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Kyle Arrington on Aqib Talib: He has meant a lot to this team

Sep 30, 2013|

Mut, Lou and DeOssie chat with Patriots cornerback Kyle Arrington after last night’s win in Atlanta. Kyle talks about the secondary’s approach against the Falcons’ dangerous receiving corps and the impact of fellow corner Aqib Talib.

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Speaking as defensive back group let's talk to one of them he's Kyle Arrington he joins a series party by Samuel Adams. And the Boston Beer company. You Google warning Kyle's going to be a challenge Julio Jones Roddy White Tony Gonzales as they surprise -- all last night with how they approached you and attack that's secondary early on throwing early and often when that Ryan. -- -- -- -- from a thank you to have me. You know -- -- the summit that group you know especially at -- skill positions so. I think you know they say states it is the assurances other thing you have -- that they targets and. Always wondered -- -- -- -- as much to lag as as a key -- does. He looked like he had a lot of fun out there especially late break up that ball against Roddy White. How did not achieve unity he brings. Let's it's tremendous work ethic to a to a -- -- -- under this until ultimately you know. Well apparently nobody on -- How well a home port was -- -- that strategy that you guys had with. -- help over the top level cornerbacks play underneath the the wide outs and and it is giving guys a lot of help with certain times. An aggressive terms say you know are actually touch it as you know that skill positions so. You know period which are about to take some guys that way than the rest -- and others -- -- China when you're a little more battle on the -- Well you mentioned that you it's fun watch and a key about their and that the swagger in the work ethic that he brings a lot of people Kyle point two when he joined your team last year. As the beginning of may restarted turnaround this defense and the progression and getting better I'm curious guy plays an opposition group. How has it impacted you guys to group with a few and -- and the safeties can you speak to what his acquisition is meant the last year and a half. Meant a lot. He's actors you know about -- mentioned were effective work ethic I don't that's great leadership. You know it it's easy you know move. You know -- right I've got like you know we had tremendous leaders and they've achieved. Jerod. And you know both so. Like that it is it's not our. Irrelevant and it's just not only play. Sacred so they were telling -- You know I don't get it -- their late but I still thought is extremely impressive dominant performance by you guys -- -- early in the game and you at -- -- -- built the first three weeks -- a lot of people said this is the test this is attest. What does a game like this do for your conference does it make you feel like it's a -- guys always feel that way. -- didn't take you know different security triggers things. -- -- fair odds are that we are all well and that's on and any other gold and ultimately to win the gangs. How is the hoses defense feeling about themselves right now how the other coming together better than you guys and anticipated. There's also you know we we we take the same. -- as well you know -- we started back in the spring. -- few days. Some training camp you know and our we we are in the years you know vote -- to. See -- physical. -- It -- Lorena has had a decent and -- -- this is there's no no different in each week. We're talking to Kyle Arrington and there's reports after the game last night into this morning Kyle meteor reports have Vince Wilfork. I as an Achilles injuries going to be out for the season have you guys been told ending up -- is injury this morning. You know we got actually. 6 in the morning. So I mean -- had a lot of guys. Portuguese bank deputy injured. You know it's not a guys. Reassessed her right now and down. But now I'm like there's an injury you know unfortunately our big part of the gang and you know what whatever it if there's you know there are situations it's those. Yeah I think a lot of -- feel the same way you mention him as a leader before when you start listing down leaders as an offensive player on that side of the ball. You talk about his leadership and I see that manifest itself on a day in and day out basis. All of you know it's one first -- here not me you know he was -- tell -- first grade and that's when -- believe that -- Honestly there are an area that try to get much so I can never before -- opens. Into the building. Either you know. Him -- guys not only on the overall spirit army or write notes and yeah it's in the community. And so it is you know unfortunate set to see. A guy that he. -- electric that's been look what conventional. Well you you get back some. Cincinnati and AJ green another test -- that position he's Kyle Larry tonight's not the join us after a patriots went in Atlantic Kyle thank you so much support talk in next week. Rezko Tyler to joining a series brought to you by Samuel Adams in the Boston. Beer company.

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