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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Quarterback Position Edition

Sep 27, 2013|

We go for four questions that involve the NFL and the Quarterback position.

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Now word excel -- Ali swollen painful rate Fuller report for a full four. Fun game. Green card. And Ron Jaworski said before the season going -- and it will be the best quarterback of all time. If you had to pick one of these young quarterbacks do you think it ended up being the best quarterback of all time who would you Josh for him. You know I think just are not gesture I get confused you know it is an editorial we try to find this recent him. For some reason or -- on espionage dead what we're gonna talk to look for thirty we can ask him voice technology elegant hotel in jeopardy thing. Well we don't what is. Andrew Luck locating -- -- Andrew -- I think one that could organizations committed to putting people around him the same way they did with Peyton Manning. Even though. Even though they've made some changes with their general manager. I think the philosophy is pretty clear in Indianapolis Islamist Irsay is the owner there. Where we are a quarterback driven team we're -- to -- them devote all of our resources to the office and look what they did. Ballard is that big -- drop of the year very quickly. They go on the big a deal with Cleveland they pick up Trent Richardson give Andrew look at quarterback you look at it completion percentage between last year and this year. It was in the fifties -- with completion percentage already up to sixty prosecute 6%. That's the guy who can who can do it also I'm gonna say one of the young guys has a chance to be great if. I think you know much I love Russell Wilson and I really do I think he's gonna be a great quarterback but the question here is who could end up being the best quarterback of all time and I've said before. I think it could be under a lot like I legitimately think if things go the right way for -- years later we will say hey Andrew Luck with the best quarterback whoever played the game now it's a long way -- I don't I'm not saying -- now a lot of things that I had a lot of I have to go right he needs the right people around -- -- to stay healthy there's a lot of things that need to -- but he definitely has the ability he's so big -- his biggest big -- that -- as fast as half of these -- running quarterbacks -- unbelievable arm and the accuracy improving he has every -- chance to be one of the all time -- All right -- for us right now. Top five quarterbacks in the league as of two days Rogers one Brady to breeze three Manning for Russell Wilson and Russ -- It. Weren't quick I don't know I don't know Russell Wilson was -- marketing not if you won't let me take Russell Wilson. As much as I despise him Big Ben would be it music quarterbacks right now at this moment this year right now I think you have to think Peyton Manning one. Based on what he's done what do I have to Peyton Manning one. Aaron Rodgers to. Tom Brady. Three juror. Reason for. -- you're gonna see this man on Sunday night in Atlanta at the dome Matt Ryan. Number five. Shocked shocked aren't you -- shocked when I remember very young vintage shocked that can be shocked he's really think Matt Ryan mister Friday when you over from before the top of Britain who can get -- number eight according to three lead. Right so would any of those top five quarterbacks in the league right now make your all time top five quarterbacks go Brady and Manning. Wasn't up well my number one of all times got to be Joseph Montana look too much so. You got to do a lot to beat him then I'm gonna give a nod to you guys. If -- really are not the guys that I didn't see -- -- personally but have so much respect for the game of football I have to give a shout out to. Johnny Unitas. And a program. I don't put anybody in my it was that I haven't seen personally because I just -- -- what can I just did watch -- again because I don't you know of course like in the segment so who's got up. The second half and over our -- program I didn't see Roger Staubach had an easy journey -- my top two guys -- -- felt bill I don't watch that crap you don't want to kill my top five plus. Later nobody asked you know anything about the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The only only guy. -- watch this is is totally unfair to watch all of those guys those three guys the same time Montana. Elway Marino. Just watch them all and always about it I don't -- what's Montag I love Montana more than the others just for many reasons. But maybe not. -- -- always like -- top five all time to -- about -- five of all time to go to five Super Bowls. 12 and thought well -- he put the three of them because they -- he had to have somebody come on were terrible ultra terrible teams. -- first three Super Bowls those teams were competitive and they couldn't have been competitive they were awful. -- The AT&T question of the -- overall agreement that the quarterback is most important position in football but what does the second most important position in football. Well guys I look at it. I think you either got to be in the position. -- a good -- here on Google matchup. I -- can -- Wednesday the got to get a position either change the line of scrimmage. Or. To thank you very much or to protect the liner who are. So that would be either left our quote -- -- sacrament the defensive tackle when a guy. I can build my entire offense or defense the defense around -- -- quarterback away from me. Give -- a defensive tackle -- game changing. Line of scrimmage altering defensive tackle. And I feel good from the. Boring -- I was gonna take the exact same thing on what is a defensive end -- somebody who plays on the defense of wind definitely defensive lineman depending on your alignment may be to DN maybe it's a deep tackle. But somebody you can change the game from the defensive line position no -- number two most important guy on any NFL team that is today's -- four. I wanna address tweet here from your guy bendable and new globe beat writer. For the New England Patriots he says this. Source on ground and in the dole Michael. Quote as of today and I hope. Yeah they are playing well. A lot of time between now and Sunday night that is the quote from bendable and at the globe at Mendel won. Source on drunken Amendola as of today they are way it. Lot of time between now and Sunday. And the old LA dole lots Hart's thing and it man. Start singing it right now can people get down they call you and -- where our blog that's re bruised but not on a regular user wanted to Renato -- as lever that was where I came from the solely -- the -- of the predictable from the computer production team and I was just singing. Nobody in the computer. -- had nothing to do anything in any play that play that right now. -- mr. -- and. Look. We'll see you -- like pulling my muscles trying to attack the issue at Mendel -- coming up but I am me and bill. I was there. He's he's better than. Well good well there's no chance because he hurts his groin muscles pulling down his pants and mental. AMP and Dell. -- And I. All right Mikey Mike are and where guys can sing the song you can say whatever you want but Danny Amendola Rob Gronkowski. According to a source this according to bendable and a our as of now expected to play for the patriots on Sunday night. That change things Korea for those people who were predicting eight the falcons blowout the patriots don't have anything. How much does it change everything it's interesting. What are those two guys bring to -- commitments are talking about them almost in the abstract as we were really surer. If and when they were ever going to playing against -- Peter 26177797937. Specifically -- if they do play. It doesn't turn this offense into like a high power short lows a development that went well. Because that that's necessarily to either of their best attribute especially coming back in -- one for both of them. High powered it doesn't mean that. You have those guys who were. Who who are getting behind the secondary and picking up 4050 yard run at a time right. But you bring back what you've done if you have -- doling Gradkowski play in this game and get two guys know what the hell they're doing. So they understand the offense it's not well I I thought I hit signal was thought to even go here but you get data that you are reading this you're reading that. Clearly I can I can make fun of Danny Amendola all day long but one thing I can not knock issues. Ability to pick up the -- he picked up the offense very quickly. And was money for for Tom Brady and the patriots and third on a buffalo game so he knows what he's doing grunt who knows what he's doing. You -- another guy over the middle and a guy who complain outside to the time to him -- -- And you got a guy grant who can help you. In the running game. And will command a double team. If you which I think you get I think you get two things that he's have a boss every time we commend the odds are two things two things you know two things and I got two things that this that they -- for. One third downs to red -- I specifically you're looking for what this does for the patriots on Sunday night those to be the two areas that I would say it should be enormously aided by the return of -- Dolan gronkowski 13 downs. Two reds also -- if you if you got help on third downs if you're going to be. Very prolific on third downs -- you know with the meter high powered off OK fine I guess what I -- -- I don't think it's gonna change -- -- Iowa has -- fairly quick strike like I don't wanna see them now start throwing the ball 4050 times a game I wanna see them continue to try to establish the run into those third and 53 and threes it's better knowing that you've got two guys who should be incredibly helpful in that spot. I also think the grind house -- I -- is to be three if I were doing three things the turtle beach and help your running game it should take a bit more featured eight. Add more of a threat on the outside he can't commit as many players inside the box and be reviewing another very good run blocker and brought so it should help -- running game which set up more third and shorts if you help your third downs because -- they're shorter and -- you've got -- Dolan gronkowski should be big targets for you on third down and then finally -- help enormously in the red zone. Partially because it's your running game has helped and partially because growth is a force inside the ten yard line into the goal lines so. I would hope that those three things would be the the real effect of having those two -- Talk some of our friends on the -- text line one of them from 857 says it changes absolutely nothing. They're going to lose to Atlanta and that they guarantee. He says for once it changes nothing. Both will be rusty and him and -- will get hurt colleagues -- The patriots after -- So Bill Belichick should be a Monday contest and it's stuff gets -- -- I know you love me but please back off a little bit six or 777979837. -- takes -- -- calls here -- -- sex excellent 777979837. A few minutes before we ask jaws about some of these. Some of these same issues him what exactly getting those guys back means but. We don't know for sure this is just one source in the still as he says a couple of a couple of days to go before Sunday but that not help. Does it not change your outlook on -- the Patriots offense is what I like about it is it doesn't change I think. The way they try to play guess what would -- me out is if Josh McDaniels sees this is his opportunity to get pass happy again if this is now his opportunity to start with the ball all over the field you know 25 yards down the field and throwing on first and second down a matter wide setting up too many third and -- I hope that's not the case I hope Josh McDaniels looks at this -- great. I've got more third down target I've got better red zone target and I can run the ball even more now based on the personnel while I. I guess the question. And we can put this out their -- what do you expect from them that's one and in general how much yet how much do you think they're gonna play. I mean we knew if these guys are cleared to play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In that slot position you don't need him in the -- every play. Right I mean you've got other positions in other players who complain that position if you need to you see him back in there don't you think they're a little bit more able to do that. I -- just based on the personnel that they have. I would think that would be that would be easy for them six or 77797937. Negatives in match I'm. Any area let's go to America. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had -- the -- it or not. Not Hebert and her about -- if they don't get a -- -- -- -- -- -- like them are now alone has got to boot camp quite a bit. Accident just -- we're looking at a morality should mean they are three you know I don't know that they're fighting against. -- morale in their locker room I mean I know there's some people wondering if -- fraudulent at three you know but I'm guessing those people aren't inside their -- I don't. Biggest morale maybe it's just reinforcements you have more help you have to lose two guys who know what they're doing and and one guy who -- when he's healthy. He's and only tighter than football so you -- an elite player. Returning. To your offense there is not a morale for your site. Yeah good. Because that -- and I am a match and this note don't even pay attention to the position right now to talk about it all year. In three games is there a memorable play. From a tighter -- one Brady threw to sub fill -- fill them tip the ball on the intercepted -- -- the way. That's the only memorable play from a member also a positive it's a man had a nice play on the sideline -- broke a tackle ran faster yards I don't know out of that you're absolutely right text message your talked about the offense all day says the to a seven defense wins the game for us. That's the matchup to watch I don't disagree we talked about quite a bit today the defense is still won the cross -- the defense is still is gonna have to pull this out but obviously getting those two guys back. That changes things and it it changes what you're able to deal -- got one more call before -- you're 6177797937. Phil is in Holyoke I felt. How would bill and I just gone through. Not much echoed what they're. I wanna go to our back what they're saying look -- any doubt about their receivers. Denmark they got that. What they were not super involved that they are saying hi all lobbying and and everything's going to be okay you weren't firing into their I thought I mean. I've ever been -- yet or maybe. -- -- there maybe. Outfitted sees it my all. -- I -- just got a dirty knife I don't know and I does -- -- tar. Yeah clearly what I don't know what to what it -- I don't know who knows that you called. I don't know if he was taking. Penalty was taken charge then like he does now he's got a lot more confidence a lot more authority than he did it would suggest that on this game 232425. Results that on this game. I'm on the Olympic Games yeah yeah act applicable certain group quite -- Let Brady -- spam that looked actually the most he'd been out since weapons that weren't there you don't Hurt Locker. There's a lot of there -- not gonna make it through five games gronkowski. You sentence. Like yeah I wanted to linebacker and that an outside and I love this -- arm somewhere I'm not trying to be leaning but yeah. I company not mean Joseph green day's. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes yes Phil thank you bill appreciate walk on I'm getting I'm becoming more more confused by the calls we go on who would serve -- people. Doesn't mean is that where I was going as a mean Joseph green thing yeah -- -- used to have -- her -- so it's going to be great to see him out there you have enough. I don't know that safeties and linebackers are psyched to seek rock out there and is guessing -- -- in Atlanta Falcons position meeting today they're not rejoicing over the fact that -- came until my -- in the game we get astrologer or ski some of these questions also. I don't best the best got a top quarterbacks with their as our Graz coming up next part patriots Friday so alcohol W media.

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