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NFL Sunday: Looking at Some Other Headlines in the NFL Heading into Week 4

Sep 29, 2013|

Dale, Chatham and Price discuss some of the other happenings in the NFL this week including the Greg Schiano/Josh Freeman situation in Tampa, the Terrelle Pryor concussion controversy and more.

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An abbreviated fourth and final hour of NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI we take you up to the a pregame show for Red Sox baseball they wrap up this the regular season today. -- get this. Even if the Red Sox lose today and it might mean double play for to be honest with a unit that kind of a different sort lineup and but even if they lose today. They are guaranteed that at worst they will tie for the best record in Major League Baseball. -- even if they lose. They will at least tie and I think it's Atlanta who they would be tied with -- right now they have one game lead over Atlanta. But the best record in Major League Baseball they party clinched the best record in the American -- you've talked about a one year turnaround. A team that last year 169. And was just horrible. And this year has the best record in the American League and will at least be tied for the best record in the major leagues they won't play playoff baseball until Friday. The way things are situated. They get sit around and they have home field advantage in every playoff series they apply. From now -- the World Series if they were to be able to get that far so congratulations to them a great to a great season for the Red Sox. Obviously on NFL Sunday we talk more about the national football we were just talk about Josh Freeman during the break here. It's really a a horrible situation but but just to make sure in in this one case. She automated changed quarterback after the patriots loss last week and based on how they played. I sort of understand. And you gotta do something your team and Vincent Jackson is gonna -- -- about Aaliyah and Mike Williams will but he makes the change at quarterback. All reports are that -- and is the GM's guy Freeman is she honest guy. That's where the the rift is within the organization that GM the new GM. Drafted plan and wants him to be at quarterback Schiavo has Freeman wants him to be at quarterback but she -- makes the change. According to Ian Rapoport of nfl.com. Not only did Freeman missed a meeting this week. He missed multiple meetings this week. And gee I wonder whether it got him in active he has reportedly been told he can't even watch the game from the sidelines today. Now you Kenny would stand with the team you find someplace else to go but it's not going to be. Not going to be here for a guy who wants to be traded by the trade deadline -- in the final year of his contract. He sort of kicked the crap out of any options for other teams looking at a -- I want to bring him I know a lot of. Guys weren't active way I know this is the trees here and Matt -- could speak to around the league guys were inactive are not allowed to be year round the team and deemed game that is they're not supposed to be on the sidelines -- community can watch the -- it could be up in a box but they can't be. Kind of in the locker room with the team but that being said I mean this is just this is the worst possible -- I think -- think -- him but this is the worst possible situation for Matt I wonder too. How much she Jarno is at fault here because we've heard some stories over the course the week we got until last week as well before the -- Bucs game. You as a player how do you react to a first your coach who's kind of I come in -- tough guy. Who was never coached in the NFL before does that mattered to do two players look to her to him now right yeah but -- -- duke duke duke players look at -- -- like that's when a white talking like that you are plea before you and what will wish. Herb but they had a pretty solid year last year right clip where Rivera would remind remind -- in Danish I don't know that it -- I think they've but one position group were there was some perceived at least on the outside regression was the quarterback position as an interlocutor is. -- bouncer or 2000 wanna believe freemen were -- quickly he showed some growth. Boy yeah I mean credibility into question all totally -- through as is with Mangini. You know you're just. Some dude doing in -- on -- Bill Belichick I mean there was a lot that was a big viewing him in the locker room you know like -- Why are we taking you seriously little bit young face and you know there -- a lot of those kind of whispers and locker room at that time so. These channels a different situation because it's college to pro as opposed to understudy to be in the man. Of course there's going to be -- there's also a roomful of different pros from different perspectives are some guys that are gonna question in his legacy is just happy to be in the NFL they're young mission. There's other veterans who have enough experience and the skies where -- different to what I'm used to like I had Herman now I have. And -- guy and you know that's. She now know is dramatically different -- wasn't -- than ever before -- will -- -- you know former player kind of feeling guy and lose charming Ian. There was a perception of -- I think when he went out the door channels succumbed to be Morse turned and it's a you know it often takes two or three years to get enough of those guys in the room that understand that kind of lost unit down -- and I think that's that's a pretty normal progression. Watch we pushed Chapman of the image of bush and secretary of attachments -- no we're gonna talk but defenseless players in the national apart -- I don't know quickness monster 06 win here unicorn to Stewart that there is that there's an interesting report out there right now. And down. We said -- there're a number of teams that have made changes at quarterback this week most of them as they after they don't have any choice. I'm Matt Cassel starting for Christian Ponder who's got a rib injury in fact ponders inactive for today's game as -- can't play. You -- situation in Oakland where Terrelle Pryor. Senses he doesn't remember parts of the game on Sunday in which he got hurt but says on Wednesday I'm good it's fine here were good. Heat goes through the week apparently a practice. According to the report now but I seen. Last night according to Jay -- last night. He showed concussion symptoms. And the raiders. Said -- and you're not gonna play Matt -- gonna play it took until Saturday night. -- find out that he had concussion symptoms when he reportedly said on Wednesday I don't remember parts of Sunday's game. I'm gonna push the BS button here. I'm sorry they knew before last night that he had concussion symptoms or hoping that they can get him through this. There were hoping that you know we -- pushing back out there we can get him out there is respect your point about do they really care about. In a long term injury issues for players. Stop with this they didn't -- -- last night he had concussion symptoms or. And understand like there is a bright line for me here I'm dot. An advocate of Sharma -- in the football game on the field and that's why those would on the you know. Take parts of the of the real football game away it was health Nazis so it was issues like this that I -- advocate for just like how clear -- -- I was practicing Muslim. I'm on board with the stock for we'd better handle watching what's happened as opposed to stupid preventative stuff that just -- the game and that's a different conversation you'll also have to receive player from themselves sometimes you have to be able to -- -- on players and say look we understand you -- -- OK but you can play in this goes -- how to get cleared or what's the system -- yes the question how did it cleared and all of a sudden on Saturday night they're on why. He's right here -- -- is that it was a Wednesday and it prevents you from playing on Sunday you know combat the symptom or a memory thing on Wednesday but the -- past the same test on Thursday army. They have their restrictions and the things that chip and chipped jump through and if you couldn't pass marchers are -- -- -- on Friday to clear a -- they're even when you have structure for this kind of stuff. It's still such a gray area injury it's not look down hasn't healed. It's can I get a -- because you know and I'm sure players at this point have learned how to pass some of these things. I'm sure there's always never not gonna be some sort of subjective -- on the end of all the stuff. -- call aero parliament was an injury expert and is really good at this analog into -- Suddenly had an injury and what I mean it's -- -- told you what guys fish and he tweeted out a few minutes ago talking about this case. He said delayed concussion symptoms are common very common. The protocol is designed to avoid this but it happens. To -- I mean it's sort of puts me in my place when I'm saying -- cleared him to practice and Allison on Saturday night you tell me. You know we had concerns according to well Carol this does happen from time to how much of it as a smokescreen -- And in terms the coaching -- because we've seen I mean we we've seen this -- and more than a few occasions -- the awkward teams will play fast not fast and loose with the the injury report but you know be able to say well this -- -- good to go but he's not -- you know in in in keeping designed to keep the other team on their toes because you look at the situation. In Oakland you have two very different -- -- -- Redskins don't have to deemed went for two very different quarterbacks in the situation this is not Braxton marketing -- in the college game where you have to -- that are very similar to dramatically different styles that support. But again I I think the most important issues -- understand the tail end of each of -- there's always decision. A player always has a decision whether or not to engage in -- country the medical staff and that's. And the players been given information on now we know what happens right now that we did before we didn't have the information with -- Noble's all along and all the stuff that she didn't. It development bush that the notion here is that it's now in their hands moralists if if you want to make your way -- passed the test and do the things and I'll report that had they cannot report the memory loss. Tony and that's okay. And I think that's why in each of these situations. To say that you know -- couldn't pass on Tuesday which of course on Friday for a new symptom popped up on Friday that wasn't there on Tuesday doctors will tell -- that's the case so I think. There you'll never be able to make a non bright line injury in to a bright line kind of thing just doesn't work that way and so I think we should always understand there's always going to be a level subject subjectivity with -- particular -- It just seems and and will Caroline is much more about the stuff and -- If you got a player on Wednesday saying he doesn't remember parts of Sunday's game. It's set off all sorts of bells and -- from lots of things have lots of things on it but not because of that ahead well. Also I don't -- that Tony if a player is actually saying I don't remember parts of the game I played in on Sunday her. I got a -- and definitely coaching staff have to go to Matt Flynn and from integrated player on Sunday. I think a couple of again and did that that when it seemed more presumably they did -- out but you you really do their times and this is one of those situations where you have to -- the clear from -- -- you have to take the decision -- your own hands as a coaching staff as a medical stuff and to look we're gonna go this direction we'll take a break welcome back to the patriots game in Atlanta against the falcons tonight here on NFL Sunday presented by -- -- insurance. He -- a five star agency can do for you would complaints.

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