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Torey Lovullo on The Road to October

Sep 30, 2013|

Red Sox Bench Coac, Torey Lovullo joins Rob Bradford, Alex Speier, and Mikey Adams to talk about the Red Sox as they gear up for the playoffs and get ready to practice, with multiple days off for the first time in months.

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Oh we are so like we did back -- relate back we're back we're back back back back back on the road to October. Bradford spear and Mikey on your radio along with the Red Sox bench coach and because this is Monday's would Torre. Of course being Monday curious just like magic on the phone with a state Torre how are you. A guy -- Exel -- actually everything's just as a player what is your Red Sox fan right now Torre. Era haven't. -- -- We we are BR we are were really -- will get. You know we we set out. -- is -- group that we want to continue to move forward. Wanna -- set up structure of these guys were. Paying attention to the most unbelievable beat Chelsea they grass. Some new concepts. It was just a great ride throughout force it and you know step one of the process there is simply. We we put a great team out there we we won big east. And I don't doubt I would try to turn the page and get our focus real financial policies. So -- you have into these four days off. I keep coming back to how you guys prepared coming out of spring train me and how that ended up -- first game of the year. Do you see any kind of similarities and in terms of okay we're gonna do it this way when the guy is clicking on all cylinders on Friday just really like you did in game one. I'm. Pretty much -- the other -- a couple of things that change you guys are currently under under the out. We talked over around and stout you know how aggressive we should be that you guys that you guys kind of play it under your games. Somewhere in the neighborhood or your game and we have yet being aware of a pull back a little bit to understand it looked at -- we're at physically. Natalie wanna turn them turn the dial up -- prepare them to get them ready that's the first thing I immediately don't have this facility or eight. It kind of went through a typical spring training day but -- I was getting -- was from all the other coaches John. As well the players we're gonna that we we set forth an idea that you know we're gonna go out. Get as prepared as I can surprise tomorrow we're gonna up all might work out your legs back under after happen today out. And then that that you got what we. And while -- -- going to be able to walk everywhere you date it is simulated game to be a little bit Margaret's. A little bit more extreme and -- -- and get these guys ready okay we're right. Now I know that ever put all these teams are different organizations have different players are different. But it but talking to other people and try to prepare yourself for this layup. Is there anything that you got out of the of the Tigers I guess to the Tigers are the preeminent example of having these enormous playoffs and then not doing well. Anything that you gleaned off of while talking to people -- those. Well see what we did you know you're right we do our homework to the best ability and talk a little -- and you know. Generally all along. You know do you want to let go into the final day in day you can achieve on edge well then there's. There's something queued up let you know I know our guys new grass I think it's probably sell insurance or. Phil we we've got all over the place while some Q instead send your guys down to instructional league haven't play. Duke game on the other people that get a little rest and just kind of fine tune -- -- of the things that we're gonna try to strike in the middle wanna. We want to give him rest which was sitting a little bit tomorrow. Turn of the dial. On Wednesday and then made it all back a little bit uncertain depending on what you've got out of one dispute air society. But ultimately what it comes down to believe every team -- definitely have to gauge what we have done already dark. And it worked very specific we communicate where guys know they are physically. We're kind of put together and you based on what their needs are what they wanna do you can't compare notes with anybody else yet I know what happened. Studio -- -- last year and yeah in in the league championship -- washed out. It was nice while it happened when the Tigers clinched the -- they got washed -- world Terry. We're totally different team that we know we need to do gonna blocker for our plants. On Wednesday I know that you guys have -- have Clay Buchholz and Jake Peavy is scheduled to to throw is there anyone else he does incorporated into that into that. Intra squad scrimmage. Well I think what. It's coach wanted to do for me tomorrow I like them pitching coach -- is a pretty sweet name which are. The Iowa throughout the ones like this it just gives it character that -- -- Aren't that you go to one we ever gonna give me a little bit more. He killed information as far as what. What he needed our hitters what. We need dark pitchers. I think tomorrow get a little bit and updated on a refresher course although it is the key pitchers Julie practiced. You know take -- alternate fuel and take our normal batting practices without Floyd -- -- the guys what they wanna do for. One day which is like that is gonna get everybody in there were -- just at wrap up that intensity. In terms of where you are roster playing does that necessarily at this point you know we've we've talked a lot with with and heard a lot this week. If there are perhaps a few positions. That are still up in the air into their largely dependent upon who you're going to end up playing. That being the case to the roster conversation. Really need to wait for seeing what happens over over the course of this game today and then what happens on Wednesday. I think that's that to share that I think that we're gonna probably wait. Waited out in talked about a little bit more internally we've been having discussions for the ten -- you know -- -- I'm projecting that we were gonna make the playoffs once we didn't make out a little bit more expensive than 02 advantage -- the that we -- have. We we have -- conversations and -- -- -- -- we've earned it. -- at the edge on. We've created so betting company and well ultimately -- they're the -- -- make the final roster decision but we we've been way it needs we've been talking about. You know the need for speed the need for any. Kinship to meet the right at eight Turk. -- -- at the plate and it just depends on what happened. Any game here in a perfect but we have everything covered up all our needs are flat out right now just to matters selling out. What we say what you project we're gonna need -- -- -- -- potential game. Against the wild are. Can you identify Torre everything over the last week since we talk Q last. That the you guys tried out or experimented with or X -- Q did. That was solely for an eye on we could be doing this in the post season in this series in Colorado or a series in Baltimore. Well sure recreate it I liked the way you're trying to and there are off pretty I -- I don't I don't know from my creative noted disaster was you had him practicing fourth down snaps on short yardage just to. There you got exactly accurate -- played with the cut out. You can see who saw the guys or that we're trying to get out here to give them a little -- getting into it because there. You know we're trying to spell out what our needs could you would want our -- on -- on on -- -- in key situations so -- go back and you look over. You know we got -- -- you got them. About. We want to just see that setting what they would do it. -- situation. I don't -- our rosters. I can guarantee that it you know these guys say they know what what. What they what they wanted you to go out there performed -- show they're ready. We -- -- -- it's much pressure on supplements that a mutual environment where they went out -- play three debate all or. Hit the ball without any added pressure. We didn't we we don't. Need no parties are and there are going to be more -- in the basic. -- -- guys that are going to be play right field feel about the the kind of unusual start times in the difficult right field. Sub field in Fenway because of the start times these playoff games. You know. I just let -- and you guys that I've learned you know. That we're gonna play great pocket I was -- -- unfortunate as -- -- right in the middle until. You know but -- it was such -- big distraction for the right field where it's only a couple -- any negativity out. But it's more about the offensive I don't know what is your cap -- -- -- now -- -- in the wall. And he'll -- that very reason we are happy that we. You have because our Wednesday. Perhaps if there are very there at the -- In that and got tired or so we're gonna gear up for what we air or. We want talk about track in the thing that we're gonna we're going to be straight up against they're not one they dropped -- to try to go out. Torre -- of the things that's been up in the air for a for a little bit and probably remained so is the question of ten vs eleven pitchers. Which is kind of an an interesting philosophical one and you know it involves kind of how aggressive you wanna be in in different facets of of the rest of the game. You know their -- in the last ten years of the AL DS that's forty teams six teams have to have used to as many eleven pitchers in the series. Did you kind of describe the factors that go into the question of ten vs eleven. Pitchers on the roster. That's a very good question now I will say that that. Achievement until pitching heavy you know -- -- starters in seven. Or eight. Relievers. -- -- routine that might not out there starting pitching spring that we we drove very very good about. Or guys that are gonna be getting that not. And out of it in every note that -- clearly one of the strengths are -- as a result on the back side that we may not need eight guys bullpen. We may not need some guys off and I think that's what they're trying to that's on right now is it just in the basics that I don't think it's an idiot guys bought at. Because -- how well our four starters can do and they can -- that it's very deep in the ball game and you know. The research you've got a note are not done as well. I know that the team that the boats that it -- three all four relievers. Structure days it's going to be any Brett so. Heavy -- old ball and may not be needed. But it pinch runner or pinch hitter and it got the bench third catcher -- -- we're trying to define out trying to find. How how we got in the bullpen then wait to get what our needs are from offenses. Well -- agreed to an individual and and I -- us or -- my specialty player but you talked about. That the you have what you need in that clubhouse right now and one of those guys that could potentially be Quinton Barry. And when he was acquired the first thing everyone reference was Dave Roberts because everyone does that around here when it comes to pinch runners. Since you've acquired Quinn Barry has anything about him surprised you in the coaching staff. I know little bit of an offensive ability. Offensive ability he is all very very well -- we we watch them you know these Tigers -- -- very very. It's all about what we know that there's not much -- -- -- league already spoke at a Camden yards yesterday shortly ability that the ball out of the ballpark. Your life I think rob everybody understands what what are needed when we when we acquired or need what we acquire -- -- And the best thing about what he's done so far is -- duplicate -- on -- I think restore basic. Two of them have been just -- in VIR. And spending all day you know what we preached I'd actually reached -- and uncertainties certain things and we got a lot at that we're quite. Buried one out there is no surprise that he is trying to get they bait in partnership and what I'm -- to win a game and you -- so. In a -- all I see you let a couple -- -- concept. They shoot something that we talked about it seemed to really really what you are all. He's like herb Washington from the Oakley days back in the day they had a special guy never hit ever got to the corner at least it -- -- But this guy can. I I and I remember the neighbor watching I don't know what what he could do offensively but the guy that we still regional -- force it out yet. We don't all of our lap we will wrap their look at -- the I've been needed. And it took it apart. There's a specialist right yeah -- -- that actually kind of raises an interesting kind of bigger picture question of you know he's he's a guy who addressed. A clearer imprecise roster need. One of the interesting conversations that exist about post season roster is is this idea of whether or not depth that's so valuable during the course of 162. Translates to being meaningful for the course of you know over the course of a a short five or seven game series. What's your view on that on the value of you know of kind of having to superior 25 man roster. Vs the kind of vs the the perhaps more top heavy roster. Bit odd that some people believe is is a pretty good formula for post season success. In contrast to regular season success. Yeah you're you're looking for five games you look at reliant while we bottle you look at turned -- to come off your bench. And I think John Earl the first wanna say it out loud all that. When when you're carried extra players eat something that you need all their pot since game motto we gonna go on their. What somebody that's gonna it's gonna take one swing of the bat to make something magical happened. Art Serbs got a lead like that that date story. I don't think -- in the maturity as a replacement I think once specialty that you look at -- -- got to you'll pay. Or perhaps if there is the weak link on defense you defeated Utah looked like the but if you look we world war three solid all the way there I think we were a little bit above average with our -- percentage and is not. In the American League I think we're pretty -- IQ when it comes the defense well. Would John that made a lot that you look at that would strike you look at that three run homer somebody jump off the bench. Or somebody told me you know there's an injury or there's a perfect match. You want that guy coming in or be able up baseball. Now without getting into particulars and specifics. Where you -- your son for denied because I don't want Red Sox fans flocking to Wear retro look below his son's going -- but it was a chain citizen that's going to be the fourth star is going to be the -- -- level. Forward didn't know. We had a couple places -- you know what I will give the -- -- important itself right doubt Alastair is it's ever got a huge. Q and you know like a pitch count. We know I want to go to sushi Al it's a really really cute is that now that the world wanna -- a favorite meal at a ball old chicken. But look at -- so I think that sort of. A nice nice compromising your standards for for the sake of being a good dad -- for you pay I want to throw one last thing Torre. -- and you know and obviously -- swain. Getting getting fired today by the Cubs. Your name is has come -- -- managerial managerial interviews I came up with the Red Sox back bit in the 2011 offseason. Is it to what degree are you mindful of wanting to kind of take the next step in terms of your room your managerial. Career. You know. I'd be more happy with the war and what the people I get to work with every -- inside and out and the people that I work more out about all that. I'm learning every day and IQ IQ is unbelievable. Action he -- these. What more on now right now. -- at that this question double I'm just wanted to went out that is. I don't think happened in the ballpark and all the opportunity there at the time the right situation pops up like like I'm right well elite. Then I I would certainly consider it but I will say that it's not that I fired do. It's something that motivate each and every -- it -- there aren't attention just. There. Although some believe that John -- Shall all of -- number. I'm right I don't want it now about sport but Houston because they are very ticklish. Wants -- direct situation right. But -- great talking TK have a nice weekend intact keep everybody nice and loose okay. I'm like yeah are well like -- where I sort of -- Tuesday's -- Monday's was with -- I -- -- -- -- we would gladly welcomed Tuesday's Victoria as well but I kind of -- yesterday.

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