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Ron Borges on Richard Seymour

Oct 1, 2013|

Ron Borges of the Herald joined the show to discuss a possible return of Richard Seymour. Ron told the guys he does not foresee a scenario by which the former all pro returns to the Pats.

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Pal Ron Borges has gotten so often -- old age the Patriots offense. Easy -- this week -- now that hey -- minus eight minus eight minus. A wall for the tight ends Ron joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable forgy LTE network. What we -- about this football team that we had in the first three games Ron. Against Atlanta. I'm not so sure that I'm hearing more than Atlanta is there but of one particular date clearly fighting a little better. Offense in the most regained it pretty well. The last six minutes -- little alarmed even. You really can't. And that's why don't report it to me can't ignore -- meant that like equity it happened right -- that happened many times over the last couple weeks so. How alarming in the back he -- Find it these guys to cover talking about little alarmed but frankly talking about on also ain't so Lotta people -- to -- -- He's going to be the freak of all time to do what he does for seventeen years and if you watched that again just the amount of attention the amount of abuse the amount of hips that -- for example late on this guy on every single play and he just kept making catches. Yeah and automating I didn't think that the that he may lag and a couple I guess so yeah -- -- technical part -- that it covered. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in the pantheon of irreplaceable guys on this team is -- number two after Brady. Finally got that Arctic aperture itself you know is -- -- With a way to modern game and about Lott speaker but the apps are most important I I I think is very important for. Not only forty does. But also he's a pretty steady hand would think is -- -- -- -- to look around today and you know. I've been a pro life and is that an accurate figure dignity rule -- okay now he's not there now we have. -- is presently. Or not is. There. -- Rondo out Richard Seymour told laugh when you asked to be like come back and he said no way -- the candidates are you convinced. That we will not see him here again. I don't think well. Until you're pretty well and it's Somalia right. -- bill. That aren't yet but I don't think a lot of reasons. I don't think at the end it was was unpleasant. Clearly -- -- sides. -- -- what publicly you know it was pretty good face -- it and financially it is not a guy that operates a minimal weight even though. And don't wait for a twelve year veteran is. Is the million bucks. That's a lot of money. In his world. Publicly they're so good he at least not yet 34. Why is -- out of the game. Well mostly part of is refusing to. The -- you know saying that Jerry -- were thought 1000. -- football writer. Call it our seasons that. Any player out of that scenery -- better players there are. Thirty -- older. On a lot. I'll 300 or 436. Really. Are very cute -- not double that acquired them beat you got that right so what that nobody is yet they'll become ethical. And yet few people that topic and all the money and then he got benign act that make it on form the minimum. And I understand that most people that you guys while people made about a lot of money. He's a lot. The guy like he more or -- and it means but I like -- -- not -- it -- -- the desperately now. Or he'll run. -- of their pay him or not if that brought us assume they awards which a senate pages would pay AC Moore is he worth that kind of money kind of money he wants right now at the stage of his career. Well it depends yup you want to be paid top dollar now probably not if you want to be a you know and I -- that -- If you want to be paid recalled lot of money in a place it in that it's one now. He could be pretty. Pretty much of force. Will that be like three million bucks. I would expect all get excited -- that me let you know he got paid top dollar for the last it is. Are geared knowingly you know yet you know walk in the -- and Matt we get it but he got it. And then and Oakland and he got a funny money yet but in the end we get that one -- fourteen million dollars. Was complaining about being different. They think they need to -- like. What about. Irregular that -- to me a really big guys who understand. But an -- world. It becomes difficult they realized. What it really is sometimes as -- you know. You're living in the place where they paid bonuses you know we look in the place we elect yet. -- I think that was -- final place -- -- worked under a pilot license. It's gotta be that big plate in the Arctic. What is wanted but he -- -- -- -- -- -- and I are that Al. For awhile and don't let it out there and he really thought that might work out what they wanted to that the minimum he would do. Idiotic it kind of physical shape is the end as he committed to be -- in the Jimmer has not touched a weight and in in weeks or months. Say that truck is directly by that much like what route spiders are I don't -- -- back -- -- -- -- -- our goal so. But don't traditionally gotten pretty. Now whether his -- an old Upton and more I don't know rate at. A number of of injuries especially that -- notebook and it better -- -- but it was coming in and played a part time player and Barbara -- it. I think he could be pretty effect do you -- very well and so. While that's true and -- bugs in Oakland what is your take on I'm gronkowski on the -- situation on do you think there really is. A rift there and and when will we see him take the field again. While I -- Garrett at the credit their Republican and you know how much rit quarter quarter it is. I don't know I know that he thinks. Believe that he's ready to play in their mind and it. Is people especially it would make it through wrote most powerful -- Eight doesn't believe it and is an error on site option because in their opinion. Most people around Broncos beat the team error on the side of not optional and you paid right sport so. If you -- always backed government. Carol were -- but this. It was six game. We've got to be ready right now actually they don't watch it you know that that suddenly you know Madison change and. What did he look better practiced and practiced that he looked better and would that of let his teammates to believe that he was ready. Well I saw that story it made me laugh that is so typical. What was thought that's what these days. No disrespect anybody but the people writing it now wouldn't put myself -- -- written policy and practice. But you know what it would crack in my according to crack in the so anybody who said that is clearly get that from somebody with a -- Yeah I was gonna ask you you you let me perfectly to my next question the source of the growth story ought to whom. Who benefits. Like getting that information out. I don't think rob does does the team physical stuff. Well I think both sides are are you know I think that you know the player feel pressured. So they want to get their side out against it'll get an organization that -- minimizes injury. You know your -- I play her all the time and and say they're not hurt and that and don't play well they get -- you don't back up. Well you know in this case. Every property that much in. That doesn't mean that there's any but he killed by Amber's single player global -- But -- And usually they'll be somebody via a problem but I have heard at least one player. Going to work -- -- -- what they'll bulked up. Archetype remember their. You'll coach eight I hit that likely to be here like welcome Eagles. All that maybe don't want tablet -- -- -- to take them back from airlines are. And he says all the I think she does it Hurt Locker in the note that what -- Plus he probably doesn't feel stronger as he didn't lift and in between you know we know is a big weight room guys might not feel like he's at his best. And he's gonna get hit a lot on where he's gonna get hurt again. At some point in his career and if it's like -- the day comes back I mean there's going to be a lot more questions. What -- that you are you back to talk about earlier in your right but only Gonzales. Well. I cut it much more physical style player the only to -- you saw the beating Tony and I almost like -- real strong enough. Or whatever that some -- your mind that you couldn't be it your best what. But I like Jerod Mayo was -- -- -- -- what you around it was junior back or usual well then you probably. Not going to be excited about -- -- -- -- give it up let's see. No disrespect anybody. Within your organization but what you have -- If the people that don't you go back with -- -- political back -- your broker our second that he got the game. I would say the and it does that people -- or that they're all I'll call you wouldn't you but it Vietnam. Do you do an end -- watched Welker play hurt and and can get up and get back in the huddle you know four. In every game that he was here I mean you got to see this guy with incredible toughness and their ability. And then you know when they had the chance they said the show on the door. But I think that it didn't have any doubt about that I know didn't seem more -- you know you -- what so what are bet. You know and you know what at what happened yet what you -- oh well what does that actually stadium until sources say. Oh we don't you start get her sources. -- drop the ball sources say well those sorts and it was that -- Over it but -- -- -- -- mark cannot beat writer for the -- not forty watt. We have got to get you're on the committee every year and eventually is gonna come up -- say Wilfork. Is his peak years are over now with his injury if he's never this player again and you get a chance to vote for him are you voting yea your name for him is a hall of Famer. Tactical question -- It pretty good debate certainly has earned the right in the debated on Pakistani note that ultimately. In all say we just kept Ehrlich all in the should have been in point by your -- -- -- apparent initial. That are difficult for some people sorted out because. I'm like most of there's no. That that -- -- -- several us never mentioned that. -- -- -- operate. In respect it there was a period but never quite forgot that. Corporate growth was. Was not a pretty -- -- of the 200 greatest players ever play it that it is about the third -- apples that are did not get an awful optimal -- Which had a man that you got pulled my kitchen gets Burleson. Well you -- we are and try to low bit but I don't get a ball while they had a lot of lot of support for. But the pills so I don't know what went on there that's saying it in his a position. On the spot. Really you probably need some help -- insane war. -- to me is right on edge ideas that apple all player. Three Super Bowl and all that well because of the style he doesn't add that. You know you don't you don't quite a moment actually a little under the fact that. They don't do it legally make atomic apple because of the defense what it. Set -- that. So I expressed it in well. Not be adults. Who. And you know it may be in the same spot that. You certainly -- in the debate that's secure and and and you're right at this point this injury for a guy they get him I think it says. There is this a difficult one yeah. A final question from Iran is the solution is the replacement on this team or on the practice squad or is it going to come from outside is it Kelly -- -- Jones the two guys on the practice squads -- forced him in AJ Francis. Why don't like -- it's gonna happen because. But not but you know what you with a few rare there's nobody else yeah. That you know -- -- -- someplace elect Philip Seymour who just says I'm not plan. But what I can play negate what you wanna pay not that guys like that summer -- -- -- well but at about eight at your level with the load map right. Probably -- that you're about wanted to keep -- -- council. That really would be that is helpful that sort of other -- W trade. You know it's. If -- AAA team -- apple -- a -- -- of -- -- people on our work. How the guy won't care what the league play. -- -- -- -- -- And but I don't want I around we wouldn't finally there are around -- And now we you know we can win again. Though but negative as somebody's there is Carter got. Up from what I was told. Now -- per copy what. Exactly now that they don't really -- them what the hell. And it was quiet at that apartment late here. -- -- -- the raiders for awhile last year you know the -- mandated I don't that the quality problem in the -- back looked adamant inside a quality problem now. There's a lot. But it -- to a lot. -- -- -- -- A ten or twelve like at -- yeah I still do that but the play inside now -- -- well. Ron -- Boston that's our rob talked on the road. Thank you Ron boards of Bill -- the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest and elbow liable for GL TE network when we come back. Announcement and the chest and what guy has he ever brought back that left on bad terms Belichick not. One. And BDO centers. Breaking currency that every time a French yes Deion Branch but still in the -- -- scary news hi Julian price in my system pitchers differently I just wanted to get paid and the deputy trade forum trade reform what. You leave on bad terms you could come back. And make the patriots hall of fame and hang on the owner's box and NB Drew Bledsoe -- Ty Law you don't come back to play for Bill Belichick that it hasn't happened. And I'm I'm I'm Ron Reynolds in this time. There was an explosion on our Airways yesterday afternoon really yes there one -- talk between two and six. It was quite interesting will play -- -- we get back.

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