name -- appreciate 61777979837. -- grams and your calls also Jonny -- set to join it at some point we think in the next twenty minutes or so as we're getting ready for the Red Sox game going on Friday 305. Right here on WEEI soccer -- W the. Those old part of this family physically you know more here. And isn't Ambien just we got we got we got there we these are moss hauls in front and inferno. We got all these guys in front of us you know you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They nothing literally in Russia does not lessen Ridley you know on the double and then you have me in the he's got to go out and establish a physical game. Yeah -- -- that's sort of talking about. Deal that physicality into your identity. Quick schedule programming change Jonny Gomes -- join us after four clocks are apologies if you're tuning in right now. To hear Jonny Gomes we're expecting him for 415. Somewhere in that range so normal show until then Jonny Gomes John asked hopefully right after four at war. First I don't want to see you can do is I'm not calling today's patriots often you know I can understand how you're talk about it to wolf this patriots team. Nothing like Batman I've been raving about the fact that they've gone exactly 180 degrees from that -- in the more physical team as far as I'm concerned final four games they've played. I think it's what won them in the Atlanta game on Sunday night a commitment to -- running game more so than they've had and actually succeeding in it and running down your throat picking up a third and three on the ground these are all the things I wanna see. From what I hope is a bit of a culture shift. From being -- -- team into being more the team that can knock you off your spot I like that I'm happy with the direction they're going. But in order to say that they're going in that direction you have to look at it and -- the last few years. I happen to our. -- -- -- here I would say the only the only. Patriots team that I can recall that was. Anywhere close this out soft. Was the 2009 patriots team that has a team that had a lot of problems. Winning on the road I think they won. One road game in the United States of America that was about it below that kind of basket by New Orleans is -- the teams don't -- that's -- in New Orleans in the and a regular season right. They wanna game in London wanna game at buffalo that was it Perot went for the year. They had the party -- situation with idealist Thomas like hey it's not the Jetsons. Package is jump over cars and get here in time was what a great line. It's not just there isn't -- book club. -- asked bill you have all the answers so that team. Motivation is the -- and the fact that. That I thought was a little soft at -- problems but. Overall elected in some seasons have been better than others if it's hard for me to look at this team recently Wednesday. This this off football team and asked six -- 777979837. Jeans and Springfield hiding. I kind. You are quietly and it and it for awhile and I -- a huge -- and that. The last few years. They've been great teams but it just seems like every time they blew that eighteen it's because the other team wanted it more they were -- They might not been as good as us what you want it more and perhaps how this right there you care that you're going to get that team. And you are hurting. You can still beat them if you want more. Let you know what game I think patriots made that big games that they've lost you know what they've lost because those pins were better. Most kids are better at that time I do believe I believe that. I guess they -- -- a bowl last year deemed a better team. There -- better team at the right time yet the let they beat the ravens written the beat the ravens the year before by a field goal. And image really games and gone overtime to detonate you know Billy Cundiff missed the chip shot they did and I feel goalie got a Super Bowl one year the next year. Iran over ravens were better team. Went to take on the deliberately knocked out -- -- many came to fox brought an opt out Tom Brady the patriots they won the Super Bowl we better. -- get elected they wanted it more mumble jumble I don't buy that at some BS about at all let's go to Randolph talked to Mike what's going on. Hey guys very adamant that. You don't agree there until there are not days we talk about problems that deepen. The rules have changed so much more I look at it is important on defense you know something about that a lot more than denied even the -- -- bit of -- -- frequent. -- -- I it and you know David I mean the economy in the past you know few years which are seeded eight and a long dark vision on the outside. And he got me here to be contingent but Obama. But another thing I think now with the rules are put -- -- not just physical mental why insult others here's. You don't see guys wasting -- you know it many ball encourages the communication it's. Trust your teammates where they're going to be -- where it's supposed to be I think it started it defense. Now that they've played together not a student. Reported about the we have not been on you guys were playing together for awhile now I would go to Q and -- the truck -- not mentally as on the pick and pop. I mean my wedding which you bring up there is a point there was talk to molded in the show before which is. If you didn't think the patriots if you right now both in this is really before the Atlantic game didn't think the patriots. It's -- partly because you're not allowing for the fact the young players get better year by year right. I mean it's a pretty young defense Vince Wilfork and and -- were really the only two long veterans day and rail route Baylor what he -- -- is not an old guy right but but he's been sort of who we started the level law as a player he's not making leaps and bounds ever year but the rest of that defense is young. Or new to them Aqib -- is not quite -- young but he's new energy young player and a parent and the young players safeties -- young players. Your other your other linebackers are hard -- -- -- our -- young players guys donated millions of your head around for a bit -- there's a couple of guys but for the most part they're young players that should be getting better. -- and some of that is trust with each other so it was just growing into being an NFL player so does that may illustrate that you start to put on -- once you get to be 212223. Years -- is getting better. And bigger and stronger almost our domestic policy Jason -- -- kind of ethnic question. A question posed by Yahya bin. In the past -- soft yet -- -- is an injury prone incompetent nasty stuff did you explain this pitcher's defense does not soft I'm not saying that the big huge defense once soft. Yeah it was -- with the finance team. The identity of the patriots for the last years has been -- -- identity was the identity of Danny Amendola Danny Amendola the identity of the -- -- Michael threw stuff -- the sooner you learn to recognize the better off you'll be all right Jonny Gomes will join us were -- here we're hoping for 415 real confirm that 4415. For. Okay well -- hope to talk to try to Colmes sometime in the very near future in the meantime. Public this is complete more. Your guy Michael. Your guys the complete more on Terrell Suggs complete -- so utter. More liked to wait to hear the latest claim takes crazy to a whole new level. Busily set about Roger Goodell play for a four for an ex alcoholic WB yeah.

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