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Don Orsillo, NESN: on the MLB Postseason

Oct 1, 2013|

Don Orsillo joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the approaching postseason, the AL Wild Card game, and who the Red Sox should want to play.

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Our -- -- not a 37 WEEI the playoffs begin. Tonight the National League since C and Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh. Wednesday rays and Indians. And then Friday Red Sox in the American League -- the wild card winner on the other side. Good match up between the Oakland days in Detroit Tigers on a call. Dennis -- -- buck Martinez two guys who have been on the show this year one guy hasn't done a solo. Change that right now Donna are still joins us how guarded -- when you're set to. Huge fan there's no bigger fan a dollar solos NASA mailbag and make greeted every week I'm saying. Print out. Highlighted and finally get a chance to talk to one of my heroes -- are still got what little area. I'm doing what are you guys doing. Ali Daly hits you get anyway isn't it Milbank -- Between five and then at the more and there -- lots of different computers. I don't know it's -- very controversial -- -- try to keep it -- that would like to do it might melt back. See you see you say that sarcastically and then couple weeks ago you went out just sort out there that attic you know Jon Lester John Lackey. Are gonna get a post season start 12 and lo and behold. Somebody locked and loaded here is game -- game -- it looks like by guy Clay Buchholz -- be pushed back -- a couple of games here and I read that first your mail bag on its on site. Well they were among you throw enough stuff to the -- problems that but no I actually had a little inside information on that conversation took place. About the you know the home advantage is Lackey -- you know that the buckles was kind of I didn't some of those working the kinks out the end of the year to get ready for the post season and I an inkling that I may have heard something that that led you to believe that. Nobody's seen -- -- all year long you've seen all starts in early year in what he's like since he's come back and must point out the other day at that last start and -- I said that here's a guy that that -- thickest stuff is so good he can still beat guys output. Demeanor when he is on he freezes guys he gets guys strike out looking and whether it's two -- the cutter and that location is missing but the stuff is still good enough what. Would have you seen since he's come back. -- I -- -- the -- the -- -- to be given years the way he's started it looked like this could be a Cy Young award winning here. As the year went on obviously you know what we're about it help yes I've -- Lucy -- been healthy all year. And I think that's a little frustrating for him frustrating for the Red -- so much surfaces. Body -- what it is the bottom but the region is unable to get through an entire season but he comes back and stuff is so good and give general all four of his coaches at any time. And I think the fact that this guy is back and pitching well he's an electronic gone through. Our spring training again and as you know become -- worry about three or four -- -- -- that debt aren't going to get during spring training. Hope that's not the case here and I don't think it is. But I think don't want them to have him as your number three starters Eugene and certainly as you know all the sorties you're gonna need those three -- starters in the and that guy is. That didn't anybody out there I think. I thought he had chance go back and start the first -- pitched well until Jon Lester credit Don I mean he. He got a weird season Manny had a great start and -- just in the middle there was a 67 week stretch where. You know what you're gonna get and that nine daybreak at the all star operate turned his season around what. It was it as simple as getting him rest is that we saw with the change in Jon Lester -- that all star break. You know he points to that I have I think there's something to that because I think he was tired dorm at the end of the break and I think that the it was a good move its primary like wallets. It with a few more days to make here but he points and that is being a real turning point -- he's -- And it didn't if you look at the numbers you look at what he did obviously it is you know and and I think he also made an adjustment. I used constantly -- -- was delivered during the first half of the year I think this goes back to the fact that John -- here this year I mean I really do because that's played. On the -- the terrific job but I also think the important job Furl but cannot be overlooked this year and I and I booked a book called -- looked a Lackey in that regard. Because they are they all have heard from his voice before the fact that he's talked things from the other side of the field probably didn't he -- -- about in years past. This year he did and those guys bothered in the big planet and he certainly is one of those guys it was possibly. Changing some things and then settled then intimately there was a stretch there they're reminded me of the job -- terrible BP for the Red Sox staff and you got to be impressive what he's done and then you know you look for any big game because pitches and it made sense that he was you know first game starter so -- it was very very good the second half from the I think they have certainly a lot of -- -- Yeah we spent a lot of time talking a -- who you would rather play and but I think Obama's no we really wants that Red Sox I think they are loaded but if if they do get bounced. I think it will be because that seventh inning that middle relief area is that a concern of yours still do you expect Jones -- to go Koji may -- for six -- You know it is a concern we -- figured out the last couple weeks let me take a look at the guys that they have been kind of auditioning if you will. And nobody's really stepped up I mean outside of you know there's the present situation that he's going to be in the -- Without -- mean you've not been the same guy and that that that worries me a little bit. And you wonder because he's gone to a territory we've never Bennett before as far as innings pitched. And appearances -- mean his. Splitter is not what awards before his velocity now the world before so that evening concerns me the guys you know we're going to be on the roster. But if you back without and you look at that and academic and who's going to be there. And that is a concern because the guys that they have been auditioning all the last week or so to figure out where that benefit. -- -- -- -- of nobody's really stepped up and the and that's the concern because you may not get. You may have restarted and that leaves early which are open adult but it could happen what happened then and it easier possibility at that point that. That's a little bit that's the one area support to otherwise you know a lot of students starting rotation -- You know Cody going to be good but sometimes that can be pretty crucial in the playoffs than -- right now I'm not sure they have an answer. Well and to follow up one of the guys the -- that I think Lou -- -- Brandon Workman Don and you guys saw him try to work a lot and it seems like. And the results weren't there could you see him getting a big out being asked to get a big out in the seventh ending somewhere in there receipt. You see any earlier in a game and he lost that right pace and high pitched the last couple weeks. You know the F system doctor or not changed amid I think he is extremely competent and -- and I compete and coming on the spot and you got to work. He -- did not go well clearly to unfurl always -- his back at them like this that often. Clearly the organization loves them and I think -- at some point he's going to be the starter -- brought them actually start very well. Earlier this year but I could see that happening you know I really do because. Take a look at the other options in the and he may be the real one of those guys that they -- you -- that -- -- -- it's going to be very instinct. -- you -- about the the matchup and you'd rather have obviously Cleveland has leukemia over Tampa. Obviously scares me that scared me all year long but the other thing the big Cleveland you have that that you would like -- it was cardinals in the Philippines from years past. The other way they've -- -- sometimes you can -- the post season and you may not have the best team. Are you may have beaten up on the lesser lights Little League but it once you get in the -- -- everything seemed to change and -- -- -- them and that you could see some of those. Boost -- -- -- -- so I mean I think anybody cares about obviously rather sickly woman that tip of that. Yeah I think just from what you saw from price last night you know I think that. I think Tampa. Has just as much concerned maybe even more and get the ball -- -- Rodney and he has been shaky as well and their -- relief is is scary prompted does nothing for me so. But affecting steep price twice and a guy like more probably opening day. The concerns you more. Yeah popularity and helicopters -- will be MMX and he split them on the -- tonight in the wildcard game for -- billion to get hit in the head earlier this year. And I just come back stars three you know that's the meanings and other guys that you have to deal with that series but. You have -- right they knew -- Fernando Rodney this year is not in the same guy many of the public fastball. Given to -- me confused me is. And I think the idea of the employment that you that you can get them and -- -- have a few times this year it is so. I am not a guy that really concerns me that much of their -- to me has been the most surprising part. -- regulate the good that have opinions that it integrates starting pitching ridiculous you know solid relief again. But what words were right gonna come from then guys like James Loney stepped up while Gloria is always going to be there but -- abreast -- many guys. But they've actually put together pretty good offense but somehow begin redundant and they're getting timely hits as they did last night. We're talking Madonna are so -- he joins us here we get set for Red Sox and Al wild card team coming up on Friday heard John Ferrell tell you -- in the aftermath of the little winning clinching you know that was spot that he sort of recognize this team might be different ones in Cleveland after the marathon bombings -- watching his guys Don. On that first base -- watching guys they Jonny Gomes the Boston's strong 617 shirt you're around this team more than most people. When was that moment for you when you recognize this might be a team that has a chance contend for that's the playoff spot in the -- -- There were two occasions then and they're both sort of revolving around the same thing I agree with John. -- we get into Cleveland got a member of the week. Tremendous. I don't know what 1512. Minutes before the bombs -- soft. We were headed to the buses to -- to the chartered a flight to Cleveland and we're sitting on the buses and leave all the striking homes and homes are. It all the sudden people calling in you look at your Twitter feed them and everything's happening. When we arrived in Cleveland they organized -- team -- And they get together and I believe if I'm correct 2325. Guys or there. -- -- had you know Pamela commitments -- things to all they landed. At that dinner it was discussed as a group what what they were gonna do as a unit. And that's with a six point seven shirt came from. That's sort of the you know -- whole Boston strong thing came from. What they wanted to do as a team. To tell you all different that is from anything that's been here the last three or four years. It's pretty drastic. Do you embrace the community for some these guys who have been here for not even a month. The way that they did and an understanding get it as the team. I had that stand there on the lines in Cleveland and you to look at them -- emotion in their eyes. There were two years. It was a group that got it at that -- away from this is totally different and then we get back home. The first game obviously wouldn't postponed. We play the first MRI is a big game after the -- to take place and after the road trip. And you're looking for a moment this you teleport you to me was dead a modest three run home run. In the bottom of the inning of that game that really you know those guys were playing so much emotion after the pregame ceremonies that have taken place the people on the field. I think it has taken place the fans really come out to a large gathering again at Fenway Park. Those are two pretty major events remain but I have to say that I I get this -- wrong as far as playing goes and I think most of the stood. When spring training started he took a look at this rostrum he took a look at the team that debenture and put together I'm not so sure you'd you'd probably more than a third place finish to -- that. And -- Saw some great guys hear about all the great chemistry wouldn't equate. Two wins and losses and and boy did it ever and so I think then did an amazing job but I think this team came together very very early. An accomplished a lot of things and and they -- not done. All right guys are out there in Oakland he gave Oakland Detroit series that you and act and Buck Showalter non those lot of preparation that. This second book ever sit down before this game it's OK listen book when I talk about let's party. When it's not easy cheese airdrop when you -- -- -- prepare block for the let's party line or. I gotta do that I haven't played them yet talked about yesterday we're we're meeting soon and then we're gonna go over the -- more talk about everything else. You've got to be ready for this because of the fact that you've not been in the and the playoff boot he's been in the studio for the last two years. However -- appears actually to 2 -- so instead the new group I'm Brock is not ready yet for educated she's mediocre chiefs. Dollar. He's gonna have to be ready for this dominant top to bottom and let them know that I would explain the -- -- before they. Richie well you you -- -- you make the big iron Don Marcelo. So ask you the question Bob in the ninth you have to choose Bradford or salt. In the -- that you've re double header -- night doubleheader you got to pick one of those two rappers salt could do yourself to be an. I don't -- -- that's -- -- -- particularly kids he would yet that's what. This -- a pretty good job that you wouldn't you know I think Wimbledon and all the guys that we ended up having two different so the news. -- this all the -- of that thing.

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