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Sebastian Vollmer with M&M: Atlanta is a fun city to play in

Sep 30, 2013|

Vollmer joins Mut and Merloni with Steve DeOssie on a Patriots Monday to recap the primetime win over the Falcons. Sebastian explains how the offense set up the passing game by running the ball effectively in the first half.

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Let's go to the AT&T hotline here to patriots Monday and talked to offensive -- Sebastian -- interview. With Sebastian Vollmer is brought to you by Verizon stay connected to your patriots at home and on the go with files quantum Internet an NFL mobile phone Verizon. That's powerful. Sebastien joins us Sebastien much -- and Steve how are you. I don't I don't early morning arrival here this morning back here in New England you guys had a day off is the report. There's also reports out there that your teammate Vince Wilfork heard his Achilles and is going to be out for the year if that was the case to bash from what I've lost would that be. For your patriot team. Wearing on I got through don't know what they're under the law even if there are are critical at all. All any on you know he wore -- group of players that are that you know a lot of integrity and her hour period one of old and so. Are the sorts is talking you know -- problem you know group over a withdrawal for no. Other Ugoh and it. Do you talk about his leadership as Sebastien that locker manure on different sides of the football but DC done on a daily basis Vince and his leadership ability on that team. Or eliminated. All of -- -- the neutral floor -- On affordable very high level of the year you know that is. And then there and navigator of their I think in all of us losing its little -- player but also. Very few billionaire and a Great Britain or whatever. The best you ask you about that first drive in that screen pass than it was ten streak runs. Put touchdown pass the molecules that company guys just saw he felt he could run the ball against. -- -- And I'm not a political delegates from the goal what little work on. You know think of record these droplets that are involved. Oh against all of the climate now he'll agricultural and happy about it and -- them off paperwork and W -- dropped -- As a particular. I was thinking about that do you guys like -- into that kind of rhythm when you choose grind of an Al Mohler along were. Or do you prefer to change it up men were different angles. On again -- of -- -- -- you don't wanna be one dimensional and look at you know spoke or order whatever for whatever works but you can -- different than. In -- and then. And and other special -- democratic senator. You heard Logan Mankins after the game incidence in that. And he felt a guy's shoes you can run more and it's sometimes he does got the -- -- -- a -- run more as they have their relationship you have economic -- we can walk up -- just -- -- -- this is what we need to do more quickly that the Logan. Go to the typical here. Hello well vote to give it to order a bigger political editor Politico -- -- -- Well what it did lead to you guys running the ball early it seemed real. Watching on TV was the play action to bash and in his early in the second half. You came out it seemed like the defense of Atlanta was so focused on the run that there were some big plays that common the receivers made. Downfield did you feel like in that second half early especially that they were over concerned with the run and -- that play action open up things for your offense. -- -- -- -- father and every time we run the ball effectively as a -- for the markets that are. Defense you know we're we are going to -- actual results over the apparent split -- epidemic growing illegal. So we'll look here it's little little -- can do -- -- Seem like he does have pretty good protection for Brady. Were you surprised or leave the blitz is much is seen them blitz in the past when. -- does seem to do a nice job -- with with the pass protection do you see something in the film it led to that. Along well I think that the good they're good at it and we'll also put either and they get slope it will probably slipped on. -- never you never know coach scenes player that is you know a little differently every week. They're involved in the early to prepare for -- in the game which -- there -- -- that -- that it happened and disaster particularly terrible political there. We're talking this -- -- -- -- patriots win in Atlanta go to four know another thing that emerged last sunnier side to football was. The young receivers and you watch these guys Sebastien week in and week out can you speak to. What appears to be yeah I renewed confidence level here for me in week one to week four young Tom on the same page at these young guys. There are -- belligerent you know we see that week and but in order to really work hard and it doesn't matter position group -- almost socialist you know because come in here. Used to seeing you. Other picking -- interestingly quarterly corporate on the work but over the need to work on and you know eventually it will pay -- only gonna get out of there. How difficult was it in that -- last night communication is -- concern a lot of people have some. Some youth thought their wide receiver was allowed. You know that rely on them and their victory and they bring it over there and well you know on environment you know virtually all academic and all the -- or whether it's -- -- it -- -- that sort of. We'll get out on that they're the report as you guys are off today the bill gave me the day off no meetings no practice how to Sebastian Vollmer. Spent an off day Monday after when an -- All of this didn't say that we're now also on the back to work. No off day for a bash and bash who appreciate the time is always we'll talk next week. -- -- Ballmer joining us he brought to you by an arrest restoration specialist and Toshiba business solutions I expected talked to Rob Ninkovich a teammate. Vince Wilfork on the defense on the football Kyle -- and in the mix as wealth. Keller -- not Rob Ninkovich will join us will talk to some of the defense this side of the ball 61777979837. AT&T text line. Is 37937. Steve you were talking about. Changing up your scheme defensively all personnel wise dolphins Wilfork got to go get somebody will go through. -- names that might be out there including some familiar names to patriot fans it's not Louis Steve DeOssie Sports Radio WEEI.

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