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The Road to October, Monday Sept. 30th

Sep 30, 2013|

The Road to October has led up to this moment, the Red Sox are in the postseason, and are gearing up for the ALDS, Rob, Alex, and Mikey talk about what got them to this point and what the expectations for the Sox in October are.

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Bradford in the -- Boston Red Sox in there. -- Where -- white speak again meant for what clearly was at homer made the -- I think there's no Ryder Cup the way she was -- -- what what Matt -- it's a mad mad mad mad mad world. Ethel -- She's -- long gone nothing's as playoffs like someone there. Indicates that hey you guys to win anyway good. I heard I heard Brad Coleman weekend and he hitters on -- so much more like the camel he's getting some more more like that on take him every time my year. -- -- or what what are you talking about Mike. Hope it's like that you came out of that but it is food and go ahead and it went by quick at the video. Well let's you don't start to get excited Mike I know I'm more excited to get the Morris Celek to Campbell and it does so there -- yeah I've been there for a long coming into this is gonna come down the Red Sox being in the playoffs but. When everything just fell into place. And now they're like you know -- on top of the world here watch and look at down on -- on humanity will wait for some and a couple points down from Friday and Eagles. Rates they are scornful of humanity as they looked down from that judgment for -- it's it's a pretty it's an unbelievable thing it is on the. -- -- they've won 97 games and their -- look at these Rangers in raids and everybody for a minute chance to play. You know it's buyer beware because. You don't know how these four days gonna treat them you know a bit do you have the Cleveland Indians this they win. They went on Wednesday. But you have a team who have won eleven games in a row row so. You have -- one that has won eleven games in a row is coming off a win against a good team. Going against a team that has four days off it's. It's coming as close as you get to the 2007 Colorado Rockies scenario right like the team that keeps on playing -- -- on playing right right. But then you notice how it worked out poorly for them you have way they've made the World Series. He'd he'd you have to get to the World Series now that the thing that happens with teams where you say okay they're playing great ball they have been. Let's us have had their share of days off but now they gonna have a whole bunch of days off in a row that little edge that 5% -- get plane every single day. Is there are you afraid as I am a little bit of the the fall off you might get from just being off for some days. Not with this team I don't think so I think that this is it that might be a concern if it was if it was a bunch of young -- -- snapper is who were I'm used to the dynamic of having a few days down you know maybe a couple of days opposite you know this is a team. Like in in which is the kind of Jonny Gomes spirit embodies this like this notion. Of absurd preparedness. This isn't a team that Aurilia to meet this it's a team that defies that that mold simply because. They they are so. So focused so baseball. So baseball obsessed -- And if they go back to the stat which everyone focuses on not losing more than three games in a row right but he -- speaks to what Alex is talking about and as up as a small example of that also the way they came into the season for the team wanna have a 162. Of you go through spring training you try to prepare the best he can and we've seen the previous years have been horrific to -- off the terrible starts. Ball because of maybe that now we know that mindset the way they do things the way they did things and that first game of the year you couldn't have scripted any. And so huge leads streaky teams as the rest sizeable and seemingly the past few years were -- have. You know be rolled right -- had some incredible Lowe's. If you just have bad timing and you have some of those blows in the post season you're screwed anyway and that you forgettable. Nearly instantly forgettable but as you said if you lose three games in a row for entire once 620. In the mindset is clearly shows is shows if you would just up to the things in -- so this slot that this team more than any other team that I've seen. Is able to correct itself. So you lose two games in a row what have you been doing wrong well you haven't had good plate discipline while you haven't done mystery haven't done that. They have an ability to correct himself like diamond casino along yeah and plus you know the other factors in that losing streak non losing streak they've they've had all year. Is that. You know when you faced tough teams you you -- -- the good pitchers. It's not difficult to lose three games in a row there's a reason -- no -- team and went through a season without doing at this it's it's really easy to have that happen -- -- time or one guy gets harder or you're you know you're you're you're facing their best three and you'll you'll you'll look at you look at the Indy Indians lost nine games in a row one point. He in the race good pitching is they had yeah they went through that Rondo would do it the road the West Coast swing. The Red Sox never had gone through that even though they had problems on that at the beginning of the Kansas City series right sure but. That was it. That was crazy bad stretches lasted eleven and twelve games and the Rangers have the ages of Edgar. Follow all of the almost the whole month of September until it Houston. -- Houston and Houston saved the Rangers season is at his joke actually. No we see in the rangers' season adding that to a certain extent they serve saved the indians' season this guy ever and got fat on the -- of the Astros attack at that I put a bumper stickers and about it if they get a 110 losses. I was it was just wasn't only triple digits I thought that somehow there is -- -- it was like five times they were when I was sick they basically the number one overall pick in the draft like a month ago yeah really impressed and a and they've had some mind boggling stat what 11111. -- 51 and 111 off that's not to and and also. To finish the season. To finish the season and with a fifteen game losing streak who who I mean. I understood Sox last year weren't that far off from I know I know OK and I understand that you rebuilding everyone knows you know be lousy. -- if if you're a manager you gonna get a real that -- at some point in the last part of the season something. Dad and the one thing if both -- his -- -- being rumored for the nationals shop. So yeah I don't know I finished 45. Games out of first place else. -- -- Meant so -- we're here to talk baseball all you -- friendly folks out there you got to -- this is the week now or build up to it as there's a lot of activity yet to come down. I don't tonight is a Monday Night Football game and had there's a little little tiny moderately important baseball game going on. Tomorrow and we get into the wild card scenario in depth. You know that the -- season starts on Thursday but all the wild. This kind of a surprise. Package for everybody and I say surprise not based on watching it -- -- but if you had walked up to somebody April fools day in and put a minute in and Rip Van Winkle like trance. Aunts told them well you know Red Sox are going to be in a in a you know policy either would last event and they would have a week into the -- surprise so it's time to get cranked on this thing. After people out there to get you know get a sport like like you should be because it's not immediately in the day I say in the -- 20042007. When we all expected it every single year. I'm by the time 2007 rolled around it it lost a little bit of a sub. I don't know that wonderful this of the excitement of well what -- for. He was on about well here's the straight ball right down the middle for you. So this is the largest turnaround for any Red Sox team correct yes cracked absolutely by 67 is always identified as the year everything turn around -- -- yet and I'm thinking in in if you line up in people's perception. People who fault -- like yourself. Certainly you're not going off the 96 -- you're still identifying 67 as the be all end all and I would imagine is because exactly what you said before. We wouldn't come accustomed to them Red Sox go to the playoffs from basically 2003. Through 2009 more times than not then but -- beat leading to 671 last time they had gone the playoffs only 67 it was Broward he's yeah you know I. Right because in ninety Google and it was the World Series and they lost in 49 alas there -- yeah but it but he shouldn't but we still we should take a step back and understand that. This is a bigger turnaround in 1960s that is an eight. Part of this whole thing is that is a lot to -- Factor of the individuals I've always felt that every team's place in your mind side -- you eat your heart. If you will you know historically is that is the ability of the players combined with their success ratio. And this is what you -- with his team -- you guys candidate. As the their approach to the game is beyond reproach and I certainly agree with that rob regarding the sixties have camping this is why it's different -- why YE you know in the in the annals of kind of progress we have time at soccer match up. Here's another talks finished in the ten team American League. In the whatever -- few seasons before 19679. Of 109 to 108 to 107 to 108 to 106 for 107 of eight right so well for us really present that. -- and I understand that's what people will view this -- -- same way. But if you're using the previous season as the jumping off point purely giving him no one season money yeah sure -- interviewing it you know but essentially this is they Red Sox team. You know there's -- Red Sox team that I think that we under we underestimated. How good their record their returning core players were. Because by -- they have their underperformed or injured last year and I think that you know retrospect. We probably should of adjust our expectation level for them like right out of the shoot you know where at least like you're looking at the nineteen that the 69 win season was I'd. -- a dazzling aberration of sorts right like that was just everything that was a trained wrecked every car along the way and we know what what was driving the train. Obviously Bobby Valentine confluence of negativity. But as I put that out -- -- fine weather but Alex is boy I think that that's why. This team came into this year people underestimating them because they didn't value what the kind of talent they had a right. Because they did -- -- to expose that how the year before under Bobby Valentine but he's still good guys who could potentially do this sort of thing. Jon Lester Clay Buchholz John Lackey. You know -- for Droid Jacoby Ellsbury David Ortiz Jarrod Saltalamacchia these guys they had the basis of talent there. But two reasons number one because these guys are lousy years that you before but also because just the perception of the team as a whole. I think -- people say are you know what they stuck in September 2011. Than the offseason -- TV more then they stunk last year so they have no talent a lot. Wasn't the case I got -- of -- pitching staff like him their big move for the starting rotation was adding Ryan diagnose it. I don't know that you can downplay this -- importance of the manager as the leader in this situation either based on even comparing it with 67. Where in 66 and a lot of the same guys. I mean is 67 Jim lob or -- -- -- these guys matured boomer Scott was on the 6060 and a half game out of -- In the American League but Dick Williams came on board and pitch really flipped their own brains form into a winning mentality. And -- Williams it was his first time managing in the big leagues whose only 37. It just kind of took all these guys that had obvious talents and made him into. Winners all this if this goes back to the way that downtime handle things -- this Farrell has handled things I talked to some of the other day who said that. Team last year 2011 they came ready that through all the beer in the -- in through all the -- -- they came in they thought they were going to win. The problem was is that Bobby Valentine do you railed at every single turn. It's starting with a Mike reveals pop up drill and in spring training and so. I do believe that that team last year had talent had a lot out of town. Are you there are very few teams in history to have had not returning to them three guys who finished in the top ten in the MVP race the previous year the Red Sox had that. And so they thought that they had. The really strong -- they also had no money to spend so they had to believe and that -- because they can only kind of make these two weeks around the -- in the Cody Ross is the world after getting rid of a guy like Marcus -- but. There was a lot of reason for them to think that they could be pretty. Well -- did Sammy did and if you would identify besides the Valentine's stuff you identify what went wrong for that pretty talented team last year it was the top of the rotation. They didn't win when they pitched went Lester and Beckett pitched -- -- -- and well now like any starter pitched he didn't write and I have also but the most important thing yeah. To talk about what we talked about before about limiting losing streaks. Yet when your top pitchers pitch you have to win more times in nine and they warrant that was the biggest problem this year they're doing it generally -- you -- need to stop on this team -- and having long losing -- of the -- -- stopper. You know he's just because -- it was good because all of our starters are pretty consistent -- the Red Sox -- talent dump a salary dumping. Guys in -- Los Angeles so you know they have talent in the in the twenty yeah. -- twelve season it was just totally. -- out -- to keep digging into Austin dot -- finished better than numbers -- -- yeah I mean it's like Alex is all and I didn't they caught the monthly updates 45 and -- it's time for the one on the final stop on the final it's not October. Let's see how they stacked up separate batting average talking RBIs and homers the meaningful statistic yes Sundays I don't likening it -- -- -- -- reference batting just so Gonzales it's your 93342. On base percentage for 61 slugging 22 homers. Hundred RBIs so there's our basement to 93 through 42 for 61 those are all God's will. You want me to do the Mike -- other -- I got my right here well then I also what was the reference the Indians wells to 93 average united three okay now obviously that's an Utley at 259 for 61 -- -- Or sorry 342 OBP -- 360 for Napoli 461 slugging for Gonzales 482. And 22 homers. 23 homers 100 RBIs 92 RBIs and 157 games played so that'll be it when he walks. What of 47 walks 973 walks. Oh yes a 42 now Toledo three for Adrian Gonzales -- -- companies Sunday night games. -- different -- -- Syria travel. I you know I'm and that's that's the series -- actually in -- -- -- Napoli occupies the same locker that Gonzales does in Camden yards for a no organized and as the series on what I I want to happen I want the Red Sox. Not to get out so I -- up from hope for the Pirates somebody prediction will be right but if -- not been unhappy with the Dodgers when agreed to grocers RBI so your phone calls. Let's get -- all cranked up and talking to us at 6177797937. They gonna play and how they gotta do and how you feeling about the 2013. Boston Red Sox it's the road to October. -- -- sugar -- selves at Brad so rob Bradford and Alex spear in the house will be right back. All the guys -- come -- are very competitive and speak to that in the offseason workouts he took that you know to. Spring training today into the regular season but -- something we never you know talked about. But it's very different very gratifying. From where we were to where we are now. Back on the road to -- by the way October is over or rather the road to October. Five and a half hours in five and have r.s are really short road Bruno related but is no better way to punctuated this month then. Going down to view blast remainder of the road did you not claim that we're going to puncturing the crap out of that we are -- punctuate the crap out of this month my AM at that this has all the of the field. Of a playoff baseball two yeah I had a storm -- home -- dot -- -- -- -- it just a story it automatically becomes a road to October road to redemption so home. If not -- the crap out of something would that be like a semi call and are we talking about like the -- talk -- when he went exclamation marks. Lakewood homered declared himself to be Max power -- -- affects you though the latter -- you perjury the crap about anything in my lead to a semi notoriety and you know and it appears surgeon. Now we have a phone calls coming -- to talk to these folks on the phone. Because that's what we'd like to do on this program don't we. Levitt an -- the show but I think it's fun to talk to people we should note that the the Red Sox just announced the game times of the first two games -- a Major League Baseball that I apologized. 307. Friday. Which is great always loved that -- late afternoon games. -- in game two Saturday will be 5:37. PM. On him PM 537 on Saturday yet now Monday -- if they have a bad -- how locked. How logged at its peak -- -- -- Saturday but I don't know what though Monday though that means they're going to be off Sunday right. Yes and and then back to action Monday's press it that's the one I want an overtime -- but. It they would like to know the opponent to bat as well basically yes and a figure there are some details that you iron out. Our phone numbers six or 77797937. And Joseph in Lincoln. Start off the the program here go ahead -- Your on air job. Follow Joseph. -- -- -- -- three here an empty phone line. I know Adam Jones yeah -- just about to hang up my needs that the mute button that accidentally pushed them and it's. Well the what I want to talk about what but I look like -- step up factor in this Red Sox game. I think that. What went liquid expected urban people -- -- talent and say you're no good bat like something out and out they really in any sport. And I think that it's an advantage to go to the -- -- -- people think they're not gonna do realignment mean look what happened that the Celtics Atlanta got hurt. A little bit of a creature. That eloquently and their denigrated they typically letters so I think that it was a great psychological atmosphere. Yeah. You know that reflection. Goes we'll expect in fact you -- -- -- they're -- -- look so Smart he deliberately threw at you with a terrible manager. So they be able to start. -- it's funny -- we were actually just discussing discussing got off the air about whether or not the Red Sox would be in this position in which their their entire organization. Seems to be marching in lock step. But four of the absolute like being -- but for what we've already described as the absolute train wreck. Of of the Bobby Valentine experience and you know that it. Yeah it's it's interesting to think about whether or not they would have been able to to cut it because I did it take something to be a Monty to get fired after one year being a manager. It really take something yeah it was something. There was shock and off I mean is no question about it. And not let that the market that expects that care so much and they got -- -- so badly that I think they're really into. Yeah and I think has been a degree of reluctance on some people's parts to come back to the fold a little bit there because they. It hurt them and hurt them inside where they live. It and it took a while to shake that Lewis and it's still I think it's still being shaken loose. People psyche at the almost the disbelief from the do what they -- took a long time for people buy in. Longer than normal yeah certainly longer than. The back to 2011 and they were very very good team well this is a very very good team but it took a lot of people lot longer I think -- lacks on this team. Is it that you think that's generally true that most in most sports like that I thought the 2011 Red Sox however looking forward to that came up and they. Throw them all the money into it. Opposite the world record physically it was the best team ever to have -- people -- see greatness and that -- seemed like it had a shot that was the hundredth win so was everyone thought -- -- gonna win a hundred wins in. And this is the team everyone thought was gonna win 85 was the sexy team -- was -- -- -- This one -- you feel like the putt at it at 4011 team you know with some of obviously a few exceptions. There were teams that you knew that talent but either like them I mean I honestly was difficult to light to embrace. You know Gonzales or -- Or a decade are you on this team every single player Mikey took it back -- to look at it -- let -- know him notion. We all know Alex and those of his the idea but -- did I talk about what it would take to get up. A manager fired after one year -- -- some -- of the Cubs is fired today you know. That takes a lot to me that's two years of art of self described rebuilding process so. You get to the second -- at right end in the middle of your wine we were we were hearing the Cubs singing the praises of what -- -- influenced tells women -- over the course of -- one of it is it was odd that they'll scream thing is still odd to me the fact. -- these guys know. These teams know the front offices know this guy a whole lot better than we -- there's a reason why they thought so highly of him both organizations the Cubs -- Red Sox. But it did seem odd that it did they were sold locked into this guy as being the next manager you know to leave the team the next great manager next Ramon out and doesn't feel like when they've they've put pork -- and and there saying he was going to be an end at the same time though we talked about John Farrell. And I think even with his troubles and Toronto having people around here said there's a lot of reasons we can think that this guy is going to be a good manager here yeah sure there -- some people who said no you know wise not to work out. This is this going to be problems they wanted to focus on net. The -- Who's a guy they had problems of last year's shortstop and though on this callous gala you have a stealth -- -- -- and so they identify that he didn't have any success in Toronto. But I think more people around here said while he didn't he help with the pitchers he's the type -- guy they need around here and that's how it translated. It's funny because you know we we always -- we've said so often that this was the right environment for. But it just was there was the right guy for the right at the right time for here but the same is true for him you know if Boston was the right plays for him. Where as a manager he could step in and have complete comfort. With an organization with people that he was around I can talk about this with -- Novello split the editorial -- going -- of -- -- the money -- -- -- -- Victoria always a spectacular time but he he talked about how in Toronto. It always struck him. As being kind of like. You know it. Almost a forced marriage you know -- dating process where -- the you know where people are trying to you know there's discomfort -- they're trying to learn each -- Personalities whereas here it seemed like something that was an on much more solid footing and John Farrell. As soon as he got in my QB I don't go back to the calls but another thing that won't win a cans Bobby Valentine last year reason why didn't work for the Red Sox. Was that when they -- hard coaches that he didn't know OK we understand that the reality was he never brought these coaches he never brought any names to them so. All this talk that he was leaking out about all they've let me hire there might there on coaches. It would nonsense yet he's he happening you have the good names -- to have the coaches. Okay you already starting one step behind because as Alex pointed -- you've got to get to -- and then when you do get to know him and they are against what you want that. It becomes a real problem they should just put fake mustaches on the coaches they had maybe -- -- would have felt more I was there I did feel like terrorism problem last year in in light of the absence of humor and the ability to like. Had they been able to publicly laugh at the -- chicken thing I honestly think that -- where we're talking too much on 2012 and how likely that right I mean there's there's a lot as a -- that's how you got here -- I mean that's I think this is a good time reflect on that -- how do you actually did you get this 97 win team it's like you know the Talking -- how did I guess here this is not my beautiful house exactly marks -- New Hampshire mark. Well it got -- that we're gonna be a part of that group I'd fear. I guess that is. I analysts are absent the day might have emerged from the birth canal and I'll remember it very well -- it's -- I sort of remember it. And I'm in my late fifties but doubt early on like well on the and April 1 part of may I called and spoke to -- Planet Mikey and I'd mention I am back. What about the team might thought that dealt with a little bit of a little picturing. -- good health. Little hitting. It surprise some people and that was the carrot bill -- see the players that made up the team. I was facing my results on by the I never expected the you know the result that we've got right now but I think history was -- A bunch of good dirt dog we call I'd never trade. I guess that's what you want to have a little talent -- -- -- -- what I mean look at the Cleveland Indians for example I mean here's a team it. They have the manager we know very well but if you look at the players -- just on paper the talent level the salary level the expectations. Of each of these individual players you can't really look at them as a playoff team however there's something that. Group whether it's instilled by Francona or something they all have any opponent out of them. These guys think they can win they've -- how many in a row now -- -- Yeah well adult time -- roles in Wednesday Brian Millwood eleven it's kind of a strong statement as to how they feel about themselves right now it is although it accounts. The same for the Oakland a's as well if you look at -- I you don't have a bunch of superstars although there but they're performing at a very high level and I think. It plays into the character -- -- the players that are on the team. And they come together like the -- thing near Boston I think it up they can rally around it's good for the team. Well and spirit shop they can you know grab all of our as a group and I believe that the character of those players. You know in -- some of their experience that without the end big name players. Get good results. Our mark thank you for cooperation yet and I've said this a few times -- -- and you and and these offseason -- these other teams. Like the ones mentioned the Indians Oakland Red Sox where you didn't necessarily do all you spent some money beating go out and get the Josh Hamilton's of the world. How that might affect the team building process of other teams I don't know fit well because usually there's that one team -- was always gonna spend the money. But I would -- yesterday the Angels are committed for four players for ninety million dollars in 2016. In all these players are going to be in there that it mid thirty's yeah pulled to Hamilton. You Wilson you Weaver. -- that's no way to build a team that you have to stagger decline now and I was happy stagger huge commitments to players or even better -- worse than what the Yankees did because their players weren't as advanced in age when they sign almost one million well and also now so where you are with the Yankees you have to know right the guy who won 305. Million dollars. If you're the Yankees. Still -- -- the American go to 305 million dollars I understand that. -- look at the model take a step back look at the models would complete the we're Billy Beane trading three all -- for ten guys model. Well this is I mean Cashman for years and years has wanted to ago. Who has won to have a more homegrown modeled their problem is that they've done a terrible job of developing prospects with the exception of Novoa and Robertson. In the last since Robinson you know that's basically it out yet and so I mean they they develops Jackson which -- -- catcher Dillon ran well and I -- you know but Yahoo! and it hasn't been Goodman got busted for me. TDs so this is this is the problem the Yankees want to go to that more efficient model encamped. Right takes awhile to get that done and you know only he really got a serve two masters. The whole time you -- you get because especially when expectations are high for your franchise from the fan base. You can't December to suck like the Celtics -- for three years or five whatever it takes in baseball ability. It -- you the Yankees the Red Sox are high profile team has spent my hand and maintain your era. Francis Terry Francona had a great quote today -- I'll save -- save it for after the break my neck as we -- Justin Keith Tony and a host of others hanging on hold as we have -- other very quick break here. And welcome back tee because the road to October is in progress. You know I think everybody organization is probably good for the team that's been assembled here the way they're represented not only Boston -- Certainly the Red Sox there's been a lot of individual moments -- time this season but. The characteristic of this team is one that's relentless that if they don't give anything away and it's been very foreign bonds to be -- We're back -- a Villa -- like totally out of the quote on quote baseball geeks are here and not even really geeks they just happened and know a lot of geek like information -- -- -- I geek now now it's not you know not so. Now I I believe me abnormal serious geeks in my life and you're not a -- if people knew you could see behind -- of Alex here prepare -- there will be there very little keep him right there that's right he's he's a genius that's covered it well that's true -- that's going to help I'm Greg is anybody going to listen a non geek. Of course I mean yes we -- -- real genius in the eighties right. After absolutely rated you know your legs out -- -- can be like. Is -- -- road to October of baseball's best and pit at that but those the combination of apple permanent someone else -- So before the break -- said the Terry Francona had a humorous lines. You were slash curious line today. Ask went the secret India the secret to the new success this September he said we stayed away from chicken and beer. -- he's kidding. Well USC I obviously in his candidate is just kidding I'm not pay instead by the -- need to I'm just curious so -- book it's a great line now. But how do you take that because. Within that collapse at that just ruins already people write me he was a big part of that technical as you -- take danys. Justin how white what's going on foot so I don't -- to. They. Out -- on the surrogate starter Bradford for the first time lapsing and I parked my you know I'm -- Are you everywhere and I I definitely want to admit and I are really into a. Thanks just impressive -- Brandon Graham grabs for acumen with the energy and a weekend Mikey was -- a box of -- sugar -- exciting and excited in general but I saw this yeah talking to Bradford on -- weekend is like a life experience doesn't. Do it. -- it was active. Could tell if that's right just that a great. You know he asked about Josh Beckett -- it wasn't like you know you're in the bag for Josh Beckett deal was what it you know Josh Beckett tell -- just in you can articulate this better and I can buy it. But so do the effect of how much did Beckett actually effects what was going on so I try -- given on an honest answer OP ticket that way. I I appreciated gators are -- bounces I know -- -- that a lot of other immediate people that hasn't got spent a lot more problems our respect. Now we have -- -- and I'm averaging affected or how much you reflected what was going on -- what I think reflected. Yellow it is as I said before I think that. Is that every one a lot of people had gotten the organization signed him to that contract with the mindset. That he was going to be the guy that young pitchers to get behind now you look at that last month and a half clearly he had gone the other way and it was just it was a weird time and in Paris the time when the organization thought -- this may be a problem with the younger guys a little bit yeah yeah exactly. Yeah and I never once questioned his ability nor performance -- I I remember after -- -- -- that you point out the numbers. When I was question was -- -- was leadership. Yeah that was an amazing thing we after you called -- we talked about. -- the year that year. And was better than Lackey easier this year and by the team with -- what do you -- in under three you are right but anyway go ahead I'm -- was the -- to a 70. Here is my point night I definitely can appreciate Alter your opinion and security here's what I think I think one -- my thought is that in order to be successful as -- as a manager and coach. In a market like Boston you've got to be a lower. Key. Guide to keep the level at that doesn't make a spectacle of himself. Like some other managers haven't I think about Ferrell I'm married to -- yet. You know a certain time primal tell. But you look at a guy like Joseph Torre in New York. In the end I just I don't know you get sick but that pat Gillick that's that's been one of the key components certain yet that peaceful approach and our. -- -- degree of strength to have the control necessary attitude. To get people do what you want although without them -- you're good it's just -- I guess it's worth asking -- I'll I'll ask all of you guys this does the opposite type succeed anywhere in baseball at this point. It's a 162 game season. You're around each other a lot. Is there someone who represents the antithesis of third of the Perreault Mattingly model. A man who who can be successful. Who has been successful. I doubt share mine and now that three expert -- but I did my thought on that at that. Pat Gillick and a market like Boston. In a market like New York. I would say. Probably not in a market where I can feel so much attention that player probably won't habits and -- -- -- it's okay to act though because their managers. And the media is not hungry hungry for those stories. I think a little bit more personality to stick out but not here. Yeah I know I think to Joseph Maddon would have been a very successful -- here. -- you know because he -- he obviously has personality but it's a very Francona -- personality and I am just trying to think you know the root canal model hasn't worked in a while. Jim Leland is a is a great guy in terms of the you know he's a strong personality obviously has very strong opinions but. In terms of -- in terms of the actual player to manager dynamic there's a great comfort level in a certainty -- of the -- -- -- open door policy with respect to goes -- -- absolutely accomplishments -- but I'm kind -- don't -- -- might be the exception in in terms of like in terms of that model of the authoritative. You know top down model of managers sometimes habits of players are. Are looking at a guys and what have you done in other words you've done this if you've been there done this before and then they give -- a degree what are what percentage more respect -- they've actually accomplished it. You know before that's got to come in and -- for. You know as well combined to the other thing you just mentioned respect and that's the biggest thing. Is that. In the -- last year heading into that year. There was an element of the team that wanted to respect Bobby Valentine but there's also that wasn't the narrative coming in now right away is that right off the bat yet and he did nothing to dissuade that he did nothing to turn it the other way. Whereas John Farrell came man in the minority core group of guys who knew what he was all about yup and right. The first words that they would hear word Dustin Pedroia or David Ortiz saying yeah this guy or any of the pitchers this is the guy right where pitchers you know whereas the first thing that they heard about Bobby Valentine. Was from their agents who like this -- a pain in the butt -- schools and last IBM (WSJ) is idea and just watch out for this guy he's going to -- few in the back right. Tony and Bridgewater. As we liked to stayed out there and -- a lot of. Eric Japanese art slop like Tony he's an old which opened -- -- I Albert career that you order it. Somebody gave you partner up with a -- opt for the league that are in the Q there are really not that well. I scored it. Stepped into that earlier you would hardly hear you I'm gonna tell you -- good right now they're in please let them. -- we will know in order. These guys at the scene with the manager. Being all you watch any part all of our local. They are all good guys are being locked the it would -- thought that yeah. OK okay they'll put it together and don't say that yet to win the -- -- and wait for 2014. Kicked -- all. And click here now we're also pretty young -- -- come -- a likeable and get it back not probably that the a player and that Erik you took that big ball and I called -- all of -- check it in right here. Overall -- and they got a lot of ball. And they're not at all to do with Aldrich -- -- what -- up. Why. You'll frazzled Tony I didn't I guess Mike but mighty -- but he said I said was a question not a statement how did they get here question mark. But but I would get on a no no no I'd never wall first well I never uttered the word any of the ownership. In the entire show but I will say this I agree with you. I agree with you that. Ownership was the one that. The don't hate this year was the year leading into 2000 covered with a year where they went out and get all these guys -- really really like -- because we have all these stars. This wasn't -- don't hate this year this was. We're gonna let bench Arrington in baseball operations try to figure this out because we left we whipped on the players. And we whipped on the -- -- I just I -- it isn't exactly what you said. -- got -- -- people saying all the great it straight at the dark to want to trade. There was a it was kicked their payroll stopped elect not from scratch and I agree with Jack because you just want to Wear it. But what we will cant go back on these the first 2011. I wanted to kill the I would EI a sloppy -- attack and you want -- -- -- guys on that station saint. You know liking at this plant put out I didn't so they beat clean house we had no idea departures -- -- it's like that. I watched you at spotting them. They had any idea it's argument made that trade April. Yeah I think over the salary to what they want to like are sharing that -- -- don't want. -- -- You water at that diet shot -- to -- -- -- -- Lucchino wanted Bobby Johnson are now Dallas Dallas that was so I'd say every club -- greatly item so they -- really added it is. And I tell you aren't saying that but instead it's kind of an -- -- it's kind of a would they have gotten here but for that colossal statement Tony are you in a good mood now that's a question because the rug October's almost over. I -- perhaps the World League. Absolutely -- and I -- I it. It's just that and that's what I wanted to do you say something nice and -- that's one of the first years that I honestly truly say I. I think Detroit that -- and not -- -- there towards each way to which I will mark the disappointment. Now don't -- Tony's going to be a Red Sox Pittsburgh. Or -- -- Dodgers right around wall pretty hard getting back to your memories of covering that nineteen hot three World Series. Yeah maybe I go oh cool are -- as it is it is entrusting a blow what happens if they lose I know about the dead ball era if if oh over is -- and what happens if they lose right through what what's what's the feeling going to be. I you have to be so -- I'm not been negative from be realistic. If they if they do lose if they lose in this first round what's the feeling about this team's going to be and it's easy for people to say right now on on this can appreciate the season. You works that way I know that's I think that's being negative. I really -- rob you're being negative and it hump day and it almost obligated to take a break top of the hour coming up to relive all right. Now it's that I -- 617779797. A roadblock to word continues. -- we -- so like we did. Back men relate back we're back we're back back back back back on the road to October. Bradford spear and Mikey on your radio along with the Red Sox bench coach and because this is Mondays with Torre. Of course being Monday curious just like magic on the phone with a state -- how are you. Guys -- -- -- actually everything's just as a player what is your Red Sox fan right now Torre a year and haven't. -- -- We are -- we are were really try to hold it. You know we we set out. Street straight into group that we want to continue to move forward. Wanted to set up structure of these guys were. And attention to the most unbelievable beat Chelsea they grass. Some new concepts. It was just a great ride throughout force that it doesn't you know step one of the process is complete. We really put a great team out there we need one big east. And you know now I'm excited turned the page and get our focus realigned to -- policy. So -- you have into these four days off. I keep coming back to how you guys prepared coming out of spring train me and how that ended up without first game of the year. Do you see any kind of similarities and in terms of okay we're gonna do it this way with the guy is clicking on all cylinders on Friday just really like you did in game one. I'm. Pretty much Soviet the other -- a couple of things that change you guys are currently under and under the out. We talked over and stout you know how aggressive we should be that you guys that you guys don't play under your games. Somewhere in the neighborhood or your game and we have yet being aware of a fullback -- -- -- -- understand it looked -- -- we're -- physically. But Natalie wanna turn them turn the dial up -- -- prepare them to get some ready that's the first thing I immediately don't have this facility or the state. It kind of went through a typical spring training day but I don't do any of that from all the other coaches John. As well the players we're gonna that we we set forth the idea that you know we're gonna go out. Get as prepared as I can for Friday tomorrow we're gonna have all light work out your legs back under after happen today out. And then that that you guys last week. -- -- one they've got to do we'll walk everywhere you date it is simulated game it'd be a little bit Margaret's. A little bit more scream and -- and get these guys ready spoke -- -- -- Now I know that ever put all these teams are different organizations have different players are different. But it but talking to other people and try to prepare yourself for this layup. Is there anything that you got out of the of the Tigers I guess to the Tigers are the preeminent example of having these enormous playoffs and then not doing well. Anything that you weaned off of while talking to people about those. Well and see what we did you know you're right we did our homework to the best ability we talked -- -- -- -- you know. -- -- -- all along. You know you you want to let you know until final day in -- keep -- on edge well then there's. There's something queued -- let you know I know our guys knew that it is about -- important. Phil we we've got all over the place while some -- instead send your guys down instructional league haven't play. You gain down there. Other people that get a little rest and just kind of fine tune a few things and we're gonna try to strike or didn't -- you wanna. We want to give -- rest which was sitting a little bit it's Amaro. Turn of the dial. On Wednesday and then made it all back a little bit -- -- -- what can get out of Wednesday dispute their society. -- ultimately would have dealt to believe every team has definitely have to gauge what we have done already dark. And we're -- specifically do you communicate where guys you know they are physically. We're kind of put together and you based on what their needs are what they wanna do you compare notes with anybody else yet I know what happened. Video -- -- -- here and in in the league championship they all washed out. Quickly and Ali happened when the Tigers clinched bolstered that got washed out a little -- We're totally different team that we know we need to do gonna blocker for our -- On Wednesday I know that you guys have five have Clay Buchholz and Jake Peavy is scheduled to to throw is there anyone else he does incorporated into that into that. Intra squad scrimmage. Well I think what did you coach wanted to do for me tomorrow I like them to the Schwab is a pretty sweet name which are. That I don't wanna throughout the ones like -- it just exudes character that. Our our. Aren't pitching coach one we ever gonna give me a little bit more. He killed information as far as what. What she needed our hitters what. They need to our pitchers so. I think tomorrow it'll open up it's time to restructure or oh that is the key pitchers Julie practiced. You know Jake -- ball and infield and then take our normal batting practices without boy get our guys what they wanna do -- One day which is like I said he interviewed everybody in game -- just at wrap up that intensity. In terms of where you are roster playing does that necessarily at this point you know we've we've talked a lot with with and heard a lot this week. If there are perhaps a few positions. That are still up in the air into their largely dependent upon who you're going to end up playing. That being the case to the roster conversation. Really need to wait for seeing what happens over over the course of this game today and then what happens on Wednesday. I think that's that to share that they're I think that we're gonna probably wait. Waited out and talked about a little bit more internally we've been -- discussions for the ten days you know got a -- projecting that we were gonna make the playoffs once we didn't make out a little bit more -- than 02 advantage over the news without. We we haven't had a conversation than other coaches about it aren't but it. -- -- -- John. We've period. Betting company and well ultimately they're they're the ones and make the final roster decisions but we we've -- way it needs we've been talking about. You know the need for speed to be -- Kinship to meet the right at eight Turk. And he at the -- and it just depends on what happened. Any game here -- -- that we have everything covered we have all of our needs are about right now just a matter spelling out. What we say what you project we're gonna need -- -- I potential game. Against the wild -- Can you identify Torre everything over the last week since we talk Q last. That -- you guys tried out or experimented with or -- -- Q did. That was solely for an eye on we could be doing this in the post season in this series in Colorado or a series in Baltimore. Well sure and create a lot like the way you're trying to and there are a pretty ugly yet I don't I don't know from my creativity and we disaster was you had to practice that he fourth down snaps on short yardage just. There you got exactly I -- -- played with the. -- You can see who suddenly guys or that we're trying to get out here to give them a little slogan that you read it because there. You know we're trying to spell out what our needs to -- we want our guys on -- on until guidance in key situations so eagle backing you look over. You know -- got -- we got some. About. We want to just see that -- what it would do it at all. In Iraq situation. I know these are lobsters. I can guarantee that it you know these guys they they know what what. What they what they wanted you to go out there -- -- they're ready. We get that -- it's -- expression -- it was kind of at a neutral environment where they went out there played three good baseball or. -- the ball without any added pressure. We didn't we we know -- we know what RD start and there are going to be more -- in the days. How to guys that are going to be play right field feel about the the kind of unusual start times in the difficult right field. Sub field in Fenway because of the start times these playoff games. You know. I'd just what can you guys got word you know. That we're gonna play great spot if I was ought he has been fortunate -- -- right in the middle and -- You know the sun does such a big distraction like killer -- only a couple supported it made it any. But it's more about the -- I don't know what is the pitchers got -- -- well on in the ball. And he -- that very reason we are happy that we. We you have to because our Wednesday. Perhaps you are very there at the -- In that and got tired or so we're gonna gear up for what air or. We want talk about track in the things that we're gonna we're going to be straight up against in that one may -- will try to go out. Torre -- of the things that's been up in the air for a for a little bit and probably remained so is the question of ten vs eleven pitchers. Which is kind of an an interesting philosophical one and you know it involves kind of how aggressive you wanna be in in different facets of of the rest of the game. You know -- -- in the last ten years of the AL DS that's forty teams six teams have to have use as many eleven pitchers in the series. Can you kind of describe the factors that go into the question of ten vs eleven. Pitchers on the roster. -- a very good question now I will say that that. Achieve that -- pitching heavy you know eight for starters in seven. Or eight. Relievers. Are strictly -- teams that might not out. This starting pitching spring that we -- very very good about. Short guys that are going to be getting that not. In about it. In every note that clearly one of the street -- ball -- as a result on the backside that. We may not need eight guys bullpen we may not have gotten off and I think that's what they're trying to describe right now it. It's going to be six I don't think it's an -- guys -- and because of how well our four starters can do in that you've pitched that it's very deep in the ball game and you know. The research is done I know that are not done as well. Know that the team that the boats that it used three all or reliever. Structured days -- these guys in Brett so. Heavy. -- ball and may not be needed. But a pinch runner or pinch hitter Dexter got the bench third catcher -- so we're we're trying to find out trying to find. How how we got in the bullpen -- way to get what -- dark from offenses they have. Well -- agreed to an individual and that and I -- us or -- my specialty player but you talked about. This the you have what you need in that clubhouse right now and one of those guys could could potentially be Quinton Barry. And when he was acquired the first thing everyone reference was Dave Roberts because everyone does that around here when it comes to pinch runners. Since you've acquired Quinn Barry has anything about him surprised you in the coaching staff. -- know little bit of an offensive ability. Offensive ability he is all very very well. We we watch them you know you can Tigers aren't figured Barry came bought out what we know that there was not much power need already just -- -- -- yard yesterday shortly ability that the ball out of the ballpark. Your life I think rob everybody understands what what are needed what we what we required or need what we acquired when Barry. And the best thing about what he's done so already if you look at the on base I think restore basic. Two of them have been just bite in the IR. Understanding all day you know -- we preached I'd actually reached. -- base and uncertainties certain things and we got a lot set up a slight. Buried one out there is no surprise that he's trying to get they may it weren't sure what I'm -- to win a game and you are so. In a -- all I see you -- couples -- concept and obligation of doing that we talked about. It's either really really what you are all. He's like herb Washington from the Oakley days back in the day they had a special guy never hit ever got to the -- at least it gives run. But this guy can't. I and I remember neighbor watching I don't know what what he could do offensively but the guy that we still regional their -- out yet. Beat -- on our -- we will wrap their look at -- that I've been needed. And it took it apart but. There's a specialist right yeah -- -- that actually kind of raises an interesting kind of bigger picture question of you know he's he's a guy who addressed. A clear imprecise roster need. One of the interesting conversations that exist about post season roster is is this idea of whether or not depth that's so valuable during the course of 162. Translates to being meaningful for the course of you know over the course of a a short five or seven game series. What's your view on that on the value of you know of kind of having to superior 25 man roster. Verses the kind of vs the the perhaps more top heavy roster. Bit odd that some people believe is is a pretty good formula for post season success. In contrast to regular season success. Yeah you're you're looking for five games you look at reliant -- -- ought to look at turned -- to come off your bench. And I think John -- the first one to say it out loud all of that. When when -- carry extra players eat something that you need all their offense game motto we gonna go on their. What somebody that's gonna it's gonna take one swing of the bat that makes something magical happened. Art so I don't really like that that date story. I don't think that certain maturity -- the plate but I think once specialty that -- -- -- -- and you'll pay. Or perhaps it's there the weak link on defense you do need to eat at the plate. But if you look we -- -- -- on all the way there I think we were a little bit above average with. In the American League I think we're pretty -- IQ when it comes to defense so. -- John that made a lot of that you look at turnout which strikes you look at that three run homer and somebody coming off the bench. Or somebody told me you know there's an injury or there's a perfect match. You want that got to count in their vehicle up baseball. Now without him into particulars and specifics. Where you're taking your son for denied because I don't want Red Sox fans flocking to Wear retro look below his son's going yeah I would let it was a -- at citizens that's going to be the fourth star is going to be the -- level. Forward didn't know that we had a couple places I you know what I will give the -- there at the point itself right -- -- -- -- ever got a huge. You that you don't like a pitch count. We -- I -- go to sushi out it's a really really cute is that now that well wanna -- favorite meal at a ball -- chicken. But look at sort of all I think that's -- A nice nice compromising your standards for for the sake of being a good dad good for you pay I want to throw one last thing Torre. Meant you know and obviously deals -- Getting getting fired today by the Cubs. Your name is has come up and -- managerial managerial interviews I came up with the Red Sox back bit in the 2011 offseason. Is it to what degree are you mindful of wanting to kind of take the next step in terms of your own your managerial. Career. You know. I'd be more happy with the war and with the people I get to work with every day inside about -- the people that I work for out to about office. I'm learning every day. IQ IQ is unbelievable -- action he wore these. What -- out right now. You know I found out that this question -- I just wanted went out that it. I don't think happened in the all part time all the opportunity there at the time right situation up a -- like I'm right well and we. Ten. I would certainly consider it but I will say that it's not that I aspire to do. It's something that -- motivate each and every -- -- -- there -- in contention just. Although I don't believe in John -- Shall all -- -- outnumber. I'm right I don't want it now about sport but it is because they are very ticklish I want -- wreck situation -- right. But Torre great talking -- have a nice weekend intact keep everybody nice and loose okay. I'm like yeah are well -- yeah where I sort of -- Tuesday's mean Monday's was -- with -- I don't listen that they we would gladly welcomed Tuesday's Victoria as well but I kind of -- yesterday. Our phone number 6077797937. It's a -- October -- Bradford spirit Mikey on your radio will be right back. We are -- three. We. We just finished. Trees were on the first run I didn't sing and make sure that you are and where mean. Now -- To sort Rosalind. -- -- Boy Ryan Dempster voice sounds very low there -- -- unmistakably. The big man. That was nothing compared to David Toms on Saturday morning I began its next thing correcting me about herb Washington I don't know I don't know I wanna correct you'll. I know Claude though Washington was OK don't do well this is Ian Google it if you don't know your stuff. Herb Washington worth ago herb Washington had a special torrent of fellows scooping her blessing to Russia -- at the end text me make try to make fun of me -- -- it's herb Washington and Oakland -- -- pinch runner -- -- -- ever swung a bat but they put on the -- president used to well Washington was dynamic I mean really really -- -- very did not at all arm but it says Billy Hamilton the of the modern day there Washington. Yeah Billy Hamilton on the reds who Malia stole like a 2000 yeah -- just -- news caught one time recently everyone's he's gonna go for his psychiatry without being tied. Where is Scott recently and before that. You know -- throughout the other guys throw while. Billy Hamilton with David Ross oh really in a rehab game in the mile weeks earlier this year I'll bears' direction quite a few people of drugged up Billy Hamilton this in the -- yeah I saw that he was the last one before he went on greatly on their great point get thrown out at closing time at the bar the other night to know him mentions that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not in his career and now he is he I believe trails on the Jacoby Ellsbury in terms of the most consecutive full successful steals a starter barrier two starters deal 123. Hours and 24 for 24 -- -- -- -- was 25 so -- getting pretty close and honestly what are the things that was really interesting this weekend -- the row. Kind of alluded to I mean he swiped second on readers who has not African cannon yeah and in Manhattan he was excitable about that he came him off the bench. It in the ninth inning for this specific role and you know this was a guy who is who who is very into his role which I you know really kind of is has been an important part of this Red Sox team guys who. -- having that really very clearly defined role that is not that of the primary players. That that's a good attribute all my car preference that when asked what makes playing in Boston so much better than playing in Seattle. He says I know exactly what my job is in Boston I don't necessarily know that in Seattle and why his job isn't hitting all the time and I'm sure you wanna play a lot more. He he likes the fact this is what my job is is if it expands Creighton it doesn't that's -- too and it's going to be some kind of psychological thing for the pitcher B LaMont knowing these guys and every -- -- for Barry when he's on first base they know is gonna run it is it really is -- -- you get to the Dave Roberts but he by the rankings -- wouldn't be more ski area there's boom boom here -- 24 for 24 by the way for over for -- I thought I was trying to think of because obviously if if -- Barry has any kind of impact in the playoffs. We will look back as the big clay more concentrated yeah so I was sure it try to remember of David -- Dave Roberts who we traded for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bronx is burning you remember Roger -- front side I know every Frenchman well at the -- the catcher I think you know you don't run is first about the Red Sox. -- first mentally -- I wasn't necessarily -- 1980 is what -- wheel house I definitely wasn't -- -- -- that was a rough time from -- real house was operating on different principles and that part is the couple games I've ever occured back when -- rookie of the job and media three and by the way l.'s personal matters through 25 -- 25 which is pretty damn good pretty damn good you don't -- their record good. Our phone number is 6177797. I threesome we -- time in room forty join in the -- talking Red Sox baseball here playoff baseball. On the road to October we did at Brad -- And at Alex -- chore is it they -- right SEI. -- really impressive -- -- -- over don't screw that spelling Bradley -- you give them up a shout out on Twitter yeah spell his last night it's like day after a complement law do you have a Twitter handle teacher like myself you know -- go -- go RD and one has been very nice to me at my -- WBI -- in 1982 Roger left -- There -- eight games and there it's. That was a tough time for me I've known. Give some benefit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Man it is I did not do -- trio like is this it is I don't know man. Zone. Yeah. Yeah up. I'd like to remark on two things. One is the a expanding. A web. Implement. From Billy being. Who's in this here today in the playoffs here. To be so who's not and to Tito who is said to aunts and we are. I think it's playing -- they bet the way dead money ball is getting played out across the because he's. Okay. I think there's. It with particular with -- sway them getting. Fired today. Who are supposed to beat Terry. I mean he. Bobby. I think that's very interest and I find that past. Yeah well you know still slim gets hired by the Red Sox like a ball -- people think they wanted to do then we probably aren't sitting here that's just the reality because see you. You have a different team we have a different kind of team in. -- that I think that's the way it plays out. Okay my second point was what we do between -- on Friday would not consider our asses right. I am again and I think it's going to be very interesting. To see out the it's almost like how many spring training. To stay in Aaron Ross. And and take advantage rest. All of these next four days. Are you -- they're going to be so rested maybe -- rested one will -- The LB Keith I want to go back the original point about the money ball and how that how that's going in baseball and that's had an effect Alex has actually had a great fact. A -- teams that take a lot of pitches but this is this a small aspect of it. But getting starters out early in the game Alex on the great facts about this -- this was and I last researched this and painstaking detail maybe about a week -- so the night that they clinched in dog -- if they knock out -- -- teams that doubt that the five leading teams in terms of knocking out pitchers before they made it's the fifth inning it's starting pitchers before they did. The fifth inning all of them are playoff teams the five worst teams -- that trait. More of the more last place teams in the other one had a sub 500 record this huge it was steaming towards Dominic it was steaming toward the top top ten draft did you write -- down on your post Turkey. Well no well I tried. Alex that is that is really. Pivotal step out there. I've got to blow your mind do you think that's great thanks for -- you know like in a related story don't like doing laundry and Alex he makes circles and -- just yet to see how like about the next dale we're damn well your son is probably kind of pissed when you take is that at just -- -- I think he's -- that. Are you kidding me. -- always thank you for calling and them some type of surprise that he can actually. Get the -- right. You know at this time and I people's voice activated. -- the end of the it's the end of the day. People texting -- money ball on regular TV today this -- this guy must have just seen it. These argument it is probably something to that actually. Now somebody wanted to know is WEEI putting on the game. Tampa Bay against Texas and I've heard. What size are 850 there ego and ego it's on 8:50 AM I wish we were all familiar you know Monday Night Football after this -- -- right. And denied fifty you have the the baseball game which if you ask me which one I'd rather watch. I'd rather watch the baseball game. Yeah well I mean you know the Saints are undefeated. And you know this thing called -- we go back and forth if you want to now this is important progress com baseball as a real time watcher -- he's not he's a note Tebow man -- that I Tivo. But there there DR yeah affair affair he had no I mean I we have really talked about the game tonight and it's it's it's -- against price against -- broke. Bill Martin's press yeah and Eugene Perez -- Alvarez gone for the year wagers my team Perez neither has faced -- the other team at all this year although Texas. Does have a good record against price and his last outing last year late this season was not good. But I still have to if you ask him today I still have to pick Tampa Bay Area. They've how the kid throwing a no hitter last this season Henderson Alvarez part of that Mike Cook. Part of that now disaster traded by the Blue Jays didn't Mike's got to that one year for the Astros like 86 did he throw a no hitter for the game well you know of the game with every ball -- yeah I think you know who did was Devern Hansack yeah. Mike -- and by the -- perfect game might quit was your perfect game on the final day of I think -- sure Mike Scott didn't do on the last in the bicycles through and I don't think it was on the last day because he had to start game one. He sure. Yeah you sure -- have to get that wind I'm so -- to come out I went out and other good -- Back to two tonight's game in leading into Wednesday. Greg if I'm wrong you have two pitchers who pitch yesterday in Matt Moore at all a ball ball menace both of whom would be available on four days our guys -- to -- the way they would go. I think if you pitch game two. You still probably going to be available for game five if you get there yeah I think that for the Indians there's no question and corporately yeah for the rays I think definitely as well I think that the only question. Would be the Rangers because. Because I think the Derek Holland threw on Saturday. In so you might want him on five days in Darvish on five days in game two that you would also have the option of of Darvish. I'm four days in game line. It's all great. No matter who wins of the street teams and no matter who the Red Sox play they're all great story lines. Yeah obviously you have Tampa Red Sox probably bigger rivalry the last couple years and even the Yankees you have the the obviously one with Cleveland Francona. -- even Texas Texas is extremely talented team probably out of the three. Maybe from top to bottom the most talented. And you of the return of Dave maggot and there's -- -- very no actually I mean and Adrian Beltre in my view Adrian -- today I -- I didn't divulge just two guys I had to submit the MVP bow out. And it didn't go to had a better year than I thought he did real good he was I think I had a Maine out to go back by. I think -- number six. Yeah I think that sounds about right which I didn't even want when he when the Red Sox didn't wanna slow what happened was a trade for Adrian Gonzales so. You could really noting there was literally no worries or third. Well right does that hold me in other words how much was he looking for and how well he's played since he left here has been -- well -- having a lot of people rolled their eyes when Texas signed him because. This value signing to what is a four year contract yet heard a lot he had argued year Fenway short but he's lived up to every inch and -- sarcastic Casilla dad are for -- a year is like watching him and respect -- I picked the -- I had it's a the last two on the ballot -- -- go for and and part of the the description of it is teams play that's the second one down so that obviously gets the pitcher in the deal little -- round there. So I did put two pitchers at the nine of the temperatures -- at nine. And I put com allergy attack did hear him. By the way Mike Scott. What game 153. It was side won one win away from clinching the division title the Astros Mike Scott Speed is an emotional thirteen K no hitter against the Giants -- the best. Basically it's done with that now but was the last games -- emotional doubters he was no might quit. And I certainly wasn't. That lanky right hander for the Angels. -- course the amateurs more and emotional moment yesterday -- that or the bad news Bears what -- -- important -- that and or take a break it's the road art -- call us now if you wanna get on the -- 6177797937. It's pretty big accomplishment for a team and and that's what great teams with the best record so sets us up nicely we got to. So go out and play well doesn't matter where your plan but it helps us that we could -- last. PD who you know we would somehow find a way to get over 300 the end of the season he's he's a bar -- 300 hitter. But when he is -- around -- nanny eight united nine the last few days watch this push now they've got to wrap up. Well gonna pump himself up or 300 I don't think people understood what how bad that that thumb injury was out and mrs. WDs. Had with that thumb injury I think is pretty commendable -- however that cost standard -- his season yet ASA Lawton. Dad -- and UCL that the thing that. This prevents your thumb from bending in the back year Hampton and that's it was on his glove hand. Hand those on his left hand right now is on a strong hands on his throwing hand death of -- -- out costs now is used to being the best fielding second baseman received planet massage uniform he. He's he's you know I -- kind of I don't Arizona State and all about that program down there for the numbers and records he broke down there. You know should have let everybody know and despite -- him -- size he's going to be an unbelievable player but the one thing when I look at him is I look at him would have a 300 year every single year. Because he's just he's you know. He's so it's a steady in all it's weird because of his years typically go the same way. Where you'll have a dip around June or so in a -- -- -- -- because of his injury. But that -- find his way he'll find a way to manage the injury and then on up by. But around 300 pounds and has more importantly you know and more importantly a top on base guy four among second baseman among topical and does because he's. The table setter he's there're there are other years. Where is it for more power certainly especially then this year yes because of the diminished power but. Still the guy who's going to you know who. Put -- keeps the line moving to -- their praise of Terry Francona and plays amazing defense which gives him considerable overall doubt in my view. Could this lineup and we've talked about in -- especially talked about the depth the lineup and how one through nine you have tough outs. But really you look at the top five for the top four and how they complement each other well and that's why it five is so important in Napoli Napoli is so important -- said this time and time again. Now pleased going in you're gonna have a far different type -- line has a different feel to it everything. One through four -- Victor Reno Pedroia Ortiz you know or -- could sense where you're gonna get. But Napoli -- that number five at such a different dimension in terms of protecting Ortiz. And no we saw -- now we've gone bad. What happened Ortiz about ready to. Pacers with 22 intentional walk gap yet while that hadn't been a big trend earlier in the season 00 at that point became one consistently -- -- -- Napoli stopped hitting -- the beginning of June and then it became a -- he walked David Ortiz and -- and we'll let anyone else and the thing is this that Napoli Napoli numbers with the bases -- are insane. It's I think it's eleven for 22 or something like that idea -- to stretch out those situations either. He alters his approach yeah he does because -- was always hurt the Red Sox in a situation the past room with both the Angels rages he he would. Somehow make a difference when they they got the ducks on the pond if you asked me you who distress in a position players. Who's this rest is gonna help the most I think it's going to be Napoli. Because we've seen when he gets a little bit rests on that -- phys -- is the foot injury then he becomes a much more confident and now when you have that planter fascia in his K just stop planting stuff from when that help. They tried and what's garden are always a -- they tried they tried that didn't work. Now I'm Victor Reno with the right handed batting thing. It's very impressed with the way he batted right handed. Against all forms of pitching sure and I just want for a that was -- startling well Robbie you blog I talk to Victorino on Friday. And asked him have you given up lefty hitting completely out this year that's much -- myself. He said I I still work on in the cage -- you might do it again the last time he did it was against Max -- so they could face each other -- scherzer is death on Fridays ago you might have turned around once this weekend a -- he might guess so yeah I didn't notice that that's what I know that's that's insisting -- has become so seamless that we don't even thought you know it doesn't even register for supplies so he said he hasn't given up on him that he's working on it in the batting cage and but you're right and he's been so good right handed. That you would think -- why even bother. Buddy Buddy Hackett and there are some -- -- of for -- his every gets the job done he hits the ball hard and it's like you don't get hit by snitch you know it's also very cognizant of -- he's brought this up a couple times. Stated they signed me as a switch hitter. They saw this is the guy that they got they wanted a switch hitter. That was part of my value in. But if you're if you're function from the right hand side of pleased equal or better -- what you were do you think so no it's going to be it's a -- -- sucks and I -- John Farrell I think is artists out there and if you decided that he wanted to get up switch hitting good they wouldn't fight -- -- it. They want him to beat a player that -- it permits him to be the most competent players can be. That's just for a second and you guys so my 'cause I've been following very carefully the NL central it's been this wildly energy lump yourself compose some -- well at -- that I heading you know adoration for the for every since Roberto Clemente was on the team I haven't really it's not that they -- -- special to me for -- but -- had such a long drought for twenty some years 21 years or whatever was. A bit of -- ballpark is beautiful those fans are there I saw you understand that's right the fans are good fans there and I think they just deserve. A break and it would be kind of cool to have a 110 years later it's a great little series a great stadium it's a grip I think its soul and you exit you've been there. It's so underrated. Center -- -- whole environment. And and they made their division has been so weird and hard fought. The reds in the Cardinals and a Pittsburgh go Pirates Cornet and all year long right otherwise they play each other for four straight days that only to have a a playoff game can seats on the one that really counts with a sore right it has been really wild. What are you guys. What do you guys think and and you said you were you'd like to see the Dodgers and we know we know is a lot of good reasons that. But I mean what do you think's got the best shot from nationally get there and how do you think the central and it turned out. I mean just. If you if you focus on the kind of top heavy model of dominant players and the Dodgers because of their pitching. Really do stand out when you're talking about you know about her -- in the -- you have him and you know ridiculous. And then they have obviously a number of -- number pretty dazzling position players and indicated Mike Napoli facsimile. In at first base is -- well they got the Yankees. Payroll. You know -- -- not -- -- him as much automatically unless -- dodger -- you out US who you'll get your -- and who want to okay right so there's and a question there and I mean who wouldn't think who for whom would maybe a great story -- the Pirates did really well. There's pressure because I think Andrew McCutcheon is just such a spectacular it looks like a fire and he has not been -- oh all right and it has not you know he he hasn't it's it's cool that he's probably going the he has a very good chance of bringing MVP this year. But I still think that people have yet to really get to see. How dynamic and amazing he has. Well you know it's been fun doing these couple shows that you guys on the road October hope maybe someday we get different road November -- Woolsey will CU on Thursday at a big -- the tundra do you -- the rest of where we are going to do some redemption the reds -- production. Jerry Remy is. We have the shift with Mikey Adams in Jokester -- we don't we have The Third Shift we got -- -- anybody that's ever -- baseball -- -- is going to be their -- going to be a great night out so we'll see you Thursday boys -- nice talking -- We got Monday Night Football coming your way next. Our thanks to Patrick -- game better known as patio furniture I haven't seen it seems like weeks. Up producing this our program that I am a lot will talk to tomorrow have a go.

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