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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Father injects kid with heroin

Sep 30, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. A father injected his son with heroin and another nonsensical story by the Boston Globe.

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Our our house back yet. I think. You know. I think great journalists who comes to mind Bob Woodward -- -- -- one juror. -- again cherry in the annals of history rate journalists. Sports or just general I'm looking for and specific in jury Callahan Jerry -- yeah yeah now what are. Cal tortures you put them there wouldn't. Well yeah well as long as the list include liars and -- -- lazy people. It usually does for him to compliment liar fraud lazy people list. About letting them. But if I were to use that term loosely journalist I mean he's worked for any other newspaper he'd be gone it well fires so a couple weeks ago. This is no doubt and we wrote a story. Saying the word -- yeah -- dying on the vine and then the other station is is go through the ropes it's okay fine. It took this mean Chris Curtis to dummies. About thirty minutes to pick Stewart find out the unbelievable -- faults this up the least of which is uses friends. The courses are right -- just tons of lives right -- get you fired in self respected newspapers and tons of other handing out there's just men on the side of the street and they your friends so that if the Boston Globe during a perfect world are deep and by the -- don't forget -- -- -- that he called me to -- meat product and wanna try it in a perfect world. -- -- Did not -- -- the -- and not even ask if you don't fire magician and fired through the globe don't you say keep this guy away from. Well he's back at seven obituaries for Saturday he is unbelievable and we did it. Email from Curtis. He's writing about us in 95 again. Unbelievably says the Celtics games are lower risk. Gamble for the sports -- that you know it's a good -- -- that the Celtics it's bad shocking whatever. Most asked some of his friends ones out the night before re institutional arrogance to allow this guy to go back is unbelievable with basically the globe giving us. The fingers and really give it. Is it any more I look at that that people. In a real journalists who still work of the globe they have to be embarrassed -- on mr. -- just. It's amateur hour over there and is in its you know -- doesn't reflect well on -- must work -- Cheaply no he's just an ideologue they like ideologues over there how we'll see how John Henry likes it how does it honestly artisan work community even. Many pitches this -- -- big company is anybody in any room anywhere -- Well there's just some issues here journalism is not even a consideration. It's all but advancing the agenda and if he makes stuff up there okay -- -- laws they agree with. Make stuff up pretend you're talking a man on the street again and that's the Boston Herald he's fired he's fired. You're gone immediately keepers have been. And greens are gone New York's New York City Iraqi New York inexpensive place to live obviously. But experts say that alone doesn't explain to reach report the on the city's annual cost per inmate was what last year. It right yes wow. Now. 35000. State. -- -- ball could just off. 167000. -- 131 dollars last year nearly as much as Acosta paid for four years of tuition and Ivy League university. -- It's -- cheaper to kill it. Yes it would. A big part is -- New York's most of doors lock up Rikers Island and classical staffing maintaining security facility is literally an island unto itself. 167. Thousand dollars. 500 dollars a day for the thirteen thousand -- New York City in -- last year compatible with the foresees. Two billion in total operating costs for the department of corrections which recruits are some benefits for staff judgments and claims most of services for GO construction. And repair two billion dollars. When you had to drop but don't you drop it in front yes I'll make this thing was horrendous. Are you gonna give of the ending to breaking bad has. And if you saw that signed yet someone put a sign on the door Sissy that we want to miss him -- not tell I don't know what NN NNN a NFL and the like at its elected a grown up that ripped a ticket ripped it right down the way it was overnight should follow us on that wasn't. Our overnight they feel I wish I watched that would set a tournament grown -- grown man writing were taking time working on on the clock. Writing don't don't tunnel half that in the what happened. And world. Best course would be to -- to act like well. So out of line now. Alison was a great children -- -- Do. -- This is the -- Feel we overnight if you saw. He's presuming we don't we just got killed Walter. -- that we know he's as big breaking bad thing directive was dying to ruin his life. -- I guess we'll listen if you were we should tell me ending in and out and I say I leave the united Ross and Rachel finally got together. Suzanne shipments in the class and welterweight. Rushed Rachel. It was very funny I'm sorry went over your head. Genius. I know what happened he cut his -- the shark with a chainsaw at the end. What happened. Eric latitude of red. In Washington. Has been accused of injecting his world summit heroin and morphine and Cody on the days divorce the boy's mother was to be finalized. I'll show -- them off -- the house to -- It's unclear -- -- you know it's probably Seattle Children's Hospital it's unclear whether or not he suffered long term damage. Why did you. Doctors whose -- the divorce becoming efficient mad at them off you still love with a mom. So I Jolie and -- -- -- four year old that's why you have it's the bench off which 06. -- -- He committed to allotted. They did not know there are still working out the custody. Battled the whole thing I suspect my guess is now that -- -- yet yeah I think it just might lean toward the mom full time custody I would think he's an unbelievable four year old kid -- rejected the heroin. Morphine and -- The boy was a -- they showed up. The white for six years knew that the husband had histories both heroin addict and dealer which led to the divorce that'll always I can tell you right now. Always match. Apparently -- yet. Breaking bad finale was last night. However just make up the -- tell -- -- million people over the last I was unbelievable and great if you want these people don't like football to watch NFL yeah. We always make fun of those people in homeland premiered last night and. Premier against the finale breaking bad not good planning on the only -- -- the finale of breaking bad the premiere of homeland and patriots falcons plus all the -- baseball stuff was dominant in -- television by the -- on baseball and I'm if -- -- name in the -- is next commissioner. And I told some of the things I would do simple things that should be -- make the batters in the shot -- -- pitched and the -- I'm going to -- -- I don't think -- -- -- -- what you have. Of course to its accountable produce -- we've talked many times but here's the other. Minor tweak I make when I take over the game yes I don't end on an NFL Sunday and end the year 'cause it was all kinds of drama. But it just carry the a -- first wallet gets buried secondly the gulf from watching football baseball it's never gives us. And up to that action intensity football. Even independent rationing of those walls in the this of course it's baseball I. -- on the commissioner and on Thursday or Tuesday or Wednesday or some or Saturday -- -- that you do not end. On NFL Sunday and -- to you feel that way you go. Dollars and what else would you know -- like golf which are important Skelton just hasn't find out golf with the Ryder Cup -- -- on NFL Sunday which is still the presidents -- this -- don't you don't -- -- beyond that the breaking bad guys -- -- on this that homeland people -- on the master at the end of don't mess with the NFL. You will Lou as congratulations to instructions not included you know your -- movie and are used to operate until. -- Spanish speaking comedy starring Eugene -- derby as he earned 3.4 million in America this week fifth place. The -- total 38 million movies have never heard of it is now the highest grossing Spanish language film -- so it doesn't have subtitles -- got the -- Spanish. I think this subtitles and yet this all -- Insured structured not included 38 million dollars in America until I was number one at the box office talk cloudy with a chance of meatballs to. -- tribute to my -- seas we first it was good to me thirty million dollars. Last week still prisoners number two rush which is what you really good on our movie number theory. When we get our phone call Jerry. I should work promise. Our phone call my -- and get off to get tired all the baseball the ball games I'm off to -- in order to get time off but it -- it. Just -- a couple of days off to go to our planet bill. I -- -- -- in Moscow -- consider who apparently -- never -- take vacation days. That's to your opponent vacation and you better not to go on the cruise. Those cruises -- four or anyone you know like going I don't know about celebrity cruise I heard I heard that probably go to weed that out -- tell. -- 8677797937. The answer is not. All quarterbacks. The question he has. What do Aaron Rodgers Joseph Flacco Drew Brees Peyton Manning Matt Ryan Tony Romo. Eli Manning -- job Matthew Stafford. Philip Rivers Jay Cutler Ben Roethlisberger and Mark Sanchez. All have in common the answer is not they -- all quarterbacks in the national football something much more heinous than that -- right back.

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