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John Farrell postgame press conference

Sep 29, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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Generally we make a push right the last ground ball by the student about will but I thought. We got everybody to the mound that we we hope to. We found some things out at least in the short run. It was good to see -- and come out and settled down after a Rocky first beginning of the first inning but through ball very well. Felix clean first fourth inning that he threw and then. A lot of pitches on plate over the Christmas together obviously the five runs allowed -- and then they were able to. And infection two runs and six and unfortunately and -- the -- but overall I can be more probably we go through the the regular season put us in position we're in. And we look forward to come back on Tuesday getting ready to prepare for for a just looking back on the season. Was it it. You know I think everybody organization is proud of -- of the team that's been assembled here the way they're represented not only Boston but certainly the Red Sox there's been a lot of individual moments since -- this season but. The characteristic of this team is one that's relentless that if they don't give anything away and it's been very form bonds to be -- It. I think everybody's anticipating Friday but we've we've still got more to do before we get there whether that's. Find out who we're gonna play but more importantly to continue to address known -- -- internally. But the work that will need to stay as sharp as possible and you know and that's from. Yeah I you know this I think just the regular bats. You know he's physically coming out of each game in good shape put says to start. The game like today. Even after just every other day appearances doesn't -- missed any time as far as timing at the plate. And he makes a world of difference at the top of the order for us. I think it is probably as much of giving guys some work as we close things out of the regular season and make sure -- sharp as possible but we've got some decisions to make. And we've gotten from the beginning Tuesday morning to look at that more intently and get down to the the number that we're gonna arrive in on Friday. What do you make of Thornton and he. -- break at the ballpark lefties. You know it. And these little little puzzling thing is just -- good success against -- having come into the at -- he was O for twelve against some any its fastball move plate that hits for the double. But he gets a ground ball after that. And you know unfortunately we get him. -- nobody on my own first to second and third gonna run scores on a wild pitch. You know you from last night -- today you know both ends of the spectrum. You know he's he's a confident player and then when he's pinch hit or is in today and and the only start that he's done all season for a since being acquired. He plays a lot of confidence and particularly on the base paths there's no hesitation on his part and in the role that we acquired him for. That's going to be keep going forward if the situations arise.

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