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NFL Sunday: The Special Teams Factor vs. the Falcons

Sep 29, 2013|

Dale, Matt and Chris talk special teams and how playing in the dome will effect the game tonight. They discuss kickoffs in general and how the increase in touchbacks has really changed the game. Chatham is a huge special teams fan and is disappointed in the way the game has changed. They also discuss Julian Edelman and how underrated he is as a return man.

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Back on NFL Sunday as we look at tonight's football like an American matchup between the New England Patriots. And the Atlanta Falcons. It's funny early on in the season we were talking about special teams as we like to do on this program from time to time specially the kicking game specially. The issues with salt on -- being cotton. You've got a rookie in there not only is the potter but more importantly is the holder on the field goal unit I'd say the demise of Stephen Gostkowski. Maybe it may have been a bit over exaggerated and -- 57 yarder last week had a -- patriots record you know what I -- for holding in -- we did we considered talk about it more but at least on the surface that the special team had a good week last week -- -- you know you're you're looking -- when you look at the numbers when you look at the average field position when you look at that the conversions that they mean when you look at guest house -- week. When you look at the fact I think you put five touchback I think keep all five of his kick off went for touch backs -- a good week for the special -- at least from a from a numbers point of view. When you start to touch Texas could yeah. I did you but no I the one group that did deserve credit is upon return group I think they've they've got some sideline returns were. I'm being critical -- in the in the past couple years were looks like yesterday and tons of productivity from Julian but he often got. He estimate to miss not just one. Joffe and expect to limit the first guy miss but they've set up some my Siler returned juries had some space and it's an area on this team -- -- -- system productivity the return group -- general good group for these guys that's dealing -- and we talked about a minute before -- -- bring he's knocked in enough blue league penalties in the credit for what they're doing offensively for the success they're having offensively. You look at his punt return numbers she's one of the best punt returners. Ever ever which crazy he -- you don't know when you think of when you think of and you go by this particularly as the you're not. You always want -- team breaks open always wanna see him you know in a new 123 back food for a touchdown but. It's all about getting ten to twenty yards in getting positive yardage in their current situation he's able to do the right time rather than through is a -- big difference in the NFL the guy that can depend not too and we always look for the got to -- media it's often not the most important thing. If Julian catch her first commercial freight yards on third and sixes. Just as big a deal is taking. A two yarder in making -- needs essentially you know what another first down and another lesser term might not be able to get so it's a big deal him and again tonight. I'm waiting waiting waiting and I don't game like this week won't matter and I get that it's probably mean nothing but cutbacks and that -- is disappointing -- football. Bought I think this group. Can quietly -- -- in you have the advantage of allowing Leon Washington had a soft tissue thing who's now we were told making the trip was going to be along for the ride. Maybe he gets involved in the pass game as a back a little bit that's another guy de screens while just like Bolden. But the time of year when those guys are gonna matter is not yet here. So at some point they're gonna start coming out it's not -- don't game in September most likely so you know -- were having these conversations tale of a special -- and naturally around the. Punt return groups I've heard this a lot over the course of the first three weeks of the season. A caller will call the radio station or a talk show host on the radio station site. I don't understand why like -- blunt kick returning kickoffs and their risk of playing the Matt Chatham part. What difference does -- -- create what -- make returning kickoffs. Who's returning kick -- in the NFL I think you see you look around the league and you -- -- -- were three guys weren't legitimate team breakers and -- who organize special kick returners but I think the great majority of guys all -- What's your point dale I mean new project can't exactly yeah I mean you know I I do think that. By the way I don't cares. Whether he can return or not but he gets to return net net that's Matt went all right do you think by Indian beer were Agassi -- back parent at least some sort of limited fashion because he did that in in college and show an ability to do that -- and I think. You have to take a look at it -- if you can. Transition that -- -- to the professional level but. I think they're -- their two or three guys differently. Or really exceptional their characters I think the rest the guys you know there there are comfortable with the rest it's entered with a comfortable but if you get the ball to twenty it would undermine your. You got back again mama -- secured the football happen it doesn't often these weeks you know there there cheering for contracts and little lesser product on the field but I I like that. The or summer two -- in the league that this is actually Tim Dwight was a guy that I play with that was really good at this. That would if you knew it was gonna bid to be deeper than you liked it. You know if it was going to be back in the day fighter too deep you probably -- now five or maybe -- should take it out is not 79 or ten you know. But Tim had a did a great job of catching things running forward to did ruin your job -- -- asserted judging that -- entry and catching your running forward. It's amazing how few catcher kick return -- once buckets that baca. Russian coaches I had in the past and -- -- -- guys do that once and one step backwards -- -- to four movement just on on -- clock. So the guy that can catch a movie four were won't gain five more grounds -- those people that are sort of coming -- And it's it's really interstate word you know if your your thing saying yourself -- -- with seven yards deep I should sit on. But if your connection at running forward at seven. You got a chance and I often watch film now these part -- kick return guys in -- is a sad state of affairs you know fell. The paper was sort castrated as part of the game which you see guys relax and I can cup which do you see guys a -- -- to Miami where you're kick him in hot weather. You're watching them the ball fly each time. I can imagine psychologically what's going through those guys had recovered on the field and Roy is going to be a play you know your antennas are quite as high you're expecting a touchback. So the guy that can catcher running forward if he happens to get one -- seven. And really take one out but the problem there is also -- to kick return guys that they expected to be alive player they relax a little bit. But there are so many opportunities out there to be had bought. At least -- that there are still caricatures -- the six screw you Roger -- -- an alpha ball's gonna happen and you see that you see guys like. You know the -- there -- eight or nine yards deep in the end zone and you wonder what there's going to emanating out of the thirty that's -- affordable -- you'll still see it so I'd like and you see that the frustration silently see the frustration the players. 456. Touched actually late in the third we got to come back for Paul asked that happen and I'll like deceived their guys out there. With the balls collectible still do that kind of thing how close are we to a special teams coach just trying to cope with some sort of solution to this problem this issue did did did try to lead out of the box -- to say -- look. We're gonna go at a from a different perspective well here's the perspective is -- were wrong all along so here here's what it is that if it. Argued -- the only point advocate or argued it was somehow. Egregiously more dangerous than other place is -- that's all you could say. Every other element of kick up plays in every other game play of football that there's there's there's some players -- guys are mover at the same speed. Every time a -- -- chases a completion of the outside a pursuit which just as much speed there collisions are just to say a -- -- from eighteen yards downhill running America holds every bit as viral as as a returner. That there is nothing with him kick off if it isn't an all the other plays a football. The only thing that's a little bit unusual is the collisions happen in the wage and that's a little bit of a misnomer as well because usually good guys they hit the wedge. That's what I had to do. Breakdown in -- in or tried to blowing through what you're seeing cult like -- the wage cuts so if they wanted to have an honest conversation about it if they wanted to eliminate that part. The collision that that might. You know encourage a little bit the head injuries that is the collision of a bit of wedge people out in the middle space if they would be willing to eliminate that. We could talk OK get rid of that make them all man returns in okay bullets go back to have an awful number tickle but is there something that the teams can do it themselves within the boundaries of the rules and thinking about things like the breed in you ostensibly. I just think that there's some sort of tipping point. I think that the league the players the coaches. Before reach or their closing in some sort of tipping point where a special teams coach is gonna all right we're gonna go out of from a nontraditional perspective we're we're gonna we're gonna tackle articles. In any different way. -- it to me it relates analyst is caught the other Jeff Fisher comments this week about it was pro football talk. Blank. Something about. Some dye it blond and ankle ever had something the season -- -- kind of thing on a cup block him and Fisher came out made the comment that while that's different. They're not defenseless they should know that. That they should expect -- payment to the legs and a -- her room. So the the idea of it you know you see those things are not dangerous for your comment Ivan if you are dangerous -- -- -- are and you know hitting receivers who were. Being thrown the ball over the of smell feel -- that's that's not an expectation about. If if we can just simply out what the honest conversation the same token -- was one element that might have been -- them moderately more dangerous maybe we can take that part up and not have less of the place. Released -- the table have a conversation. If they don't do about it to me it's not it's not it's it's disingenuous. By the way just to put the numbers on it as we go to break just so that I I've got to clear to say a text from the AT&T text line. Right -- is nowhere near Deion Sanders for a punt returner. Julian Edelman has returned 83 punts in his NFL career. He has averaged thirteen point zero return yards per punt. The best in NFL history one of just seven NFL players to maintain a career average of twelve or more yards per punt return. Sorry facts are facts his punt return average is the best in the history of the national foot. In match point in his stats. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's for statistics -- available of the facts are facts I agree with you dale. He's he's up there we don't appreciate just how Gutierrez. What it's a little different kind of scary Kalla to Chris Johnson argument as a running back to 22290. You know that that guy tends to move the dollar the heart -- a little bit more. Will take quick break and welcome back on the other side will go around the National Football League look at all the games being played in the NFL including one. Out of the country will get all of that as well here on NFL Sunday presented by cup Lansky insurance he would a five star agency can do for you would -- -- dot com.

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