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Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley: Not looking good for Vince Wilfork to return this season

Sep 30, 2013|

Bill Belichick joined Salk and Holley and broke down the win over the Atlanta Falcons... more importantly Belichick confirmed to us that Vince Wilfork is likely lost for the season with an injury.

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Pitchers Monday continues here on WEEI -- -- Gillette Stadium. Coach Belichick joining us right now our conversation with the coach brought to you as it always is -- -- -- do it Teddy Bruschi did it. And get affordable dependable life insurance from has to be alive -- company that's protected over a million families since 1907 go to SB -- dot com. Today coach you get a win that late last night in Atlanta I know it's a long night of travel back for you to appreciate you coming on the bus today but happy with the win last night. Always one. All is good one. Feel like you beat a team last night I know. Bill Parcells is that your record is what it says it is but. A one in three -- that -- look like to have to up a lot of offensive weaponry for. William and of course we knew they're gone and those good group skill players I think is. Probably as anybody in the league goes to quarterback could -- it and good receivers good backs. On this day ago. They a lot of talent players at school systems no question about it. Good test for your guys who were covering them or secondary especially. And to try to deal with especially General Jones white and Tony Gonzales Leno talked more about today -- -- -- you want to see. Well wouldn't say that that those Republicans -- says Latin look at the -- at that military teams got good players who -- him every -- so. Those big challenge for so -- really you know prepare hard. And competed well and the limits imposed limits in place unfortunately minute. Couple more native -- Thought our our defensive players competed well and so that's true. How I want it ask you about that preparation for a team like this in the last time you played Atlanta and we claim every four years the last time you play them had a different offensive coordinator. At a different defensive coordinator Ryan was doing there quarterback and Mike Smith obviously their coach. You're record against the NFC. Is is very good and theoretically could also be tougher games to prepare for casualty of that often. And you can you tell us the process of preparing for a team like that that you don't see verses. The team that that's in your conference. Well I think it all starts and offseason on you he tickled the offseason about political team. And get familiar -- them from the the previous season the 2012 season this case. Sometimes if there's and his coaching staff or or new coordinator that. Information might be limited just have to go with what they do it somewhere else and try to piece together about. A case like Atlanta where -- had. Their coordinators were all the same from last year and they had a great year. You know there's an expectation they would do things. At least something similar with a blister and can change everything went thirteen games and and C championship -- so. I get some work with and then. As we saw their their films of all this year alone and their their patterns than we. Kind of combined -- last year and see what's different what's the same. You know how to and other teams play and successful investor didn't they planned well and target and make sure that we emphasize the things in practice that. Or important force because he can't really get at all he'd get as much as you can but this thing easy generally emphasized and make sure that you get those and think that's an important thing force the team that's kind of news the practice. Reps -- called Europe's are things that you know we really feel like we're gonna have to do in the games and make sure we practice. You get the sense that veteran coordinators. Change all that much me Mike Nolan is -- -- defensive coordinator but he's been around as coordinator he's been around as it. As a head coach. No matter where they go are they essentially. Doing what they do or if you found in the past it okay this coordinator was here get a completely different style because he was working toward different head coach. It's. That -- once is unique in its own way it's. Hard to say exactly what that is depends on the situation. You know you you have the background of the coordinators and and you also have the history of them against you so in this case it would have been when we played Mike when he was at Miami. So oddity -- there -- is different you know people on all but at least we can. Look and see what he probably feels good about what he did and maybe some things that he feels like this you know. Didn't work as well against -- would -- want to again we have to prepare for that you know maybe it's not as likely NC. Some of them wasn't successful where's that there was something that the you know he's looking and saying you know it's a pretty good when I was in Miami. Friday good chance that -- we could see again we better prepare for their reports out this morning that Vince Wilfork is gonna miss the rest of the year can you confirm those reports him. It doesn't look too good -- France and -- -- producers injury in and it's probably unlikely that Bill -- that your. The -- first on news talk more about how you replace a guy like Vincent even some stuff you guys did last night but. Who when you hear news like that what's your reaction. -- disappointment for prevents serious. You know work hard. Worked very hard prepare for the season is a true professional. Has great leadership on and off the field problem. Great example for the younger players. As -- veteran players. It's federal commitment to the team and a winning. Some. So it's unfortunate balance you know it suit. -- And to help overturn a microphone are if you see something like that happened during the season. And it's an rosters are -- not many guys out there that caliber of Vince Wilfork. Do you look internally and say we just got a replacement with what we have here or are you actively. Looking out here for free agents were for trades did try to replace with -- brought to the table. Well that's something that we go through every week we look at every single position. Of who who would be the next the next person at that spot. And just list all the positions the offensive and defensive tackle inside linebacker outside on record right now line. And some of those players are are on our Ross -- system some of those players maybe have. -- those. Were released an armed with a team now. And maybe there -- other players that were within another team that we've worked out -- we've looked that we think that might be an expert and so. It will all depend on who the player was that we are trying to replace. Well look what our options or -- Who was available and so. So it's each speech cases a little bit different my impression of Vince is that one of the things that makes him a great player. Is his versatility his ability do a lot of things very well from his position. If you're trying to replace that productivity. Can you do that would one guy do you do with two players who might have to. Skill but to skills specifically to each of them that he might be able to combine into one player. You know well again that it depends on what you know what the options are on. I mean clearly there isn't there -- no Vince Wilfork to stand around out there and corner -- and a that's the sign with the patriots or some other NFL team and he's a special player. One of the very best that is position so well. That there's no way that you would replace one -- it's totally unrealistic. But you know we'll try to do we -- to make her team. As competitive as possible. With the 46 guys we've been out there. Against Cincinnati this -- were there or whatever positions there are over we've known configure. That's all try to do some more own particular options and try to do feel -- fatigue. Bill there are other reports out there that were floating around this weekend that the patriots. Are at odds with Rob Gronkowski. On his rehab and in -- he supposed to return. You describe the relationship between the patriots and Rob Gronkowski. Good on -- I don't have anything and anything innocent about to adjust than on almost every news conference. And there's nothing new to report. Are you comfortable that it did you guys are on the same page in terms of how his rehab is going in and when he's got to return. But there's nothing new report. -- in talking about the defensive line in and watching Tommy Kelly last night saw something that I certainly don't think I'd seen. Ever before that I ever notice before him. Lining up a couple of yards off the ball in a three point stance but maybe two yards back and then sort of shooting forward once the ball was snapped. Can you explain from a coach's perspective what the advantage would be there why that's something that you would include into a game plan. Malone wants similar to one -- -- blitzes. And there's. So that's something that you guys put in because of Atlanta's it's something that fits with his skill set where -- -- -- like Beckham for a. To do and that combination of combination of those things -- Sometimes a little space and you know clear things up list of if the -- gonna -- and other protections and ago all rather than being right on top of that and all fumble on trying to. You know get on to the -- -- -- and in a hurry which are certainly some advantages to that. Don't linebacker blitz us from off line it's four yards offline as an example. You know has the opportunity. To see things develop a little bit in front of him. Sometimes it's the kind from the it's blocked him from sometimes it's only goes on the side so. Sometimes there's a space that opens up in the -- that it doesn't appear to be there on the bull snout that happens. After -- take their sets and they start to react and so forth so. President of you know if you and coach Smith went to have a joint seminar. On how to manage a fourth quarter because of -- is plenty of material for both the last night a lot of action especially in the last five to six minutes a lot of things a lot of decisions. Personal and ask you in this -- in the fourth quarter. What's your thought when you when you hear that the replay system is -- working with what goes your mind. When you have a review and come back and our local -- doesn't work. Well element in that situation and his plan that replay which is the way we played her years and years so. That's what it is but the -- effectively you know have. Government zillions of dollars committed to the system doesn't work and counseled other discussion but. The fact of the matter is there's enough on. Look like and exit -- that students know that sounds about that's the way it is and it's down it's down. The Catholic W later they had a review later in the game that reflects that it gets fixed at some point is they're able to review. The third down spot later in the game. You know on. Evidently. It. Well Arthur Blank has affiliated with culture revolves around here and now we're down Home Depot and and and hooked up that the replay system. It's a question -- that -- -- league office officials because early. For now it's unbelievable. As -- I was in early to multi billion dollar industry in you have to here. The decision on the -- I think we all would have been better off. Not know you don't have to tell us -- the system is not working like what are we need to know that. Well there are reasons that. We need to know is because then you can't challenge. This coaching can't write you know you couldn't you couldn't challenge. After that because I would have challenged the the play that they called an incomplete pass on where. Brian scrambled out to his his left our right. And threw the ball and I thought he was through office in the Utley was down he threw the ball. And and go straight to throw a flag and he said look the system still down you can't you know you're gonna have to pick it up we're gonna go on because that you know that you can't challenge it was fixed in Manila and because it has under two minutes when it was a Booth to review the area look at the third down call -- stop what they got it wrong but they were able to do it -- Yeah well that's -- -- -- once it's in under two minutes earn overtime then it's right it's -- out of our control they don't generally talk to us about it it's just. You know it's it's their decision when to review it and what are you -- and so forth but up until that time. Obviously the coaches have to be part of the process and as I said in that case. Had. What we would have another challenge even if the other one had gone against us. I probably would challenge the that Ryan you know I thought it was down when he when he threw the ball that they called a couple of tests. How do you how do you -- going forward. On fourth down -- just after the two minute warning vs. Hard do we do we punted here and try to pin them I mean you what what are some decisions that are going through your mind that at that stage of the game. You know twelve minutes and that's that's one of those occurred on. You know several different ways and to -- along field goal to make the field goals two score game. If you miss the field goal in there and at the mall on the called those 4546. -- line. If you make the first down and essentially against over zone. If fickle couple inches or however when we're six inches whatever we needed. And the game's over. People on a thousand. You gain a few yards of field position call it you know say get -- on the town that at the halfway between the morning -- the -- -- and so you gain some field position. They still -- Well let's say an off time you know -- -- that they have enough time you know operates on. If you pick of the first down the and they don't get the possession and essentially game -- for some. We're trying to end it with well played against six inches and obviously weren't able to do that was the key to leave that for your team so far this year. -- senator John force -- general John force. Every day he's he's been really consistent for dependable reliable guy. Through the offseason program is one or were ones that -- the training camp. -- ready to go every day competes hard every day whatever it is whether it's tackling Enron force coverage on the honorees. Special teams he's he's very gonna competes well just how does this consistency. Has dependability and its performance of them on the -- Does his ability to match up with -- with a really good wide receiver top wide receiver from the other team. Allow you to do more creative things with the rest of your defense. No longer maturities and he definitely create some flexibility on her with his skills that question. So what we want -- what a creep into your literary mind for a second can you give us and an idea. Just an example of a couple of things is he writing constantly during the game. Which I'm a fan of but you know can you give us an idea of of some of the things that you writing during the day. -- -- notes you know it's things that came up. You know I don't make -- cover with the team more. You know things that that weren't just -- in the -- -- -- -- us. Happen whoever thought it is yours in prison in and checked different tips and the currency to confirm -- more. Silences and -- Going to be a big part of big part they take part of the game or game plan today notices -- them. -- on the we have little place and a very apple those things. -- sometimes you can write it down and sent him maybe -- check this on film and it's. Is it sometimes is it. -- -- I say acknowledged things going into the game that we party that every you know check in like yours are here are some notes are some things that. Our keys or tips or things you know that we're game planning for and then actually occurring in -- sentinels current -- -- not really. -- empty formation as you know. Here where the second quarter come in and we get them -- wolf and again and in some ideas that we talked about different here in an apple. -- forgotten you know function to formations and you know here's the things that we will look for an instant pictures forgotten that -- you know -- -- that. You won't talk about halftime talk about. You know when the series ends you know looks can talk about -- out their dominance. In Macon. That checking out the answers. You guys have had enormous productivity -- the last few years from slot receiver position. And continuing this year that number -- Julian adamantly in the league right now -- receptions as of today. We talk -- Ron Jaworski on Friday and jobs you know -- a lot of tape play quarterback in the league. He's here -- -- -- comment about that position I was over the plate for here in -- -- coach this was Ron Jaworski on Friday talking about the importance of that position. The most valuable player out of football team outside of the quarterback. Is that slot receiver Philippines and now spreading the field 34 and five wide receiver looks. -- matchup you like he -- We these guys matched up on linebackers -- -- actually -- -- that covered too. Because -- were recovered now see every week and the ability copper to and the cover two man. When you're looking for slot receiver when you're developing. The plan for that position. You agree with jaws -- that important how much time do you spend thinking about what are you looking for. Oh well I think each he's position on the football team. For us on our team. You know has a definite. Job description. You know there's a certain social skills certain set of attributes that we would wanna find in every single player with the position they play and also you know as it relates to our entire rosters or. Our six offensive -- or seventh offensive linemen are third tackle our fourth and -- Irish offensive line. Our ninth offensive linemen -- tenth offensive -- mean there are certain things that he gonna say OK well this guy could be our -- on what was -- -- you know what so what what can you do with. What's the definition and if climate right for the New England Patriots so we you know we have each each thing spelled out so that. When we're. -- -- category as a -- well he's you know he he he would be our eighth linemen. Not our seventh and here's why because he doesn't have the -- the seventh linemen but he fits into the eighth or -- for so what are you looking for whatever slot -- -- So what is the slot -- when you're defining match for your team. What do you look upon us a lot longer conversation would have now but you know certainly it's the ability to create separation. On the inside part of the field to open it searchable maintenance that's when he asked to do. I think if you look at most teams in the league you'll find you know the top producers. At the receiver position come from the X receiver room in the weeks and receiver and the slot receiver so Anthony. Roll coverages the -- side and then. Strong silent inside receiver the slot receiver probably marbles on the outside got a federal coverage is strong side. And your conduct your week's Oregon and so that's one where the other. Those are your you know those are going to be your two guys obviously it's about. -- know that's a 100%. City. On large and football that's you know -- you put your. Your best receiver either onslaught or -- and you put your second best receiver either in the slot or products. Assume that their skills sentence. Animals is as carries over what you want to do. Or to ask you about Tony Gonzales for the -- coach's question. I think. You've faced him for the law for the last time anything is gonna retire last year. Unless something -- miraculous happens. Can you put them into perspective -- remind you of anybody yet to describe Tony Gonzales how to do it. I was bigger receiver. Not a tight and really not much -- is is bigger series got great size. He uses his body well to get position. On defenders like a basketball player would rebound. And he's straight hand eye coordination concentration on the -- and receiving skills period so. Operates from the battlefield where it has a lot of different options which way to go. And you know you have to defend everything with them. Come no matter where you are. There's a space on the other side of view where he can catch the ball to these go along reach good hands and you know they catch radius and so he's he's our -- cover. -- bill and a time now for the coach's question of the week is brought -- you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. See them for the limited time Mercedes been certified pre -- that on the web it and be USA dot com. Of this week's question comes from Tom in Middletown Connecticut may be recent college -- from home mark yeah. Timelessness. And oh yeah it's all over New England huge ways that we are. Tom once you know if you ever had doubts during your coaching career. That you would make it and and if you did help to get through it. Falwell. But thanks for me in my coach incurs always been pretty short term. Slick and about the year that I'm in in the week than men on the game an amount. Not -- You know look at that down the road to the whatever is five years ten years. Anything like that destroy you know be in the moment and because it's only thing you can really control and I think that's what your team needs from -- it is. You know your best performance for that game that week. That season so. I've always felt. You know could do the job than I was trying to do that here. Or that week -- that time and benefits over the new rule on the next one so. -- That's well -- that's right or wrong but that's that's definitely yes it is just the stay in the moment and do it. Do we UT needs where you to do their -- problem with the things won't turn will take care of themselves Tom opportunities come they come they don't wrong. And ending cutting getting coaching into. You know to be head coach and the patriots again and coaching because enjoyed coaching enjoyed. On the team worked the sport. The challenge of working with. With players and been no high level against. Another group of players and coaches and that's what drove me you know some big -- You know so at the end of the -- wasn't at all. You know worked on -- other great situation. That is a once -- Thompson's young music major has. Just yesterday. -- Taliban's -- -- and little -- -- weren't days that we're at the top -- or should we certainly appreciate it sure you're tired after a long night talk to get among our rights as good REX a Belichick joining its every Monday most important thing -- heard him say. We'll reveal an -- WB.

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