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Ron Jaworski with Salk and Holley: Tom Brady is not playing to the level he's played in the past

Sep 27, 2013|

We check in with the great Ron Jaworski from ESPN and go over some film and commentary about Tom Brady, the Patriots offense, the slot receiver position and a whole lot more.

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Pitchers Friday means we've got great guests for you our rotation Michael talked about it the great rotation. We're on week four of this we start of march Lara will be on again next week the went to Herm Edwards will be on at two weeks. Then to Cris Carter who has all of as a week ago Friday. And today. The quarterback. Ron Jaworski jobs. Obvious the end joining us right now brought you by DCU digital federal credit union what can DCU. Debuted Josh thanks so much -- -- -- we appreciate it. -- gentlemen the pleasure is all motto love talking football of course I love talking quarterbacks. That's -- spend my time -- all bill bill does what do you quarterbacks. Alitalia or talk after we love talking about it too odd that you would say that because that's exactly where we wanna start we have a quarterback in this town is pretty good I think you may have heard from Tom Brady. What -- what have you thought of his games so far through three games of the season. Well I'm actually -- -- talk about Tom on the NFL matchup show this weekend and and you guys have known. For years like a man crush on number eighty game analyst it's. On the best ever to play the position. You guys are much more familiar with how he is a well recognized and renowned quarterback. Are we out with the guys I don't think I'm playing the level that I can play in the past and I think you can easily make excuses. Refused to do that. When new players should. Trillion you know waiting for guys to come back waiting for our receivers on. And and it certainly does play into it but promised -- plays on the field that historically I have never seen him miss. And you know we'll work through that he buys old admission I don't say I -- I'm not need to be. But it'll take some time. And we all of that Bill Belichick as a as a picture of this team. The fourth quarter of deceit and -- -- -- number -- look like before court this season but Tom is not playing at the level that we've seen him play historically. Our jobs let's take the receivers out as an excuse he doesn't have his regular guys. Is it an arm strength issue is -- an accuracy issue what do what do you think it is based in your film study. It our strength obsolete no problem you know that come to throw the ball -- anyone. Edit and they'll play the position like I did for seventeen years I try to. Get inside the guy -- heads 000 what's going on. And and the first thing I look for is a comfort level in the pocket. You know equipment for years you know you got to move I'll mark the spot that's what you can slow him down you're never gonna stop the number eighty. The Peyton Manning that you breezed into strutting to do three stroke throat game that normally make and try to make them feel the pressure. Errant throws. And that's what's happening without. He had gotten hit probably more street game that I'd seen him hit in seated. Now you know when I look at the tape. I I I don't have that number two in front of you that next time we talk -- it looked at that numbers. Time on the wound at the end of the place. And as well as another step like keep that contact with the quarterback. And -- analog product economic -- an awful lot now -- -- didn't start getting hit. And keep getting hit. Stock the person pressure so there are times when the bodies are even close to create perceive them around -- and that to a certain degree is is what is happened. You guys remember the play last week illegal play action -- play wide open and -- -- you could pick either one for a touchdown. I think Tom panic a little bit and he threw the ball so well up the sideline when he had an easy touchdown throw the game that they -- not -- It's the little things like and the courts -- game where Tom is not the consistent. Seem throughout it all in career. So jaws of Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick called you up and said okay we need your help jaws just coming to be a consultant with a -- weaker so. And help us -- and get Tom Brady back to his his normal level. What advice would you give. Put -- it'll give me that time off. At. -- -- Do talk through the dome a lot of culture throughout the week -- policies that spend a lot of time talking to go to the pop the quarterback position. And and on the veteran guy and it will eventually get it right. It won't work harder normal. Harder and you know which -- bill you have studio to the finest coaches in football got you the brilliant offensive line. But it comes down to watch incompetent. You know when does he feel that comfort level anticipate -- Eight of getting the stakes were reading the coverage. I think the time you begin to feel that pressure. And the pressure accelerate reading prevention annual sometimes league opener cheaper what he did last week at these times. And -- shut down a little bit quicker you know the guy in the salt -- they think touchdown checked out and dumped -- you feel pressure. Around new people around your -- Ultimately -- that checked out a little bit quicker. -- jaws we're talking about great all time quarterbacks before you came on and we have to get your list. Before you get out of here before before asking that question I would ask you about a guy which here for many years and now is in Denver that's Wes Welker. What was Wes Welker doing for Tom Brady that he is possibly going for. Peyton Manning right now orchard a completely different off -- and Manning is using Welker a different way. Well you know I am now a true believer. That the most valuable player out of football team outside of the quarterback. Is that slot receiver you know teens and not spreading the field three -- and why the wide receiver looks. The matchup you like to get you the Wes Welker you make of that original slot machine and Brandon Stokley we these guys matched up on linebackers. I'm actually be worse back over to. Because -- recovered now see every week in the NFL they cover two and the cover two man where they take -- -- -- and that you keep shell. -- tremendous burden on the slot receiver to win. It's pretty much all the other guys are taken away the slot receiver as the ability to work inside a linebacker or a -- that deep hole with a lot of the cover two so that slot receiver to meet. Is the import outside the quarterback position. On the ultimate -- Wes Welker is the guy is. One novel at a the semi award I like used. Electrical Wes Welker he reads coverage well he understands the timing and rhythm. A I would be -- -- any -- -- that you're going to get it would get ball or a linebacker sleeping and deeper into alignment. -- -- I have no idea I was you know this story. -- the quarterback. Particularly million. It can be an amazing football player guys an amazing player you know you've seen readers what. What do you do for quarterback's confidence. -- -- -- Lake all the Peyton Manning in June for a couple days. And people are in -- and it was only June. Well I know I don't patent in love with him already based on what they've done this year. Can you compare what Peyton has done now. To some of his other seasons but we know we -- the 49 touchdown season I had last season was pretty impressive how would you compare what he's how he's playing now to the other years. It's historical that they've -- numbers is going to put up this year will be historical numbers. And I think it happened. A pretty good idea. Of how this evolution game there was always a couple of years ago we got. Four surgeries people wondered if you ever played the game again. He couldn't throw the ball twenty yards. It should be taught except my little like that I'm a ninety year old male skin hanging down Kendall Marshall Tony couldn't throw. We'll all become that nerve damage what -- get ready in preparation for his combat. You worked the -- body is Blake all the lead up to his hips so you know he can still throw the ball -- -- a lot of people don't want to -- our strength. It was developing the core of his body. That help them now that the -- strike back. I was stronger core worker told me that he has more -- beyond reproach. -- -- got to ask you of the end and we've got some text about it it's one of the more. Polarizing comments you've made and that's about -- tapper nick -- need your belief I don't wanna put words in your mouth but will go on to be one of the greatest of all time. You and I spoke quite a bit about Russell Wilson -- I was in Seattle just looking at this group of young guys do you still feel comfortable saying the cap article even be the best of this group. And we get it's amazing what I said gets twisted. In the Colin predict as the chance to -- one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. And and I stand by that prominent straight for the way I've watched the evolution of the game. The quarterback now that are having success it's still the quarterback with the big arm and -- Receive those things are port. But I'm watching the evolution of the game the mobile running quarterback the guy that can make plays look as late in the ability to extend the play. I'll watch and help people called at least three sport -- wide receiver looks to get double all other quick beacon -- can't play makers. Becoming eight -- -- -- Open the numbers being put up -- historical proportion right now they didn't. Get any help the rules. It's laughable right now what there would probably be bits and though you can't a guy you can tackle a guy that means the numbers at the quarterback you're going to put up a -- -- An unbelievable. It seemed Little League in three games so why did you not I don't watch the coaching -- -- every player on every play every -- to -- This week biblical holding anymore you can elliptical. Tackle a structure linebacker they won't call. Holding and offered to have gotten very good at -- read in the shot in the shoulder as a defense of Lima keeping hands and it is holy unto. So without continued you're actually in numbers that are absolutely monumental. If you compare him -- to the other young quarterback to -- -- saying the ability to run a big arm and accuracy. Don't mean would you say lock and Russell Wilson also have a chance to be him. -- absolutely not the annual I made that comment boutique public property discussion well Russell -- dialogue it looked. They want -- -- going to be an outstanding young quarterback. But it's like here to meet. Have a separate a little bit and I know -- a lot of terrific coaches in the National Football League. I think Jim Harbaugh who played in the NFL are still being need to understand that position. He coaches hard and they are well out pretty without quarterbacks. That they're coddled by the coaches in their coordinator. And their owners were some coaches. Are afraid to coach them hard because they -- the boot that's the -- the team and Jim Harbaugh doesn't buy into that -- -- as hard all the time. And you can at least without the quarterback position the perspective that it will be coach art is another positive attribute. Are -- -- how are doing to their top five things to come back to a comedy set about Brady. And in the pocket how he perceives pressure. Do you think that will improve with the return of gronkowski and Amendola. Is that an offensive line issue is that backs and blitz -- what do you think. Leads to that condition that that that feeling from Tom -- the pressures come and we actually not. To me it's -- combination. You have to run the football better -- play action is there although there were some opportunistic last week and Tampa Bay were there. Were some opportunities to make plays down the field. But it it was a combination never one thing at that -- talk a -- and act immediately people think of the offensive line all that's not always the most important part of a it's that idea and that is part of that -- -- -- group it's the back on their swing pick up when they bring overlooked Pletcher took. The wide receivers in the -- just along the quarterback so it's never one thing it's always a combination. At least pressure on the quarterback. At a quarterback's gotta be that guy's gonna stay in that back foot and deliver the ball. Our top five quarterbacks of all time went through five. I thought I I I don't have -- all right in front -- but I know number one this. Joseph Montana. And ominously at this week I'd I'd love jewelry and the guys at the Rangel -- -- -- -- -- in the and pull up so. Go look at that. You know I don't they're ugly arena that great -- and where he's going to be included net -- maybe Manny he went another one of the greatest all time political lot of guys. That are in that mix but clearly what the quarterbacks that win at thirteen. First page Gaza is what's in the the LT documentary over the weekend and saw you in there and saw how many tied -- how many times did he get after you. -- -- -- To inspect it. In -- I was without -- sort of adult -- don't let when they and the other bella had to go out of your you know double what I what I walked in Jamaica approval he was getting. Practical on the show started shivering and get content -- number 56 I'm glad I didn't have a security are you. Any film whenever we talk to Belichick about him early in the week he's just talking about his just innate ability to instantly recognize everything that was going on a football field. Have you done film breakdown of them. On how big. No all -- know enough about that I played against the point a year for a number of years. He revolutionized. Defense and by revolutionary. Right revolutionizing -- Then he changed how we play offense in the eighties at that go to too tight and it's not like it in the short corner. I would have Ottawa look for a number -- -- that protection nature -- -- back. That of course Belichick part -- that move him around that the cause more confusion but you. To look out for Lawrence Taylor the man who play do you think you need to know where Iwuh. Now just love listening to talk about football quarterbacks breakdown film ESPN NFL match up is Saturday at 8:30 AM eastern time NE SPN two and and Sunday at 630. On ESPN with Johnson Merrill -- Tamara Hodges tie in -- big time not itself -- Tony you know as well just we really appreciate it we'll talk in a few weeks. They got a bank to apply to the matchup should OK don't not to D'Amato but the concept of a -- he now coaches tape and -- felt -- makes it the best show on television. We encourage your bank -- Gaza doctors have. Are -- others Ron Jaworski and as you know you could see him. On NFL matchup he joins us there via the AT&T hotline lot to talk about there but most importantly says Brady is not up to his usual level there is a leading plays on the field it's alcohol will address that next. Here at W media.

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