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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 09/30/13

Sep 30, 2013|

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It's time for answers the question generic answer the question which saw how this is the big question. So put should be gears on answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's an answer that question and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's government. But you know what they've gotten -- that congress right now let me ask you this. When I have a good idea SE I like to take it and run them until somebody except some like points -- -- -- along time ago said there's not enough offense in hockey I said what do they used to. Box. To box. You get that from the former co host cheered them on you don't want to Boxee said to the left with an Iran that and Eddie had the idea where the cat will disappear somewhere like there'd be a hole in the or -- this. And the eight puck would disappear into the hole and it would come shooting out somewhere else the ice did I ever knew where it was gonna compartmentalize. Them all out. It is wrong. Accredited -- at the grade and I mean honestly don't have a two part should be exciting hockey you know I mean army -- the game -- responded Thursday -- -- -- answer the question brought to -- -- restoration specialists. If your property or facilities manager or insurance -- call -- to injury of a disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. -- will go to a RS serve. Dot com for more rich that's -- -- -- he's tremendous guy and a golf term is my favorite -- -- -- you know endeavor there of the it's a fine organization top on guys who decided that the Dallas Cowboys would play in the NFC east when they are located in the south west never understood that please explain. That. Rival that's what it was and it was long time ago and arrived rebellion -- Earlier when it was -- old days I have been here when it was and so we're having said that. I won't -- Oreo Oregon and held that that can't ruled against the Tampa Bay Bucs used in the NFC north. The Cincinnati -- used to be in the NL west down like rain -- lots of alignment. Alignment that way off about adult -- of -- from the Arizona -- they were in the NFC east in the right the dolphins OK if the east but it's also itself out pretty good too I mean it out of for the most part of ball now and you don't wanna break up those four teams -- each other. -- ago I'd like battle for those teams comprised the NFC east. Although Mike hot sport obviously spent a lot of time and it's next question -- fourteen state. Please stop almighty god is the worst division it really isn't it all the talk of god. You sleep -- another woman or any obviously your wife if you equalled hall past the camera that can't recover from that into my. Much sleep and no right at us now here's recover. -- to -- And I can't keep a secret at all like I would high end. I cannot keep secret equipment that she told she gave semester. It leads us to go back as. A whole. Situation. It's not a hole that -- that strike that's. About it. That. Ian Butler. And he is like 74. Next question. -- the chance to receive free tickets hailed the war. Ticket for the world it's one -- to -- -- -- -- things or do you wait for the world's. World is you win the world Russert pressed. That would help the person they're. Trying to go to show the World Series as you can say yes went two world. Yes and you show you have -- -- -- -- -- there. Given upon already. -- the question for the roundtable on Thursday yes -- my tubes or are you going to be part I got the 78 -- No 55%. When it's on seven. Testament. You guys before that. Libya but you. Made it affects world. -- -- -- -- And then my old argument that. And do you like the Bob Kraft blue shirt with the white color luck and if so have you ever seen it before would you ever do -- yourself. Only if it only did you wash the Floyd Mayweather -- I might I got to be honest we talk more about it tomorrow than today at today's early data react to the game I thought that was a bad luck mister Kraft wasn't supposed to do -- say no. I'm not get a picture of you I'm not gonna take a picture with Floyd Mayweather yet about that. I don't know that I would mean I would like to hope that if I were him that's what I would -- -- everywhere we wanted to better than that guy the bad guy. He's not just accused but convicted and went to jail for being a boxer who it is quite multiple time in front of his children front of his children. So I guess I would like to think that I would think no I'll take my picture theatres comeback accused him maybe craft aluminum. But that that's a good point right I don't know that sort of the one thing the keeps me from. From really you know let loose or whatever but. That was how would you would you take a picture with what -- or whether I wouldn't. That's -- what I'd like to think I guess if you'd like to think so automated state I think I think Bob Kraft -- first audience. I'm in Atlanta. I don't know I mean I guess you have to ask but I've. You see -- you see this all the time. You're there he's in the owner's box they're celebrities around. And he sees Floyd Mayweather -- -- it was just even the famous boxer -- for two. You may not have any idea of the history I'm sure that's possible I don't know -- criticizing him necessarily but it's bad -- man may weather's bad guy yeah and I would rather not have my picture my next question. To put money in those motel room envelopes that for the -- well I I'd like to see the -- They have other envelopes usually there I've never seen it just leave money for you leave money for the person clean your room don't. Margo don't insult you don't should leave or don't have an absolutely but all I'll admit that I did that Obama likely to. Proper offer I'll tell you -- in the room if you've been there just one night is that gonna have to clean and every day anyway but if you're there for a week in your -- got a big party bunch of vote cheerleaders and there was yourself. You don't have to travel when you accumulate lots of changes -- -- is that enough put it to -- change that is what I do they probably really -- -- do that -- -- ER. NC but it goes it's. I think -- if you've trashed the room and leave us yet. Your response to something with the -- -- for -- -- you know. You can well if the -- is that growth and nobody's expecting it you find another room. Make clear what do you rusher with cold water. Which uses warm water. Averages fifty. Pressure that's -- not warm water do you know why are panic you have to use cold water the water records. And get -- And it really. With me and relieved that bonds. Loss in the office says match again the last time today because it's been thousands -- dollars and root canals. Ridges and crown crafts stuff to. One month oil prices which means one. That worked out really working great just as you'd expect most -- Leone. Next question. It. Like or two out but it does trust you. Immediately believe that that's something fill out the Euro much. You can bridges of -- really -- thanks a thing. -- -- -- Of course to. Eight here is about a question as anyone has any driver in new England. And averaged three today. People like you were so -- flipping people. -- -- -- -- there's a better way to look at women was that. You -- -- handed the literacy. All. And I'll terrible and he sees for cookies that so well yeah yeah you know policies for concentrate him. And of course that's jerks that -- joy of breaking bad finale. I would hope that nobody spoilt for me I haven't started the series yet. On the start watching the series from the beginning soon I just a spoiler alert for like the next year. Year and a half of that is that okay. You want on demand yet. It was -- was again and it was real ending to -- show these pseudo artistic so. Targeted. When a guy -- don't know I didn't see it does make it. And a -- -- watch -- wrapped up everything you need to choose very well. That'll do it through here and I've been out of -- that everything they were supposed to rapidly and this was these -- refrigerant. And if you don't have to ultimately were really an acute muscle portable -- in his entire series. Oracle -- like that as well be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock look forward to talk to guys that. We're got to protect and and again we get the road to October tonight Rangers Rangers or the race and enters the race to have the rays -- -- about dolphins think a lot of games in New Orleans I got things I don't -- but only because -- in the world I want to make -- interest in -- dolphins who have known I think that dolphins go to war will be -- I will not be shocked if you're right AFC's represented. Nike Adams coming up next we'll talk to guys tomorrow by. Amanda to feel that I had to. Cody wasn't mean. Falwell -- and I mean. About that doesn't lose you know we got out there about it but it blew himself. And -- about an.

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