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Indians or Ray...Mut and Lou discuss who they would rather play

Oct 1, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the two potential teams the Red Sox could face in the playoffs and which one they would rather see at Fenway.

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I mr. I hate one game playoff baseball what do you think last night great was also the wage should be played just horrific last night I hear you for six months bitch about it. This one game playoff scenario and -- you don't like it and meanwhile I know you locked colonial last night you had duke also. The David Price mowing down the Texas Rangers really are -- to win when. They won 62 when he still the best team that's which should happen. Call on all I analyze manufacture hiding behind semantics the one game play out in baseball is great if we don't know -- it teammates. The tiebreaker. You know the better team is who's the best team to go to the playoffs that's will be to Atlanta and I love it. We're gonna find that -- we -- the best team is an -- -- -- -- find out Wednesday and actually find out -- Cincinnati Pittsburgh and who has the best team what's the difference. I love it. We mean what's the difference negatives again it doesn't matter how does it matter to get one game playoff baseball -- -- set Joseph does I love I don't care how you get -- just get me there so let's get me they're like last year was a perfect example what 78 game lead over Saint Louis. They're playing each other we we configure the better team wants to play one game. Tell me -- Saint Louis at Atlanta and not let it was better than Saint Louis last year. They won one game they got hot at the right time this is the way it should be done -- -- 162 games should not quite sure the better team is because at the same damn record that you play one game play and exactly thank you. The Cleveland Indians won the wild card a one game better than Tampa Texas there on the app reportedly getting ugly playoff play another game -- So be it will she would happen I don't care about the ingredients in the food taste good at the end of the product is. We have and I know one game playoff taste good Iran they'll taste it taste good. They are always good tonight when you get Pittsburgh back in the playoffs the first time in forever out an awful it was like Cincinnati of that series did a year Pittsburgh for sixty. Would have you have three playoff games. Three. -- what won the series to go on the post season. The way it should have bad but instead you played a lot home field that can't yeah yeah the one the only game tonight and you kidding me. It would have been perfect we had three teams battling American league for one month you would -- -- pretty amazing to keep playing one another. And the winner. Would've gone to the playoffs not Pittsburgh get a brawler but still. Have decided on the field and a series of 162. Civil and decided one. -- -- -- Will the American League and nationally NL game is tonight Cincinnati Pittsburgh tomorrow we now know after last night's result five to Tampa Bay and we Tampa -- traveling in the Cleveland. Indians hosting of a playoff game will call that for the first time you're in 2007. If they play baseball calls it a playoff game -- the last night with the tiebreaker wild card I'll -- the pot was at the wild card -- -- 162 electing thirty rather -- to get a 63 here yet the way you saw the promo on TBS that the hot the the graphic they were showing that something like. This is the tiebreaker play in game and it's a playoff one game playoff embarrassing on Tuesday Wednesday you know level wins tonight gets the playoffs will always the Arctic its report and a reminder last night as you sit down watch thinking about some of the -- be cool things the cool stuff. About a playoff game like very early -- -- that second inning. When Adrian Beltre rip one into the corner and that bat like ripe for this batter of the game. Pierzynski and price going back and forth price taken a sweet ass time recognize and every single at bat. Is gonna take allowed for Hinske fouled off pitches over actually price got too but it was just like round of the gate that inning. -- these saw that attention back in for that difference love that. Off when you watch it last night it was playoff atmosphere there's no question about it I'm who's delusional. How different it is than any other playoffs and why I love playoff baseball. You -- Seton hockey. Right football kind of the same thing in baseball. Because of the slowness of the there's so much stress. Right on every single pinch that there's just the stress because it's like a -- got 11. Oh god it's 21 and through. -- -- -- elect you know it's just every single -- fouled off. I'll I'll pitch means so much more and because it's a slower sport time in between it's more stressful. That is you know hockey yardage you secretly it back and forth amazed actually amazing. Best playoff because it's just constant action but it's more stressful on the game of baseball. Well because you have. A different one like it in hockey right you you went on a Tuesday -- a hockey the best you know hockey playoffs and out one of best things in sports. You get those moments where give the shot comes or 211. You get to type baseball situation and again I'll go back last night's second inning Pierzynski price. Applicants who want one every 35 seconds because that means that much early in the game be what is -- get that Ronald is priced out of the inning. And it's. This way and that's a tough time because some of these games going to be late the Red Sox get to break. With these schedules the first two games but there's going to be an 830 game. That we first page 837 on TBS somewhere in Tampa or Cleveland game three game four right. And it's going to be 1130 it's going to be midnight you've gone 36 packer. Eight -- twelve pack and -- like you said -- your seat. Ninth and tenth inning extra innings like they used the word stress because that's when you watch and it. It gets it's emotional it's a roller coaster back to -- that pitch to pitch I think your Red Sox -- forget it because last time you were here. It went so -- quick. It was 2009. Good morning good afternoon good night see a double bubble it was cute couple -- are rare he was Rivera in the playoffs up until that game that Sunday afternoon at Fenway. Where he got beat for the first time ago. Well I guess laughter and it's and it's the importance of of defense and not given notes. Area baseball gods you make an error in the playoffs they use the score on it. It's also like every just leave the kind of pitching -- against the every run is almost worth two. Mentally. Neagle won nothing the first -- -- down one nothing. You know last night read one game out which one more and aboard 31401. C seemed like it was 621 right -- just. As a guy that's that's gonna be a category that home run of like with tens but it's sort of saint like you know it's you're looking at -- in the the one nothing game it's a three run bomb it's game over. Practical against price to a game ballpark is going to insurers -- game over his go up against whoever whatever pitchers Buchholz Lester you know it's just game over. It's every single pitch matters and the intensity of and the stress of it is beautiful and I can't. Wait and just it's the calm before the store. Trying to relax 3 o'clock start. 3 o'clock start. I mean really under a plus I'm never said the city of Boston. 3 o'clock action PBS and then 5 o'clock on Saturday the best you know team in baseball can't get a -- and 8 o'clock spark. Really. The best record in baseball we can't get an 8 o'clock start. Is that without that element right now do you -- Terrell Suggs of the commissioner disrespecting the Red Sox here today is that what you're saying. -- -- -- for the Boston are those those baseball UK one okay first of all afternoon baseball for game one which is awesome I. Entered the arena. And shadows -- should we but the days that eclipsing its outlook for Thursday in the shuttle back this game and pitchers and hitters with -- as they do -- -- as a fan. The day drinking half -- opportunities for the BO seven Red Sox game on Friday in October when the -- both the -- picturesque. -- Could not be better -- -- that -- -- with all that it would definitely nothing complain about they could not have been happier to see 307537. On Saturday. I can use the clock -- on Saturday. Do you want 5:8 o'clock -- right now I want Friday after you don't want a proper start Friday analysts at their support 536 interest. Get hydrated. -- well we're going to be spent Friday maybe. Right leading up to that game though we are going to be outlined the mixture is actually asked to write that year but we're going to be there are so. However much opportunity again hydrated but it's cause -- and just one of the game that means half today it means the liquid one launch it means -- home. At a reasonable hour. Those are all good things like that reasonable to -- that reasonable Coleman reasonable hour. Or go to dinners -- -- priority in prep yourself ready I have heard complaint -- absolutely crazy. And when the game is over. Go out for a couple more than not be reasonably go well that's that's what you want to. First playoff game at Fenway if it's in 2000 and now I'd happily at the best record in baseball game at 305 start. And then a 530 they'll be playing at 8 o'clock starts nails yet I wrote this respected again. But disrespect it that team will. You're so wrong about that AT&T text like 37 -- -- out of India and in the post season off -- -- -- really -- Lester and more coming -- -- center field. Whatever is out there it's just be played the build stadiums. But it ones on the -- -- clock I agree with the -- percent playoff baseball played in night -- the middle of the day 12 later at a better one on the game Friday I'm ecstatic about the three of 71 pitch down. Such Debbie downer on this. Friday or anything happened. Or use a debit downer it's it's it's it's it's 7575. Degrees Friday right at 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the fall. Is freaking perfect eight years and brought them. The respect it's at it's. Afternoon baseball the best afternoon playoff baseball even better and a couple of the week out. Feel like I've heard down on this -- of 3 o'clock game. I you're gonna get a 1000008 o'clock games they'll be a time where you have about three hours asleep. After a game becoming -- do the show next day -- -- excited about that 8838. 45 for -- TBS through your way -- as a status thing it -- -- makes my life lobbies here is we're doing. The our post game or a Comcast. On -- tank weighted -- -- audio of each other for for an -- post game immediately following right after the pitch over Comcast sports net. So. Up on the game's over -- I am not gonna be up till 2 in the morning which is nice for me I just don't like I don't like the playoffs you know. The 3 o'clock 4 o'clock start is difficult in all ballparks. And I don't feel like the best record baseball should have to do that game. That's what I feel. I hardly the 5 o'clock start the beginning of the game is will be testing is while the the best team in baseball should. After a 162 games -- playing day games especially in a Boston market this year beginning at least one night. I loved Dave baseball slash I've -- knock on and I remember you get off the boss Ron and in. Clemens against the a's in Oakland got rejected early on that game but it was all you thought about all they got the bush get -- watch and was what 4 o'clock in the afternoon. There's something about Davies the last 1 o'clock out there. Last night was played in a night game and David Price. There are some opportunities there for Texas right -- David Price. Is that not a great career was like at ten ERA. His career during their -- games there at the ballpark in Arlington and they had some opportunities early and and his control was not locked gamble once he got through. I'd say about that third that fourth inning and it got to be three nothing got to be 41. Philippine mr. attorney authorities say it's about Tom Glavine get Tom -- early labor market again and and a -- So it -- priceless that's a great start in his post season as well as first couple is can be important because that's me wanna jump on on anybody I kind of chuckle at -- you know. And a price it's important numbers against Texas in the past import numbers down at Texas but. If you think for second that this Texas lineup -- the stick his team was like who's -- a price hawk is Gary is what against us well all is to be good for us. All he can't put patient Texas it should be an easy one for us you are crazy. He is still one of the best pitchers in the game -- -- -- those splits and it takes the most numbers just throw out the door is that guy. The way he throws the baseball forget about the past forget about what he did back in college high school minor leagues 200890. And well he's a top his game he he throws the ball like that. Eat he throws it. And it goes back to one of the reasons why again. You know there's certain guys -- in the post season there are certain players where. Sometimes it's they can beat you and it's not your fault Miguel Cabrera is a -- hitter. Which commit greatest pitch in the world Miguel Cabrera is healthy -- great -- it's just not your fault he's that good. You think picked our way out of his own no question about it the water -- -- Emmett perfect pitch and I can do about it. I feel like they have potentially more guys in that rotation you can say that about that anybody else read that ticket potentially face more quickly. Because of that at it's it's still obvious to me that you don't want any part of that tickets you will get David Price twice. You get a twice. Gonna get a Saturday night game to. Any -- to game five. Because the two days off against Saturday late afternoon Saturday 530 with the shadows thrown out of center field -- Matt -- back to back Fenway Park. Seats -- soul for the playoffs. White shirts up there everywhere black police in center field to lefties thrown out of the crap. You're gonna get twice. Go to Danny Salazar is what I set out weak showing last night talked about the early portion Nike for David Price. If you want to -- -- didn't look good at all if you look at mixing up his pitches the fastball command wise it was spotty. A that the Rangers kind of mystical cooperatively some big pick -- early and and I don't think offenses understand how big will -- that is for a pitcher to get an accidental out. After the third or fourth inning when they scored that real stubble when they scored that second run. That was their chance they didn't when they did they -- advance that to me that was the end of the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Smart play by him all right you know that's not -- you'd like -- telling you like unacceptable. I don't like block in the block and first base and pick off move. I just don't is that unwritten rule you hello hello and aware probably -- follow whatever you want. But bush -- nobody's sure and it's gonna globex spikes personally lead off first base. Gay he wanted to go back -- first drop and he -- back despite the living hell idea. But it's not gonna happen everybody goes back -- first huge company. Okay that's crap -- in my book. I don't like it one bit. So they get that one and they get kids later on he -- them off and from there it was just sort of that was going to be it. And it was John crock after the game we talk about teams being. Relaxed this time a year he talk about. -- -- you have to control your motion you -- what you're emotionally before your first playoff game -- talked about that lack of emotion in Tampa Bay yesterday. To me Tampa Bay was the relaxed loose team ready to go in Texas was a one because they're home. And they know last year in the wild card game to get -- world they lost at home get on that went to me look like they -- as tight as could be. And it felt like that I've felt like the that the Rangers. Even with -- back in that lineup -- get the price early. You work and get too late -- game and so they lose the route at the team I want at the Seattle with three teams you -- faced. I wanna see the Texas Rangers for a multitude of reasons. The team I still don't wanna sees the Cleveland Indians. I still don't wanna see that team and aided this. This idea that there are a bunch and nobody's right and it just happy to be here bull crap. They got a managers won two World Series -- guy Nick Swisher receive exactly how to win they got a bullpen made up of Abbie great -- but some veterans back there now led by Justin master who was their best starter wife son Richie oh. Who preach others -- Saudi help up ST when he was healthy yeah he got a sense right now waiting area this year well. EU what anybody talked about how once you get to the playoffs and how this is important for baseball players and all athletes. It's a dissident slate are able to see a stretcher so why are they reliant Bryant shot Joseph Smith Cody Alan. Joseph Smith pretty good -- He's had a good career price that some years where he's been a guy can rely on towards the -- and by the way back and not greatly -- brands. You throw master that makes you know what inning and two thirds inning at third on Sunday. Odd to help them clinch he's gonna backed out of the pen to. And if you look at these two teams like I I. I feel like you'd discount. The teams they played against and so it looked like I do I don't there is no question if they win their twelfth game enroll on Wednesday. Right they're a -- -- and beat anybody except for that camp and other -- And there's no question rhetorical particularly teleconference. The Q how did not. The Red Sox look like in September last year. I bet if you played them. Sixteen times. If you play the Boston Red Sox sixteen times in September we -- would be. We think it being. We pretty good when he -- fourteenth to 151 each each against that team last September yeah and that's the that's what the Indians did. -- that they they they're a good team but let's let's tackle crazy here again we we sat here like September 6. OK and we said look at Friday September 6. And predicted that the Indians would host a wild card game and be in the playoffs. Because of what they had in front of home. At the Mets would know Harvey -- Chicago six times he had Minnesota four times he had Houston four times. Yet the one talks -- to play with the royals. You went to four against the so are their play with a lot of confidence. Right and they are good team. Because of -- gonna get to twice if if they come to -- -- got to play good teams to win the everyone that's left right now is a very good teams -- dangerous team. I -- but I just feel like any of these teams can win the American League except Cleveland. As I still feel that way. Cricket pitches looked good great ERA September. Legal teams again I think that again. Publicity areas in September the other does Oprah play -- date. He tees but they got themselves on a roll that Wayne gave him a confidence they didn't have a month ago their plan is much competence as any team right now they are either league and that's a scary thing. In a team that relate them to from a pay a competent stamp -- team you swept in the World Series the 2007. Who in the month the September had that ridiculous month and then come post season play whatever wants it out they went from like 76 wins to ninety wins nice little team. You know let's see what they do -- the post season against the post season. They sweep the Phillies out the post season at divisional series right by Jeff Francis and Josh Fogg. Those -- names in those first couple games and went pace in a bullpen game their game three. They sweep Arizona. In that NLCS. Right 58 and in swept them pretty convincing right 514164. Got through that thing now they had to sit around from the fifteenth and the 248 or nine days they had to wait. But they were 21 and one that team got on Iran and -- think the names of yell -- cook Josh Fogg. I only go to an Angel looked -- at all. Here come the Rockies in the post season but going into posting and they were thirteen 113. And want against I go back and look not great teams. Got to ninety wins got themselves in and -- to the World Series on that. That -- east team is that Rockies team that much better in the 2013. Cleveland Indians little. When you compare you know Frances cook fog. It was Francis there race I think -- a -- -- as is a better picture right now the Jeff Francis was at that time. I I look at that and say. All right offensively and you go look at it look the Rockies lineup there's -- say yeah I did Brantley and cuteness and Santana. You're there at the top with the Rockies had is is that much better in their help in the middle army don't have a help but Santana pretty freaking good for the Indians. I just feel like you're discounting that when a team can get on a roll what they can do. And EU of all people told you talked about 88 new slate. And mile turn that page and not that it that 03 bullpen who -- -- but just a week ago right those terrible numbers those guys in the bullpen what they are the to a turnaround. You get some confidence. That's a scary thing in baseball aren't buying did you look at the 07 how we finished. They played a British thirteen of one of fired a final fourteen games former top eight the -- the playoffs they'd be 111. BD NL west. Champions that year Arizona. Down the stretch they -- they had joint teams Sampras Cisco was the only team under 500 plate. Down the stretch how many games every -- and -- for and they played. -- the play the first three games of September against different. Everybody division was all 500. -- what like 87 games that year airs on one like 92 games that year and they won an unbelievable run at the end of the year you really wanna compare that to the teams that that that the Indians -- the worst teams in baseball. -- literally not only the worst teams in baseball but the worst teams are actually quit on the season in baseball. Chicago. Straightaway everybody Minnesota every -- -- the 2012 Red -- that's who they play down the stretch. Well I am not -- this just completely. Destroy -- Indians team all it is is measuring them up against the other teams. Because it is still listen instilling good team a source of the play well if -- played good at the -- ball. And they do have some nice arms real relief and they got some bats. But we compare that arrest. You -- Bob Dole wants I don't wanna faced real boggles my -- I really well I don't think Alex Cobb is I don't know price twice in more that's three and outs caught. You might not -- is much by the -- outstanding. Well you hit a pretty good this year right eagle back you look at the Red Sox -- skin cells come at Texas hit -- pretty good if you got a tip yeah I it's. While prices of oral history the Cobb does come playoff baseball right me medics are comparing them back and forth. I I still think at the team I do not wanna see I'd rather see the rays and on Friday and that's not a lot outlaw people feel. Look that Indians team. Look at that Indians run they've been on the -- the guy managing that -- -- help that team out in a short series best of five. -- random stuff can happen I'm not wanna do that. Give me the race this weekend committed 3 o'clock on Friday and 537 on Sunday now you know it's those two teams right you know with the rays and Indians -- you want. What do you wanna -- committed to Fenway Friday and Saturday. 6177797937. Your phone number 617. 7797937. Detects the show right now on the AT&T text -- at 379837. They'll play on Wednesday were talking about it today. What do you want -- wildcard round now and -- down to do and speak at a -- -- around the team little hosts that wild card game on Wednesday Terry Francona. -- reference. Two something like peaceful sensitive still. The Red Sox fans and how they Cleveland Indians have turned this thing around here for Francona we get to your phone calls next. Butler and ID 37 WEE I'll get right your calls here to second 617779. 79837. A phone number -- TT -- -- 37937. I'll give you want raising a wanna face the races text through their fans. Like Seattle's twelfth man they break the sound barrier Tropicana Field. And this year the average camp may fan actually knows at least four players some of the plan their team that is Derek from the cape. Either Derrick is just sent in the most. Sarcastic text of all time -- he is delusional. Delusional -- has all the -- wells come out great -- a legacy cal wells that they go play get some left to pull the. Actually sell out playoff games if that ends they have that pastor so sick. -- not be advantage for you what Red Sox fans deal to get to those games in Tampa pretty easily sure they will both Tampa fans -- comes our -- they stink. I don't listen probably get that stadium 181000 -- night for that team brutal. Terry Francona. Is going to be a big topic here next couple of days and if -- if the Indians beat the rays on Wednesday. He's gonna be really big topic in the drama and the story lines are between the Red Sox in the indians'. And Terry Francona its first year back -- -- -- the post season and facing his best friend John Ferrell in the playoffs. TBS might be mad they haven't given the primetime games -- at that spot -- the story lines will be not just locally but nationally. And Francona is a guy it's gonna get some attention for manager of the year. He's probable when it given what he has done but that is just so juicy. And once they -- Wenzhou I don't believe Boston reporters that the game Wednesday right but just it's either the Red Sox gonna play. But to get Frankel after the game if they win. How do you feel about coming back the last I was here was. You know and is Red Sox -- came back for the hundredth anniversary. -- -- sure every little bit different than it lasts less time. Whether it's ducks played various -- a warm welcome in now it's if it's if it is them in the playoffs it'll be a little different feel. In you know I don't. It'll be as honest but the video -- the written play nice nice now now it's losing goal so it's going to be different field to score on these shows a. And it terms of the matchup itself get a lot of responsible on Twitter and on Tex I'll read those this was Francona and he's asked about his team's success how'd they do in 2013. What it was was. How well. Everything I can. Well. I don't I don't really know I mean we stayed away from chicken and beer. -- yeah. I I would give that out. Got him Larry. We just one. And World Series to get a lot of that boys -- ticket and be around as though that -- -- -- -- like get a dollar and let it get in the Red Sox have not made this ridiculous Tara when that sting as the Red Sox fan a little bit like Rivera's career might sting of war for 2004. Weighed against your team the fact you're in the playoff for the best record the American League -- the best record in baseball. You can deal at that will be easier but it does he bring a military is for you absolutely will and who knows right navy does with manager of the year. I still think it's barrel but it it'll be close. -- I'm happy for him you know because -- Leaving the way he did here you know having to go through -- member of applying for that or interviewing benefits those cardinals job all that stuff came up again you know when you. I want him to all that stuff behind him because I think he's a great manager says Nigeria's again any kind of shown that date -- about September collapses about taken a team. That nobody thought would be there and put themselves in a position to make the playoffs OMB in the playoffs what you wanna call. Does the guys did manage to forget baseball he was here just too long. That's all you just -- too long it and he did lose his voice the players changed. The players -- -- kind of didn't change that we handled the media that he had to but he had to I think we look back. This was him some happy that he's back. Be good I hope it does come back here 61777979837. The phone number two Texas AT&T -- -- 37 and 93 -- that as promised the your calls here. We start those potential matchups Indians or raise Jonathan Hartford kicks it off and on Tuesday I job. He looked on Nolan saying that the Indian don't deserve to be there but. -- not. Be the kind of games you're gonna get the camp. More than likely. Are dark and those grind it out game -- -- And favorite team is. Better starting pitching I like her surrogate in a I don't know that I like get in his short series against Tampa. And the kind of gain direct effect been able to win. In abundance this year that didn't return into the there we we get their starter out in the fifth inning and it wind up being ten for and I feel a lot more -- possibilities against this. Indian personal. And argue against a very good odds are -- -- much more favorable matchup. You know I understand for pitching standpoint offensively -- Indians scored more runs in the race this year and the rays went through that period. Where when hitting get a from Longoria and Myers and got a from Longoria last night -- -- real hard time scoring runs I feel like the Indians offensively. Have a better chance to match -- -- gonna do any -- take that same approach I think that that Francona approach -- grinding out at bats and and getting to your pitchers. I think that Indians team John to be frank does a better job -- that race team and not just the final runs but the approach they have there at the top and they enjoyed their soul there's so. Reliant on two guys Longoria and in Myers and look James Lewis had a pretty good year very good year very good east player of the week this past week what the last week of the regular season. So factor him into he's been a surprise addition so breast. Good player. -- I play I don't think obviously campus strength is not that it's a -- art and dynamic and says. This time a year you worry more about the other team's pitchers and you. Judge to your point you know you look at the Red Sox this year and access another twelve to seven against Tampa thanks -- Six of those twelve wins have come. In the ninth inning or on either trailing goldeneye tied going in ninth going in extra innings six out of twelfth ninth inning on that owes you for 89 innings. It's a dog fight and I agree to a 100%. -- to twelve and seven against the race. You know with a run scored runs against in -- nineteen games it's 71. To 57. In nineteen games. 71. To 57. Now contrast that with the Yankees play the Yankees this year to thirteen and six. It wasn't 71 to 57 in nineteen games there's a 120. To 85. So better lineup they gave up more runs and eighty there are morons -- 120 runs in nineteen games. -- as opposed to 71. Runs in nineteen game Q you won twelve games by don't score and 71 runs. In nineteen I mean that's less than four game. Right. So yeah many -- -- -- idea. It's a dog -- it's like you know three point seven to three. So like that that's that's how you went twelve to seven against the race. Joe's in a car he joins the conversation among loot 937 I joke. -- -- I ignored. Oh yeah. I didn't agree regarding what are a couple more. But I do I it all -- all Larry Magid. What you're getting old school and watch TV -- either he or late. But. I also agree -- it is 00. Play -- I would document you'll be getting a little you know metal artists like they're -- great quality -- -- -- I can remember. And then argue is that scary thing they're there -- -- They had the red card here are currently the they want like -- -- -- -- -- Why would I mean -- don't like mom usually there's little clay and he you'd get caught. Get all hot wire who. -- I do you know come alive you know it happens all the time. I agree I agree -- you know people want to discredit the -- wins they've had the amount they've had at this point. It was up to eleven is one of the hottest teams if you go to the post season -- -- got to win this game when's this is not a lock. They win this game Wednesday by any means but that we their twelfth win in a row they would want off against the team that you know. I don't think is in an early September like -- said was a World Series contender in the race they'll white beard many in state today he would pick the rays. Over the Red Sox in a short series so obviously they're there well flawlessly got to win that game and B twelve and roll their mobile win. It was thirteen and one was the stretch that you know the Rockies went on. It 2007 again and now they may have been a little bit better competition but at the end of it it was those wins give them confidence thing going in the playoffs. And the Rockies won eight in a row before wait around nine days for the Red Sox -- World Series and the playoffs money grow roots -- -- you you would rather. FaceBook seems tougher matchup you know Aaron -- as any team -- really wants to play Boston right now is you know I just. Talk but only -- I mean one of these teams will be ecstatic the play Boston because if not the corn hole. Poet and Oakland Detroit Tampa Cleveland not too happy about coming up the play them as well. But I I just look at it and again it comes out to exactly that in a -- rot one runs in nineteen games when you. When twelve and seven against the team your arms and three point seven runs a game. And yet the average five point three. -- take those runs out probably close to six against everybody else other than Tampa. So. They can neutralize your best they have guys that can do it -- you saw one last night and you will get him twice for -- five. You'll get twice you get on Saturday. And you get them again in game five and that justice David Price that would spread the -- more we talk to list for the Red Sox and I brought the fact you could start your game two starter in game five you looking again at seven heads. It's allowed to do that in this case it's because prices just that much better. But more if it was. Buchholz Lester you know affiliate that much of a -- Oakland would do it here with with Cologne 'cause he's got much better than everybody else. -- archer tech Detroit would do. -- culprits all the play at a -- shut scherzer and Sanchez -- Verlander just subtle they'll just don't just run out -- matchup the way to do cigarettes dipped as much culprits molesters derby else. I think David Price is different animal when it comes at Tampa -- definitely Plame game to game five. All talked to Jason in Sarasota wants jump on the Indians in your calls but he wants to come to Fenway it's a Friday afternoon game 307 Saturday. Pal late afternoon 5376177797937. That your phone number AT&T text line. Therefore we all day at 37937. -- talked to a guy. Who calls Red Sox games all year and now be headed to Detroit Oakland dot arsenal 11 o'clock here in 937 WE HDs.

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