WEEI>On Demand>>Things get a little weepy in the broadcast booth at Yankee Stadium for Mariano Riviera's farewell

Things get a little weepy in the broadcast booth at Yankee Stadium for Mariano Riviera's farewell

Sep 27, 2013|

The Yankees moment for Mariano was superb, very classy, very well done. The radio broadcast of that classy event? Not so much.

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I have a very strange promotion might handle it and that -- fifteen minutes aft port four. Witches all quarterback the team for Walken and Ron Jaworski at 430 a lot of reasons to stick with this -- -- -- degrees tribute peaceful as it was it's too. Partner to market through a bank's New York Andy I was the second. Are you work on. It. -- it is that there is it's not crying you blog covering golf -- to not cry you have to you'd have to -- you have to I don't have to everybody wants that pride watching it quietly not cry but it is very emotionally because emotionally not really I thought it was fine like I -- a little problem at long embrace he's the greatest human being in the plant had a problem law -- whatever else. Yeah. Okay. What are what are they -- And -- -- early last night. -- Let me if it weren't there. Culprit for the doctor -- So my guess. Carlos glance at -- break we'll -- stinger out and now this showings films on the board begins. -- -- -- -- -- I was hoping certainly -- or Roger clemens' moment from last. -- -- -- LeBron but anyway that was that was well looked a little bit. That's awesome. How many more Mario the true in my area and attributes we have to -- of -- And aren't you know what's gonna happen during -- World Series now. -- pop into the Booth in the World Series. You know after the season is over is gonna do the talk show thing. Right rate the gun Jimmy Kimmel who -- Letterman on -- hill away over the coming off think on the whole thing thank god. A lot of what is he gonna do after this. -- you like the Thanksgiving parade. Macy's day yeah New York it's fine don't appear. They're part of that is on the watch like I guarantee he'll be a part of my. I'm hoping brings these -- -- them is back up they can be as policy Barclays is a -- that can be as high man. And he can obstruct sterling market decided to introduce some some wire by -- Specter jumped him isn't Martha's Vineyard -- -- Okay you guys don't. -- Man I can't do it out before you learn extra couple months ago now yes the object or not. How can you guys really -- The Yankees out there should be it's somewhat emotional. When they're talking about one of the -- -- in the history of the game is great -- you -- you guys American on the class is it jealousy -- you guys are. Definitely. Wishing that you guys gotten more baseball player like that you would like icons of the games. Yeah I think that's what I've always thought about the -- -- like that organization. It's just too bad they don't have any icons and I've always said that about the Red Sox. I mean it's been -- -- well let me -- you know what -- -- -- but they haven't -- want it is actually true. All -- right -- that's the Red Sox didn't have my best pitcher of his generation and then in Megawati has written a rod. You know I didn't object -- -- I I really nobody's threatening. Mariano Rivera says he didn't you didn't like you'd enjoy that sound just a little bit John Sterling things synthesizer jello you that. Didn't give you a little bit of a smiling and smiles. -- I mean you know and I intend obviously since hairdo and I would literally couldn't watch it yeah I mean I hate to admit. -- and I would kind of like I mean I would -- up to -- yankees and what -- -- let me suggest something like let me suggest something to look like laps finished probably funny because it is now. You forget about it because of what can I suggest you you don't hate to that at all. You couldn't be more proud to admit that you were crying last night you don't hate to admit it you're not ashamed and embarrassed you've been waiting all day to find the perfect spot to tell everybody that you decrying last night like maybe you've been waiting all luxury here was emotional. Either way in a row lay in wait and make our way everybody having. In the political -- the total world and it can't just barely kept whose guys -- jealous that you don't have I conflict we. -- world championships in 27 world championships the greatest pitcher oval vibrate what is -- eighteen that they lost now was today you guys -- -- -- -- who was eighteen World Series and a lot of a lot of weight again come close and lose -- World Series losses or aren't great. Great emotional moment last night. Whether your yankees yankees fan or not put that that was great. -- -- -- -- Back to go to -- Compared to sort of give back to some of the go out there all stay on subject -- six -- 777979837. Dawns in war in Rhode Island -- on. There way to organize some great. Are the total us spike it for a second I was brought or should go. Why would you a lot of people what it says it won't let people edit page it's it is an -- in Atlanta -- up to what everybody to repair or they choose to forget. Is when the commissioner. Out the memo to all the loose. About where they were music -- trying to steal signals not to be on the -- everybody -- -- so -- stop the patriots kept doing it. Well probably can't get in trouble we're trying to steal signals from anywhere else. -- Don you know I hear about it I hear you but you know this is that they we were talking about this during the break. You let your letting them win yeah you can't get it is gave. It's indefensible. You you can't win you can't if it's a debate that you cannot win if you are. If you're sitting down with that -- patriots fan in -- arguing with the Steelers fan or a giants fan or anybody else. You're having an intelligent football discussion. There's a point. Or maybe you're winning the discussion just a fairly. Where the the other person sister -- on the record in this thing to bring up spy -- and I'm gonna get this guy stuttering -- get retreating. And I'm gonna get a match. Actually getting the patriots -- we -- not saying. He just he just knows that it's gonna get on your skin that there's nothing you can that you could talk on the commission -- the -- but actually that was this an -- into doing it and really about it liquid spot. Doesn't matter. -- matter -- are two things for you coming up here one is this promotion that the Bruins have put out I'm curious whether or not you like it or feel like it's a little inappropriate that's one. The second is saw something in the bruins' game last night that I don't think we could have possibly seen a year ago those two things coming up next alcoholic W --

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