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Lou Merloni charges the mound

Oct 1, 2013|

Lou tells the story about the first and only time he charged the mound while a big leaguer.

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2001. I get sent down AAA plane in Durham that day I get that done played that night Michael -- in fifth Coleman goes deep. 435 out of four point is that a bomb -- dead center of the hell out of it in the knicks' pitch I did drills. And I'm pissed that -- -- -- just pissed susser argue with the pitcher. Where John beckoned forth get the first base and called everything a bookie John -- -- mad at me because coma just took them for wanting to dead center. I get the first base G tennis suffers speech coach keeps yelled at me and yelled back at him and he says if you're scared don't get a box next up. Now I Dick I get hot and now he's -- amount -- for first G tennis in their first base coach -- break it up again it's like come up again expects that debt. Those occur ball at their that a back stop the next pitch it's -- up the -- fastball and I charged amount for the first time in my life in Durham charge amount. Now this do was locked did he was like seven and all that early in a year use the best pitcher internationally use a prospect for the rays use everything right prepared to back that. And we and we would -- them on a -- Polly's enemy -- -- at a meeting its debt died immediate jet dynamite -- it's too late to get seventy people on top of us my shirt ripped off because some would grab my shirt. And I'm walked off the model like this is great judge gets sent down appears like a joke twice I've no idea why did it to me. That was Mickey Callaway. Is -- Cleveland Indians pitching coach right now in a big -- So they're pitching coach is the only guy in my career I've ever charged amount ever in my entire life and he's their pitching coach. All week hopefully I guess -- one of the good points will be if Cleveland does come here we did we can talk about it we can have our discussions that final why the hell we drilled me whatever I was twelve years ago. The Indians now now you're on the stands across example. Com article four on the -- he -- bottom of the pile. Difficult ultimate big dude did you get that amount catcher basement it fell Q on the way guy I got to. I pulled the historic baseball it's about ten feet from a -- Distract will be intact. -- shot in there about it it was just -- mile -- the movies you're on the it -- -- that as he's now at -- -- -- -- -- -- and the only guys the man's helmet off pros. At the pitcher. The -- that it would -- it. That's the that's that's obvious. Throw -- Full. Picture. Out. Number two on the roster here now once the -- cases over have you in -- you guys patched things up he'll laugh about it now see him. You talked about it and now. -- Now again during an interview with them all Indians come into itself. There's no doubt like to talk them tomorrow at a preview Indians raised estimate -- they lose that game we -- -- ball four point in the angels me. The usual -- I feel grateful. It. One apparent due to an extent delegate -- actress -- the only time charge amount because we Tampa -- incident are afraid to mix it up you defended teammates he'd jump in a fight -- what you do it yet never charged them for life so -- -- -- start one like that -- start. -- me twice that affected -- so three pitchers from tool that I have I haven't seen the videotape. A goal by your your story here but it sounds like a first duties. You might have instigated this pretty well I mean you could get a team tenants of the between YouTube after he told me about scared. If I was scared. Inactive in the batter's box next country told me that. Looked scared don't -- next time mr. oh is this what we're gonna do it in -- yeah. Indian -- don't like it is threatening and and your favorite of four major leaguer this guy calories on the gay guy. I can't wait to talk to him now I've but take back not room for the Indians here. This will be worth it YouTube together as eleven in seven years at 307 goes. At the time you're 70 journal will be -- Friday at the needs of their -- we re enact this maybe if they let us in the field early. Re enact -- it Lou first time -- autumn while it -- it's -- need answers when he talked fighting is only certain guys you can now a million expert opinion on I see someone named OLB joins us on the eighteenth the outline LB just drive around calling in the show up Albany. I love you guys my little little yeah seriously. Seriously impressed with that with the further on that note yes the unbelievable it's it is Terry O'Reilly put back in the day. It's true that it wasn't gonna drop it on the right -- quote eight. Don't be distracted that you know on I'm like -- lion on that year the meat it's unbelievable well the. Almost almost always great fighters have the same mentality. -- -- pick -- the collar and I heard here at army and actually will sleep well my other chair there. Any thing you can do to distract the other. You need an and they all -- it in the world. And. Today I'm all for whatever they got distracted right -- me. The way it's only fair LP and meet the -- to 94 monarch heaters up my shoulder what order marketed a look at it just -- right. And he didn't charge amounted to the right thing out just this one -- one little tidbit that I I wanna I wanna make treat Obama this direct way. When you when you see here. And I and I and I think that you need to and to -- -- it tell it okay we're glad it again with her now by USA tomorrow. Amid the nasty -- So in mine he -- -- -- don't. Twelve years later you have reluctant -- annual cycle right out it'll be great it'll be -- yeah it's -- -- -- real all of our pulpit mark on the beat it. I -- -- deviate call Friday before the game will cool over the approach again. To Jack -- to come out and you you come with -- you be my camera guy. And I really wanted to finally baseball player. If Omar. A bit. -- -- -- -- -- And I don't become kind of famous for my signature catch phrase. It has been seeing canister of play. -- it. It was I don't -- I heard that I convey analyses Ennis Texas like eighty guys and and -- tennis at the plate whammy at earth that Jesus messiah or man teachers would goods. And it's intense demand boy get a lot of respect year off Fernando on Twitter says where can I get a Mickey Callaway Jersey hash -- favorite player Ashton -- Lou. Not Max has time -- take the man out for pasta and wine dinner. Mike is not a date and configure. People talking about here you take you for stayed out for pasta and wine it was funny as well as the exit you know. Drizzle it's highly charged amount via. Big league pitching coach right now they're -- there's the connection to the Indians go right were I've relayed a couple times -- -- as the students get a break welcome back 617779. 7937. That as your phone number AT&T text line is 379. -- 37. What the world happen a Bill Belichick yesterday -- all concerned here. All of the concern that someone drug bill before it went on with salt and -- because. All the sudden mr. -- patient became mr. answer man. Hear from Bill Belichick and patriots thoughts next.

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