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Adam Schefter on the Pats without Wilfork

Sep 30, 2013|

Our NFL insider from ESPN, Adam Schefter, discussed the reported Wilfork injury. Adam also said that he thinks the Lions winless team would demolish this years Jaguars team.

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Here's our number three Dennis and Callahan on the patriot Monday -- up the coffee with Cumberland farms farm house blend coffee football insider Adam show after. All in love with it's amazing surprisingly delicious taste and it's amazing price of just 99 cents any size only at Cumberland farms. Joins us on the the NT that like good morning how are -- Good morning gentlemen you don't want very well you can discuss that a lot of things this morning got up the least of which is the boards and keep a lead so for the season or games or X. The case be made Adam and your estimation if indeed this is a quarterback driven league and you only go as far as. Great quarter quarterback -- take Q does -- not make sense -- priority number two should be shut down corner you can find one. I didn't I didn't -- -- -- depression that quarterback into making mistakes because that the -- Predecessor. Also would make the quarterback better. I guess you'd argue that the quarterback in the public interest there but it looks like he you know dissipate bank that the team. It is a matter who's covering so if he's got time he's particularly. That which -- got my second question what are you watching right now with Peyton Manning and Denver in terms of some sort of historical context. Is very simple it's very simple. I mean you you'll understand this very easily just think back to what you saw 2007. You sort of unstoppable force you saw a team that you knew that was going to. To grow up and spit out the opposition ever -- -- on the sort team that. Could not be -- could not be slowed the team that was gonna put up points number -- yards everything. Endeavor is the same type post office without the right now I don't know how you stop them last year when they were the number one seed in the AFC. They lost in the postseason in Denver and Nicole -- Baltimore played a very tough and very well. It seems that got there without edit Wes Welker who look great and they went -- they've added Jewish Thomas that he -- -- -- he's really emerged now. And he looks fantastic. Married Thomas. Eric -- -- of the you -- look at Peyton Manning is it just doesn't look like anybody can stop you know I guess at some point. Somebody well it's not that easy to just go to -- in and make things happen like this but a what was he doing fifteen touched. Our presence in sixty and no rents. A -- sixteen and no interceptions I mean if he throws a incomplete pass it's a rarity in it's a rarity the -- doesn't touch the ground. There are several graduate take with a very established no problem Westbrook BQ are equivalents woke up. No -- Eric Decker beat Hewitt Blake Wood -- with no problem -- he's got a speech it would take those guys like. The worry that's too -- not to be able to run the ball as good but what sort of tackle Ryan played last week -- -- -- the injury. And it doesn't matter what just because the bank which put the -- two point eight seconds. -- play -- average of the the board -- then. Out of it and one have just like that. And it looks like right now they can't be so bad now against somebody it's a global. Be able to take them wanna -- circumstances change the use broad movement on injuries happen. Dynamic change but right now. They looked unbeatable. And they get Von Miller back and a couple weeks quoted. I'm going to -- -- okay but they're not just toward broke the opposition without arguably their two best defense players. And and that's the other reason I think we have to tempered in the museum for the chiefs because they haven't even played them yet they got -- -- -- -- -- Choose the -- in what could see they have a good chance. Haven't had to turn over the issue that beliefs. Well they had -- yesterday Alex Smith through two predictions. They don't get -- to pick so. It would -- -- particular but very had a feasted on turnovers. By a larger basic goal -- the football. And the turnover margin has been such that that many different steps that the already that the only way. They're a team that can go to beat Denver where they go they have they would talk about it that -- big bank to a couple of extra step Holbrooke served big special teams play other that you had to beat them. I think we might have to wait for sub zero temperatures yeah slowdown. At. Eight Adam. The globe is reporting that Vince Wilfork or his Achilles. Are you hearing that same thing and do you think the sign a guy -- is guys on the street familiar guys like Richard Seymour and Kyle level we expected to see one of them in Foxborough this week. Well I think he EE that's something there is. If indeed Vince Wilfork is after the year and I don't know that that it's true but I'm -- -- -- the Boston Globe is reporting -- I would I would I would imagine it is true. And assuming that he's done for the year. That you get a case where you've got a major role there. He's gonna bring back -- I don't know what they would go that direction. Which -- seen royal. Last I heard who it was not a player when she got paid a lot of money is that there I don't know that that's the entryway. And the -- somebody obviously there were that good. To asserting what a particular shot in my. I that's what I thought about seem horrible why is he still on the street are you that because he wants too much money. Well if there is -- simple refugee work has brewed. Harden our body of his career okay he's doing any Olympic area he's happy in the Atlanta area. And then and and evidence atop the magic that happens like -- now. I mean I don't have to play some wanted to play if I don't have to the only way that I would is that it's a great situation -- -- pay a lot of money. The jury the destroy this week and -- and Harold and has gronkowski. And his dad who rosenhaus and imagining saying he doesn't wanna play in there there's a reports of the patriots -- -- Gradkowski play this week -- hearing the same thing of the -- a battle going on between gronkowski the patriots. I don't know I don't think it's -- to ask -- the patriots to be you but I do think that the people who influencing gronkowski. And urging caution. At a time when the players. Or watching the practice the last two weeks running around catching passes. Making moves even getting tackled. And the Iraqi of their practicing. Rate of sent. And it is important. And so critical an odd dynamic now. Because to facilitate what five surgeries the last year and he can't recollect he -- for -- -- a surrogate. And I think when you look at it he's just being extra apple took the rare. It's surprising that he. Looks like he's ready don't practice and I think sometimes we -- the situation like this you would have to wonder about the money. And I don't think money is riding in particular that money's no part of this I think would be naive. Okay and with his contract is with the million dollar option bonus -- after the 2015. Cities so -- but it was a political again only. And -- back. Operated propaganda war. But it you know he -- that you want to be sure and understandably so. But he absolutely put go to the fact that that out of -- in a strange part of your indoor and outdoor practice. He looks like a rock you think he looks like rock and they're expecting to big rock and again and again that covers it up like. They -- looking at the six unbeaten teams in the National Football League and clearly you know Seattle is legitimate and certainly Denver's legitimate. But the remaining ones and Orleans as well. What do you think of the paper tiger that really doesn't seem like they should be for an hour three -- -- team that beat Kansas City Miami or New England. Why don't the New England decade ago that we are going to have I think that -- they did not fiscal restraint and to their credit that they've. This storm be and they wanna buffalo. You know it was a tough game they want and in Latin OK another tough game and therefore Null and don't get back rockets have pointed out get back Evansville at some point. And they should get better and better as the year goes on -- Brady. Getting more and more on the same -- the young receivers -- to meet New England will get better though that's a blow last -- solutions Wilfork. And Kansas City I think is good. I don't I don't use him as one of the elite teams the NFL. And -- Miami. I just don't do that category either and I think that there helping coming keep improving keep Bryant had -- been better. A you have to can -- be initiated it and editing. People would actually realized they DP Cleveland which is a better team but they beat people with -- we -- beat the colts are ready. And they beat south and so the dolphins have put some impressive victory so far about I don't know that there is -- by the goes into it won't tonight and in his new -- -- were unbeaten streak here and remains have been obvious very impressed. Do you think -- Tom Coughlin and or Mike Tom one. Will be in trouble or maybe is in trouble already. And we gonna see these. A lot of assists I think fifty we need to with the -- Q you took about two organizations. Who's all of market instability. And how competent by virtue of what he's done is entitled to coached as long short that you're just added data to let people. We get overlooked you realize it's just that they Rex Ryan was started 2009. Rex Ryan and Tom Coughlin. At what the exact same number of regular season games in the ejection number of policy on the chilly 36 regular season victories. He just -- postseason victories the difference being of course. The pump up a bit of 12 more wins in that time. Ever try there's not for a try to get this championship game -- -- community that they -- what 36 games. These were important in the postseason. Penetrated sting a little situation nearby I think some government that the coach -- water she wants he deserves to coach as long as he wants. And I think he wrote it to coaches want to -- and Mike Talbott. The Pittsburgh Steelers look like they have major holes major issues major problems right now. But I don't believe that -- probably got -- particular to those are applicable to take coach Bob Mike Talbott. How -- -- -- -- -- that it would hire Mike about. Jaguars -- are your goal at sixteen right we all agree with that they're not they're not when the game. I -- I I think everyone sort of has it don't happen who wants to the team hasn't stumbled into it victory elected to trigger when you're on sixteen -- If they were there are actually better than this team this team's getting pounded. It was that like he will we're -- it would count this jaguars team you can't -- play at Denver in two weeks. And we heard championships -- what were we can get oddsmakers established a line that game of sorts at 20/20 one point I get higher yeah it was like the ultimate accordingly it is. -- way -- so we came out. Where is so much bigger -- -- twenty point. Forty point winds -- one. 800 it you know like CBS panel she'll do the picks without the spread yes that'll be really exciting boutique -- like jets are products. -- That'll be the biggest -- ever. Ever NFL when you walk out to Denver in that game if you got in my head and I would not have their epic segment are suing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 128 -- still -- -- you can -- -- the jaguars. They were talking quarterbacks earlier we we sort of anointed the mount Rushmore having it pretty much everybody out of agrees that would be. Peyton Manning Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady and Drew -- those four guys if you're adding a fifth of -- current crop of NFL quarterbacks would be your fifth -- mount Rushmore. Wow that's a great question. It's good -- I think it changes. Our lieutenant says that's what was called right away that's correct it would have really -- to get to frequent. Take another week maybe. Eat eat prepared to maybe put Russell Wilson. Maybe that you put up up they -- open up there right now that he's been I think this year. Just spectacular. And people are not talking about it -- any duty yesterday. On an -- like that was missing three starters. So rivers and and people forget that he was so bad last year. But he bounced back and they're playing really well Kenny was just done a great job -- it's recorded -- the -- is a coach they're having. So -- get rid of the ball very quickly. Oh -- forget -- -- -- bishop -- whether. -- -- I don't know is Matt Cassel probably too early to say this but I think probably eventually it's going to be yet to be locked it's going to be like. Eventually it's going to be like that I was -- east he's terrific he's tremendous. -- quarterback. I would probably Russell Wilson and they're either every if you break. You don't Philip Rivers will be hall of Famer. He's just gonna keep pile up numbers he's been doing for awhile now and you know look at. He he he throws for 400 dozens and -- a big chance I -- -- it's just what he does. He's been very impressed -- you again I thought I guess you're going to that game. With a treasury got -- out it's like being decimated loyalists took rivers should be under pressure from a tablet opportunity that's what exactly rams quarterback six times due to work. -- that the cowboys really take -- Philip Rivers and now. No not even close. Always a pleasure Adam could talk you'll talk to this week my very much our conversation -- it has been brought to -- Cumberland farms fall in love with malicious farmhouse one copy today. And DCU digital federal credit union what can DC use a view and backed up Lansky insurance and as always. Adam joins us on the AT&T AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable Ford GLT -- just. On a confirmed this this was -- -- -- young reporting -- right yes not column boards at all so we believe -- yes it's true but a good point yes actually if that were called I just assuming men and oh yeah fine yeah what does friends told me right bottomless like real -- drunk friends and of patriots -- so. So it is definitely. Vince Wilfork Achilles. According to the globe and he's. For the year out for the -- huge maybe -- ever right. It's a tough thing to come back from particularly when you -- 800 -- and that's a tough injury and before yesterday it would -- have said the second most. Invaluable guy and this could be this could still make that argument right without question now the conversation changed Talib -- or rock. And who takes its its place I mean is it. Do we beat Tommy Kelly for a long music and jewelry beat for -- -- and admire prior Kyle Love your -- reporter Seymour. How much CC -- we always thought love money. So we'd -- some more money. I mean -- really easy element of the security agreement for short money though that's of the patriots against the biggest thing. We did this Richard Seymour this much money or Myron -- this makes a good point if he's got a deal. To debate him and -- more. Right okay so you show up and play and if you win a ring it's good point because -- 31 teams he could play for anyone -- -- the -- 3443. You know he can rush to pass a stop the run he's he's re in his prime. Was any superstar and now he's just hanging out like went drive in the kids screwing itself. It's hard to believe because I thought he would play for Liverpool in the most he's lost the fire. May be you know I love all the -- tired bodies -- bodies you know. Broken you'll see it not this. In good shape unlike a lot of these big patties were talking about it you presume he wants a if he wants to significant money. It's art and do that now now now especially with all these other guys these god loves and Myron Pryor's Casey Hampton we receive. We have the effect to most of you guys probably -- 500. When they out of the game may go way or the other it seems for sure how long would it take you get used to the idea of putting your feet on the floor on a Monday morning and not being in substantial thing. Not very long right and he's not adult but Seymour. And accept the morning and he also -- peace and everything on his body's not hurting him. Used to that too quickly at my IP I'm sure somebody's probably -- right now maybe you know Ron Borges yeah. On right now in finding engaging his interest but what you have to bring in a -- mean you saw Tommy Kelly. -- That was like the third quarter one though remembered -- we should look at all this article from yesterday about all the guys writing at what point seven guys they've run in most in the National League loading nine guys on the defensive line and dimension. Those three quarterbacks in my younger quarterback Austen and some defensive line was like five or six wide outs. But nobody ever known names -- name gifts -- -- 67777937. Your phone calls ex patriot.

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