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Patriots remain undefeated, beat a quality opponent, but lose a leader on defense

Sep 30, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots win which should help silence the naysayers for at least one week, the positives on both sides of the ball, the negatives of the near comeback for Atlanta, and how the Pats will move on without Big Vince Wilfork anchoring that defense.

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It sure is salt Ali here at a patriots Monday down at Gillette Stadium and -- the patriots -- a good data would be in a good mood as you should be. It's a good win for the pats yesterday. It's a really good win for the patriots' -- -- Michael I -- -- best when they've had this year and not just because Watkins -- suppose what I've been. I think there's the best when they've had this year because of the competition. It was the test. It's what everybody was looking for we heard it all last week didn't think. Patriots are frauds -- played anybody. Way to go to Atlanta and have to face Roddy White Julio Jones weight of that team puts forty points on 35 points on this defense. That hasn't I hadn't played anybody when they play a real quarterback. Atlanta's record the Belmont and on I think it was the best win. For battle home but you think it's it's a good win for another. Think it's a good when I mean that's a huge part it's a pyrrhic victory and we'll talk about Vince Wilfork -- moment and that's the big story to come out of this game in terms of going forward. I like that they beat Atlanta who still think he's a better team -- 13 record but that's at the record is -- bills have a better record. Jets have a better record are so statistically. And record wise that is not the best team they've beaten but. I think most brilliant talent wise and protecting and you know where they've been in the NFC championship game a year going notes at different year but Matt Ryan clearly based on history -- -- the way he's playing right now the best quarterback that -- phase Hardaway. Aren't aware is better than any of the of the the other three quarterbacks that he's he's either depending on your point of view and the quarterback or the next step below that he's one of the better quarterbacks in the league and they beat them. And then make them look bad he threw for over 400 yards in the game so it's not like they completely dominated him how many of those yards came at the end of the games he's launching it thrown deep trying to come back. -- a hole that was essentially insurmountable. Yeah I would say what you say four. Now you say is the best when they had this year is the best swim in terms of the opponent. I would -- that the coaching staff and and we announced -- today of how that the coaching staff. Has been more impressed with -- with some other wins even though we are. Because at least they were consistent that was a good game war for the patriots they controlled that game for -- 52 F three -- agreement yet. And then it got really image downright scary at the end and came down to a -- and seven play and it would have been an absolute shame. If they're -- that Atlanta had tied the game up gone and over time and somehow stolen because. Betting controlled dominate major is really in dire then that's what I like so much about him -- that the last few minutes aside and we can deal with those because they are part of the game I don't wanna ignore them but the first you're 5253. Minutes. Of that patriots team if that's the team that's gonna show up for the rest of the year. I'm really excited about where the next three quarters of the season go because that's a team that renewable ten straight times. Not just that they ran ten times you know what I love the most on that driver that when they kept running the ball third and the -- and the ball. Like even watch in this -- much more closely and I after last year's tour how often if they converted third -- three running the ball while. How many times they never attempt to understand Albert -- look at it automatic spread it out for shotgun shotgun marriage to. Danny wood and -- marine -- -- cross -- mailing me who went over guys. I don't ever want to call I don't. I think it was a what are the roots of -- I don't know if this is a long time ago -- net. I'd watch it every night -- everybody wants a competent arena I was wondering about your secure imagine that the social impact in marine made -- reads like a pop icon but -- I don't know what I don't anybody with. It was irrelevant -- -- never been around like -- who shot an amount if you get out of this deal right now I would not know which one you know and recognize the MySpace and don't live I don't know I don't know if you run out. I don't know -- then I still others than robbery or should know that I don't know who wouldn't know anyway. 33 to convert by running the ball I thought that was the play of the game just because it it's set the tone for with the patriots were going to be it allows them to run all the way -- of the goal line it sets up play action you saw how much more effective Brady was after that drive that he was before it yes he puts up big numbers for the first time this year over 300 yards but many of those yards came. After that one great drive where they -- it definitely and it's the wrote forced them to respect the run and then in the second half it was not the next as the drive after that. He's just go play action play action play action four times in a row to -- -- settlement across the middle one of Almaty yet I think Tompkins and forget what they did with the other but. It just opened up their offense to sell many more things and it it one more thing and I really think this is being number one most important thing they -- in the game. -- -- -- Off the field. It's good quarterback and that's a great on the very good corners he'd get the hell off the field so what do you do that -- -- it out with three passes to rookie wide receivers are still figuring it out. Rubber ball keep Omar I had a 67 and I don't want. I don't wanna go crazy here because if your patriots fan obviously you wanna see you Rob Gronkowski back. You wanna see Danny Amendola return you want the full complement of weapons Shane Vereen you want him coming back but. What this is done these first four games of the season it is allowed the patriots. And we described before it is allowed the patriots to wrestle. -- weeks ago we gonna get down and dirty we don't have. All of our out we don't have all of our weapons. To play football here and sometimes is going to be ugly. But we can win an ugly football game -- think about economic competence. That -- establishes. On the entire team the other thing is you talk about the runs and 33. It's not just running on 33 which is a step that's progress for the patriots it's the type of -- that you had. Have a lot of sweeps a lot of organized dance around here. These are power Iran gets a third and tighter and yet. Let's bring in the guards. Gonna pull over here and make them smash mouth that mismatch -- book. Football and 33 was a -- it was an outside does not but it was a power outside -- and they were dead wrong guys around but most. I'm in the -- yeah it's just that whole classic Lombardi. To feel he and his failure and a feeling. That's right up the metal. Well our anti I'm excited today I think you just define it very well the patriots have shown that they can win ugly they've shown that they can we you know wrestling match and maybe they're not gonna do that gronkowski and Vereen and some of the other guys welcome back. But I hope they do now. There's that one huge county up that you got to throw in there and they continue to do that week after week. Without their best defensive player -- would Vince Wilfork because I love that they can run around. I love that they're heading in that direction. And that's why I think so distraught over the Vince -- think it that you guys the ball early and often today 61777979837. Your reaction doing another I thought excellent defensive game for the patriots last night and the often shown something completely different right smack dab in the middle of this whole conversation. Is what happened to Vince Wilfork -- to get to break his heart it would Uggla. Your delegates -- -- in a second I'll just say this you you mentioned about -- ago. But the play of the game was you know on the play 33 I think they were probably fifteen. Plays of the game and out of those two. Okay he was he was all over the -- yesterday including. The final play of the game fourth in seven final play of the game for the falcons. That preserved the victory and not push and we -- -- important man that's right. -- I -- made me that's right Dulles just try to pull colleague. But prevents. When when they said it was an ankle injury. -- that smelled like BS to me really. I have yet ankle looked like an ankle to be surprised well I thought I was shocked when I woke up and it found bodies and we don't know what this is a couple -- One. The shelter for her report that. Tom Brady was talking Wilfork in the news was not good she says that during the game that's one number two. The guy is on a cart in issue off in being carted to the locker room. Vince Wilfork and always a big guy you think OK big guy with -- with an ankle sprain when -- from opposite but I see events on the cart. What with his with the issue office knock off a -- that was a but that was a real problem that also you can just see the way. The way he was moving about it didn't look like a sprained -- and that's it for. Have no interest in medical school. -- it was never on my radar it's not like I was almost there I was never there so. I'm I'm far from a doctor I'm not even a wannabe doctor but. That looked like a major injury and it turns out it is a major injury what the patriots do the trading deadline is. About a month away October 29. Today go with the next man up theory as many teams don't like and as we -- at last night we don't need. We don't need to make a trade we've got some guys here are -- -- on our roster practice squad. That we can promote. Or do they get aggressive as they did last year which I'm lucky to lead looking to lead -- 88 trading deadline guy. They pick them up or fourth round pick. A great trade and as far as most patriots fans are concerned they do the same thing this year but I got. -- -- what that they rightly so so what makes been so special is that he's a legitimate 34 nose tackle which are rare in the NFL these days there are that many guys who gets -- the middle in Bill Belichick type of 34. And and take on blockers into everything that Vince does and still have the ability to play more of the 43 type of interior linemen. Like Vince does where you're doing a little bit of everything is all reply I mean those guys those guys really are somebody else. With Vince is versatility. And low high level of play. But can you find it. One or two guys to do a few of those things Reich and Joseph Milan though. Play one of those two positions can he be the 43 interior guy along with Tommy Kelly for when you're doing for three can you go out. Find one big huge fat body who can just plug a hole in the 34 for what you wanna run those types of plays that may be rotating -- in and out the way you're doing Brandon Spikes right -- spikes is coming in for running type of situations. Barely played in the game last night because falcons -- that kind of team they always have at least three wide receivers out there are what -- get 56 plays in the -- kind of got -- -- -- -- my -- and -- -- -- -- you do the same -- -- your nose tackle -- tackle. Where you know and so what where he takes two people essentially to play the one rule that. Well yeah I think you can do that but the the problem is that you went back to a there -- a lot of guys out here. With Vince is skill set so what you have. Got to people who can replace them but do you have anybody. Who can command the double team. Like like Vince -- it in and it that's the case you don't have somebody like that how does that affect everybody else on deeply committed -- -- huge question mark. They were able to survive survive it last night. The question -- let it does wasn't quite there with a question everybody has. We're able to get by last night just because they're playing on adrenaline in this is the opponent -- they matched up well or. Is what they were doing is that sustainable. For an entire season and a and a post season run for team that expects. You expected they expected. To be inseparable. So what you do. He -- -- and you can say I'm willing to trade a second round pick -- first round pick like they like the colts did for a trip and. Who was available. We're gonna go -- and -- for a personal -- -- what you say we let me start narrowing it down there's very few people with Vince is skill set once and now you've already narrowed it down to how many guys you can do that and -- there's ten people in the NFL. Fifteen people in the NFL the can do -- high level maybe not quite convinces. But a legitimate high level at practice and guys fifteen yards and her assistant are an alleyway here and Arnold say it's ten. How many of them are on a team that's bad enough to be willing to trade them and they can you actually work out a deal that trigger might be at best one or two for example who's Jacksonville. Jack that was really working out Dedrick and how well I mean look at it right out of the same problems you're looking at teams that if they have that probably one moment. So. And they're able to get rid of them there's probably good reason why that guy is somebody that someone else is willing arena now that's another. Bill Belichick spoke earlier today did not confirm. These reports that advances for the year that you'll be placed on. On injured reserve maybe you'll be prepared to do that we talk to a -- I would assume knows who knows. But we you have to ask the question. He'll -- well yeah. I like power over here fear letting you know use them and so forth. You wanted to ask that today you omitted the Vince Wilfork thing I'll ask me gotta ask about what were you also have to ask about. -- and I think in that game yesterday we talk but the play of the game. About a 22 plays we didn't mention. The one great block -- -- -- And that awesome catch him and don't plan on on third down your your -- -- Women also. Boland told me that play on Friday. The dollar and Procter and third journalism school but all of them. Everybody else is gonna let you go -- right. Boston Herald -- on on on an announcement are making it you're just gifted and I don't know not gonna play but still bullet in the god. -- -- -- Then all of their tells us. There recently got for Procter dynamic Dolan -- and why did he insult somebody in your family. What bull would do this is this I mean you Euronext globe person he's -- current low person there's there's no like. You know all mom daughter bonding being with you in the oldies like why why. Him -- Panama and picking up animosity in my particular order. Yes I am as a matter I don't know I don't know in my -- eating into our -- that okay. But speaking of Reading when I pick up my Boston Globe. And -- told. The guys are gonna play. I'd like to think that's true. Source the -- street. Source he said changed -- -- all things changed overnight according to Ben -- one stroke average is at. Ordered not to read The Herald the -- about -- -- -- a victory. -- are you are you sure we still have some time if you'd like to continue to going to war at. Rant against court then all of the guys new here he's trying to do the best and he's worked in his new sources. He couched it even a little bit and and you're torching the -- well. Is that there are. All the -- thing that the growth story is continuing to get -- weird too right that's another part of this. Dig into a probably a little bit more later in the show but. Now comes out over the weekend yet you Mike Reese and Ana -- after this report that grounds people they make it look like really it's -- is his dad who's saying no grounds not ready to go we're really gonna run these things. Instead of allowing the patriots to dictate when things are gonna happen. It is so weird story and and you know like so many things here in Boston. You always -- consider the source right anytime anything happens you consider the source you try to do a little investigation to figure out. Why it's out there and why it was we -- in fact that it goes to show up there. And that's who comes out with this level with this this part of the story. Usually not a 100% usually tells you. That's not from place to shift is not in every locker room talking to players and learning those relationships that's not that's not what a guy like him does he's more talking to people on the -- things would you agree. And that's why -- chapter becomes that we as he's not in the locker rooms right he's clearinghouse for information may be -- information from agents. But a lot of it is coming from directly from teams from his time at the NFL network and those relationships that he built so that's been leaked out of chapter is everything happens for a reason. Don't have to assume that that stuff comes from the team which is means that the team is trying to make Rob Gronkowski. Well I don't know I mean surely somebody in a while others say it was some of the information comes from the teams from this information comes from. From agents and other sources. So. I don't think and is -- in the best interest interest of the team to try to make ground Rob Gronkowski -- that I don't think so. But what what are they get out of what they get out of any kind of reports. That that say that the team. And and rock. Are at odds and ground catches camp in -- concerned about his future and the team expects that he can play how does that benefit the patriots I don't think. That would come from anybody about come from one of the high reps that don't get anything out of it. It is there any kind of it they they usually don't concern themselves with winning the PR war. Guilt trip. They try to guilt and back out onto the field make them look bad I don't know I mean is is the fire I don't know I'm just I don't know either I'm trying to a trying to come up with a logical reason for that doesn't think. And -- -- get you anywhere mean trying to make your your player look bad in the eyes of the public when you're counting on him. To help you get where you -- ago. I don't buy that the patriots would do it but there's there's there's definitely something going on in lots of reports swirling around Gradkowski so yet the -- to report. That there are at odds and he had a pro football talk report that it's totally bogus so what are you really. Who would like everything else whether -- and Amendola gonna play whether ground is really running the show over the patriots. I just. Well my hand that they own culture eventually. The truth will come out -- a couple of things for so wanna get two guys on the phone 61777979837. After watching the patriots beat Atlanta. Look different and I thought great offensively. And certainly hold their own against an explosive defense on the outside of the ball. On the road in Atlanta on turf in the dome up. What do you think of the patriots what do you think of their offense what leaving their defense. After watching that game last night 617779793. -- wanna get to Samir calls plus Aqib Talib said something last night Michael. That certainly hearkens back to some eras of past greatness and he said it in his own unique way that's coming up next rockaholic WE. Quickly becoming. Almost the fighting guy on this team certainly in the defense right every game. He stepped up shut down an opposing wide receiver. Come up with a pick four of them so far in four games one game he had to look for picks. In four games Turkey to leave and a fitting way for that went and last night and knocking the ball away from Roddy White and funny. Because he's capable of Manning up on -- -- with Roddy White or Julio Jones in that situation you can take two guys. And just do everything in your power to knock the living hell out of Tony Gonzales and his scrimmage right they take Jamie Collins and and Donta hightower and just say go laughter. Right they made the comparison last night that it was like a daughter. Alan on they match right on a power play that's kind of what it looked like. Two guys in Tony Gonzales is based just saying we may lose but it's not gonna be because your whole -- and -- beats us we're going to make sure you don't get into the into and you can't release and I trust my quarterbacks to go get your very good wide receivers because these quarterbacks and back. I thought of another question for Bill Belichick when he comes on and about. About half hour you mentioned Tony Gonzales. He is probably. The Bill Belichick is probably unless something miraculous happens with Tony Gonzales probably has faced him for the for the last time. Gonzales search for seventy has been in the league for seventeen years and -- is gonna retire last year. Was coaxed out of retirement by Thomas to -- -- and in Mike Smith. And came back one more year not turning out the way he plan but. I wonder. Whom Bill Belichick would compare Tony Gonzales to be as you can put this guy and perspective mean Chris Collins were going on and on a bottom last night how. He's been a better blocker and gets credit for but his real. Skill is just being able to catch a ball even though he appears to be covered and has great hands in and obviously takes care of his body but. He mentioned to leave it gets even larger than to leave the if the secondary in general how we talked about it all. Year. They don't have. They don't have any real weak link back there anymore and all of those guys. All those guys are playmakers. All of those guys have a -- are very instinctive. In all of them have good ball skills and compete for the ball. And I'm -- -- -- -- you know Gregory. You know we got shaken out of his boots by Gonzales and a touchdown pass yet but still Gregory. Good skills overall according obviously the versatility to play corner and safety and -- but the three corners. Tallied. Eric Kim who who was just may play since he's gotten here and dinner. Who compete for the ball to so it's hello turnaround for the patriots because it wasn't that long ago when you look at the corners and through what these guys -- If they allow you to do so many things right because those guys -- each capable of handling their own position. They allow you to do so many other things now to leave almost becomes COLT hero is everything he says hysterical doesn't matter what he says he could read the phone book and it will be entertaining to withdraw work that accent is unbelievable but did you catch the last thing there and Andy's montage. The last little thing he said and tell me that doesn't sound familiar for if you wanna go way back. And put yourself on the way back machine with an all the old clips from great patriots teams past me as one clip doesn't sound awfully from the. Amanda good feel good that I had a totally wasn't the -- -- -- I mean. About that doesn't lose you know we got out there about it that just lose so. If I'm gonna -- and now Erica are all know. Body nobody believes -- us. Nobody believes everybody thinks we staying no concept is very good -- us against the world you would -- year jerks all the other teams around the league don't respect us. They play in the no respect card I like it. -- not highlighted that is that is vintage. Rodney Harrison. Lawyer Malloy to all you hold remember Lawyer -- before -- and AFC championship I only about a boy our best. Are you used -- site but it was real for him. It's like some of the guys just didn't -- themselves up a lawyer actually believed -- believed everybody was again. In -- and it -- it really Democrats. You believe that all the time. So it's good this is -- It's the patriots team that is. It's kind of finding its way again like. But it is spent my views that your tires. It is at the last two or three years. Just ordering -- to five star restaurants. The best food the best wine that sort of ought OK that's what you that's what I did that it -- my life at one point he's going to. Michelin pilot comes -- and a lot of money now. I've got all these these fake friends around me. Conveyed here comes Mike he's a big spender in the big tipper and I took care it's gonna get back to living on earth again get back cooking at home. Is that why you -- your name is not a major way the patriots. Are coming back home -- come back. That element I love this version I tell you what man doesn't. Pretty excited watching this team for the first few weeks at soldier bought in pretty early on this defense what they're capable of love the fact that they seem to be trying more of more of complete. Balanced attack offensively which an equal helped Tom Brady I loved your point last week about quarterbacks over the age of 35 not being the man not being the primary focus of Super Bowl teams. I believe in what you're saying and I agree with -- -- I think that they only it only works. If they're continuing to it to build that running game and allow Brady to be less of the focal point and every single moment and still pull out games when he asked you still make the big throws when he asked about last -- little Cooper 300 yards. I didn't see him as being the only focal point of that game a lot of run play action once they establish the run and and certainly the long run by yeah by Adam. Mobbed by block -- blunt. I thought everybody ran the ball pretty well yesterday right. He -- nice run from ball that was called back but all really good thing a couple of screen passes that cotton was able to get positive yardage and that 1010 running plays in a row drive. Capped off by -- Brady. Play action touchdown throw on third down near the goal line and that's what's gonna make this team better -- -- by it and right now. I'm buying and be based on that but I'm I'm -- and -- that the whole reason. I find myself so concerned about Vince Wilfork. You would be already. But even more so when you seem to be building a team based on running the ball more controlling the ball and playing great defense excellent 77797937. John is in his car. Well I choose joked that aren't -- I'm Mike -- sought by Kabila I don't think it was a flag waver but -- And today -- in your status -- site. You better in October I would go about Al paddy Ryan out of his stats against an insurmountable lead. Well -- such eats something doesn't make that last play that we would certainly don't -- a -- and the west grew up blowing a seventeen point 86 minutes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What are you trying to say is this once you get up 172124. Points what you have a big lead insurmountable probably an unfair term. But that's -- another offense especially one that is explosive as the falcons. Just starts throwing the ball all over the place you're playing back your allowing them maybe you're going treatment there I know that -- -- while around a lot. But you're allowing them to move the ball a little bit because you don't wanna give up the one huge play for a touchdown you're just trying to keep them out of the -- -- -- kick field goals fine so I think once you get up seventeen late in the game you may give up a whole lot of yards even if you don't give up a ton of touchdowns now. Adding to that is the fact that you give up an onside kick. We're Zacks I've felt doesn't make the play and millions in -- carnahan's name and a ball hit him hence now you get hold another opportunity for them down just like. Always -- right to say that that those -- -- top -- but it was just. He didn't come in the normal flow of a competitive game they were different that that was restaurants. No I I guess that's why it's sort of that same rivalry this goes well it was his visit to -- -- -- -- -- I played football at school but I'm pretty sure all the -- -- an expert at the turtle was a bat. No you're right yeah it's a joke I'm not trying to say that and -- apologized if it doesn't come out the right way I'm just trying to make the point. That some of the yardage and points but the yardage were a little bit happened because of the way the game I had gotten away from Atlanta sometimes that's when you give up the most points. Are the most starts with CNET Michael Eric your pictures or score forty game they give up a whole lot of yards because other teams are forced to throw. -- Joe's right there it was say it was a it was a frightening finished and we will could be talking about that. If it had led to a tie score and a lost an eventual loss in overtime most likely but it didn't happen so what we're talking about is. The entire body of work where you -- fifty that took 5253. Minutes that you really liked. In a final seven minutes we saw a lot of things that you didn't like. That hands team out fiasco club. From -- -- the miscommunication and the bad exchange the center quarterback exchange and sort. Down happened twice I mean there there were a lot of things that happened there there was a pass interference play that I still look at I say. I look at it and look at it over and over now. Just to be clear I think there are few things in the game. That where. Horrendous. One of them benefited the patriots one of them benefited the falcons won the benefit that the patriots. Was the you know Tompkins came up with the catch and in addition to the catch. To get to personal file on William Moore and it was spent some time it was like a blow to the head it did not have terrible -- that was terrible terrible call and it -- independently regarding our create a hunt for. Out the pass interference you've got to be sleeping. On that pastor of parents either it's a no call would go to parliament. We'll hand fighting downfield OK you've both -- -- the ball balls in the air but the back -- -- receiver gone Ford okay it's incomplete. No call or you call a push off on Roddy White -- no way in hell and called at a Paris and. I could do the next three hours of the show entirely on the subject to pass interference not just -- play but in general. It needs to be fixed I swear to you needs to be fixed like try to give you my might. I think is an incredibly simple solution to the two step solution. That would. -- pass interference and make it more fair for everybody tell you what that is next plus online audience of about Bill Belichick after -- -- do you think he wants to -- if yes do you think he wants to know what I would do it has an -- and he's a man he's a good -- like you know he is a good listener -- -- -- -- -- -- an -- Bill Belichick will join -- at 3 o'clock you're not gonna wanna -- that -- your calls next -- -- all W -- -- under pressure stepped away airing -- be looking for top -- -- let's not jump off the silhouette the politically. Don't count him 32. It was a jump ball with William or can't stop kids got it for 49 yards and a victory at first. -- -- And no mom my job is to go and Jesse and I thought and here it's kind of a little on the throne at just tried two months do my best thing the golden chances. For the color that suggested I was a flag -- so -- we're glad wherever god whatever you want I am not waving flags for is the guy -- -- AT camera Tompkins why not. Wild about -- Tompkins I know it a better game yesterday I don't know but I'm sold there. Dropped two more fairly easy catches second moment very easy across the middle and then I think that the play that you just heard there at the hail hail Mary. He dropped that ball it just happened to bounce -- -- as -- while the laboratories and and then the safety had a hit his shoulder and they grabbed -- -- -- we have a bigger problem -- -- the guy. Catching -- all the safety shoulder wouldn't pass itself. I hated the past art I don't that this old -- so what you're what you're telling me -- to -- -- -- -- music KT yeah now. The column KT KT to -- What to tell me is that KT. Took stuff took nothing and -- -- in the -- that really what I'm telling you but if you wanna hear it that we took on chickens scratch. -- before we now some of these calls it quickly get to what you think I would love Michael respect I would like to hear what you think probably I do. That respect here's what I think I think pass interference is down. I think it's dumb when it helps the team I want to win. And I think it's -- -- it hurts the team I want to win I think it's almost impossible for the refs to call correctly. I think that's spot fouls on fifty yard to keep act like you saw the other night stupid and unfair. And I also think that you can't get rid of it because you can't have quarterbacks tackling receivers -- noted community where I had to re right fifteen yard penalty it just doesn't make sense in the game is all about trying to increase off so I've thought long about this and I -- what I think. Is a two prong solution to the pass and after don't want. UN and UN and tell me this -- you don't -- -- -- -- bill now and I'll tell you and you could tell me whether or not it's safe to go to bill that house that. And it's it's an idea something different kind he likes idea -- go ahead here here's my two pronged one. Create new -- okay. It's given new name called obstruction call reputable called obstruction for the -- is recession pass interference as -- spot now. If the guy's open he's got to catch the ball in the -- and the quarterback Willie does something like wrap his arms down or tackles them or whatever it's the spot foul by all means. 4050 yards whatever I like the dirty to the dirt out there and -- -- -- announces girl all in all that's been calling pass interference -- -- fifty yards away early its flag as far as he can get everyone in the building all. Well there to pass and after doing again 00. -- obstruction. Will be what you saw last night. Get a I don't know maybe they're both going up for a tightwad. It sure looked like he might be inhibited his ability to catch it would come otherwise geez I don't know it was a tough play. A fifteen whatever spot and fifteen it's a penalty if you ordered an automatic first down or not -- can work out the details but. But their house to be away. For what we saw last night and not be fifteen yard penalty but allow other things. That are legally and completely inhibiting the ability they -- to obstruction penalty I don't know what's the other the second idea is a lot to be review will. The NFL has this this belief that judgment calls shouldn't be reviewed they only wanna give the -- -- the power to review. You know things that are clear -- did it out of bounds or not it is -- on the line or is it him now get the second foot down. Why not allow somebody to challenge a judgment call Africa back and look at -- -- a touch them. I did but -- look at it again that -- look at again give them the benefit of slow motion to decide what really. Okay I'll tell you this -- be real with you would be absolutely -- you know you want honesty please think yes I demanding I think those are two. Great ideas intact and I think Bill Belichick. Will think that those -- two great ideas. But if you ask him that on the air -- yeah but but if you're taught him about that privately OKQ you'll you'll opine but. The the problem is you bring it up on the air. And if he answers. He's criticizing -- it brings up situation I've played on yet again seems like the Bill Belichick is going after the officials are making excuses whenever we whenever there on the air but. I think -- I try I guess -- -- just I I think that two pronged approach would fix probably -- most annoying thing to me how many how many -- if you -- money on the Steelers have a little god that aren't here. You have money -- say something to the effect of hey. I don't got -- -- out the -- by the ruling is -- we play by the rules that are that that the that a dip. That's the that would. On it'll be a quick answer that we can move on up six points and -- 79. 79837. Let's go to Robert Boston. -- the -- Robert great. Our armed originally col one question what daughter tomorrow on oh -- arm toolbar are an arm. Rodney Harrison and I was watch -- -- an interview Julio Jones an -- Rodney -- last night. And home he was the biggest advocate for a -- they don't respect those disrespect in global material. And usually -- effect that. Hey guys it you'd beat the patriots quarterback in Covey of. We thought it was -- used on the government to an answer -- and uninteresting answer and I think they they eventually gave them what he was looking for yes. If you'd think that -- patriots used that. Now. Are probably not mean they they just showed the interview it was. What -- you know half hour for the game -- and got it to those guys on the field they are warming up -- and other thing Rodney -- -- -- to Robert but yet -- -- gonna bring out. Rodney Harrison saying the best quarterback he ever faced. Is is -- Peyton Manning. And they follow up yourself you just you -- some semantic game quarterback you -- you did say quarterback you play with like Tom Brady. And Harrison quickly came back and said how are faced Brady. I've faced Brady -- These are radiant to. -- Britney wasn't really -- yet in terms of being able to -- things that he ultimately became famous for 11 Super Bowl but wasn't all that while regarded or respected at that time to wonder that's part and I have -- you have to compare Tom Brady is privately Manning in his prime what he would say you tell me -- -- also doesn't look good because he picked off Manning all the other things he -- well back as the best ever so look at the ground that don't look at me. Ask you this I think. What we all want as and its fans when you see a former player whether it's Rodney Harrison or war hind quarter Ray Lewis anybody. You want of a player to just tell like Chris Collins were perfect examples tell like it is no matter what. So it's good. On the other hand. Rodney Harrison a bad teammate I think. But we want Super Bowl together in maybe I'm not the best quarterback he -- that you have to think ahead. Miss Elizabeth also together. You lose say I'm not the best quarterback you faced but you don't have bring you probably don't have the jaw. Without me is that accurate yeah. -- -- -- bit about 77979837. Save lives with Steve Crist is in Connecticut actress and. They've done up was a -- It -- mean it's hard to actually go over religion. I did see all the calls the Alitalia which one would argue there which ones specifically. Now. Oh yeah oh yeah I would do it with the equipment broke down I -- -- that was that was the that was the fumble out of bounds or the equipment broke down. No I don't that was known that was that the public the total out of -- And then that was later by then the equipment apparently it righted itself because that triggered automatic review -- edited yet to call stands. Terrible call yet they'll get it right the first direct a fumble by Julio job it was at a catch it was a -- do you think it was a -- I thought it was really iffy and I think that I'd been the -- united watched it again I would have gone with whatever call been made on the field. I thought it was a -- I thought it was a complete -- interview but I would have gone with whatever -- call on the field which was. What I was indisputable why did they have to tell us incontrovertible. What what what they have to tell -- that and equipment doesn't work. This is the National Football League has a billion. It's a multi billion dollar industry. An economy on national TV and say yeah that's that's great. -- you're reviewing -- -- well taken blogs -- well intentioned but. Equipment has broken tumble in the NFL that's Atlanta I think that's probably what Stephen -- -- really quickly here. Yes let's go -- Steve. You don't get. Yeah I'd -- -- discuss stroke correct that you you're you dismayed -- -- question about the two possible and yes they hear about their outstretched -- rebel. But the review -- Bjorn. Judgement call I mean that's just insane one now know -- -- I don't I don't think so well let's write a plate and we I mean you can't. Mean they're worried however let me answer that question would never drop out but I'll draw the line if you want to drive you wanna draw a line review when -- -- -- you don't want -- review holding for example. If that's what you that's that your example this is outfitted. At and -- I've been a good option dilemma it's holding with -- -- -- get a hold let's again review holding. But if fit the penalty if it's over twenty yards -- Yeah I think that -- the -- over twenty yards governor what do you what do -- over twenty -- -- make a mistake in your life and sick I just I wish I knew what really happened there we can go back in time and watched a slow motion video what occurred that I get into that car accident that guy hit me I think I know what happens is happening really -- really. Thirty miles fifty miles miles an hour I don't know well I wheels in motion replay. And -- then I'm OK to comment on that did so slow motion. Everything looks different I mean and that that's that's also I don't mean it could be sent to actors being able to you know get a little contact. I'll try and then I guess I just give these guys an opportunity to look at it it was a serious or not the excuse of it's a judgment call. Just isn't good enough it's not gonna because last night was a judgment call they -- -- and it was it was a fair catch interference they should've called it. They said that recording was engaged. With the with the tackler. Although the tackler clearly knew what he was don't lowered a shoulder and level Julian element I think that was -- they should have been a penalty now there's a judgment call they don't judge reviewed it to -- -- has added to -- reviewed that it would change the quiet group. And I think they should -- I don't see why they shouldn't be given the benefit. On judgment calls that they're being given on in or out of bounds calls. It doesn't slow the game down now march we've come to accept it as part of football but there's replays and that there -- important. I just I I failed to see why a fifteen yard penalty thirty yard penalty like that. We shouldn't give every -- -- change the game and get the reps every opportunity to get it right they screwed up the -- on them. Are coming up you've been waiting for since last Monday -- been desperately waiting to hear. How the next installment will go Bill Belichick will join us next as the happy with this team after -- in last night in Atlanta Alaskan -- can -- stick around W media. 3 o'clock -- patriots Monday which makes this the coach is our brought to buy a Mercedes-Benz. And by Drake takes. The ballot Jack will be with a shortly. Sure he's well rested a game and did what. That was right around -- midnight last night flight home from Atlanta late. Up early this morning are im sure breaking down film of Cincinnati's loss to Cleveland so we're sure well rested they'll go. You -- up early this morning. I doubt that there was. I doubt that there -- sleep. Because if you look at the process of you know breaking down and getting all the equipment ready in and getting it loaded and going to the airport. By bus and then that the buses -- the players transfer from the buses to the planes and getting back here probably at 6 o'clock in the morning 6:30 in the morning. So -- come to the office. At 6:30 AM what do you do go home and they come back. Is hopelessly parent. -- challenge we got to have a nice couch to agree -- now up to them over the weekend though. It was still revived after -- now I'm sure he'll come in refresh to revive the center sometimes all you need just -- -- when your. Sometimes you're so tired yeah yeah but did you find them -- this show every day. Everett hit it every day every day let you know it was on showtime and actually four for twelve hours fourteen hours when you're so tired all you need this. 25 you were -- that your car -- to the foreign car sleep on work -- -- -- while you're driving well like I'm working somewhere and drive one time I was like oh god driving from. You strident from Boston to Atlanta and many years ago. And I happen to. Being in DC -- around rush hour. So was horrendous. And traffic was moving -- Honest I was a shouldn't enter into your system. But I think I dozed off in traffic for about fifteen minutes. Car was -- -- -- it was a moment but it was like bumper to bumper to bumper to have not moving dot car park I never I mean that we're up fifteen minutes out and it's. Are you can go well. Well well I've -- pulled over never done that then. It arrest after a different -- and sometimes it's eight minutes is stupid and ultimately you know getting. Didn't you let it be Clinton or did -- been good for me because I survived yet given for going for everybody else on the road aren't what am I wouldn't recommend. Yeah no absolutely got to be well rested driving well exhausted as the this terrible anyway. You'll be with a -- appeared a few minutes if I were him I'd be related to. If I were him I'd be really happy with my team I'd be really happy what my team accomplish last night. In Atlanta against I think is the quality football team and certainly equality offence right they found a way to slow that offense down. They did not really get going to variant of the game once the patriots were up big. And they had secured enough to believe that they were able to survive it. I think there are things I'd be angry about I'd certainly be angry about -- failed in the fact that my team was unable to pick up an onside kick late in the game the -- stepped. I'd be upset at a couple of plays offense left out on the field amazingly we talk to Giles about on Friday and he wasn't wild about Brady's performance over the course of the year. Brady missed a couple of throws again. Yes it was a -- but he was once. Back to try to think of it now but. That the couple that did jump out to me obviously have the fourth down play where the center exchange went right for the second time this year when that call and the I am -- I mean look like a it looked like a hand off it did not look like a Brady sneak. Right it didn't look like the Brady -- but a couple of those ready snapped the ball -- couple guys were in motion. There was also that the falcons scored right before the end of the first half that's right right and Gonzales right Gonzales score the touchdown there that would actually drove me crazy not because they allowed them to go to on the field but because they have the ball. -- about five. Five minutes or so laughed and they had a chance to march down the field take a lot of time and instead they threw the ball and complete a few times -- and punted the ball back to the falcons and give them that opportunity it was the drive after they had a great and running and running plays and -- drive. And it was like everything that he'd just accomplished by running the ball. Mcdaniels just completely forgot instantly like you got a chance to keep that right off the field for the rest of -- well a couple they weren't able to what I didn't like apple cup. Of things. You say that in in your right yet if you look at the halftime stepped. Tom Brady had thrown the ball nine times. That's staggering Tom Brady throwing the ball nine times in half. And he winds up with thirty anyone who lined up absolutely symmetrical. 31 attempts and 31 passes that's one of the two after the game. -- Logan Mankins is perhaps Logan Mankins hasn't gotten the memo and I love it hoping ever get the memo and hope it never figure out. That this is the guy who just tell you exactly what it what what's on his mind. After the game Logan Mankins said you know we read about 31 times and quite honestly public we're gonna run it even more. -- things going into this game and -- can't help we talked about this this morning Mike. For a few minutes. The -- us -- action before us this morning. You can't help the Atlanta Falcons you can say on and on about. Well yeah young men and be perfect form -- are pretty close yourself is. So we -- -- -- yeah I think our fifty minute capital are clones out here to do the show Belichick for a little while so popular the Atlanta Falcons. I obviously have a lot of respect for the organization -- a lot of people in the organization very well they're helpful helpful to me and was put together the book on the last. But for something to be said for playing in a -- eight figure games in the dome and you can say. You wanna be tough team you wanna be of physical team but you don't I can't remember. The last physical. Don't team. I think. I've ever seen in my life. That -- and don't teams that once Super Bowl and they've had. No pass defense is wire round usually smallest deep -- and ram -- for my whole let it rest ram it's not physical thing it's not physical. Very talented. Great offenses. Opportunistic defense is like -- their safety well -- -- one -- that one but have been physical teams and I can remember some physical vikings team that get. And it went back and dated -- I don't. Played outside. Maybe that's the problem right I have a bit to the Super Bowl since they -- -- I'm reaching now but -- but the saints and had those four linebacker Sam mills in the rest of those guys from all right and they certainly didn't win anything you're pretty good physical defense -- -- but I think you're right there just aren't good physical team. Because it's so easy to just get into the throw the ball perfect conditions and it appears that you've got -- -- temperature controlled you've got that you've got the environment. You know it's going to be the same eight times a year you don't have to. All all coaches talk about the elements -- elements you prepare for them but at home don't not when you're don't team. You have to do that so I think that's a long way of saying. I've I've felt like that pay when the patriots play these teams for the most part now with the New Orleans a few years ago. In 2009 season and they were run off the carpet and it was not a contest at all Drew Brees was. All up and he was in their brains. He he the 345 touchdown passes Pat Robertson in -- the entire game. But for the most part the patriots play these games. I think they have a distinct political advantage. And they had a yesterday -- while it they definitely play that way yesterday they ran them over now Atlanta's not a big. They're not just on physical Margaret just not a very big defensive front so. I felt like they used that size advantage match -- -- me and asked them last night he talked a lot about that I think he's right. But I also would like to see them do more I just think they're -- they're such. Talked with talked about this before. I don't like when the patriots become the old colts I don't wanna see the patriots throw the ball 500 yards game and put a huge point not a defense that that is leading the way. I really like what they're doing right now I'd like the defense that is leading the way I like -- running game that is leading the way and and setting up the passing attack and allowing Brady to throw off play action instead -- have to do every single thing in every game that's not the way this patriots team was -- those of the teams that they used to beat and we laugh at them with a lot but the St. Louis Rams with a lot -- in house colts and then they became -- I was never comfortable that and the fact that they are drifting back towards what they used to be. I think is he truly truly great. I think they thought they weren't becoming. But they got that big you know -- to do some of their elements that maintain -- they didn't maintain our -- three and lost that they lost that identity and it feels like -- start to come back for them so I love that I think it's a really good sign him last night was probably the best example yet. Even though Brady threw for 300 yards it came on the heels and on the backs of what that offensive line and those running backs down leading up to -- Well wait for Bill Belichick he should be here out were hoping just a couple of minutes to real quick break come back with a coach just sex talk Ali. At Gillette on a patriots Monday at W media.

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