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NFL Sunday: Breaking Down Pats/Falcons and Picking a Winner

Sep 29, 2013|

The boys give their final analysis of the big Sunday Night Football matchup between the Pats and Falcons and give their picks for a winner ... and I don't think they'll be considered homers this week.

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Patriots are at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta tonight 830 kickoffs. Football night in America. The patriots in the Atlanta Falcons. This will be a much sterner test for the Patriots defense then. Any of the first three games so far and pressure on the quarterback could be a real key to tonight's game I think -- again. I'm figuring in with the opposition is but I think pressure on the quarterback is all. Have been better so far this year they've they've surrounded himself when he talked about Atlanta this surround themselves was really elite skill position guys but we talked -- -- little bit about it earlier in the show this is an offensive line that struggled but particularly the tackle position. I think it's really going to be interesting to see what the patriots do this week which tailor Jones probably ten to fifteen times a game. Over the first three games they've moved him inside from that defensive end spot into kind of a defense of tackle spot over regard. In a move move Buchanan out to the defense at a fund done very well I think this -- -- -- -- gets -- in that situation but. I wonder everything whatever they've done that they've -- of them really do good W Chandler -- a really good job creating chaos and -- getting some real consistent pressure on the quarterback I wonder if they're going to be more inclined to do that this week. Given the fact that the tackles are probably a little -- banged up. And it's more of a winnable situation for New England I think if you keep him out there on that island as opposed to moved him inside even though they've had success in the in the past. Like JJ Awad is used kind of like -- Claiborne was used last week -- a guy bounces around -- the best they feel the best -- is I think another reason he was so you Chandler and side in the first three weeks is because three. Three relatively mobile quarterbacks now you don't have that factor do you need to. Have the defensive tackle economists are remark and -- the quarterback maybe not maybe your -- pump them back outside. The one thing I always worry about with Chandler there's one negative on his docket that he just does not learn not to -- the of the skill set to do but. He's the guy we you're always screen and what that means is you you show on the high hat tackle you Latimer of the field. He's the -- if there's going to be screen side it's -- the -- -- you -- -- that there was this year in terms of in again just a couple time it's different quarterbacks though today I -- regulators in an athlete but he's been good about not. Running to -- overloading please review has sold minorities better Imus and those -- I'd say it's it's it's one -- in the belt but I mean and other amounts it's awesome obviously but. I think can if you do bump them back outside and he hasn't had the extensive work outside. He is the guy that now but we have to barracks in the -- -- -- -- you can do -- play as you can screened either side you can check downs. He'd probably the guy go after test and to see if he's up the field to -- be sitting down -- -- sort of has them back awareness in the hole. One of the things that that has been -- we have talked about and I think Khatami was touching on the whole. In -- conversation Jamie Collins is a part of this conversation of whether that's going to be high tower as the so called coverage guy. What height are done an amazing job of and it's what you know -- touched on this in my column a little bit of seasonal rob Brian line. As my mind -- linebacker coaches like you know you can't run routes with tears in her eyes. And in the -- and then the notion there is that. It's early deepens and like it is and it's you don't. But the idea is that of course you can't match what speeds so we have this habit of of trying to figure of a linebacker and cover -- -- in their forties are trying to figure who quicker and are quicker. One of the best ways to giving guys give Rick it's going to end and that's rerouting that's that's collision in early before he gets into his route. So that the enough destruction of the Cordoba is gonna look that way. And hightower had put put took -- back a couple times -- we were great where. They've made a conscious effort where you know what if on the defensive -- -- from the -- and into the line linebacker. In my best used by running up the field trying to win and just so called sack. Or is it better fight just. Blow this back -- Marcus Marshall -- thing in the for Super Bowl and prevent this guy from being a part of a pattern in my best used a UB. And I think when Chandler. You know will be of the ultimate play the all pro kind of guy but I think it can be it's one use. Doing all the little you know giving into the ground and I think what hightower has been really good when he's been in that role. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I think that role is what makes him valuable is sort of a -- money your Mac is marchers connect -- -- people you don't necessarily buy into the idea of a covered linebacker in this defense and -- of the traditional phrase that we used as -- you know kind of a linebacker run with tight ends and running delicate Derrick -- small sixty console called -- and just -- safety body type stuff -- was -- -- -- those anymore my opinion -- if you look at. And the best example -- last year was San Francisco where you take Navarro Bowman and you take. Middle linebacker next and the guy what's his name will will Willis. Those two -- -- more athletic. In regular defense -- to run with tight and pretty -- match backs who can match foot speed. Even with that skill set they got worked over the coals by by the target for Baltimore and -- in the in the Super Bowl and just like big big you know. The book ideas even your best linebacker should not be running for extended plays against tight ends to mismatch if those Sam linebacker return -- over on the other side of the ball and run the routes whomever will cover them have a tough time too which just -- much more difficult job. I think -- linebackers are best that. Is matching backs collision in tight ends in not being a part of extended covers on the field. I destroy think when you start going to a so called Culver climate which is essentially big safeties. He really leave holes in the running game and natural the most important part because you're trying to stopper -- games a six man box is just have guys that can collision in shed giant guards. In that space is to make tackles when you go just to the guy who can run with a tight end. You've really not so called cover linebacker in the game you've you've just added a secondary person. In that respect how much of the carry over how are we gonna see this week from last week when it comes to. When you talked about hightower knocking down -- -- because they do look we talked about earlier in the show were gonna have that it did this at this sets up to be a matchup for the patriots where. They have a lot of options in the passing you when you look at it guys coming out of the backfield when you look at it -- the tight and buy a new look at fullbacks today. There's going to need to be some work done by. The safeties at the you know and not the corners but you're gonna have to you know you're gonna have to get in really good -- -- -- -- linebacker -- in Nebraska boy and I actually disagree with -- point of course love currents inside of the stuff but I think he could -- -- on the -- thing -- -- signed him last replied well I think that -- -- did have -- I have -- missed tackles he had some of those plays the broadcast sketch figure view I think a false false. A reflection of what's going on during the year I think. The vast majority of his games Russia offered good in the urban policy of the stimulus less uncertain about and I think the issue becomes more when you need a box guy. Because what they were doing this point two free safeties we talked about the and that's why I thought he drew Olson will be a nice compliment -- table on if you were to grow into the role because he's bigger. And when you needed down in the box guy to hit big backs arm around looking on the schedule pitchers don't have a -- on the docket. But you don't like it Erin Foster maybe in that situation you're really rolling analysts or free safety on the box or maybe in that situation is not perfect but. I think Gregory's inquiry he undercuts stuff it's like having another quarter in the field and that's to match these tight ends of these backs and things like that I think. Those -- the guys that have to get involve the guys you don't often see involved -- that kind of role I think the plate and today is going to be fascinating to watch when it comes to spikes Fletcher hightower Hollins to see which one of those linebackers they have a -- what kind of basis because again. They're looking at a team many think has a lot of options in the passing game particularly the tide in the running back spot. The the -- to gonna have to deal with and who New England rolls out there -- think it's gonna go a long way toward determining. -- do once again can you convince the defense surrendering the defense tackle Vince was always very good at this system due to the release of the protection for the back picture inside if you know you're. Your your faking the handoff on the computer in general Lisa through our the mayor of the began near the Carter center of that inside part of the thing. Is a defensive tackle going to dismiss UN just continue on with his rusher he's a sell your Barney pitching economic keep you out of pattern to make -- somewhere else. That's it's -- -- issue it's often hard to convince a doc who's. Told to go Google logo. That when you're on a team that really uses those guys as part of the passing game can you sort of put yourself aside for a for two or three in -- if any of these guys ever not near me in my rushes over I'm going to kill the person in my sort of circle of influence what are the other links to an article we tend to over value sacks a little bit I think this is one of those weeks where. Ryan is a more traditional pocket quarterback -- exactly and so you're looking at a situation where those other of those other quarterbacks you're more focused American team. You're more focused about not letting me -- mr. Freeman. Trying to find Elaine -- pick up 1520 yards on the ground this is gonna be one of those situations where it's gonna be plugging holes in in in making sure that you know. Really kind of pin you're expected after the quarterback. If you only could pick one. And I know that that's not real world but its radio talk show world you can only pick one. Which side of the ball concerns you more tonight for the patriots their offense their defense offense. A patriots offered through -- although the Patriots offense yet from from the patriots perspective if you are -- concerns you more tonight the Patriots offense with a Patriots defense. -- the question. Baja peninsula I think use any any issues or questions you have with what the patriots -- to going to be. It's all held and sort of not a vacuum but these three defense -- they played they played three pretty good defense this week after may be progressively better reach weaker and I put the jets and -- pretty close one another. But this is a -- critic of the match back down. So I think they'll have a little less resistance than they otherwise had in the past week so maybe the can be a little more productive in the minority have been. Now the pitcher's defense gets their biggest challenges for a skill players but you -- I don't like oversold on either because you look at the productivity that that Atlanta has actually had. That it's not although from finishing numbers and the quality of rethink the scope peoples or the -- production hasn't been. All the world relative the other teams looking at to have won 31 point game but they have similar other modest output so. I know we know the names -- their -- on mad Malek kind of stuff but. I don't necessarily know that this is some group that you're in danger of having hang forty on either so. It just certainly does make for some interest in match ups and got to have a situations -- you just have. You know a big body like Tony how do you guard and no one can and so does the scheme have the -- to play -- I -- a look at his team that might hang 500 yards on you if you're not careful. I just I -- like this Atlanta team that like -- Atlanta offense and not in love with them no I I I don't know there's -- -- wanting to -- yeah like -- dominant three you know I I'm -- unlikely yeah actually -- I think one of the things we talked a little bit about this earlier in the show is that Atlanta is a really really good right out of the -- They're plus 31 in the first quarter they've only scored ten points the fourth quarter of the last three losses have been. As a result of blown fourth quarter leads going back to amnesty championship Tim Lester they're not closers that they can't finish games out we saw last week -- Miami in so. Again it's it's a very limited sample size but from what history tells us that the patriots if they kind of -- the -- on the falcons early and it got to hang with a right out of the gate. They have a chance leader in this scheme to -- -- this is something we talked about quite a bit throw those those those years of coach Belichick. What teams are built to do and I think that bad that sort of reared its head last week with with. There with Tampa because. If you were reported team on paper that was less built to come back as soon as that team got the down thirteen or seventeen or whoever was oh. And that's not a serial Landis situation you kind of you're you approached them a different way. It doesn't mean that Tampa was this her worst temple with the lead to super dangerous tempo three -- up seven if that a converted some of those drop touchdowns. The game takes on an entirely different face because they're built. The bronze in grind in them and get the big play over the top that's why the completion numbers are low because they take more shots on the outside those low percentage passes. Atlanta's different image you're not gonna wanna let them get out front because then it forces you to play catchup so. I think each team kind of has its own sort of little formula that you run with and -- have to understand these games don't. Don't take place and of. Well we've already heard Tom -- say he thinks Atlanta's gonna win tonight we'll see with these guys think when we come back in just a moment NFL Sunday. Presented by a plans insurance he would a five star agency can do for you would -- Lansky dot com. -- let's go around the tables do we think is gonna happen tonight crystal start when you. I think the digits -- done a lot of good things on both -- the ball through the first three games I think the offense is still a work in progress but there are signs that things are coming together anything offensively. You can't fault them for plane a schedule and acting defense will be added they're really good job. That being said I think it's an awful tough test to go into Atlanta in winning team on a Sunday night against the falcons team that's not playing great. But it the same time they offered just to meet challenges for them on the offensive side of the ball adding -- loses this thing but just be an Olympic did twenty or 21. Well and don't ever use my opinion on this to gamble as a I don't feel good about what's gonna happen like Antonio wanted what did what I I think the issues here with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If I think they're going to be on the same page to offset by an offense on the other team that's a notch up from what rights and maybe watch the scores to display via the differential could be severe -- and more I would be surprised so. I went and I hate us after you. And their guests. On Wednesday before we know all this stuff come forward. And I went thirty to twenty pitcher to -- points like just gonna stick with -- just content. In -- -- consistency is exactly not to wreck my own thing but I I think it's reasonable think the patriots could. Author -- global and that book you know the patriots could give up a few more votes to still sort of sinister -- them before about ten points. -- down. And as we've gone along from 9 o'clock until now. I've almost talked myself into picking the patriot how about that works yeah I mean as the day has gone on we've looked at it BO in depth and but I'm not gonna change I I thought Atlanta was gonna win this game going and I think that land is gonna win this game. Coming out and I think it's going to be like that 2114. Tied the game. I do think -- I think Matt's point is exactly right that this defense is a notch down from what the patriots have faced the last two weeks. I think this Atlanta offense is like two notches on reductions I -- yeah I mean it is much much better than any of the three teams they've -- so far and and while I do think that the patriots. Defense has improved. I don't think they've had a feeling quite like this up till this point and now. It's gonna look I think -- -- -- issues for Brady in this young receiving corps under pristine perfect conditions like you have a -- Cordova home it's going to be loud it's you're you're gonna have a lot of silent count stuff. These young receivers seemed to be having some issues communications wise under good conditions just got to think it's. To be harder for what I'm glad you touched on that because had to mention the one on the road in Atlanta thing where young dudes if fight you'll know. The lights too big and bright 'cause that's a -- different environment you know that the first quarter of this this conversation to change and all of -- that I image or -- but Alston with thirty to forty cuts. I've got to get out of here we will see you next week -- -- produces this whole thing and I appreciated as this always he -- area America are automatic Geist. Will be back next Sunday here on Sports Radio W media.

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