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John Farrell Manager's Show with Dave O'Brien

Sep 29, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Dave O'Brien in Baltimore before the last game of the regular season. The manager said the team's rotation won't depend on their opponent, but their 25-man roster might.

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John thank you very much beautiful day here in Baltimore certainly great day for the Boston Red Sox who wrapped up the American League's best record. Last night John first of all congratulations and you you don't grow tired of hearing that but we caught a glimpse of view and Torre. Shaking hands in the early moments of yesterday's game when the word became clear the Red Sox had clinched. Well it was one of those moments that you know you -- take attention away from the game itself but you know once we saw -- the final score to put up on the scoreboard and I came -- in Oakland and and with Seattle. You know adjustments -- and a congratulations great job in it was just one of those quiet moments that. Unfortunately I thought it was gonna go unnoticed but it here you are you say it was caught on TV but that the same time. I think was appropriate just to mention the coaches a walk by just a job well done. And that was a wonderful moment and then as we sit on the year you were right back to the game four seconds later it didn't take. A lot of us soaking up but you guys deserve it and and I think a word has to be put in. What a great job your coaching staff has done a phenomenal job they are so well liked all of you guys are out in the clubhouse. But you all work so hard and it pays off out there. Well there's no excuse me there's no doubt we've been fortunate to bring a group of guys here that have a strong passion for the game was strong passion for helping others. I and I think our players feel they feel the sincerity they feel the genuineness. They feel is the unity that our coaching staff has so when we leave our. Coaches room and we. Leave our preparation for our advanced meetings or whatever and -- actually we might have with the players individually or as a team. They know that we work things through and were working in the same direction I think that direction and that unity. Gives them some confidence at all and knows that you know what we're headed. On the same page. All one. Well a great moment for use the coaches for the entire organization. But there was no celebration last night dead no champagne no bubbly in the Red Sox clubhouse of Baltimore no no not at all you know we we knew where we -- headed in we're division winners. We would. Envision that we would. Secure the best record you know in the league and that would give -- home field advantage. But you know -- last night we lost a tough ball game late and that's where the focus is and that's -- or remain. So we go out today looking forward to put together a solid outing here in in the final game of the regular season but. By no means does that take away from what we've done to date. But we didn't feel like last -- was a cause for celebration anyway. Would you prefer to know John who you're going to face come Friday at Fenway Park in the first round the last what do you like it the way it's playing out a possible three way tie in the wild card race today well. Regardless of when we find out we're going to be prepared we've had advance scouts following the teams that are in contention for you know the last two weeks so that that basic information that depth of knowledge that they're gonna present to us when we find out -- that team is. That's good sleepers present at Towson will be prepared for the series when it opens but. What's playing out as you mentioned Dave. You know with the potential three teams tying at the end today. Just sets up a scenario where it seems to be barnstorming around the country for the next three or four days are going to be a game in -- city travel go play another one. And when you think of the scenario and the different combinations. Teams are going to be taxed and and whether or not. That has an effect come Friday Woolsey but. I'm glad we're in a position weren't. You would think you would if -- team has to play multiple games before they ever get to Fenway may be burn out their pitching staff by the time they arrived in Boston. That can only be good thing for the Red Sox right well I can only comparative knowing how what our team feels like right now from a physical standpoint and if we're gonna add on to that you know hours of flying every single might get out and play game. That does have an effect and there's no way around we see it with our guys on the late nights probably given them in the city's early in the morning get up and crank it up again. And to do that for potentially three consecutive days. You would think that that's got somewhere and -- body. It was John Lackey turned to finish of the season today he's not gonna start Foye -- Webster goes instead can you talk about -- -- -- just after we had. Secured home field advantage -- met with -- -- a little bit during the game -- them. You know we sat down after the game and and just kind of mapped out okay if you don't start -- couple options were thrown out he can start go two innings three innings says that as a kind of a touch and field touch up type work. And they come out. Or we can set up works scheduled that he felt confident that he can remain sharp without giving in today's game and I think. Given Indies you know north 180 innings after pitching no innings last year -- the extended rest right now might be a good thing for him. Would seem to be good thing for a lot of guys you're resting a couple of guys David your playing David Ortiz and Jacoby Ellsbury right. Yeah both guys are back a lot of they had yesterday off and we try to rotate guys through with a down day and yet balanced that there's going to be four days which they're gonna if they won't see live pitching until Friday so. Didn't wanna get guys six or seven days fully away from game activities so. We've been able to rotate some guys through so Jacoby. David back in their Napoli -- first. We've got a double play combination it's a little bit different Stephen Drew and MPT you're down today Bogart's in John McDonald -- up the middle. But -- -- Mike Carp you know -- -- dimensional billboard two thirds so we've got a majority of our guys still on the field were forced to look and when the game today. And -- finally as we look at our Mercedes-Benz question today when will you be announcing your rotation for post season play you know I think once we we get into the work -- on Tuesday we'll have a chance to meet internally make -- physically everyone's good ago kind of mapped -- our work week and what that will entail is not only the -- game on Wednesday but. Look at -- games three and four when guys are going to be rested and were called out so. Abide by Tuesday will will probably have everything nailed down will have anything to do with who you play in round one not so much when it comes the nor -- our rotation. That would be regardless of of we're gonna play now the final couple spots on our on our 25 man roster that might take into account who our opponent is going to be. If there's a certain matchup we want forecast and and in. Construct the roster according to that but that's gonna come in the play is as that opponent becomes identified. -- -- game number 162 congratulations on a marvelous magical season but the best part of it is there is more a common good like today thanks to appreciate its been a lot of fun where we're looking forward to not only get through today but to go what Friday begins in -- second season force. Our question with a manager was brought to you by Mercedes events the all new Mercedes-Benz CLA is arriving at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers this month. 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