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NFL Sunday Goes "Around the NFL" for Week #4

Sep 29, 2013|

The NFL Sunday boys go "Around the NFL" and look at all the games set to kick for Week 4.

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Our number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. I'm always the last -- -- I think -- until 1250 today. I only know that because Matt told me. So at 1215 today is how Long Will go the bottom of the hour Tom. There was some you wanted to try to clear -- just wanted to tie that together at a new good job of sort of finish my point -- -- that the thing with the Jeff Fisher comment about. About whether or not you know we would keep cup blocking and the of the threat that you get from that is that. That being a fills most interested in not player safety which is obvious but it's more protecting off it's a production. They said that they couldn't take out -- blocks ascension because it would hurt the -- and other works with and have a problem that if as long as you said the game is the highest ethic and not this. This bogus safety thing that's OK -- -- -- that but I think he carries over the cut to return which is what you brought up development work. If we really believe that the reason they were doing is because they wanted to pick up the unsafe elements the the wedge -- be gone right. But they actually or did for this in the rules committee things that they need to -- or at least keep a two man wedge. Which if you watch our games election play out it's a two man went with another guy -- him which essentially still plays like a three. So the point is just just don't. Don't believe the sixty nonsense if they wanna keep the offense production behind me wanna. Mitigate sort of -- legal issues from sort perception that's all -- -- so that's -- that was the point I was trying to get -- -- let's take you around the national foot. All league and look at all of the games being played in the NFL week for a fourth one of them has already been played the Thursday night's game. BI San Francisco 49ers went in Saint Louis and beat the rams 35 to eleven. Let's turn our attention to the 1 o'clock games today in the NFL first at Ralph Wilson Stadium in orchard park New York the one into Buffalo Bills. My nose to the 211 Baltimore Ravens ravens have kind of righted the ship a little bit after the we -- shellacking they took the hands of the Denver Broncos CJ Spiller says the bills are still trying to figure out. I get that running game go. They say you can bet our little locals. And inconsistent and that's -- really -- so. We just got they would give us -- forces I think. Don't let -- -- big improvement from week one week to. I went to what that is just being patient and not looking but I've been beaten but just didn't just have. Sneaky big game this week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are still sort of -- that undecided -- they might -- cave in a close loss the pictures to what point about -- we talked about fast football ball -- -- the fastest football in the we've been through they're averaging player -- twenty -- -- And came at times it incredibly stupid exact lightly in week one. Went when we're watching them do the exact same thing with the with the mentality that would here. It for at FirstEnergy stadium in Cleveland Ohio the one into Cleveland Browns play host the 211 Cincinnati Bengals. Andy Dalton says the win over Green Bay last week shows they'll keep on battling. But as many ups and downs is there where we we fought to the end and I think that's the speaks volume for this team and kind of guys we have. But the were up fourteen. Down sixteen whatever the situation was as there's no quit net. The court. Boyer get a second straight start I think it's almost a week the way the Tom Brady talks about a former back -- to talk about where this week you talked about council this week there's a real level of respect and admiration you have for instance. And lawyers the hometown kid do you have you know means something to him to be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns really does have a nice story. Not the puck to hold it but I think of going through an eye on your form a -- Brian good dude. Three picks lest we felt we had the production had the puck out got to cut down on the part. Ford Field in Detroit to 21 Detroit Lions play host of the three in a Chicago Bears this is one of those games this week that I really would enjoy seeing. Reggie Bush who didn't get by last week says protecting the football will be did the heat to a victory over the there. Knowing that the bears do a great job at Creighton fumbles turnovers forcing turnovers. Interceptions. We have to be even more focused on -- not turning the ball over. Ball security has to be. Number one goal and. There's been production because their offensive line -- start to really come together nicely we're starting to the results of that accomplishment of some good numbers threw for three games he's better and I thought it was. I mean I I I've always kind of been down on Jay Cutler. Just in general as an NFL quarterback I'm wrong. -- check might whose genius this week -- And I think it's trust and our right or a real office are we off -- -- -- -- -- rob -- radar kind of trust Lane Kiffin not on your lazy -- also -- and beta on my sweaty. Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City how about this match up. If I told you before the season started that -- three you know Kansas City Chiefs were gonna play host to the old and three New York Giants. You'd have told me I was a full pick I told me I was fooled Eli Manning says the giants still believe they can right the ship and be a successful team. Profit. Got a big guys are excited and and though a report that. Changes things that we feel we have a great opportunity that the change things around it and it's momentum and and hopefully you know we can't change. The start of the season but we can start right now and and if they didn't. We'll talk about an offensive line affecting the quarterback plays exhibiting our -- -- aren't really you know really what you know what -- -- -- by the Olympics and he also the problem -- take a chance to supplement our running game -- we saw one used to like the giants not be able to pound it down your -- to create those who actually went out and got brain injury. When I think had we did he resign -- video -- just -- you -- just it's just that it's it is that the -- it's a -- for them and you'll hit -- -- tell us I don't really kind of figure it out you know they'll they'll get it together that Coughlin and Eli in the you know when November December comes around. The only figure way up but they're digging themselves a real ultimate goal. Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. -- all three Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing host to be won in two Arizona Cardinals. Tampa Bay head coach Greg she Otto who by the way pro football talk this morning said his job is safe for now. -- Ciena says switching quarterbacks at this point in the season was not an easy decision. But it was necessary. Anytime you're making change when you when you work hard with somebody. And its heart the saudis and stuff these are human lives. So how I feel you know what does he feel I was everybody feel -- we will win games that's where the production based business I get it. And I think this gives us the best chance to win that's where we've done. These next couple weeks are going to. Go along way in determining -- distinctive school so completely. -- immunity if they get a ticket out of if you don't want this thing we didn't really know who we are Claudette again I. I hate to hammer hole but I mean is Vincent Jackson to play I mean is Mike Williams hamstring going to be fine they gonna have either their two tight ends on the field I mean. For so many things going on just -- my corporate position good -- Greg. Or who -- and whoever York. Ever bank fielding Jacksonville VO three Jacksonville Jaguars. -- host of the two and one Indianapolis Colts I'd like to pretend I'm interest that but it's Jacksonville and we're -- them like we always do. Reliant Stadium in Houston now this could be at the football game 21 Houston Texans. Play host to the three -- -- Seattle Seahawks Arian Foster doesn't pay attention to the headlines regarding im starting to decline I don't. Only get in -- -- just you know that we don't need them and if those kind of like. Same dramas we think there's a huge stories guys and the bad so it was terrible play. Four tournaments soap operas before the full view. Think people are rumors could be game of the week after -- -- diving into the argument we've got an editing bits. I think this team needs more to Houston that it does to Seattle and that sounds weird to say but I think Houston can really can get a good head of steam going. They commanders there at home. They -- this game with a win over team corporate fruitful. That story is relevant for here because Texans are one of those teams I think that might view -- potentially a team that's on constantly here. But keep in Wembley Stadium in London. The 13 Minnesota Vikings play host of the -- three Pittsburgh Steelers to just assume that football fans in England won't know when he batter. You have this game and I don't publish the records they just keep that -- -- -- secretly reasonable exactly what what you've heard bill talk about it before -- you -- teams like that where they'll give them they're cheering at weird times you have to on the lookout for no and other eastern for the -- it -- -- 500000 people show up with some sort of pre party thing last week in some shopping district in London. It's just bring the ball at some helmets will be. -- there and -- it's Ben Roethlisberger says the Steelers can't afford another loss at this point in the season. Everyone so what's what sports but would like to get a win before we we go to the very good for by we can. And others. But apparently the country Tressel. By the way we talked about -- candidate -- we talked about you know former patriots backup Brian warriors starting with Cleveland. Another former patriots backup Matt Cassel gets the start Christian -- got a real problem. Matt Cassel gets the start for the vikings in Tom Brady breaks that news during his Wednesday press conference saying he thought the Matt Cassel though. That'll be making news but briefing musical. So I guess that the vikings didn't want the Steelers and now. Do they -- -- there I mean so. I always wondered this we will bracket that team the vikings. Carry a running back with a cap figure that monstrous as it reminds me of the situation reduction in Cleveland I know how good Adrian Peterson is. It's not the -- whose account money that's three great positions one through. You can have your fifty million dollar back. For a five game LP field in Tennessee -- 21 Tennessee Titans play host -- -- one New York Jets. Rex Ryan says despite the ridiculous amount of penalties and it is pretty ridiculous. Jeff sorry for the that -- -- another area that the jets very very disciplined team. So obviously -- 32 in the league probably calls for the 33. If that was possible. And it's just not us and that is not who we are so well we're trying to fix it and we will fix. Jets had more penalties last. -- in the -- -- had for the entire season. Here's the bottom line -- -- if if you are 32 in the league as far as number of penalties and that is to people. Don't tell me it's not we are idiots I'm looking at the numbers the list of the most important thing this group those deals may have made some growth last week you know walked out because the defense is very good and if they start having just general competency on the -- side of the ball. Don't be surprised me in the front nine and seven are -- sixty. -- 45 games old dot co coliseum in Oakland the one into Oakland Raiders play host of the Poland three Washington Redskins. RG three says they know they're gonna have to fight for their first W this week. You know you folks are force and in film almost June can't come kind of from the back and say here's what. We have to -- -- take itself. You know all that stuff means you know I think everybody has the right attitude you still have to go on enjoy life. And now we wanna start winning and starts this week against Oakland. -- clarity on the prior situation is you can starters -- is not playing -- not playing is not an item they were media reports have gone back and forth the by the way. He says he doesn't remember all parts of Sunday's game but I -- I've ever -- five up here at the it's I wonder if we're witnessing the slight regression of a young Washington Redskins team. Inevitably what -- right well liberal defense of team I've ever -- Whenever we see these young teams have the kind of year that they had last year there's inevitably that second year will be taken separately bag and then the third year. In the rebuilding process BD three to four no wonder they're following with him. If the Redskins of the worst defensive team I've ever seen in the Philadelphia Eagles aren't far behind sports authority field at mile high the one into Philadelphia Eagles who can't stop the three Abbas. Take on the high powered high scoring Denver Broncos who have a free you know record John Fox says the Broncos utilize the no huddle just as much that as the Eagles do. So they'll be ready for the speed of the game. Yeah you can do well all summer and just like there. We're growing up tempo offense -- today and their defense or give them all summer and the impact of days so I think both teams will be. You know comparable examples let's. Pardon stuff Broncos. -- temperature of 142 points a game nets looked really united I don't know how sustainable -- but they've looked really you know one side note here and it's only a side note according to several media reports this morning. -- look for pat Haden. To make a run at. Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio to replace Lane Kiffin. As the head coach now. We would assume that would be after the season obviously the ones that America let Jack over you know at the NFL season I wonder how many of those Denver game though. As the year and it goes on their dividend of -- scoring -- to the -- depleted defense because it that they have lost some guys in the defense of before they give me that nobody seems to bash the Broncos for weeks of the lowest form of plates with -- if he does that mean they're deployed some cupcakes before -- -- as the giants -- the raiders so you know but that's just the things occur such that it. Final 425 game is at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego the one in two chargers host to what one Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo says opposing teams are -- line up to stop the run but the cowboys know they have to stick -- that. He's going to be prepared. Certain things in post try to slow down around him. Someone and -- always try -- I was too old to run the football matches what. We think Israel went for it. I'd like to. Generate some interest in this game to I mean I have more interest certainly in any -- Jacksonville ever plays in both. -- might be watching other games for us Sunday Night Football football -- America 830 tonight Georgia Dome in Atlanta the one into Atlanta Falcons host the three and a New England Patriots. Vince Wilfork says this is going to be a tough match up for the past because you can't just focus on one thing with the offense like the falcons have. One. Not just passive and not this one. I -- filed suit so you know an -- -- -- with the -- before so. School do about that -- about a foot -- the real but it's it's important we needed from some mechanism is going to be talking. -- a lot of W work but it -- game where there. We did mention it but there out of there. There's quite likely not starting vote there two tackles and as much as this -- position of things -- so big Sam Baker was limited on Friday or Thursday or Friday and they've already put the right tackle down for the season so. In the event that you can. Can you imagine what we could talk about the dangers -- -- naps older old baby -- down from -- they've put him down the season and put -- he's been what's happened with -- a horse I wonder how much they're gonna use dad's Chandler Jones moving from defense have been the defense tackle. Because the tackles have struggled so badly that the doctor Richard what do we get some reps or obesity -- -- And finally Monday Night Football I mean normally I think ESPN's sort of it's supposed on the Monday Night Football match up all the great gains go to Sunday Night Football but they've got to go to. Mercedes-Benz superdome in New Orleans the -- you know saints host the three and out dolphins. Ryan cannon -- says experience and maturity is help the dolphins in late game situations. This season gets them all around effort guys. Are comfortable in the system obvious that you're here. Everyone understands its front sciences graduate. Typically -- in -- -- in or. It was it was but the question what those situations slip by us a lot more than sort of coming this year I was one of the points of emphasis for coach -- to take -- to make plays accounted for words. Public -- factors -- us open is really that sort of why not understated Belichick demeanor and or something truly you put -- sort of payment but things down there. He's probably do for some credit for what's going on a trip and reserves from creditor will say this to Ryan -- is no longer the second best quarterback in the NC. That I guess that the dolphins -- even better than it I thought they were going to be the only competition for the patriots meets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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