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Life without Vince... how do the Patriots fill the tremendous hole left by Wilfork in their defense?

Sep 30, 2013|

He's one of the best players on the team, and one of the team leaders... with limited depth how will the Patriots adjust to not having Wilfork on their defense this season? We discuss it with you.

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He missed any of Bill Belichick act earlier today very informative and telling us that Vince Wilfork is done for the year. Play of that interview the most important parts of the coming up today at 530 everything you need to a year from Bill Belichick act talking about. Vince Wilfork trying to figure out how to replace a big body like that million defense of line -- talking about the officiating last night in the breakdown of the young replay equipment that miraculously was fixed again under two minutes. And still let them down on a terrible call on third down where as far as I'm concerned that would -- on one clearly. Clearly gain in the Euro yard he needed in order that it to gain a first down and are they can call that way even after replies. How do you look at -- -- you look at it as NFL transparency. Where the official comes out and says hey our equipment has broken or is it. I didn't -- Don't tell me. Maybe delve into you have to I have no assets held until it was bill said you tell them you tell the coaches aren't. Privately without the microphone I gotta tell the coach now today our equipment broken government tell a national television all got to admit that a multi billion dollar -- yes. Does not have working equipment have to have to tell -- and say art equipment are working we went to the NBC trucks are we got a price from incomplete. That by -- DVR and only needed to DVR. Just by a DVR they have 9000 different camera angles while -- it's has last night held we have that camera angle after the kick the ball over the goal post he's like. Where's the camera right how about what is that even exist and Matt -- -- -- with me at a very good point and he's right about this article post go higher. Why would it why should ever leave yourself the possibility. Of trying to figure out what happens at the ball goes over the goal post just make the damn things higher how much art I don't know another ten feet another fifteen feet what's the difference make -- higher than they are now hazard or something. Not a lot of our building. Really as a building code. What -- -- up or do whatever it just that it makes sense that it that in the industry that this is such careful attention to detail we'll leave these things still opened chance excellent 777979837. -- -- calls here in a minute Michael to keep coming back to the the thing that I thought was great last I said its signature win for the patriots team so far and not because the so far. Don't have to go played world team Miami's gonna be decision at a Cincinnati's details of their two and two down after losing their evil Joker but -- might -- get -- going on the road you've got to have Denver in late November which is going to be the signature game of the year used that. There's there's really good teams left to come. But this was the first test against team I think you respect. Our offense -- no respect. And I loved the way they handled the challenge on the road stop that team defensively did what they needed to do showed that a key to -- is a star one of the best quarterbacks in the league today and that offensively. Took it to them on the ground which Josh McDaniels awoken from weakened from -- August and started -- in the ball and running it down their throat and keeping Matt Ryan off the field. I thought they were very -- and I hope to see more okay. I like the way they play the game I like that they did run the ball a lot and Tom Brady threw the ball nine times just nine times in the first half. You don't see that very often so that there's -- there were lots of good things some place from tightly in the entire secondary. I I hate it absolutely hated the way it goes to game. Mean you got to the point where you needed a fourth in seven stopped. Inside of the final minute to win the game and it shouldn't have -- that he had a thirty to thirteen lead. You had to accept fell with the ball in his hands on an onside kick and he lost control of it on the enhanced team. You allow them to get back into that game he had another another. Bad exchange between the -- veteran Tom Brady went down when Brady. Who knows whose fault it was made with both of their both of their mistake or maybe it was pretty may be is when bill that's beside the point. It had to come down to that. To close out that victory initiative and -- Personally agree with you but here's the only reason I'm not flippant about that there -- they -- what they because they won the EU because. I think the refs got it wrong I mean I think I think they didn't run out the law after after the third down play. -- alignment that they need to gain the first down on that pumps are that the rest didn't get it right. But they did what they needed to do as far as I'm concerned on third down and that's not the way the game works but I'm talking about how like feel about it -- field -- -- there's also the big architect Khalid -- dropped the ball like that wasn't on the offense or the defense and all Paul -- Chatham. Generally -- a much specialties like should I do I know what you mean I and a helmet and allowed them to get back into the game I know they did but if it was the offense that couldn't closed or the defense that gave up yardages. -- don't care about special to do we don't to -- him. You've been raving about this being a signature and a real win. And this goes back to the good old days now until -- nowadays is. Special -- now I do but I don't you don't mean like I do let not as much I don't I don't know achievements really. No you don't know what I mean no I care because I don't supposed to care but I don't really care. -- of those things in my heart like. Like math when you're -- -- feel like I'm doing this season I don't want supposed to care product -- and their math and I don't know I don't partly care what I hear from you would have been -- but -- sort of care budget -- -- religion especially in the -- part. Patrick and Connecticut that. Patrick was -- -- man. Well I -- you'd expect the culpable in. I think it should do is I would release but so. -- at about whether the practice -- Because -- against Detroit MI -- my right. Well below also had a trip. -- hit them up in the particular -- sister. Tampa Bay in the end though he's in an air ball the way intercepted. Last night for us but hit right -- won't drop it. The guy doesn't add any think it's seen in what -- that I bowl again. While people that kept perk up so I. Now the helmet throw Patrick that was a hell of a throw from two operating I guess -- -- -- like I can't disagree with anything you said because I think you're right about all those things the only issue is. Is there something in the -- that they think is is hasn't come out yet that might. Don't hit a hypocrite who could put my pastor nobody can get to practice what what you're Blackhawk. Good I would -- people played with Tebow. Okay and our national announcement means. You know Patrick -- -- -- -- Patrick -- and written Google pack. Patrick didn't tell you is that he's actually the producer for rescue bill is Stephen A Smith show. -- what what Patrick because he's facing Connecticut you -- right Connecticut I gotta tell you that he's in Bristol Connecticut. And that he works on what shall purse to -- taken -- that troop. -- -- -- Gave a bullet in marine they were put in right now I think elect but we went to create people to -- on defense and I don't know. They struggled on short order situation. And how you can't deny that other stuff. -- you have to bow to us that we think resolution -- -- -- never blocked anyone in his life to go as a blocking tight end. I I think he was here all summer. I think cute little appetite caught. -- -- played that position for a pat Patrick thank you be in place and -- in another all this here's Syria. All the mom and a good game -- at least one nice play your Boley. Coming here crowing about it today all your due to your guy Michael had a hell the catch and run after the -- Where are you mr. Josh -- right ankle I was expecting. Was expecting her in the Arnold like his his you're on something I don't -- because the ceiling as much -- now and I expect that. I expect that from -- -- will get better. We're building we're building toward. Being a consistent contributor that's an on off button that held the play ball the shoe -- it's not an easy catch to make -- around in a field got some out of it good for him all the players they really don't want to deliberately attempted it really was like I made a lot that's my impression of him got that's Khatami you don't like me. Six -- 77797937. Richard is in now Providence. -- Richard. Our biggest -- an arm -- arm. Well replacing people or an added a couple of guys on eight look at how it. I'm the guy is Shaun Rogers objected. Another event today in a minute they're playing poorly right now -- are the giants. At the point where they are -- Jerry Reese says yes I wanna make a trade with the patriots wanted to trade away. A guy that we think has some value force four games into the season in New York you imagine that match. How that would play. Optimistic vehicle. I'd I'd still have their divisions are very good either right now -- You know Washington won yesterday not so good. Dallas lost yesterday the giants lost yesterday -- division Philadelphia lost yesterday so I can't imagine they would they would check check out. A quarter through the season not a one of the things. That does work there is the fact that at least here's some older guys -- so it's not like. Youth young players that they're gonna try to continue to build around into the future it's older guys or maybe you can bring them in for one season if you're the giants need a fifth round pick out of it. Maybe it's worth it to you but you gotta find the right fit for you right I mean if there's one thing we know. What Bill Belichick is looking for is not always the name that you and I or whatever else out there might be more familiar with -- they may be looking for something that we just don't understand at all on the guy's got that right. Technique and a right build the right to you know the right weight the right place. That's actually what they're looking for we just didn't know about the whole time. And maybe maybe Justin Tuck is available is walking around -- gonna punch and he makes it a mild. If they don't listen -- -- a specific. Not -- I'll punch these guys a shoe in them out. If you if you say something like your outfit didn't talk blocking at a -- coming after him -- Absolutely it's the mouth but doing the talking they've got to shut up. Six on seven parts haven't signed the 7937. -- in Weymouth to go from like. Our guys are idea I elsewhere amid encouraged today. You know working side I really like about a last sites where it was and it showed. I would -- the patriots. Adjusting to whatever the team will give them so they elect chameleon I'll do. Your whole -- British AG's tackle got a lot of great mentally ill -- pretty and -- over and over. Not -- whatever ideology and give them and then on defense -- -- acknowledged in -- For every yard everything is contrast to do it and it's just say yeah. It's actually saw lasting way for. You can't play. It's is it it's just great because without one's view is that ability to adjust which shot. Wish we showed that when we were winning balls and I know they are much talent -- in -- he didn't have to adjust. But now they really Julie -- it's great to -- -- -- out -- rather than I would out counting their opposition. Yeah I mean it's it's a good point Mike announced one this might -- like I yeah that's got a real lot to Greg called a lot of lot of good points don't add this did to your points might. And and I heard a lot of this last night hearing a little bit of it today. With the falcons and have the same old Atlanta Falcons and you know. Of course this is what they do and they made they made them bad decisions. -- okay they could make bad decisions. But you can not you can't dismiss how tough it is to win the game there. And you look at Matt Ryan's record in the dome and the detectives haven't lost ten games there. Out in the last five years. So the giants have been there. And lost not a Packers that -- Packers won their last of the Packers also lost there. Yeah that shouldn't have lost games there are some really good teams. Who have gone into Atlanta yeah. Had a tough time -- you -- bounce is one of the reasons the Mike Smith decision early in the game to go four on fourth down near the Golan was so confusing. Why you need -- holes six -- holes that come -- -- lawyer Gloria and maybe he sensed that they were really gonna need -- that the Patriots defense is bringing in. But I played it it seemed -- at the time and the patriots go the other way. And and the brunt of the ball ten times run it down your throat and I'll say it over and over and that's my favorite driver of the year so far. I'm reminded you what you saw on the pre season against Philadelphia where they ran all the way down field. But to do that and even more importantly play again most it was the biggest -- of the year but in some ways the most telling. The ability to on 33. Run the ball not out of shotgun and haven't Brady throw it to one of the 45 wide outs that they usually have 33 which has been an automatic -- down for them the last few years. Actually running and the fact that they've now put that on tape that they are willing to run the ball on third and three. You gotta prepare them to run on third and three now it'll work out well I well I play like that while a one -- that. Now I think I liked. The same things that you saw I saw the same results all the same things in and we all like but. Logan Mankins said after the game we felt like we were more physical than this team was -- You'll what you'll you'll run on third and three vs the Atlanta Falcons because you can't and it's. Pretty. Pretty crass if you're falcons fan and he can't do anything about it. They felt like they could they can have their way with bad -- defensive line in the pretty much did when they needed to do it. And I'm with you late in the game. They did pick up the third round and get credit for that they did pick it up and the officials missed it. But the test is can you do that against a team that. Fancies itself as physical. As you well you a couple of them that you're gonna play you're gonna play Cincinnati to do that it gets its -- -- -- -- that this may think they -- really good data are willing to do the same things did you do that against Cincinnati that's going to be a test New Orleans should be able to do that mean you should have the exact same game plan. Against the saints as you did against Atlanta on offense that you wanna keep off the field quick strike Drew Brees got it down the field and you keep him on the central to -- inside. I do it inside out vs personal loans it against the falcons future you're concerned about. You really concerned about white incomes are not Jones and and Gonzales. But I -- that the states I would start. I would start would Jimmy Carter. Line him up as a wide receiver has started to regret but I -- with very very good player but the same idea offensively for the patriots. Which is run them over try to beat -- their defense by running them -- stay on the field as long as possible and make Drew Brees just sit on the sideline waiting for the ball. That's a game a way to to make sure that he doesn't run up the score on C got a go back to the same game plan their New York -- party seen them Miami. -- -- that's another attack challenge that you guys in the middle of their defense there are an extra that are hard to run against a can you find a way to run against them. Pittsburgh is horrible disaster right now Carolina he should be able to do whatever you want against. And the Denver you gonna come. Right back my same game meant to Miami I'm. I couldn't be more excited I'm so it's quite a baseball game tonight that's a problem -- a board decided not really. That the JV. JB tonight baseball. Baseball baseball playoffs start the baseball -- start on Friday. The JV is playing tonight's -- go home. Okay great winner -- all day lock. Re not Rangers win it all you got any real football game tonight between the dolphins. And the saints. Two undefeated teams money and. Excellence at 77 -- have been my favorite though not an ordinary or you know the truffle bought troubled -- we do we do the truffle oil again aren't. Good guys here are about to connect rioted in it didn't work on my wife knows about it and progressive. You have the truffle salt. In addition to the truffle or that the -- truffle oil and truffles it's costing me money and it's expensive -- truffles come cheap. The closest thing in the world means Indy just relax go back to New York -- -- -- I've felt I felt. -- -- like apartment in one group. Fell off ocean on -- turn your radio -- today just he's just wait for a take a look at that you people have been so many of those that I'm doing something I didn't wanna do everything to do it anyways isn't forever is the highest leave the Berkeley does that man. I'm not too much I heard the early show lots of people say they don't understand how that they expect the patriot defense to collapse and that's awful. And I'm wonder I'm you know I'm wondering why when I heard a few people -- is going a little quiet. Compared to his normal low -- I don't think you're gonna see them fall pot because I think it's quite a few other guys that are more important. Which style with a -- that we actually did fall apart and he plays a caught aback. And probably the next guy you'd worry about would be the safety. -- McCarty you'd have a big change in the defense of quality without him and the next. -- -- -- -- You were little and have a problem debit -- articulate it. -- deliberately limited to put into perspective the loss of Vince Wilfork is not a big deal villagers say. Is. Intelligence because the only if they can bring your veterinarian. Like you're talking about it'll be fine but they have a little thin. Which I warned you people -- -- they've. Now -- -- you can now shoot people is that about eighty people don't live in Berkeley. What do you mean compete with what you made you able. Everything of very thin on the defensive rotation and hopeful I'm sure the guys around they can bring in. This general the guy they've brought in visible won't buddies say his name he had a sack for God's -- so. And -- at -- scribble on -- -- I'm just trying to get a sense so you're there. Well that's what did you ever heard fairly. It is Curtis Steve you rambling more more than you ever did before. -- exempt in Long Island music to your problem. He says. Lucky to leave you know he placed cornerback position -- just waste pits that we know just like to leave his corner we know we don't we don't opposing the corner. We know -- position according place to get to a difficult to say that Vince Wilfork is overrated and then left. -- -- so what are they gonna do Vince Vince Wilfork is going to be done for the year Bill Belichick told us earlier and gave us at least some insight into the into the way you try to replace a guy his nature. And just how well is Aqib -- playing all questions of Bill Belichick addressed earlier in the day stick around here next rockaholic W media.

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