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John Farrell Manager's Show with Joe Castiglione

Sep 28, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Joe Castiglione before the middle game of the Baltimore series. John told Joe that the team is approaching this series as the beginning of the postseason.

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John the second last day of the regular season and lives on the line. What the goal is. And its policies to be responding as they have all year. Yet they really have Joey and you know there was some conversation before yesterday's game among some of the guys in the clubhouse is like. They won't let let's look at this series against Baltimore's first game's first series in the post season and and what we've done such a good job that is is going on and winning series and and winning the first game of the series has been a key part of that. We're able to do that last night with a very strong offensive. Night opened our lineup clay gives -- seven solid innings of work. But it's you know we come into this final three games of the regular season. Not wanting to let up and anyway whether it's the preparation we put into or into the into getting ready for serious. Or how we go about playing the game inside the lines so it was good to serious amount and stayed. Pretty darn consistent at the plate last night first through ninth inning. -- -- -- said he felt a little bit sluggish break to do what he did that shows I guess the variety of his pitches and his overall ability. That and a lot of maturity you know you know I this year I've found myself thinking back in comparing you know when he first came to the big leagues and how much she's matured as a pitcher. When a certain things didn't go the right way inside of an inning or an at bat he would have an effect and and maybe a little bit of a carry over but the fact even in the last night's game. With the with the travel getting in late on Thursday morning he didn't have to have a chance to throw was normal light bullpen and the day before the start. And to go out and feel little sluggish he didn't panic if anyone out and made some key pitches yeah I give up three runs but. I look at that that at bat against mark pages in that fifth inning of a league where they already had a run in as a man on base. He's in Israel county gets destroyed -- -- -- -- the roles are double double play -- in the inning and I think that moment was. Further indication of how how much he's matured. And David Ortiz went for another milestone thirty home runs and RBIs only Ted Williams. Has done this many times that are Red Sox uniform. That's a statement. Well any time you're in the same sentence with with Ted Williams junior and very rare company and to see that today in honor of the thirtieth homer on last night in addition to full forty doubles for salty. We've we've had a number of individual performances this year that that have been just outstanding. I know it did manage to worry about numbers but. We have three or four guys right on the verge of 300 -- different in our region and gesture would you know I. Just -- just the approach that we've taken from start to finish this season offensively and in a word that we tried it. You know kind of get our arms around of whether it was a guy standing in a boxer guy on the mound is relentless and I think we've been able to bring that to life. I with the daily approach that we take him. And tonight your resting Ortiz and also Ellsbury we're in the plans for today and tomorrow. In that regard for both will be back on the field tomorrow we're hopeful and everything is pointing towards Jacoby -- -- a former enemies tomorrow is. Part of our overall plan of him coming back as it is to get him three at bats than for bats and like the five and seven innings and a nine inning outing for him tomorrow and that's it. You know free up -- any concerns that we have go to the post season for him and David. You know he's probably exceeded the number of games played that we envisioned before he returned to -- so I don't. And earned and deserved day off here against Chandler and the starter but. They'll be back in there tomorrow. And what about Jon Lester is like a regular start for him in terms of innings and pitches well it it is the only 123 pitches last time out in the I thought tossed seven innings of work against Toronto. But he did have seven days in between starts here so he's well rested. But won't win this tonight knowing that you know securing home field advantage is still important part of it. And we're looking forward to see how the stress of each pitch inside tonight's game will ultimately I'd give us some information to make a decision when -- get him out. And what would you like to do with -- -- in these final two games while still need to get Matt -- amount. His his work. Has been a little sporadic. Some consistency in that regard would be good. Still wanna get Junichi Ryan Dempster wanna see -- to run him out of the bullpen so. Though those are still some things we wanted to take a look at in his column today is Alan do you think -- announced a rotation for the post season. -- I think once we get through this weekend and make sure that everybody comes out of it from a physical standpoint as good as they can be at this point here. I can't say that we're gonna wait on who our opponent is to announce that but. I think we just wanted to make sure that we got through the regular season in good shape and then we'll start to lays things out don't -- Our State's best managers question giant tiger and you're going to Wednesday night at the possibility exists of a two way player -- freeway play in and that. Are you rooting for that -- great things -- so they can not beat up their pitching. Well and I think given the position we're -- yeah the more games and they have to play in and use of their bullpen and starters a little more frequently that might help. But I think the one thing that this additional play the wildcard -- -- it's made the final week of the regular season not only important but this is some of the exciting. -- the more exciting races that are going on at any time of the year for obvious reasons but. Whether there was some skepticism on the one game playoff you have to think I have the right to advance but. What it's done for the final week it's been nothing short of really really exciting because like today Jack thank -- Our question with a manager was brought you by Mercedes -- the all blue Mercedes-Benz CLA is arriving at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers this month. The CLA break superior technology engineering and safety you've got to expect from Mercedes-Benz at a price you'd never -- coming. Is it MB USA dot com slash CLA. How -- the job.

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