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David Ortiz postgame with Joe and Dave after he hits his 30th home run of the season

Sep 27, 2013|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Big Papi after the Red Sox strong offensive showing in Baltimore. They talk a little about the attitude of the team as they head into the playoffs, as well as how it feels for David to reach 30 home runs a year after he had an injury plagued season.

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-- -- and -- -- swing and I shot driven out and right center field on gonna get minutes into the Alley. It's on the grass on the track up against the wall. Pedroia is in store where teams jugs in the third it's an RBI double from Mike Napoli has 91 RBI. And the Red Sox lead at one and Utley here in Baltimore. -- very promising early development for the Sox three consecutive events. Breaking ball swinging variety drive right field that's most like McKie is back feeling for the warm up against the wall. Home run three run shot -- Daniel Nava. And a Red Sox jump on in -- big time early. Deleted Ford and I think. Here's the bad kids off the plane ride -- I deep right field might pick it by the league can't hit it off the top of that and I thought into the first base umpire. It's a homer on. They're going you'll return. Jonny Gomes has gone back out to third base so. Only one run scoring only three run homer -- exposes an RBI double for softly. When one pitch this statement. When ground ball by the motto and it's service center at the base hit both runs will start and here's the -- to the right kind of laugh at me now. You know in the -- Party in pursuit of knowledge and -- the opening. It changed and it's finding that out I missed Davis the first baseman. With a two -- -- golfers David. Sent my left handers and 21. When in high fly ball upfield speed racing back -- he's on a trip to the well. Only leads time and big popping out of a thirty. Three run blow in Baltimore. The Red Sox blow it open and now they needed eleven to three David -- an opposite field drive. The seventh time in his. Career he set at thirty home runs season for the Red Sox he moved past Manny Ramirez. For a second most in club history behind Ted Williams who did it eight times. Thirty home runs where David Ortiz a blast down the left field and Red Sox are up the eleven to three. Walked into the big leagues myself these are. Right now Jonny Gomes will step in swing and Heidi drive and let Billy pulled it deepened the cornerback goes -- that balls got to go home run. Where Johnny Jones number thirteen for Johnny. And a Red Sox add to the lead here in the ninth inning now twelve to three Boston. Two -- throwing ground ball on the right side backing up all. As it grows and gets in the first base in the Red Sox have won it. They beat up on the Orioles tonight in game one of the series 123 the final. Not a Red Sox of one.

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