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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday to Preview Pats/Falcons Tonight

Sep 29, 2013|

Tom E. Curran calls the boys to give his thoughts on the Week 4 matchup for the Pats in Atlanta. He discusses Gronk's injury, the play of Tom Brady and other stories in the NFL this week.

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Back here on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI let's bring in our buddy Tom. CS and any Comcast sports net good morning Tom Oreo. I you do one. Everything's good everything's good looking forward to a -- watched it a little bit of football. A thing and fallen on pain you're fully Israel makes it that -- -- -- No. Alan -- wasn't -- that was all us. But that'll teach him to say he's just gonna sit around and not work. And other movies no talent now what do normally and today with the -- him. Will be guys duty is just sitting out missing now entering college football hopefully years -- told the red -- you know. Room service -- rout you out again sorry Tom what we -- our clients and by. We in the -- where art her. -- -- Yeah. It's just wondered what you might be doing on an afternoon in Atlanta Thomas I have high cheekbones and so there and it. That this can. -- Let's -- let's start with the news of the day both the in -- -- of the NFL network -- show after of ESPN reporting on the gronkowski situation. The gist of it here is according to Rapoport the patriots believe gronkowski is ready to play. That gronkowski spot there is apparently advising him to hold off. There is a report that he won't play until week six. -- after reports that the that there are players in the patriots locker room who believe gronkowski could play and won't. What are you hearing where does this thing -- Well I just wrote on this as the post. The Phillies are on GS and any dot com. But what we think about what we call eight to work. In the court in the US sort of Robert Gates and street wrote true wrote not that comfortable relationship with the patriots in its history over the last year. Mark the position to really caught a lot of -- with certain players not play. But if you look at Corey -- out -- there. And the fact that -- -- sons who agree three episodes of sleep in the air so -- he would -- He's fairly well equipped. To. It's his opinion if you want. At this point or mr. policies of the past acts as our surgeries since last year you already under certain your fuel which is being paid. And Doug -- -- protect themselves from the field. So the notion. That someone in the patriot -- until MIE. We're -- out QB in all other is waiting iron in saying I don't want that -- on the field it was ready to go does not surprise me. One. Ideal. I also by the way don't blame a dad for trying to look out for skid. No but you know how many does -- You've coached you play you watched it says it's. You know that their dad has his own kids. Best interest at heart and sometimes the -- can have as its best interest -- in his own mind. And not really be doing the best thing for the an animal that's the case in this situation. But the reds let went up from the last week. When I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know they. Eric is to protect her -- information on her coat -- -- -- And I think with the uncertainty stemming from. Them from things that go beyond injuries or as in this -- Tom one of the things that -- for me when we've talked him over the last couple weeks is the fact that he's used the phrase collaborative on a number of occasions saying that still when I get back out on the field it's gonna be you'd. A decision that I'm gonna make that the team is gonna make there at the medical can the medical team is gonna make is well what do you read into that. Well Chris that's excellent point but you first -- who sat in the work collaborative and just gonna. Eight. And then eventually acidic collaborative is not following -- is on on the regular. Soaker. Again it is it really does make sense. Wouldn't work out interpreted in the yet so in this into dynamic that goes into that you'll want to in the dynamic -- that all of us that goes into this -- -- -- got to play. Bill Belichick is so. That. In maintaining. The separation between medical in football. That this is truly a conversation. At least on the outside that will be between them now. Gronkowski because Bill Belichick those search on. On teams right now. The health issues that are scrutinized. The medical slash football into the scrutinized and not get involved. In this situation. The -- and question whether he's pushing someone too quickly onto the field so. I think that a lot dynamic play -- look I don't think this dynamic. Is. Solely on gronkowski because I think we are going to select it worked so. What happened at halftime. That Indian dole was double with a -- injury. It came back or. There is that dynamic -- assault right now. Yeah I think -- I don't know he probably gets more residual stuff wants you got through the game and -- -- take a long ways and whatever it is you've likely got shot up with -- you know just to have the Angel started getting worse and yeah. Boston is rare but I still think it's not unusual that you make it through the day and also there's a while factor on Monday morning that's that's pretty normal. I think you the -- and to me his interest in and then in the simultaneously not just because. I I I don't think if they disagree with whether there ready necessarily means that they're somehow pension. I'm pretty familiar with situations like this were my opinion is already there opinion there hasn't arisen but that doesn't mean were not lost on the page -- -- inevitably do wants everyone sure those opinion but isn't that different then. The teen says you're ready might use a year or not isn't there were a different dynamic where they are just flip a little -- their but I think inevitably I've never been a situation with with -- Sergio lowering the guys down there were. The somehow. You know if you shared the opinion they didn't. Supports you and you know I mean it's not like no go out there dude your plane you know it's. This is a law this is a different thing and I had a hammy industry -- you know hammy injury two weeks ago. And I'm unsure if I'm ready to go while this is a a collaborative to use that word again. 1011 month kind of conversation. So that it's a different again with a dynamic word that there's a different thing going on here where. Regardless of what opinions are on the -- into this thing I think they do share the same goal that won their for the long also. The differences of detail on this deal to -- or that big of a thing because I highly doubt there's a tremendous amount of tension over. Whether he plays a week ninety's or 91 in the rehab process. Bobby cherry a lot we still doing the math I think there's over 52 here but don't. Well I'll. I'll also be interested -- to see. If gronkowski is out. Passed the six week point. The whole pop designation here was he can't play for the first six weeks. Did he am I'm not suggesting that some asking the question. If he say OK I can't play the first six weeks I'm ready to go week seven and did that become you know being in lodged in his brain somehow and that became the number for him. I don't know I -- I don't I think that there -- Into an area I think we all acknowledge that people -- as well I'm less gronkowski. The patriots are going to a burden of souls on the entire situation is it's gonna be speculative. One thing that I will know. Because of sort of quote we scored two weeks six. Is the idea that what the patriots should just kept them down for the six weeks and that rosters by. I think wanted to get it should go look at it that way they wanted to get -- having bought beyond that. He's an active participant. With the team in practices which you would not have been that's spotless so. The -- the a lot of things go on in the end. The QB that plan for the patriots and overheard something else on point but while he's there he's going to be appears to cover. What did that of another big issue to meet Tuesday. They've had the luxury because there hasn't been out -- some some sort of position group the ruling -- to the spot annuals -- tech going down would have been a thing had they not been able to sort of whether it. Candle was able soak up one spot where they needed it I think the one place you -- -- looked at as maybe a little bit more depth on the defense of line but that's. I'm David dodged a bullet yes they get every one of those three had gone down are they ahead of the week where they got gassed in that area and look like it was a high rep number and you needed reps from -- Kelly you're. Or the Lotto -- But that never happened so I think they've they've dodged that bullet so they end up looking through rosy on the other end of -- I mean. The was no game where they were -- you know five wide receivers and they need to be lectured DB there was no. Linemen or second lime in the McDonald's they had to go into -- sort of a well. They they I mean I can lock -- you can also sort of for him without way but big got away with being able to give him -- practice reps and carry him. You know not to -- you think Tom I wanted to ask you quick quite a Tom I want rescue request -- noted that you you said something that kind of caught my attention this week on your an initial quick glance when you're talking about. Wanna really be unsung heroes of this Patriots defense over the course the first three games. That's Steve Gregory indeed you had two birdies things to say about Steve Gregory and what he's been able to do what he's been able to bring to the field over the course the first three games can you expand on that a little bit. Sure I think that when you look at the patriots sent the number one question coming into the -- -- the linebacker group and it was a moment he senses aren't. Everyone assumed it projected -- just played better but he knew the states that it it would be side. If you secondary -- one spot was the safety spot opposite according. And Gregory seems to me just spot former Soviet councilman that it was at peace table and we'll certainly Adrian Wilson he would -- armor do but to me Gregory has been. Tremendous. Cap in last year it was a liability is tackled now not -- him he's going to be better. Or. Make people think twice but I think he's got it on the stability pact there. And and I will be awesome. Opportunity. To see how are on because the explosive plays the patriots are last year and gone away but as the senate and a by product of the -- This is an expose. We're seeing. Appreciate it. With a both safety positions. And the Patriots defense are going to be critical in preventing so. So are very good better than expected I think most of us probably look at it Gregory at the let the audience and an -- Are around the National Football League in week four of the season we've got a number of teams who have made switches -- quarterback most of them because they had 21 of them because they. Felt they needed to win in Tampa Bay and interesting note though that come out this morning Josh Freeman now he's been replaced as the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He's in active for today's game because apparently. He missed at least one team meeting this week. I mean he's not doing anything to increase his trade value and yet that's what he says he wants to do -- get traded out of there. Go -- entering as well his final year of his contract. We're at this is -- the final here this contract is the agent also represents Indian dole and there -- cars and I spoke to a number of times. Over the past few months this this. But the worst case scenario. Which drug treatment because he is. Not -- -- dealt. And I would record say there. It went signing him or he would release anyone. In the market we'll be getting a player who who don't start so it's not about world war dale. Particularly when it becomes a free agent he's gonna get nothing but approve a contract. So it's hard to go look I don't think -- awful. -- either extremely disinterested effort. -- in the second half. -- know quite at all I and that's that's going to be camping trip. All the other part that's interesting. And as I look at this you've got a situation buffalo. That might be similar Gerris birdies again inactive for this week and there are some rumblings out of buffalo that the bills aren't necessarily happy with the fact it. He's not available apply. Right franchise player who is collecting you know well. Six million dollar range for for the state to position. Itself. I can't it's been ever thought they'll let their -- -- -- they're probably go to apple probably more so even. Back in the day. In the second in the eighties when you really get a break over the -- regularly real status could eventually say you know what. Really an indentured -- here in in many. But I think it's it's interesting when these things simple. He's got some lives on Obama's for right now we just remind me is that the situation lose the whole foot and was frank and her -- -- deal. Yet while the -- you know. Purportedly. -- so it's it's. You know it's interesting when you see these dynamics right up because it's -- think about -- yesterday. Group. Only a professional sports place where you are consigned to play in the situation to which -- drafted. Great opportunity but you know. That's why it's better to be an undrafted free agent. Sometimes look -- this system trumpet it's pick your situation. Tom does this patriots pass defense. How of the depth to compete we've -- Options that Matt Ryan has and when it comes to passing game around to talk about Jones but -- Roddy White in Gonzales and snowing and it be seemed to have a lot of options back there when you talk about passing game. Yet Harry Douglas to programs through the system -- that you are well aware focus is third down receiver. I think they're catching them the right because Roddy White has had ankle sprain he's been trying to feel where. And Julio Jones has had a knee injury but I don't think she's going to be tremendously -- but it it's gonna play into it. Tony Gonzales has been OK in terms of production but not -- -- charts. So I think that this little while this will be good test it's not the most well aren't passing game relative to take candidate. But it will be fascinating to see how they deported because. You know there's going to be more stress about my -- -- -- to -- Chris has played as much as those projected in two DC at all. And it's an and it doesn't make -- much sent to -- and I could be and I we see him on the war in some of those. So packet you're going to I because I think it's been Fletcher is faster and more -- than -- But I feel that because it's ripped apart however has not been alive -- we get our current level perceived Pletcher could be better. But there's going to be tested now under rated title -- the -- between male -- talents spikes. There are great coverage group at a -- level audio like tonight want. I like -- like Atlanta. And I know it's. Prefer Q over the years -- be a big fire and that's about it in the district seem generally is better yup if you're the brutality. Default one and bring it too much weaponry. The other patriot. Our team that has you know not been in fact it yet -- the and the Arab owned the plane not. In -- level with the report about the talent level. On the road. In the noise and I think that unless they establish. Run run run run run run run run run. Baker have a difficult time they want fifty replete. In the teens which is that you'll for the patriot vote -- -- just normal to appeal to keep them there. Because you might feel a lot of minutes is that because patriots can't Robert going to be on the -- Exactly why I'm picking the giants to win at Kansas City today when it doesn't make any sense to do that but I am under. But I am I think they're -- they're better than they've shown so far. When we make on anybody else. I just think -- punishment for the fans in England why the hell would you make them watch the act. -- And Tom appreciate it we'll talk to next week. All right Andy that on currency as an -- dot com Comcast sports net joining us from Atlanta. This NFL Sunday presented by Polanski insurance by star agency can do for you to -- --

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