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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - NFL Monday edition - 09/30/13

Sep 30, 2013|

We tackle four topics all related to the big happenings in the NFL yesterday.

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Now our Silicon Valley school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it finally good turn on Sports Radio W -- Two former Tom -- back up one yesterday Mac castle with the vikings and Hoyer was the browns. So which former pats back -- would you rather have starting for you right. Now -- I ask for clarification clarification on the question which team is beyond what kind of teamed up -- -- -- if I have a team that's gonna throw the ball 4050 times a game. Amazingly I don't want war. If I have a team that's gonna try to run the ball mostly play a ball control offense and have more of a game managing quarterback I want cast sort -- -- -- to -- quote. Patriots team I want castle I was gonna say. Right it's it depends it let's just say the team is the team is neutral. It's just a good it's a good football team that can run it and has good weapons. Go it would Matt Cassel but I think he is today. He is a good enough quarterback when he surrounded by other people you like -- didn't have didn't have great coaching for most of his time in Kansas City. He didn't always have great talent around him any really struggled and put in the position. Where he's a guy who's gotta carry you. It's not working out -- but look at him here in 2000 look at him yesterday. For the vikings' Adrian Peterson on your side. Got a pretty. Good team. It looks -- and yeah he's Jimmy it's funny that Alex Smith is the guy who replaces him in Kansas City because Al Smith. As many of the same characteristics that Matt Cassel hasn't might be a little bit better you might be a little bit more athletic and he might be a little bit more. Safe and and and they make better decisions the council does better quarterback I think but are they do share a lot of the same characteristics a yacht and go the same answer I'd rather have Matt -- it doesn't take away. From what our -- to the last couple weeks. Speaking of the cheats are the Kansas City -- the biggest surprise team in the NFL right now. Young men know -- -- not. The biggest surprise came in the NFL and that will continue to be the answer the entire season. The New York. Giants I can't believe you if you're gonna say well everybody sorry we're gonna be like under that goes through your New York -- You knew the giants were going to be a good. Anybody see them being always before and not just Poland for. A non competitive Poland for. You were to still sort of that they beat the patriots poised to. But that was it seems like 25 years ago when playwright. And how did this thing gonna win. In the last meeting in the last with 31516. Turnover. A couple of other options for this Tennessee Titans are three and one -- -- you lose Jake Locker for the next few weeks so we'll see where that goes -- I didn't think Tennessee UB three and one after four games that's pretty big surprise. New Orleans three you know Miami is the re you know I would think whoever wins this game tonight specially if it's Miami Miami starts off this year -- -- habits or perhaps a pretty big surprise -- I don't people thought there -- gonna be better but people thought Kansas City was going to be better this year to. If Miami starts off the year for now at present themselves legitimate challenger to the patriots in the AFC east. That's pretty big surprise that it -- -- tonight are you're not shocked. Just flat out shocked that the New York Giants are all women -- -- I never would expect -- never never would -- -- you know expect Pittsburgh BO for either. We know those are two teams with. That's second level quarterback right Big -- in Eli Manning maybe they're not me -- 45. We're both both of those guys -- -- -- both won two rings and up to them both to be alone for is pretty damn shocked. -- Team. Are to redo from a couple of weeks ago. Peyton Manning has thrown for 14170. Yards and sixteen touchdowns which puts them on pace for. 5880. Yards and 64 touchdowns to there. Good breaks both the passing yards record -- -- TD record this year. Yes. Most offer -- -- for 75 to stop them properly 9000 yards really look at you look at the Broncos right now and I no matter. I know better I don't know. Not October yet come -- tomorrow but not October. And the real football games will be played until December in January I know this I know that this. Offense is not sustainable I've seen video game opposite before. You still look at demonstrate -- can anybody beat them and of course somebody can beat them. But the weather playing right now it is is really beautiful to watch and yes I think Peyton Manning. It's got to set the record I don't know video and the Super Bowl or not before the regular season yes this is sustainable for the regulars. I don't I don't know that it is entirely on the back -- the same thing you just said which is whether your plane in Denver and right now the weather's been really great there for the most part of that huge rainstorm the first game. They have pretty good weather so. As things get colder. As injuries mount up which can happen over the course of a year they'll slowdown that's not to say they're gonna become a battle offense. But to stay a world record pace -- that's gonna happen all yourself bet against it. Well up and the AT&T question of the day after yesterday's game Ben Roethlisberger said the Steelers are quote. The worst team in the league. So there are 4014. Teams right now are the Steelers in fact the worst team in the league parts of the 4014. Teams are. The New York Giants of course just like everybody thought the Tampa Bay Bucs who almost won that game but found a way to blow -- stale. The Steelers. And the actual worst team in the league maybe one of the worst teams of all time. Jacksonville Jaguars or horrific they're bad at least the Pittsburgh Steelers have a quarterback they may not have too much else but at least they have a quarterback and on and on. They want at least -- head coach and love forty cent after the game yesterday. More important in net we will focus on getting better our vessels can change -- football days and those that don't. And will be a part of those. I have great paces we'll continue working get better. As long -- belief in effort continued improvement in detail could vessels can change the outcome of these games if I don't think it'll be a part of it. How Omar Epps doesn't sound enough like Omar -- all of our -- fired up like him than sound enough like him. But no they're not that detective Jack where's the worst vehemently their horrible and the quarterback situation is different. Did he say those who don't give -- those who don't believe will be a part of it we'll Ben Roethlisberger had the worst human -- of -- do you believe him. Yes they are. They are out there -- non -- stop all Michael Jeffrey sort of -- would you use my middle name Michael jump resolve the fourth fourth. -- -- -- -- They are the worst team. Public turn over some reports that you hear it. Oh. Enforced no turnovers. They have zero wins. And zero forced turnovers. Their quarterback thinks that the worst team in football. They lose to bad teams if it walks like it. And it talks like it. It must be it do you know how many points the Jack or Jack where's this -- this year what fortune in four games they've scored 31 that's what total. In four games and most of those of common garbage time at the end their games you know what the real answer is I think they scored their first touchdown in the first half of the season yesterday and we didn't -- as a -- reportedly the first field goal early to. -- -- -- is -- to get out here are really answers Jacksonville excerpt we have so many Pittsburgh steeler fans in the audience and they are so easy to rattle. Let's just say the Steelers are the worst team not only are -- the worst team that you -- maybe the worst global temperatures keep saying it through to confuse people off. Battle -- completely lose it I hope one of those days -- forcing everybody all the cameras to look at him is he gives through it because he's so tough. I've posted yesterday it was -- -- I want to almost any they heard anything RF IV positive and I admit to hand and we've all. -- well. Well -- -- -- in the cameras and asked they have the -- like -- -- there it is right there and he. It is a good on your pinky finger. Which people could see your -- and now all. How quickly for the Putnam Investments player of the week this -- -- came early in the fourth quarter last night. When Patrick -- when Garret blunt wrote all the Atlanta defense for 47 your touchdown run. At but the patriots up twenty to ten lead they would never relinquish play of the week. Brought -- you by Putnam celebrating 75 years pursuing performance. Excellence. So 10 play last year while men get the big men opened. Get the big man Golan. And he he will rumble when he moves pretty new effort guy his size wanna get back your phone calls here and it's -- 177797937. Just to sort. Recap where were -- as of today and as of right now. Bill Belichick did pretty well confirmed was that things are bad for Vince Wilfork says it was going to be difficult for him to return at any point this year so expect him to go on nine are confirm that they're looking at finding the best way to replace them if you missed any of that interview -- of -- yet the best parts at 530 this afternoon. Bill Belichick again at 530 yeah predicted treated at a very good conversation today he -- that -- open enough conversant. He has at other times so you missed that 530 today. I'm talking a lot. About what to do to replace Vince Wilfork talked about just what you saw from the patriots last night and offensive attack that was well balanced the deal to offer running game and running plays in a row -- and the re -- or -- -- and it converted on third down a shocking. Tom Brady and just with play action looking so much more competent comfortable. -- Tompkins I know you like a lot of what he did you know Margaret you're feeling. It's going to be like mr. negative -- on but I don't not my body -- -- Tompkins yet still too many drops for my taste but -- -- and goes out gets injured awaits you with -- next in the -- for next week they meet him they need Tompkins to be pretty good player. And at least right now he's been adequate. As you know you know what he he has been he's been good -- last couple weeks. You make some big time -- yesterday as you pointed out and I think fairly so. He had some drops were you look at and say you should not be dropped in a book on how well the second moment -- the ticket because the first one. He got himself some separation very quickly and I think. He was still in push off mode and -- pushed off a little bit his push up mode. And then he turns around a little ball and let's not get any any dropped it -- Probably was just too many but I don't development technically cast ballots in its anti Turkish artist and I do have to say this because we've talked a lot about. How the that the tide in position has been pretty much a cipher for the patriots in terms of catching -- ball. Omen now all new Roman calendar week. Was fantastic. Yesterday on the block -- The game they did a great job. On the -- -- line -- that the guards did a great job the -- and that a great job Devlin. There you go had some how's my guy. A local so they really deserve a lot of credit war. In a way the -- were able to play good we'll keep doing that keep doing that I loved and now I'll catch -- in as well that was one of the better throws it seemed rate make us skiers all just. Tipped that ball in -- -- -- a good job as to what he said it last night you know it's easier. If you take the -- -- yes and started this year. Yeah they're just sort of what he does connect it's not -- and it should be a home refugees says -- Allen and listen very carefully when they Richard -- and that's the moment I don't know anybody that actually I say it over and over again six point 7779. Seven ID three sevenths are Crist sought hikers. And guys aren't just a couple of rain are possible. Not not replacement will walk but not in -- -- and experience you know he's out there. And I got Larry like on Kyle Vanden Bosch is not reason. And and he's more of -- and -- Anderson -- in those guys coming off the edge not not up the middle not only our any light in the past guys Chris -- Elena -- they have the yeah squat about half a defensive lineman. You know Mark Anderson. You know had had some production here went off got paid buffalo didn't have a lot of production there and sort of throughout his career. He has been pretty much -- he Russia and he's he's undersized that that and Abbas has been around for awhile. Most of anybody. But this -- I like red eyes -- my -- like permanently -- some some good he is permanently read our daughter was gone but those -- -- he's that read I remover that some of the new low programs housing just generally eliminate rent there -- -- restriction yes you summoned her to. -- -- -- -- -- Tim you're very down on the patriots it was a Thursday or Friday called in our Friday they were gonna get blown out they're gonna lose the rest of their games what happened at that time. Timmy got it turned out if you're a long time caller that tomorrow and you better match. You better -- implement a tournament there and to -- -- David -- long hike. David was not on my hair was up. I layouts and think you're up first saw -- in the western part of the -- and very rarely like to listen to your competition. So I was -- is part of this state today and I listened and I can't remember all the people out. And. We're going to talk about this elegant they don't care about I -- to talk to -- -- and that's what's going on me that was in your mind. Other than it. But the other thing is I have to disagree and yet the most -- And the dignity. Patriots defense is the key until it. We have not had any other corner like him since Ty Law. Abbas and Hamas on about it's on in Samuels. I. Thought Daniel and other guys in -- that league yet. I don't know whether he's better than any of those guys but certainly what he did last night if that is the norm from -- That shutdown corner here there's only so many guys in the league that are capable of doing -- he's one of them. He was able to take on the challenge of two with a better wide receivers in the game. And get the best of them over the course of an entire original -- completed one ball at him for two yard. She made she made some incredible place and me we were talking about it all the other one play late in the game third down. Roddy White goes into motion of untallied picks them up. Any he he figured out that a lot white was a primary receiver on that play. And he was about to jump the route he had jumped the route Matt Ryan was gonna go to white. He pulled the ball back Buchanan gets the sack I know Buchanan gets the credit Ford but that's all -- he figured out that's where -- was go. No you're greedy when you watch that playing your -- -- Buchanan pumps that ball out -- come from the back Ryan has no idea that you're there you got all data second is no one near you get the the damn ball instead of just going for the -- but. We give him all sorts of credit I think. I think the defensive backs in general -- Had a great and we are -- that I'll leave me you know he made some great plays that -- -- back so it's a great place -- he allows them to do that mean his ability to go after one on one player like Roddy White -- Julio Jones allows them to do so many other things now look let's not get carried away Matt Ryan threw for 420 yards yesterday so it's not like they shut down the Atlanta offense permanently but. They help them to 23 points a few of which came at the end of the game as they -- mad scrambling after an onside kick. That was successful -- deep bond in the they do a lot of good things against Atlanta offense that if you're not careful will really racked up -- yards and points against you we saw the rack up some of the yards but that'll happen when you gotta bend but don't break defense beat didn't rack up points and huge credit to that the. Are two things for you I'm looking for counter I need you to do -- tell me why I'm wrong about these two things number one. I totally disagree with Bob and Mike Smith wrong. -- mayor Mike Smith the the Steve Martin -- a little bit in the McLaughlin. What -- know that is correct cliff now. When he went for it on fourth and two. At that point that if you call what are you sorry I just -- so. Edit -- so I cannot disagree on. That's just flat developed into an event at the understated indefensible I know we got a good offense to take the point should I support after -- and McCain don't income. Move -- now. Oh what to a 55 to go now it turns out they got the ball back in that was on the patriots. Took 55 to play -- Two timeouts remaining plus you've got the two minute warning. You've already recovered one onside kick where. -- they'll just drop the ball ball in his hands he drops -- you pick it up and you get the white dude about to come back and you do it again why not kick it deep. And tried in Hoosier timeout in the two minute here's what you. Here's the only thing I would say one that you're really. You need to get a stop either way unless you get I mean so assuming you don't get the -- like it you still need to stop doesn't matter whether it happens at the forty or the other team's twenty. Right either way you need to stop and you need to get it right -- that so that's not change either way. I assume that his thinking is. My offense so quick -- Enron matter I mean that honestly whether I need to go fifty yards or go for -- -- to sixty yards forty yards. It really just an -- that big different that there are often -- there all the major topic here but that was the point that what you needed to stop them. Either way you need to shut them down and stop them -- they get a first down they're probably gonna win the game ultimately and I think that's -- says give myself an extra shot to just not even deal with their offense and I have to go an extra forty yards my offense. Is capable of doing OK but where's it easier to stop them from -- let's -- -- nobody -- would give myself a chance to recoverable and also at and that's the other pry the percentages of recovered -- -- the but the percentages are very low when they know it's coming now you got the little. Sean Payton and I know that they're gonna present didn't know what's coming you've got Sean Payton in the Super Bowl. Where you know we come out of the come out of the half and that's the first thing you do. All right that's a surprise attack but in this case there half way expecting you do it. I thought was defensible it's not necessarily what I would have done but I think that's a defensible one going forward on fourth and 14 and two and it was a terrible robot Matt Ryan. -- receiver and just a god awful throw by a very good quarterback six point 777979837. Patriots win in Atlanta last night. For everybody said the defense wasn't that good and hadn't played anybody. What are you saying today what are your Q what's your concern level for team that now seems to be built on defense and running the football controlling the ball. With their best defensive player one of their two Vince Wilfork going out for the rest of the season -- and -- WB.

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