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Patriots face first 'true test' in the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday Night

Sep 27, 2013|

We talk Patriots and take your calls as they face their first "real" competition on defense from the high-powered, but injured Atlanta Falcons

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A lot of -- it's Friday it's -- -- -- WEEI WEEI. Dot com as well on the patriots talked today at guests up the -- zoo. Mike to Rico on the show later -- Ron Jaworski. -- to talk to Chris mortenson as we do every Friday. Lot going on today get ready for the patriots and Atlanta Falcons game of the week Sunday Night Football it is traditionally. Highest rated. Television program of every week during football season as it should be and I would imagine this will be well we have been patriots and falcons a premier match up. Sunday Night Football in Atlanta. Recite the do you have any feeling toward me sometimes you go into a gaming you scenario I can see this game playing out most of the time were wrong. Think it's going to be high scoring game as low scoring because -- scoring a high scoring. Now a lot of turnovers you have five turnovers combined new game but yeah any kind of feeling about what this game is going to be. No I don't I don't if I had no idea. No idea -- did does Matt Ryan come out and in this torch. This patriot defense at a point where we'll stay on Monday. We're crazy for talking about the patriot defense being respectable being very good incapable winning games giving up the field on third down. Or. Is it as this thing is is this a rare bad season for Atlanta have been a bad team haven't. They've always won more than they've they've won more than they've lost every year since 2008. So on the top patriot like street but for them but it did put up terrific -- -- -- up as their quarterback and they are you gotta consider -- history never before and before Mike Smith got there -- never ever. Had back to back winning season. In the history of the Atlanta falcons' amazing that is -- considering they went to Super Bowls yeah it negotiators overblown and after they're not even ninety go to butterball then fall off the table right. The net positive and they go letter but. So they have establish some type it's just it's really surprising with coaches like Jerry Glanville that they weren't able to establish a level that is all done our dollar out. On Medicaid and value this isn't easy well just taken Bobby Petrino now. Not two rival god wants to boo you are just taken Jamar. Art there's -- when he was coaching there yeah I guess it's true it is terrible. And Stewart coaches like to add to the surprise when he was that you know what -- did he was there right while he was the coach of the falcons he went on the air on our show that don't want anyone to -- what he wanted to be the head coach at the university of Washington and they were like okay -- -- eighty. Coach you're fine. Goes somewhere else you're right it has been a troubled franchise and it's funny how. New ownership new head coach new quarterback have a tendency stabilizing things I don't know there there's trio was as good as the trio that the patriots -- pretty good. But it's at its upper Echelon is the reason why they've been a good team every year and the legit Super Bowl contender almost every year since Matt Ryan has been there. He's good he's a franchise quarterback potentially elite franchise quarterback he's in the upper tier he's a guy you respect. They put real weapons around him but some problems -- you -- -- in Baker's gonna play this week at left tackle that -- some problems on the offensive line. Stephen Jackson is up a couple of other running backs who does that mean I loved quiz -- original what is -- is no mean Stephen Jackson kind of player but I don't know I don't know probably. If I would be afraid of him it's not just him though it's him and Snelling and there would be great to have me there -- come -- is running backs men -- fine -- the offensive line opened holes they're perfectly capable of running through those holes in what's there. Maybe they're not going to kill you like -- -- -- open ports you're selecting reject. Woods has gotten old he's old whatever he's fine I mean I hope I'm not that impressed even Jack you're not based on what leak forever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's not necessarily a slight Kenny is evenly for errors like yours that good enough in my -- like bugs me and the lifespan of a Dave or running back stay in the league were for more than five years is that as a running pretty good like -- like bugs. I -- -- it give another one. Backs are always I think Steven Jackson now kind of one of those it and now he's just kind of another one but yeah fine but I don't know that he's now. Much better in the smelling quiz combination whatever their team. And I think you're right that it's difficult to kind of get a sense as to what this game will look like and so they'll be hungry I don't know we desecrate those of the fun ones all right they will. So desperate on on Sunday night and you think about what they're facing. They're division went up but this for a really good division or. They're supposed to be really did those two teams. Are supposed to be kind of an -- and the answer to Seattle interpret Cisco in the NFC west NFC south you've got the new got the states and you got the falcons. While you imagine. The falcons fall to one in the green -- did not not you're talking about. Hopefully mature wild -- there's no way we -- -- lost a game to New Orleans -- is undefeated. And in your city -- won in three. A quarter of a quarter through the season. Not so they they gonna come out and they and they understand the stakes. And and you gotta get a really focused really desperate. Falcons team what does that mean I mean the patriots can't win a game of course now -- And those is when you think about a desperate football team right one it's gonna come out TV their -- game because it's all about passion. I don't think of that is necessarily going with the the nest offense like -- how. Okay and I'm thinking about a team has its back against the wall is gonna come out do everything in its power. That a team I'm afraid of as a team it's gonna hit me incredibly hard right to your offense it's gonna come after me and suffocate me an offensive line it's -- all those open huge holes for running backs. So what if Matt Ryan and his receivers come out like their backs are against the wall what are they gonna do they're still just gonna run up and down right they're not gonna come out he'd -- any harder. Well I I I understand that's that that's a cause for. You know it's it's a loss in the falcons. In near -- side of the ledger. -- think that terrifies me that much I I think that. You're right that I don't really know what's gonna go on it it's definitely a tossup kind of a game like that. Because there's that sense of trepidation leading into it like -- I don't know what's gonna happen here I need to watch. Last week we are pretty much of the pitchers who can win -- know exactly how was gonna get -- -- I don't know them. I of the patriots winning this game because -- of their defense continuing to play well and I think their defense when I was asked last night debating when -- On -- and again whether or not immediate grown to win this game. I said the hole not because I don't mean the -- would help -- don't get me wrong it certainly helps in the red zone etc. but. I think that they're going to win this game they're gonna win it on the strength of their defense that's what I think now pickets are out of that. But you know I think everybody thinks that might because I haven't heard one person. Have and I haven't heard one person mentioned. Atlanta's defense. Single player now. Well we we we can talk about a Sante Samuel today because he's a former patriots so that's a name that comes up. But nobody has mentioned. What Atlanta's defense can do to the patriots. Allow what kind of problems they might cause Tom Brady. No no one has mentioned Weatherspoon that the young linebacker of the humans in the third or fourth year now. He's one of the leaders of that defense and they expect him to be one of the leaders of players are assuming your obvious as there are no longer are we know has again -- -- giants years on record -- -- a really good players -- players but hasn't hasn't come up. And I think I think that tells you one thing you think about the Atlanta Falcons the may be fear is that the right word but you think about. What what. What can damage the patriots. What worries you the most I think an intelligent since we haven't mentioned the Atlanta defense what worries you the most is obviously Matt Ryan. And Julio Jones and Roddy White and Tony Gonzales. That which you always think and we whenever you talk about around like the falcons at the high octane offense. The defense never gets credit not even -- mention how this is why keep coming back to the fact that when you have an offense like that that the cruises right up and down the field immediately scores points quick strike. That the defense eight gets overlooked in -- usually isn't a good. Is constantly out on the field they give up a whole lot of yards because the other team is usually hold trying to catch up and it's difficult to deal you're talking now way. To be able to be 88 high flying quick strike offense and a great defense teaches you almost never see. The great defense is ten to go with teams that play ball control put you into a bad field position its pottery able to take advantage of those things. But so it's not that I'm integrating and haven't talent and I I think you're great teams -- degree that I did a great teams are both. -- you'd you look at it. Now last time results -- -- -- they haven't played a great team so far but they weren't Super Bowl last year I think -- I think they're still pretty good -- they have they have a great offense but it's not a quick strike threat -- but that's like that's my point. I think you can have a great offense to integrate defense of course you keep on saying that it's difficult to have a quick strike your real attack the -- out on the field for a couple of minutes at a time. -- having great defense. That's my point of course you have great offense and -- defense but I think most of the time that happens it's Iran it's it's it's an offense built on the running game. Built on ball control built on moving the ball slowly up the field eventually scoring much more so than a quick strike to pass to -- a lot of how many great teams -- a quick strike offense is besides this one. Seen a few enemies on New Orleans -- last two years you've seen the patriots when they were doing -- you've seen it -- do -- you've -- Green -- do -- -- mean they probably came close well I think the year they won the Super Bowl but they aren't necessarily agree defense that is forced turnovers and everything kind of broke -- way because of -- I think that but I think that factors into it got the best of them now I'd understood if you're darn right shut down puppets like a defense like like -- Africa's total. Right. I think it's hard to Chicago at that's -- my point all along and why I'm so happy about or think that the Patriots defense is starting to come alive. Partly because they're getting older getting better growing into their roles they've been rebuilt over the last three years almost from scratch Vince Wilfork the only hold over. Along with -- -- Why. I think it also helps that the offense isn't just winging the ball everywhere. That's welcome back to defense and say they're good. And I think that we're gonna find more out about the -- they play after they played the falcons this week obviously you'll know more about it at the end -- know more about it after the next few weeks after that Cincinnati and into and then New Orleans after that but. I think they're for the first time in the last few years. Capable of doing damage to some of these high explosive offenses because I think their offense is also capable of hanging onto the ball for awhile and helping them. And curious to know what you guys think about this game on Sunday on the statistic -- It's again. That. Similar to what how you felt last week about Tampa. You know how the game was going to be one. But you felt like they were the patriots were gonna beat Tampa whether it was blowing amount or beating them at ten the theory is not a thought it would happen. Until like best -- sense and -- a lot of the year anxiety. Urgency getting that any of the any of the cliches that we as you -- a year you can lose this round it's really not that big well well -- Preference game. Coordinator Marty I don't know I don't think many people feel that the patriots are gonna lose to Atlanta now maybe if Atlanta gets off to the great start. That they were hoping for got an NFC championship game last year had a what he's at least in the NFC championship game and lost it. So. They get their last year -- like you're on the verge of getting to the Super Bowl and it they've gotten off to a three and all starts ago. Atlanta Falcons faster and of C. And it intercede. Championship game runner ups. And they get off to a three you know start and now they're hosting the patriots on Sunday Night Football -- and maybe people will be going crazy. This thing. They're one and two team so I think that maybe has put people would fly. I think what they are and having watched him a little bit over the last year's thirteen that it can go from great to terrible back degrading and -- terrible again at the drop of how I mean think about think about that the process that got them to that NFC championship game last year right. They get way up on Seattle the game before then Seattle comes storming back and that takes a final 312 miracle drive for Matt Ryan for them to -- the Seahawks and they don't place -- Cisco as you said they get up when he than nothing. And in the giving that game back and ultimately losing you've seen them this year you've seen -- raced out to big leads and that allowed teams to come storming back into the game they don't close very well. They are almost better playing from behind than they are playing from the lead which is certainly awed at. They they're they're a team that it. Seems to be struggling with that whole idea of how to win. You know I mean I don't know I don't really know what that means. I know it's a phrase that we say sometimes in the media sometimes coaches talk about it I don't know if it's real or not. Maybe you do learning how to win -- -- good team you're young team need to solar. It'll -- -- and I don't know we don't let you and yeah I know you dismissed Stephen Jackson that that's the easy answer. But I think it goes back to. Being able to. Closeout game. With a with a four minute offense you think of four -- and offered you think of a back and give the ball to put in his belly -- doesn't give you any negative runs. And gives you you know a good solid three or four shot Jackson -- that tells Stephen Jackson Jackson should be that guy. With -- Michael Turner first got to a man he was that guy so he's gone. And I you're talking about Rogers. And smelling and of those guys concludes our game forty. Look at you you're you're you're uptight are they good to import OK got Rogers I watch on defense. Argument to quiz. And see what he can do I don't think so. It's a point 61777979837. A couple questions for you there in terms of the -- I guess first of all. Do you think -- defense is up for this challenge against Atlanta do you feel confident that they can win a defensive battle. If you don't feel confident and just how much -- are you putting into Rob Gronkowski for this weekend. Because if you don't think the defense is up for it you need to give your offense some sort of a boost in the arm. And the only one that seems likely easy to going to be gronkowski Danny Amendola and rock has appeared to be closer to returning than him until -- so. If if you're if you're not sold that the Patriots defense can pull out a win here. Are you put all your eggs in the -- is returning basket and the fact that that can open up the running game even more for the pats open up the passing game help them a ton in the red zone where the right now statistically one of the worst teams in the league. And ground should be able to help all of those things is that like the one thing you're looking for six or 7779793. Sevenths here from Sean. -- -- I I have a question about. Gronkowski. It so a late game on Sunday and a wanna know. When the the patriots are traveling to Atlanta and will we know if he's gonna be traveling without. I would assume they'll travel tomorrow right. -- -- -- Saturday Saturday afternoon. So will there that information be yeah. Out there that -- he travels. I think -- well I think we've heard that stuff before at at what time 4 o'clock today will get the final injury report which shall give -- the questionable doubtful probable probable stuff but I think it's almost definite -- you'll see Graf is questionable -- -- was last week he didn't play you could equally -- not play from that position and Mike on what you think -- Welker -- -- -- is probably either going to be -- he's either going to be -- an older or questionable this week -- you think I guess he'd be questionable as well if I had to get to -- -- I would guess both guys will be listed as questionable this week. I think if if if -- is listed as questionable to play if there Amendola is on a report I think would be doubtful. I just don't see him being ready to play and he says he's close to 100 that's why they might put him in his questionable and then even if he doesn't play he showing the progress from -- week ago question what this week be my guest as to how they -- yeah I just I just think we're ground whenever he plays. I just just the feeling I have just from watching them do business over the years and how they handled the injury report sometimes. Whenever grant plays I think he's going to be questionable on the injury report but he'll play it to a 77797937. Max's in Hampton IMAX. -- -- -- -- Yeah that's like Mike insults people yes guys it's. And I think that because of our you'll see you're still. Not you know the Internet and not being able to you too much on the -- outside of like eight and -- I think we're not a beacon in the -- I think our defense. Whether advocate and -- kind of strong burst through Syria and then after that at the party will be able to contain. So you think they need to jump out to an early lead and that's and that's the way to contain Atlanta -- now. And it almost the scary thing about Atlanta as you get up ten points or so and that's a Matt Ryan just unleashes -- that's -- -- running all over the place they've almost been better trying to come back from ten down the trying to play a little lead. Yeah no no I -- I -- -- to admit to connecting you know -- obviously having the record they have. I think they -- really put a lot of effort into trying to score early but I think that after initially. Whitney they might go up you know they they scored their first series I think our defense will then be able to -- Alec but not. Yeah I mean that it will be when I'm with them -- thirty clintons did not. Well we like it used to be we thought we worked so much about our corners because the standard and up. And that's only Bob got potentially thank you. And Arrington and areas don't forget that he's gonna he's an important on this lead you don't have a third corner. They'll beach and Harry Douglas is not a world beater but if you don't have a third cornerback -- and they go to may sound like that they governors. And they don't really utilized their slot receiver they have a lot of trust in him -- sometimes maybe too much I've seen them in some big situations. Even going back to last year. In the playoffs. -- gotta have -- third down play and are going to Harry Douglas so Matt Ryan has a lot of confidence in our six or 77797937. The phone number I get a text here AT&T text line 37937. That is taking a endlessly secret power of this Patriots offense a guy who almost nobody is attacked and all recently and torching. Putting him in the category. -- he who shall not be named -- -- the tax coming up next we'll -- -- alcoholic W media. Ali in the on line of that works on that -- calls that they hit some. I mean it's. So when and how that works doubtful questionable so. I mean I guess. Like I said I've been improving every week so whoever makes it almost -- some good improvement but for me from doubtful questionable. With a not a course is rotten that had our growth. Now. Wanna talk over -- body was done it source yes I had more to say. Our body my bad. I was anxious but -- the console collier WEEI. Back to calls -- execs on 777979837. This text Michael here in the eighteenth -- tax line 37937. Says -- wrong. All capitals by the way whenever you're right -- apparently it's got to be all caps that's what he says that. Either he's a big guy -- -- you know did you -- -- being a big guy or somebody's really dramatic run Rawle Marshall as a if that person matter I don't know as the rest of the -- is not in all caps is just that to just that word art -- wrong. Will never play two consecutive football games he's fragile he is broken. In his finished. This according to a text message or at least from the end of the text and work our way back period do we discount he's finished. I think we can discount OK so let's just -- with that doesn't even require conversation. I think most reasonable people agree rock is not finished so we'll cross that went off. That move back he is broken. He's broken legs broken -- lights are playing every -- forever broken no but it could. They broke any doubt he's injured -- we'll -- -- -- that will never play two consecutive football games. Or that's and then now we're now we're just talking crazy right. Yeah. Yeah. I keep crack no talk degrees are so obviously this is an exaggeration and I tend to agree but what about the idea that he's fragile and that's the one in the middle broken and finished no one compliant. -- never play two consecutive football games again no I don't buy and do you put any any stock in -- grown X fragility. Mom I don't. I don't and if you go back to if you go back to his rookie year. What a weapon right. See Rob Gronkowski out there are people you know a guy hitting him -- guys hitting him. And there he's he's jumping right back out after being smashed in the middle of the field. Players falling off of -- like it's like a video game or something. So -- you've seen -- take a number of hits. You've seen tremendous production from them and they never crossed your mind in his rookie year this is a fragile players that are now. It started in the Super Bowl year 2011. Based on -- a dirty play. From Bernie Pollard. Of course. He plays in the Super Bowl but he's really as the giants and you heard in my -- during the game one of the giants players. Sit on the first series 87 as a decoy and not the same. Play in the game and it but it but it wasn't the same guy. Did you think at that time that he was fragile or that he was a victim of dirty play by by Bernard -- a -- I think now. With the with all of the setbacks with the surgery it's frustrating. It's frustrating that he's -- out there but that's different is he a fragile guy right now. In his three years in the NFL he played in sixteen games you're won sixteen games you're 211 games last year. Right any ends up having the surgery in the off season while is -- recovering from one injury he tries to get both taking care of at the same time that is not a history that suggests that he is fragile. Rank and now I don't necessarily believe in the whole fragile thing anyways you know I don't know that it's a great for predictor of what's gonna happen in the future. The question is whether or not there's something about -- the way he plays the game the way he's built that would lead to further injuries and and I guess I don't think that. I think the backs back issues are scary and trying to come back from a back injury can be difficult and they can -- you know crop up again and again over the course of his career so if you worry that is back will be a chronic problem one day I probably have some of that same fear -- well. But the worry that -- is gonna hurt his back and that -- can hurt his arm and then he's gonna hurt his leg and and it's going to be is -- I guess I don't I don't necessarily have that year. All right I think it's but I think the the concern right now -- a -- based on what you read and who knows how true it is right that the forearm is -- what's holding them back right now. No I don't I don't have a I don't have appeared that he is -- is always going to be injured but that's what I am surprised. Hope you surprised to be doesn't play on if he doesn't play on Sunday were surprised last week when you're out because. If if he's not going to be if you're gonna have a roster spot if he's taking up roster spot now we go to week for. And he's still not playing week for. Getting pretty. Lauren Nelson why did you two wild guys haven't come back two weeks six if they rushed for out of the six -- in -- -- -- -- -- at -- -- but at some -- you -- come back. Or else they should just -- in the UP list. In order to start the year six or 777979837. TM is in Roxbury high. Guys -- -- -- I don't go to my awesome Friday that Friday get excited. Yeah Latin called -- a while. Column actually had been injured but OK your -- -- fragile rock or are you -- -- you fragile guy do we need to worry about and I had a back injury. Broke back and it got hit by our little sorry that's not good. But I am glad I'm glad you're able to call so. Regenerate back -- he's been carried interest in the car -- the worst -- -- but still it's worthless in my job well. I as well let's say I really don't want lifelong patriots fan and I really believe my -- -- did everybody get so managed. I'm just Sunday -- Yes this to patriot offense is sputtering. It keeps his historical low rate now in Atlanta has high powered offense I just think is going to be right away to go -- -- probably right a couple of touchdowns. Just because you know you don't like you don't like the with a patriots player right now you think the patriots are. -- fraudulent team or just got -- -- did. Project it is going to be a wake up call -- patriot sustain this time that based. It's true partners team. I only they. Always mean and I need any more explanation on the what does that mean time to face the truth it's a team that's the Reno has as their defense allowed nine points and game per game. What does that mean it's time to face the truth about the. I really bite off its I think they've got that set victories he really. Just regular receivers. So -- recorder right in the wrong mark. I don't don't dispute that he has right now I just not doing the job last week -- became a little bit from two previous couple we. -- settlement is leading the legal along with Julio Jones and receptions. Right other great guys and now. I that he return it on the event until. They aren't sorry -- And -- the lead in the league in receptions Dobson had seven receptions last week Tompkins had the read to them for touchdown. Well he even went -- good game play to those guys just -- panel made. I don't -- Atlanta has a better defense than Tampa does to be honest with the hunt -- but didn't do much for them. I don't think they have a better defense in the jets have. And the patriot these guys are continuing to get better week after week as they grow chemistry -- -- continue to playing gain more experience in the NFL I'm not trying to crushing here 'cause I understand like I can see why you be worried about him but but but I -- at the same time. It feels hard to say let's face the truth about a team that's the re you know until we see some of those. Make it -- sides of the truth come out maturity security let's face the truth I mean. Well I think I. This well I think you being so -- he's talking about the receivers he's. He's a couple weeks back. But it entered he's talking about the receivers. The way we all talked about the receivers after that Thursday night game against the -- Can convert on third down Tom Brady screaming out on their running the wrong route to dropping the football. It looked like it was going to be along year for anybody. I try to catch the ball from Tom Brady well last week didn't just improve a little they improved a lot. So. You -- they improved to but you'll still don't know what to expect from Dobson you don't know what to expect from voice -- -- much know what to expect from cattlemen. I agree and you -- what -- it's not a dire and it's not a dire situation point it like it was a couple of weeks ago question mark an even a few weeks ago that we don't we talked about a Michael you and I didn't that are even though they looked bad. It was still coming off a four day work week we saw what a disaster that is for every team Thursday night football total joke again last night it was awful the NFL is is is piece marching its good name. It's so funny this league talks about safety and everybody right but then they go play Thursday nights on short rest and this league that talks about its product be the most important thing uniformity all your socks are mismatched you're gonna find you for that. But we can to up their rollout Thursday night product Oman. What a joke in any event. Since then they get ten days of practice now they get another full week of practice shouldn't they continue to get better supposed to thinking they're gonna get worse. That's and welcome back to that queens in that -- Chicopee likely. Guys. -- so they didn't. Our -- remember it all and lawyer Robert but they used to run an op aunts and -- in any event last year. End of mafia members they played a few years back and they were running it so consistently that they had chips. And that one and vomiting on the field and and our members saying that some yes but. You think it's a I think where the guys are too young to run it again like the receivers too young to run it consistently during the game. The no huddle offense. You act -- I think they succeed. When they run offense is anticipating -- Receivers are too young -- -- -- -- but it -- -- They started to get away from that last year in the in my coming to edit and your child thing all the time look I think there's -- bacon they could pull out they can pull it out and you know at times they'll go no no huddle -- series or two in the go back to their conventional offense. But maybe they made it's it's as simple as that. We don't have the personnel that we that we want. To do this. -- we have the personnel but they're not mature enough to have to run this offense is hard enough to get these guys on the same page now. We're trying to get them around the no huddle which takes a little bit of experience just to get just to get just brighten and so they don't wanna go. Correction it's also a commitment to what we started the show talking about right if you run the no huddle now you're really committing your -- -- -- you're really putting your defense in a bind. Any time you go three -- -- what you've been out there for thirty seconds and you defense has to run right back out on the field and if you're playing a team it's wearing them out by grinding it out over and over again. It's been fifteen minutes on the field my whole game -- risk. That is taken if you don't have the personnel to pull off be real big trouble. Soccer -- brought this up earlier on the AT&T text line now a couple of text here on a widget you one Dexter brought up the falcons in the don't. All they never lows in the dome so you know you have to factor that in it's a very good point -- -- you look at Matt Ryan's career. With the falcons which started in 2000 also the first year of Mike Smith. And Thomas to the -- the general managers since 2008 they -- 34 and seven in the regular season. At the -- Pretty damn impressive there are seven games out of 41. So that's a factor -- detector. Says to me the dress down day for you only January teacher with a with a new balance teacher by the way. I look at Texas mean it was free from the get to downstairs -- it was hey hey Dick which he can get you let your I stopped and I get the full on Milton ensemble was either of the candidates that's what it is okay I'm not wearing the Milton is the Milton is -- today blood. -- need to stop by Milton need to stop by milk and get some stuff I was them I would. I was there yesterday. And I have a new suit which will be unveiling for you -- you next week you'll be unveiling I'll invite you to a formal unveiling of the new you don't have to do that -- just Wear it on TV or maybe I'll do that. I don't want I don't want -- -- -- -- -- -- real quick -- by the -- Sunday night along the patriots are doing their thing halftime I mean match Adam and I believe that salary in the on nests and at halftime and right after the game will be breaking down what happens at halftime. And again right after the game on so if you want to you wanna hear our analysis and witty banter repartee the works so we don't have the new soup yes that is going to be you know. You. -- and and China yes so speller in the interpreter for -- test and I went Chatham go in depth. What he would go to -- Eagles think the big bright football that's -- -- football -- and the mice he's the master. Of of -- Chatham and interpreting it for the rest of the statistics -- what he does not technically a staff. Exactly right -- blitz 40% of the past six or 777979837. More your calls coming up here in a moment plus last caller Tim rocks were mentioned that he was waiting to see the real patriots right that it lets face the -- That this team just isn't packet that exact subject that exact question. Was put to two with a great debaters of our time earlier today here at the reaction. Skip Bayless and Stephen -- Smith coming -- axle canal Camellia so this morning on first Stephen A Smith then and you guys skip Bayless were. The question of the three you know teams and there are seven. Right seven to -- teams right now. In the NFL all of the three you know teams. Which one is the biggest fraud now I don't -- look at I don't know that any of them -- fraud was mean to be a fraud to mean they're not good like are any of them bad teams I don't think so. But which one is the weakness that -- so there were the worst three in -- game here was their thought in the -- I love this defense I think you'll hang in just fine against Matt Ryan -- home turf. So I say that this game will be more about nationally on NBC. Hello World for New England posted a -- world for the fraudulent patriots. Well first of all I disagree with you I think Atlanta Falcons win this game -- why even go into why let me say. That I agree with your assessment about this kid can broke Tompkins I like Camelot you've got Adam and there have -- comes back he's going to be formidable. I'm not going to -- -- you about what I told you about an adult life I trot -- to tell you we'll be back and -- health issue it's going to be DA he'll be back soon and then he'll probably get hurt again it's just the way -- -- -- ride down the only -- -- above the -- you're all doing it your durability. -- durability is an issue but a Bill -- and I think that. Not I feel great tiebreak I've never say they are and about what the availability -- -- yes -- what your ability doesn't matter if -- durability gets in the way now I get -- that -- that let -- know what I did when I think about Atlanta. Roddy White -- out obviously is a huge -- up for the Julio Jones will play. Tony Gonzales have to be a bigger factor they need to run the ball a bit more would ride to the that is Stephen Jackson got this kid Jack was -- -- -- as -- in the past. That he can get it done he's only got about what is that all budgeted two yards on the season you need to give him the ball more and Matt Ryan's got to step it up. OK so anything's Atlanta's gonna win but it sounds like he is. Concerned about. Human -- the -- he picked Atlanta to win. Well out of -- that I like the noise startled first of all I disagree with you yeah we know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah most people most people are on the side of -- stumbled onto a little worried that I find myself -- -- agree with skip -- down anything that's never good sign for anything but. The patriots are not the Reno frauds are they. -- keep you going to put a freeze on them called him a fraud at three you know. They may -- -- goes a little far in saying this is going to be coming out party for their defense on national TV. Where people listen recognize that the patriots are formidable foe again by an average people not generalize that. Now you know it may be and it is not interesting guests on TV to come out today. -- -- you know team has had the easiest route so far the easiest schedule in the case yet you would probably say if the patriots. Even on the numbers don't really backed it up to me. The jets are projector two and one. -- terrible. And buffalo could be terrible. But -- they played 30 when three teams 61777979837. I agree -- nick is in Weymouth -- -- I laughed because those three teams you mentioned I don't even won a total of sixteen -- between now and the rest of this year. The -- they have no quarterback look at Freeman he's on the out of football because -- I think that has set them up though but still. What I indicated to the weaknesses. I know the defense is opening game that you advocate by the -- separation should be -- between received as an independent. -- -- -- What I'm saying is about a quarterback could -- we put more points on the board against the pages they like maybe another nine or twelve points somewhat on saint. I think again and that side of the dilute the falcons angle to saints. Jets the jets were choked. That's what you can do you think well policy and you think they'll lose the next three games. And we talked about this Lester -- from the patriots lost three games and grow. -- longtime. Law -- advocates and it not reckon the -- can be -- it's not here put the last time I remember it and that means it's -- the good -- and remember it was 2002. Well there are those things with communications common -- Sure -- -- but I'm just telling you how it's. It not because it's patriots Mo -- and it's. That somehow. They are there are immune from going through. Bad things happen other teams but generally. When you're pretty good team and I think they're pretty good team with a good quarterback. Good to great quarterback in the got a great quarterback. That's hard for those teams to go through prolonged losing streaks a long time since the pictures Austrian won't lose three games of growth could be -- surprised about that they'll make it lose to us. They get close to Atlanta on Sunday I'm not telling you that. That Atlanta there's no way Atlantic and beat the patriots. But they won't pose a threat no results really surprised. They won all three in a row I'd be surprised if they lost all three guys are really tough part of the schedule. Three legitimate teams you think. I would expect them to go one -- the worst two and one at the best. Against those 61777979837. Steve is in Warwick -- state. -- -- How much on. My major points I think anybody is given that he's that much credit that it deserves. That is legitimately look at the past few chances in so right now handed. They put that in the same pool at Seattle that's right now I -- it repeat that it don't get me wrong. Well I think that they are along those same lines they still played against. And play like to me is honestly. You met -- that sparked a global where most people would put him. Choke our little guys at the playoff game from last year where Seattle and Atlanta. -- Every also hold on he also came back at the end 31 seconds left through two perfect strikes to set up. A field goal to win that game and that's not a choke artists behavior. I'd just I'd like I I. -- I -- -- I don't like. -- just you -- BC as though it is. You just hate Boston college -- is a pretty good quarterback Steve Campbell quarterback. I I think that they win this game. I think it'll be a tough game it looked at albeit at what people sang it. But I think that they when I'm I'm not as nervous I -- it is going to be a bad people out to be I think a decline. The -- -- get a great column as Spartan offense goes you know what you guys -- it on the radio didn't get better each week. The timing is getting better -- overall accurate I mean if you watched replays regain the public that it passes. Have gotten better -- went into the community. -- -- -- the vote thank you very much like more your patriots calls to come today as -- said at 430 we'll talk to jaws 530 today Mike to Rico. A Monday Night Football course will be on our show here and patriots Friday a lot more patriots talked comes we get ready for this battle against Atlanta on Sunday night is going to be coming out party for the patriots is this going to be were people start to recognized. That they're better than people thought or will go the other way is this the moment. Where today there are fraudulent and found out. Because they're just not as good as as what they -- -- -- go to our program to go to far with the -- no I wouldn't but it sure sounds that there's some people who brought you there and for -- frauds. The frauds the team that goes of the playoffs every single year and competes for super balls almost every one they're going to be frauds it's it feels like overkill it feels like you're trying to make a name for yourself. If you just calling him -- fraud are also have a my handy really odd that. A really odd advertisement Michael I don't entirely know what to make of this one of our local teams in town here making an advertisement. That. -- talk about it next it's curious anyway it's all in all WE.

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