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Should the Patriots sign Talib to a multi-year deal?

Oct 1, 2013|

Mut and Merloni debate whether the Patriots should try to negotiate with Talib now or wait until the offseason.

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Let's not our Butler and ID 37 WEEI started baseball. Mix in some patriots here as well durable on this Tuesday 61777979837. You can text us. On the AT&T text line at 37937. They're -- I mentioned yesterday. And occupy and this number all year in nineteen quarterbacks on pace to throw for 4000 yards through the big number in the NFL number grown up. It -- -- for 4000 yards that was a crazy year. Through the first quarter of 2013. Or nineteen guys on pace to do what they are eleven guys who did a year ago there's no doubt this is a passing league. We -- bunch text yesterday talking about a key to leave is the list lockdown quarterback for the patriots a lot of at a similar frame. Wait -- contract time. Wait till it comes time to sign this guy what are the patriots do. Peter King is matches up with Sambora be an interesting situation keeps playing well. What the patriots do with a guy is what 27 years old going to be 28 they traded a fourth warm got a really good half a year. At a key -- before he got hurt signed to a one year deal this year. In a down year for the market when it came to quarterbacks and a down year when it came to big free agents went came the National Football League. Is this a guy you just re signed or make an attempt to re sign right now if you the patriots given how important he's been. To this defense and if you know the rap sheet will they had. And will go through some of the the incidents here and a second. I would say it's really easy of course you try to -- this guy avoid -- get a free agency. It's the open market -- guys like Tillman and Josh Wilson and Jennings and others he's gonna get paid and paid handsomely. But given his history. I make you play out this year reevaluate. Reevaluate at the end -- all season. But he's gone now. I to reach out to take and it's not a I'd -- right now at center extension right now right now. You wait to free agency. He's gonna hit that market he's gonna get paid. And we all know the history here in New England they're not political law and signed a -- -- at the positions. Not gonna happen. Are they don't let the -- walk because he's gonna get too much money. And they gonna end up signing. You know two guys at half the price and neither one of -- going to be any good. You you you have a guy coming off what we just saw. The impact he's had in his defense. Once you let god don't let it get the free agency locked up right now. Right now we tugboat you know Tom Brady and those guys that -- Wes Welker leave it always guys leave up did you do that to Tom Brady up. -- you're in the prime of his career ordinary on the prime maybe he's got three or four years left the nets at why would you ask. In the do this now. Well at least Tom Brady's football on his hands the least Tom Brady can work with these new wide receivers. And pass on some of that knowledge to worry about his game and we have seen improvements. And I think the second half of the season will be talking about a top five offense. I think -- it'll click -- it'll come together. What he can't control the football not -- its hands defensive side of the football. You can't continue to give import defense is expected to win I don't give you strippers wide receivers and not to get a good defense he get it done. You -- -- defense. We felt the impact that the Leber said you let him walk in you start over in the secondary. Is that I think it would be a start over. Is that I must just take all the receivers are again wasn't even worse to take in his receivers he. You make it sound like there's not a question with resigning him like this rap sheet to begin in 2008. Doesn't exist unfortunately for to leave it does. You know -- star it's star it's starting at Kansas. Writing college where there's I. It sounds like nothing but look now we've sort of figured out that maybe it's something when -- caught 3456 different times whatever was the official number. For smoking weed I was a college athlete. It 2008 -- a rookie. He -- poorly picks a fight -- his own teammate Cory Boyd at the rookie symposium his own teammate. And apparently that did he couldn't figure out what it was but his own guy fought -- In 2009 its first full year. He strikes teammate Torrie Cox near the -- while wielding his helmet -- altercation with another player Donald handled by the -- is still there yeah. Cox is targeted team maker that at the peacemaker that day. When he was universally whacked by to leave it required multiple stature. Asked about controlling his temper to leave so I've definitely got to work on its apparently though we -- with your brother is Armenia fight it comes that your family. -- Brothers out here -- Donald were fine today it's behind -- this after he swung helmet at him. In August of 2009. Arrested in saint Pete for simple batteries resisting arrest resulting in cab driver from the backseat of a taxi. The reports were in the Wii Sports that he punched the cabbie in the back and repeat of rabbit punched him in the back of the head. He agreed to a pretrial program with prosecutors. Reached an undisclosed financial -- with the driver. The NFL handed down -- one game suspension at that time for violating the personal conduct policy. 2010 after costly penalty in a close loss for the ravens to leaving -- appears argument with a game official had to be restrained. Coach Morris remorse defended the leaves say you didn't do anything wrong that was kind of a pattern there remorse defending him. March 2011. In his mom a -- charged with aggravated assault a deadly weapon after altercation. With a live in boyfriend -- lead sister. Is accused of firing shots during an argument on residential street. The charges were dropped because according to the -- attorney. The prosecution witness was not credible. And then finally last year which led to the trade right it's a year ago this month October 2012. -- suspended for four games by the NFL piloting the league's policy and drug enhancing substances in a statement. They -- a single federal pill -- an -- for your national football in general the drug is considering banned substance under the league's PD policy. He's eventually traded at the deadline was later in October right later October early November and push back trading down one. Pretty significant rap sheet for him yes and given the history there. I'm not sure how you can sit there and just say -- resigning he said one year one theories kept himself away from this trouble. But he's had an incident pretty much every single we have it's the first year -- back to 2008. What is not some sort of incident between 2012 and October 2013. Knocked over. First time you would add is -- as far as I can tell you wanna gamble multiple years big dollars. JK is the question cool and you. And you were fans whatever. Separate. What the U Aaron Hernandez did -- because that's not the norm. You know what dean -- -- -- two NFL players are committed murder. We're allegedly. Can you separate -- okay Aaron and is never happened. With a look at the player with the history and and what he's done and say you know what we've had him here now for a year and a half we don't see any. A -- recent one with Tampa Bay was at a -- you know. Seattle is in your mind but for a year right -- -- -- last October right but you know you -- yes OK but. Can you separate that really look at the player and save what the guy that we see. Has actually grown up or is it because while we were duped once before Aaron when not gonna take a chance again. If Talib is up there in open market someone is gonna sign him and give them a lot of money. While the patriots lose out on a very good player are they taking on risk can they afford to because. They're not the patriots and -- and Aaron Hernandez is not the norm. I don't think they can continue to sit there and say well this guys had some some issues in the past we can't sign the player anymore. Lot of guys have issues in the past. That have come here and have worked out whether it be for a year two years three years maybe some didn't work got you just moved on from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He impact this football team. And and I don't think that they can look at some guy that has some of troubled past -- -- a history there with with a gun and say well. Is he capable of murder and that was so unique about our normal it's not about murdered -- about a god every year since 2008. Is that an incident on the rap sheet that involve you said he gone. But violence against is own teammates. Violence against a cab driver and violence against they live in boyfriend of -- system we know this is not one instance we know this they have a pretty good I think there. As far as their judgment goes they have the player in the corner every day. They know what he's like an open 1980 is there a better idea -- person is -- we do. Same situation brittle it last year at the player all year long they -- a temporary was more than we did it bring them back. But I need a break and nobody brought back guys out there making movies right now is a zombie in a movie. So even though this team needed -- got to -- in -- Lloyd once they get their eyes on and they said no not for us. What if they had their eyes on a key to -- it's a yeah he used for us is a good teammate. Any impact the team if we don't -- like he's gonna believe that brand Lloyd he's gonna go to another team -- impact of water in this sleek. If you wait to free agency he's got he's going to pay the wreck that would mean the patriots and -- Pay a higher on price did you prevent recession last year I mean that you say delegates back. Didn't you think that a key -- want to get the free agency last year the LaSalle or lack of went there last year at the NFL. Salaries are people renegotiate left and right again if you have a little else that's why I'm just saying hello we have all posts is to say the same conversation last year when the salaries were down -- got one year five million bucks. And use adherents -- able to get the free agency about we agree with you they couldn't resign him. Well he looks around had a opportunity is a one year deal for five million bucks he had a for six weeks news he was banged up for -- -- home right eight weeks you're -- to perhaps. I have their notes Yates is award winner for the work but he had -- offseason he had an effort training camp you get to know the player a little bit. After full execute the no player -- -- -- help -- the impact yes. Would you agree that you know little but more than he did last January -- no doubtful offseason with the ago a completely drama moving the goalposts. Because a year ago we thought because of the free agent mark I did. That he will -- here because he'll get more money somewhere that was audio there's a lot of games in the for knowing when. -- -- impact -- healthy -- would have moved going probably would have been high priced he turned this defense from. I would say. Just a bubble awful respectable and he was the change even what the injuries youth he complied with the that AFC playoff game. And say why would -- look at the ravens Joseph Flacco did to us. So I still stand by the fact at that time I thought he was gone but he's back here for a 1000005. Why can't you wait out this year you really think he's gonna commit for a 1000005 right out on national TV when there's no Julio Jones got what it there's no shoddy parts so -- -- -- my data -- that's that's done with then. We all we all agree that to happen right now I don't agree with that I agree that he might not come after a million follow based on last year based on his feelings here. Why couldn't come back -- the end of the year. Look around recognize that maybe the best contract -- and happy with the patriots and still resigning and at that point. You've gotten eight a full season loss not just calendar you'll like they have right now. You've got a full season plus for him to prove because right now between now the end of the year is is proving point. Because maybe you're right that he gets that big contract somewhere -- but -- the showed the NFL he can stay on the straight now between now -- the end of the year once he gets that deal here. The or somewhere else all that might be offered Aqib Talib muddy faceless Franklin -- that fall our. If he plays like this -- sixteen games -- that -- post season. Do you think he got a shot. Of signing him well despite you are shot at signing him what are they ever show that they're gonna blow to the highest priced player deposition. Ever no I what makes you think they'll ever do that if he goes to for it to go as the highest bidder get a Connecticut he's becoming evident they're -- beat the patriots can be the highest -- I also think the league is again changed I think the quarterback position itself if you look at the the franchise tag number. Ten million bucks not gonna get ten million but I looked up the average annual salaries for this year in the National Football League. You say to leave sun is great the only really pale bonus so we did beat orders Macon. According to this not list a look at over the cap. When they do all the NFL salary stuff he's a third highest paid quarterback this year and National Football League have rated they'll borrow the when it comes to average per year. Charles Tillman with his contract gained six point one. Brent got bribes and five and a half the number three is a cue to leave a five million bucks and -- sell. I know -- we we it's a good deal for the patriots no bonus money involved it's all Gary it's it's it's based on this the year only it's one and done. Cross the NFL it's still the third highest paid quarterback and a forever average basis they they've already -- with this contract. They'll pay up they -- the top of national football and -- ordeal so what's the make me think. It's a one year deal would think that would give him four years of five no I don't so what so what he's talking about because for years they're pilgrim -- five because it's one year they want to give them for years -- for a year that's still pretty good money. For a portion is for one year yeah. -- you do that you just don't you don't wanna sign a dialogue turn to you don't know the player. He only played in five games is afraid of home. They don't really know the player now lets you know the player. He's gonna get a one year deal next year. Well a -- -- how the patrons happy I. Right now he is and you should treat him as such but I would let this year play out because I think you have a chance between now and then. If he's really focused on he's made that change that some guys make this a try to get to the late twenties and it changes people maybe you'll look back and laugh at that -- you think it operates an all pro status in the major to resize that's -- you're saying they got a shot. Ice I think -- we disagree. What gives you'll think they'll pay everything -- get paid crazy money -- won't. Pay almost. Look around William -- the last 45 years they don't hey free agents. That don't that position -- -- general Olson your body to be a syndicate is a cheap alternative and now he's not on your team. They don't they better bring in three guys at that price then walk in and see if -- at. -- they're Smart enough to recognize how much one. Top flight quarterback has changed their defense they bought at a bunch of different players over the course of 345 years of the defense has not been good right. The one guy they brought a change and has been a lockdown cornerback. So I give them enough credit to recognize that they let them play this year out. They'll be involved three sign them like this idea magically just there's no chance he resigns we all said that last year. And begin a year to prove himself a year plus to prove himself I don't see what's so hard about that. -- I don't wanna give on the guarantee money right now -- we are usually disagree is too much there may. But that's the question you guys a line at the talk about it 61777979837. -- text -- -- -- 379837. That's -- AT&T text line. Would you give the money right now I get reportedly ten million dollars in salary cap space. Lewis says give the money right now it's on to an extension today. I say go quite this thing out based on his history will take your phone calls next. As father man this is is the NF -- Time -- they'll mom -- not seen a man and a fine man I -- -- apartment. So what do you do you give the money now during the year. But he let him play at Al. Group that rap sheet is in 2008. 2012 thing in the past and then. Not a sign of the end of the year 6177797937. AT&T text line. It's 37937. Talking Aqib Talib with you guys. Write your phone calls Karl. Is in New Hampshire he's up when my little 1937 hi Carl. -- blue and negotiate Hernandez's contract form -- here when negate forty million dollars million. In jail now. Do the rest at that to the -- and do it now. What -- not that anybody can semi commit murder and oil and yeah well but obviously going to your -- bit more. Look at my way. What are you don't -- that I don't blame me because Aaron Hernandez -- somebody Jonas how unique that is -- -- not sign guys these academic murder. Not play and you feel that I'm -- and I'm saying here you gotta take it. -- -- -- nit -- why you know all of your team for a while gains in all the side he's an Angel now. Would expect to have a signing and Eddie's gonna donate 50000 dollars the craps. Aren't that many angels in the NFL cards that they're all angels -- no -- past. No I don't. I don't protect you at stop it is still you don't be stupid just just because that moderate regarding. What's being stupid is having approach the rest of as long as Bill Belichick and Kraft and charge is is thinking that. Everybody is gonna commit. Murder. What not not everybody -- -- not -- exactly squabble but this guy -- in trouble has been in trouble. And more likely won't be in trouble and these normal better than you Laura. Well obviously they -- they were kind of right. Yet that's obviously the reason. Obviously they they they'll say they thought enough and -- to a one year deal. You know so that the idea that their concern with him for this year specifically in the character of him they -- -- sign -- there's any character problems what I'm looking at as a player that. Again has not taken a year off. When it comes from having an incident is last since it was a suspension last year where he's had again. At parole. We all know what that means really got to get on a player in NFL for of BD use. Nobody -- what to -- for four games that he is Denver Denver gonna release Ron Miller he allowed due to what actually penetrate to the -- thing helped him out I mean I ever gonna just help you as a -- it's fair -- -- -- release Von Miller which haven't. They don't care. As he helped my team win. And he can't have this approached it. Well he's had an incident we got burned by Hernandez. And this is just it's not the norm. I. Make I have a problem right Josh Gordon. One incident away from being suspended for a year -- two years in the -- So when you look at them right we're talking about trading for the guy. Trading for the guy we don't want it conditional third as if he gets caught getting its Hispaniola at a high pick the deductible mission to guy for a year. Are you still interest it because you can help your team. The impact -- keep Talib -- head can anybody just. You can even compares. To -- they are. Defense the last four years and where they are right now. No third down conversions you wanna talk ball points below passing yards per game we don't know it's not great but. You know you go back the last three year history that thirtieth the 31 issue there seventeenth at Merrill -- good enough. In a pass happy league -- Dominic they have in the past third down defense. 2010 their 47%. Points 32 a leak. 43%. In 201128. In the -- 40% last year 22 only 35 point six this year eleventh. This -- an immediate impact on this team -- help you win. Yes he's not so many shuttle by citing portable the fact commit murder now when he's already proven he can win that's not the point you know we keep asking this question about. -- you get every word -- Aaron Hernandez -- -- an incident like he has in the past when he's gun charges. Or a rabbit punches in the back of -- head of a cab driver. This team is very is image conscious right now as they should be. At a crafts were embarrassed by the Aaron Hernandez situation they are by -- better they are different but he looked less -- -- -- that are straight starting corner he's out there are right. So -- were we talking about I think the yielding the Aaron Hernandez situation where spam as a team up when I say it didn't. Course it did because you bring up -- Danner both chassis and we look since the error an NS imprisoned right now fledging murdering somebody you got Alfonso debtor back and forth from Nebraska because he violated probation pleading guilty to. And elect are like cold -- -- -- playbook. On a flight home take a look at Tampa. You know take a look at New York take a look at buffalo as your written there. Help the team when you can't look at every single case. The gonna commit murder. I don't scared -- the last caller was saying it has nothing do with murder and is guy has a different rap sheet that Hernandez had before he came here if they might want to leave lab team that -- Delaware drafted 20000 to believe on this team next year. There was sent to an extension right now that's the only chance they have you think there's any risk in doing that now he's been here for a year -- -- given his track record always risk at that position specifically -- this good defensive -- the reward. There's always risk resign a player who extension long term -- always risk -- CN FL I -- a -- sex -- I think could I. I do matter. I can't. -- myself. What's the difference. Joe's our mono they go back. Leo. Miguel's in Watertown to get back your phones Miguel. Yeah you don't -- what's up. -- it actually angered the like never policy or I'm. -- -- anyway he had loved watching you yeah Miami's little girl. It's guys like we have our own we have. Mother played well he had solid -- you -- play him honesty. Yeah there is viewed -- you know I -- the -- a lot I don't believe you know without clothes and you can call on or not about sports on me and there's. And what is. The patriots -- eight I hit it that it won't sign people -- it is what it is. No crap is that the -- this -- -- -- I like Mike Vrabel one you would elect or how it's shocking. Regard to contribute your life for the the -- organization like he's right. Earn your strikes northern -- who aren't like how you are out there are problems in sports. With these are the Mac at 8 o'clock -- hole and why hadn't played that may continue to side. Entities contributed jeans -- I mean. While he is solid. All. Vehicles and guide. -- he can handle sloppy -- that we see that at all that the auditory. The Houston has. You know these big guys its -- has not. But when you become a guy across the -- it's all know that all of them. -- handle one on one coverage without probable you know any input settle for staying at all -- -- and he is. Arnold went along -- that even now when you have wouldn't call. Com. On the -- eight and it's like and look at me I'm like I'm wondering where where he is part of -- excuse me. On the -- like receivers while. -- -- won't even years years years that he would only a thought that's what that our efforts or you know. Well they've had their problems right there Miguel drafting guys they hope that this year I patriots fans hope this year that they'd they'd. By drafting Dobson by drafting -- and by signing Cabral pumpkins -- under undrafted free agent Cincinnati. That they've cured that problem in the don't want -- welcome abroad and -- dole brought -- -- men and Seattle ought to turn over at that receiver position. I feel like Talib is different and even Vrabel from the lawyer Malloy -- or texting and about right now. He represented the reason why your defense has gotten better. He you point to his acquisition the trade deadlines they all that's where the patriots defense of pro golf one player. There's not been a guy like that in the Belichick's system. Right the guy you guys is Vince Wilfork heard talk about that was sultan Ali recently -- in recent memory loss that they Samuel but at from a double one guy who changed the defense. This guy came in as one player and -- match -- -- -- I argue about this again this week. He says about the teamed up the scheme well I don't know I look at what they're coming here and their defense went from again a little bit better than crappy. -- highly respectable lead in the last year and -- down against Baltimore. And that was all she wrote. So I guess my point is I believe this team as of an organization. Recognizes the impact disguised amnesty in -- beat if they wait out this year Elena play out his full one year contract of five million dollars to make sure war. That he's past that rap sheet that -- guns and ambles assaults animal swinging his helmet at a player. That yet might be more than wanna pay for. But that they'll be involved and try to resign and end of the year -- -- the patriots too much credit like Yelp for the at all OK it is -- talk on other involved in journalism. To be gone well and then you you talk quote number you lose is offensive weapons. It's a team. Effort if -- of defense. Coming up -- Tom Brady is he can be -- the top of his game which he has spent in one crap all since they've had a good defense. So stripping him of of his defense of best defensive player to keep to leap. Would hurt more than stripping him of his wide receiver weapons that he can affect that our buddy get affected before a buddy did on Twitter says guys the flat out shut down corner was a staple of the patriots the you sign him now the lockdown quarterback in the NFL. Is rare ban on Twitter is being only 27. I don't Fuller sign -- people forget one reasons we lost to Baltimore was because he got her on the anyone forgets that. It's it's about the risk involved -- -- -- I look to see him play in this entire year and play out that five million dollars -- give us a full calendar year. But in addition that rap sheet up Paul's a Connecticut lawyer put -- Lou won 937. Very you guys doing today at all. They elect the way this one look to see inside a three years do it acutely what decisions over. The guys brought a lot to the team. There's no doubt in my mind that -- -- shut down most most good receivers for the entire game. And that alone. Is a big -- defense against the -- time to get to the quarterback. It takes some of the pressure off the off the linebackers and let them do. Their job more efficiently and I think that they got some guys around him -- and also. They don't do the job that left a couple of our receivers that you know the second best receivers on the team. -- very athletic he's big east all these out and they were just about anybody and I think I think he's a great addition to the team. Those guys their past a lot of people got past. To the future right I mean you seem to be. The -- many many guys are very capable of doing. Almost no doubt it's changed a defense in say a lot of people patty passed. You know they -- had the past quite like this guy has and it's been. Recent -- out patriot memory you know forget Hernandez and includes write about that that it's unfair to keep bringing it back to that but. You know when he talked about. Aqib Talib is a player and you talk about the risk that he's involved with the goal back to 2008. There's a lot there Europe point hours a fan you've seen enough one year. Is enough for you to say yank him three years and lock them up to a contract buffalo god yes. Well but they -- that sort of feel about it. -- Paul agrees that the and I appreciate the full call Paul. You know I I have no problem them waiting out the end this year you -- talk about the end of the year and he walks and you're that the money's not that different. Ya I still get -- wanna for Welker and they do what they thought was right and they made the right move Welker. You know he had no history whatsoever. You literally be talking about a guy that. Has had a history unlike a lot of players in the league you wanna keep pointing guys having problems absolutely -- had problems he -- in the seventh round. As wife -- seventh round they knew there was an issue they knew that was part of it Scott's call for Kenny bunk today hi Scott. They got -- it's got -- What. Did you say that you go -- this season. And Danny actually -- at the beginning and that is if you wrapped overpaid -- -- to lead and you go ahead and do that. Overpay in their own minds you know they got a bargain on to leave this year right 1000001 year five million -- because. You're gonna knock -- -- a key to lead his free agency. And then all her and then pay him what what he's an actor Tom Brady -- now is waking. And much money and Mark Sanchez that goes to show you look at the organization does not all -- He -- is that it's a tough kind of a phony number -- redid his deal to put the number down this year but he they gave their pain I'm all that money he signed that contract Guernsey. He's got a lot of money's gonna make way more than Sanchez. The ear here crazy if you think you've got to hit the open market and come back next season they have got to -- -- that guy. This year. Well I don't lose a lot of people agree with -- is exclusive window at the end of the year resigning not Mac that a free in -- rice was in windows c'mon what. I get exclusive window that it would walk -- Shore and they saw -- dole as the guy they wanted. Amendola is there anybody who's gonna give you what to -- giving -- -- Miley Amendola give him a while he urged to leave the -- goes on as the season he think he's capable of you think he's gonna sign. During that little exclusive window. Think he's gonna wonder what Dallas is gonna give them all what these other teams are gonna be one workers at the age or get oh course will now. Of course you year you're holding your whole argument on. Which let him play sixteen games let him stay out of trouble yup and then you know at that point the patriots will pay whatever the free agent market. Offers for perky to -- That is never happened and it won't have a let me wait till they don't do it to get on like -- get on him now for not signing I'm not get numb I'm I would give them I do the same thing I would wait out this year. I'm not gonna be a rush to give a guy big contract based on its history I'm sorry I. I will wait until they don't sciatica and -- area yesterday about more tactful defenders principle for Turkey to leave would you say most of packed full dynasty issue. Aqib Talib by any unit -- that let him walk and start over again the secondary. Towards a million times that would. And get to that point at the end of the year and let him play out this year and got a window there before it's -- you guys stacked up get your calls. At 6177797937. AT&T text line. Is 379 B 37 it's -- and Lou 90%.

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